WINTER 2014 ROAD RACE RESULTS: (2013 results)


1st Ash Hall 2nd Liam Harland 3rd Dom Orso 4th Tim Fitzpatrick5th Luke Burns
1st Francis Lias 2nd Dave O’Brien 3rd Neil Thomson 4th Burton Banks 5th Russell Jeffreys 6th Andrew Clapham
1st Dave Trounson 2nd Graeme Butcher 3rd Ray Hamilton 4th Bruce Fleming
U/17 WOMEM:1st Jessie Thomson
U/17 MEN:1st Kayden Jeffreys
J/15:1st Samual Eddy 2nd Joshua McLean
J/13:1st Patrick Eddy
J/11:1ST Jasmine Eddy

ELITE:1ST Ash Hall 15.10.37
MASTERS 30+:1ST Dave O’Brien 15.37.79,2nd Francis Lias 16.12.84,3rd Neil Thomson 16.26.79,4th Burton Banks 17.28.00,5th Andrew Clapham 18.14.00,6th Russell Jeffreys 19.21.60
SUPERVETS 50+:1ST Graeme Butcher 16.56.46,2nd Dave O’Brien 17.29.68,3rd Ray Hamilton 17.41.84,4th Bruce Fleming 18.44.68
U/17 WOMEN:1ST Jessie Thomson 19.58.72
U/17 MEN:1st Kayden Jeffreys 17.13.67
J/11 - 4km:1ST Jasmine Eddy 10.25.80
J/13 - 8km:1st Patrick Eddy 15.35.10
J/15 - 8km:1st Samual Eddy 13.36.53,2nd Joshua McLean 16.31.50




North Central Cycling Series - Race 4 - (Harcourt) 6/9/2014

EMCC @ Ken Maddern Snr memorial H/Cp

Just five EMCC Seniors and three juniors made the trip to Harcourt for the Ken Maddern Snr Memorial Handicap organized by Castlemaine Cycling Club as the final race in the 2014 NCCS combines.  Unfortunately only one of the Echuca contingent made the podium but the rest did get a good workout on the hilly terrain around the base of Mt. Alexander.

Third placegetter in last week’s Noel Smith Memorial, Jasper Albright reveled in the hills and finished first with a one minute buffer on the first of a well distributed field. Francis Lias was the best EMCC rider in 8th with Dave “Cookie” Trounson just behind him in 9th, Matt Grealy finished 14th, Chris Eddy 20th while Warren Duffy went out to a puncture.

Sam and Pat Eddy and Edie Haley rode well in the junior events but Sam’s F/T in the J15s was the only EMCC success.



North Central Cycling Series - Race 3 - (Bamawm) 30//8/2014 (click results)

Noel Smith Memorial Road Runner H/Cp

St John Newham of the famed Shepparton groupe-sportif Mexicans was a worthy winner of the 2014 edition of the Noel Smith Memorial run on near empty roads and under clear and sunny skies on The Big Loop out of Bamawm Extension.
‘Squizzy’ Taylor and Russell Jeffreys went off the limit mark of 34 minutes and led the way around until Squizz went solo as the long straight road passed Lockington. It was a battle of attrition behind as some forced the pace beyond others’ comfort zones, but at the Ballandella turn with 13 km to go it was clear that those at the front, the survivors of the 16, 22 and 25 minute bunches would catch Squizz and stay clear of the chase behind. Driven by a strong contingent of Shepparton riders, this front group kept the hammer down on the pancake flat run-in, reducing their own number to five, by the chequered flag, augmented by the amazing Squizz. Newham proved too quick in the sprint from Castlemaine Junior Jasper Albright and Shepparton veteran. Kevin Laffey. Another Mexican in Daniel Bovalino took fourth, with paralympians Noel Sens in 5th and Squizzy Taylor 6th. Jade Maddern streeted the main field bunch sprint for 7th while Brendan Schultz led home a slightly undermanned scratch bunch to collect fastest time.
Cycling Vic Commissaires Fiona Faye and Garrie Carmen kept beady eyes on the bunches which seemed to be well behaved and EMCC members had the corners well marshaled and put on a great après-course repas.

In the Juniors, Louis McKenna came in ahead of a small but very select bunch of riders to ensure that Ken Maddern’s Mt. Alexander Racing Team finally outnumbered the Mexicans in the presentation photos 3-2.



Bill Flower Mini-tour 2014 (click results)




North Central Cycling Series - Race 2 SCC (Rushworh) 17/8/2014

Jade  Maddern  wins  Rushworth  NCcS  race

Young Castlemaine cyclist Jade Maddern took a good win in Sunday’s round of the NCCS series on Sunday, sprinting out of the remnants of the 17 and 12 minute bunches after three laps of the Rushworth circuit.
Jade’s Dad Ken Maddern was renowned for his track sprinting and it seems Jade also has the fast twitch DNA fibres as he showed by putting a broad expanse of daylight between himself and the small group of survivors from the front bunches who chased him down the little incline into Rushworth the third time around. Echuca rider Graeme Sylvesyter took second with Echuca’s very consistant Dave “Cookie” Trounson just behind.
Trent Stevenson finished on his own ahead of the rest of the scratchmen to take fastest time.
Another six riders, Andrew Clapham, Troy Griffiths, Matt Grealy, Ray Hamilton, Warren Duffy, Chris Eddy plus Squizzy Taylor in his handcart made up a strong Echuca-Moama contingent.
Just four youngsters competed in the junior section which pretty much turned it into a time trial. Sam Eddy finished ahead of his brother Pat, with Bendigo’s Stuart Bailey next and his sister Belinda arriving close behind




Date: 9/8/2014 Terricks Road Scratch Race


Three grades raced around the Greater Kotta Loop on Saturday and one grade raced from the Extension SBend to the finish at Echuca West School.
A Grade Tim Fitzpatrick B Grade Steve Robson C Grade Aaron McManus D Grade Russell Jeffreys




Date: 2/8/2014 Trewins Hill Trophy Handicap 55Km

Trent burton wins trewins trophy

1st Trent Burton 2nd Luke Burns 3rd Jason Ingram 4th Matt Greally F/T Liam Harland 1.22.47
SCR Shane Roberts Liam Harland Tim Fitzpatrick Mitchell Zito Trent Stevenson Dom Orso Troy Griffiths
7min Luke Burns Jason Ingram Matt Greally Graeme Butcher Dave Trounson Chris Stevens Trent Burton David O’Brien
14min Burton Banks Ray Hamilton Aaron McMaster Trudy Stevenson
18min Paul Oman Andrew Clapham Kayden Jeffreys
22min Russell Jeffreys

Visiting Bendigo cyclist Trent Burton took out the inaugural Trewins Trophy Handicap on Saturday in an exciting finish on the new and testing course south of Elmore. Just 23 riders lined up for the race and with only 8 on the front marks and 15 on scratch and second, it looked like Scratch would roll up all in front of them resulting in a big bunch race. As it turned out, things didn’t quite go that way.
The eight rider second bunch’s initial numerical superiority disappeared with a fast start that left Graeme Butcher, Dave “Cookie’ Trounson and a not entirely well Chris Stevens to their own devices. In the back group Tim Fitz found he’d left his legs at home so the two groups were nearly equal in numbers and an interesting pursuit race was on. The doomed front markers eventually settled into a working fivesome with Trudy Stevenson and Burton Banks prominent at the front.
Trewins Hill is the main feature of the T shaped course and the long initial drag followed by the steeper bit tends to turn working bunches into Brown’s Cows by the top. As they turned onto the hill the frontmarkers were all but caught and Scratch still looked poised to reel in all in front of them. Matt Grealy took the KoM followed by Burton Banks, then four riders from second still together, and the front markers spread all over the place. Close behind Shane Roberts skipped up the hill a little ahead of the rest of Scratch.
On the run away from the hill, the four survivors from second were being chased by five from the scratch bunch. The gap was under 200m at the S bend and the odds were on the scratchies but the four they were chasing - Trent Burton, Luke Burns, Jason Ingram and Matt Greally were all riders who might arguably have been selected for the back mark on another day. And so, at the end of the long flat finish straight, the four still had 100m in hand on Liam Harland and Trent Stevenson who had launched out of the scratch group. Trent Burton, a renowned road sprinter had a two bike length margin on Luke Burns at the line with Jason Ingram and Matt Grealy taking well deserved minor placings.



Date: 26/7/2014 Terricks Road Handicap

Richard McLean wins Grand prix de terrix

1st Richard McLean 2nd Warren Duffy 3rd Graeme Butcher 4th Ray Hamilton F/T Chris Eddy
14min Helen Crilly, Sam Eddy, Russell Jeffreys, Jess Thomson
9 min. Bruce Fleming, Warren Duffy, Richard McLean, Kayden Jeffreys
5 min Ray Hamilton, Graeme Butcher, Burton Banks Andy Clapham and Brad Gotch
2 min Steve Robson, Dave Trounson and Neil Thomson
SCR Liam Harland, Chris Eddy and Troy Griffiths

Richard McLean scored his second win in a row with a well earned first on the Terricks Rd-Kotta-Echuca West circuit on Saturday. Riding off a mark of 9 minutes that certainly didn’t look generous at the start, he took off with Warren Duffy just after Extension and the pair worked well to finish just ahead of a mid-field chasing trio and a slightly undermanned scratch bunch. Scratch had looked like the favourites rounding the Kotta turn with Liam Harland in the engine room, second already claimed and bunches breaking up ahead of them but McLean and Duffy made the right move near the S bend by not staying with their starting bunch and riding off on their own. Graeme Butcher, Ray Hamilton and Burton Banks worked well to be within 200m by the finish line and scratch rolled in not far behind them but the heavier envelopes were already claimed.



Date: 19/7/2014 Lockington, Round 4 Ivan Collings Memorial Series 45k Handicap

Ivan & Lorraine Collings Series winds up

1st Richard McLean, 2nd Bruce Fleming, 3rd Kayden Jeffreys, 4th Andrew Clapham, 5th Trudy Stevenson, 6th Ray Hamilton, Fastest Time: Ash Hall
SCR: Trent Stevenson Troy Griffiths Ash Hall Mitchell Zito Dom Orso
6 mins: Tony Ryan Luke Moore Luke Burns David Trounson
10 mins: Burton Banks Chris Stevens Mark Pickles Steve Robson Minda Murray
14 mins: Ray Hamilton Andrew Clapham Paul Oman Trudy Stevenson Brad Gotch
25 mins: Bruce Fleming Nick McNair Kayden Jeffreys Helen Crilly Richard McLean

1st Josh McLean 30.05, 2nd Corey Robson 36.06, 3rd Lachlan MacKenzie 37.00, 4th Will MacKenzie 31.13, 5th Sam Eddy 25.57 (Fastest Time)
SCR Sam Eddy, 6 mins Josh McLean Will MacKenzie, 12 mins Corey Robson Lachlan MacKenzie

Richard McLean celebrated his first bike race by winning the final event of the Ivan and Lorraine Collings Memorial Series at Lockington on Saturday. Trent Stevenson, who had started the race with an unbeatable lead in the series, was unable to pick up a bonus point this time. The already shortened Ike and Lorraine series had been further reduced to three races after one heat was cancelled due to heavy rain so points scored on Saturday substantially lifted some riders up the series ladder.
There were mutterings that the handicapper might have used the wrong end of the pencil as limit was nearing the final corner when scratch took off and there were no bunch amalgamations during the 40 kms. Three limit riders came to the sprint together where Richard McLean proved too quick for Bruce Fleming with Kayden Jeffreys in 3rd. The rest of the field enjoyed their sprint battles as in Group Handicaps until Ash Hall just managed to catch and pass 2nd right on the line to claim Fastest Time.




Date: 12/7/2014 Bamawm Extension Handicap

1st & Fastest Time Ash Hall - 50kms in 1.15.07 2nd Dom Orso 3rd Shane Roberts
SCR Troy Griffith Shane Roberts Dom Orso Ash Hall
4 mins Jamie Costello Manning Steve Robson Chris Stevens Dave Trounson Burton Banks
11 mins Dave Fulton Andrew Clapham Bruce Fleming Ben Oman Paul Oman Ray Hamilton
25 mins Michael Taylor Nick McNair Russell Jeffreys Kayden Jeffreys

Juniors 4km Mitchell Shearer 23.00 mins Georgia McLean 23.02 mins
25.5km Chase Costello Manning 54.45 Josh McLean 54.47 mins Harrison Shearer 57.37

Saturday saw 18 riders and one hand-cart competitor line up for a circuit of The Lesser Locky Loop under sunny skies and with roads mostly clear of dairy after product . Scratch proved the dominant force, claiming the 4 minute bunch along Dullards Rd and, having consigned them to the horizon on the run down to Ballendella, dished out the same treatment when they caught the front end of the main field as it turned back towards Extension. Dave Fulton, who started from the generous mark of 11 mins (most probably for the last time), was the only rider able to hang on to the flying back markers all the way to the line at Extension Hall where Ash Hall produced his usual nifty gallop to take 1st and Time from Dom Orso and Shane Roberts.
The Junior numbers were restricted to just five with several riders away at the Eidon Tour.




Date: 5/7/2014 Trewins Hill Handicap 55Km (click for results)

28 brave souls confronted the cold conditions at Trewins Road on Saturday for graded scratch races. A pleasant wind surfing trip out along the stalk of the T-shaped course and the easy side of Trewin’s Hill was as good as it got with harsh reality cutting in at the left turn on to the Heathcote back road. The strong side wind and undulating road fragmented first A Grade then B and the uphill drag over Trewins completed the Brown’s Cows syndrome. Ash Hall and Tim Fitzpatrick were well clear at the top of the hill while Burton Banks had distanced a group of four in B. In the sprint at the Elmore end of Trewin’s Road, Tim Fitz prevailed over Ash. In B Grade Burton Banks was caught in the long slog off the hill and Graeme Butcher proved too good in the final gallop. Cam Gray continued his winning ways in a small field of hardy Juniors



Date: 21/6/2014 Bamawm Extension Scratch Race

A – GRADE: 1st Troy Griffith, 2nd Dave Trounson, Jason Ingram, Dom Orso, Steve Robson
B – GRADE: 1st Neil Thomson, 2nd Graeme Butcher, Ray Hamilton, Paul Oman, Burton Banks, Bruce Fleming

Juniors 26km
Sam Eddy 56.45.49, Edie Haley 56.45.49, Josh McLean 56.48.14, Patrick Eddy 56.53.00, Will MacKenzie 57.38.70, Corey Robson,, Lachie MacKenzie



North Central Cycling Series - Race 1 SBCC (Seymour) 22/6/2014

Seymour Cycling Club calls it’s home race of the interclub series ‘The Mountain Goat’ and they’re not kidding. It’s a real challenge for flatlanders but the Kettle brothers did literally rise to the occasion last year. On Sunday ‘Cookie’ kept EMCC colors (this time with ‘Baw-Baw’ prominent on them) to the fore with a hard earned 3rd place while Matt Grealy and Chris Eddy finished just outside the placings. Bendigo Junior Tour winner Dylan McKenna (Castlemaine) was a clear winner and Trent Stevenson took the fastest time.



Date: 14/6/2014 Terricks Road Handicap

1st Dave Trounson, 2nd Ray Hamilton, 3rd Burton Banks, Fastest Time: Liam Harland 1.03.55
17mins: Tim Fitzpatrick, Liam Harland, Troy Griffith
8mins: Dave Trounson, Burton Banks, Ray Hamilton, Paul Oman
Limit: Nick McNair, Helen Crilly, Bruce Fleming

Date: 31/5/2014 Lockington, Round 2 Ivan Collings Memorial Series 45k Handicap (click results)




Date: 25/5/2014 Trewins Hill Handicap 55Km

1st Liam Harland, 2nd Tim Fitzpatrick, 3rd Matt Grealy




Date: 17/5/2014 Lockington Pub Handicap

1st Helen Crilly, 2nd Russell Jeffreys, 3rd, Kayden Jeffreys, Fastest Time: Francis Lias 1.12.09
18mins: Jamie Costello Manning, Syd Anstee, Francis Lias, David O’Brien
15mins: Adam Lennon, Luke Burns, Steve Robson, Graham Butcher, Taylor Anstee
9mins: Andrew Clapham, Burton Banks, Ben Oman, Paul Oman
Limit: Helen Crilly, Nick McNair, Kayden Jeffreys, Russell Jeffreys
1st, Lachlan MacKenzie, 2nd, Will MacKenzie, 3rd Corey Robson, 4th Joshua McLean, 5th Chase C/M, 6th Ky Hodson, 7th Gabby Drage, Fastest Time: Chase CM 29.56
11mins: Chase Costello Manning
10mins: Josh McLean, Ky Hodson
6mins: Will MacKenzie, Lachlan MacKenzie
Limit: Corey Robson, Gabby Drage



Australia Para-cycling Road National Championships 10/5/2014

Double Gold to Michael Taylor

Some of Australia’s best Para-cyclists battled it out last weekend at the 2014 Cycling Australia Para-cycling Road National Championships in Echuca, an event which also marked the fourth and final round of the 2014 National Para-cycling Road Series.
There were minimal points separating the top athletes in the Series as they went into race, making for fierce competition after earlier events in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia.
The National Para-cycling Series (NPS) was created on the back of a successful 2013 National Hand-cycling Series as a way to introduce people with a disability to cycling, while also allowing disability organisations and athletes to interact.
The revamped NPS was expanded to incorporate all disability categories, and the results speak for themselves as entry numbers rose an average of 150% on last year, with a number of new riders taking part the series.
The Series was coordinated by Cycling Australia, and supported by the Australian Paralympic Committee (APC), as well as State Disability Organisations in QLD, WA, NSW and VIC.
Cycling Australia would like to thank all the major event supporters – the Echuca-Moama Cycling Club, Disability Sport & Recreation Victoria, the Australian Paralympic Committee, and the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) – and congratulate all the riders for their efforts throughout the series.

Name                         Classification                 Stoker/Pilot
Andrew Devenish-Meares   B                          David Rubie
Jayme Richardson               C1
Gabriel Bouris                    C2
Gordon Allen                     C3
Loz Shaw                          C4
James Middlemiss             C5
Stuart Tripp                      H5
Nigel Barley                     H4
Michael Taylor                 H3
Grant Nickel                    H1
Bianca Woolford             T1
Carol Cooke                  T2



Date: 3/5/2014 Gunbarrell Handicap 54k

Results: 1.D.Trounson 2.C.Stephens 3.A.McMaster 4.B.Banks F/T A.Hall 54kms in 1hr 17m 18s
Marks Scr A.Hall L.Harland T.Griffiths F.Lias 5m A.Clapham D.Orso S.Robson N.Thomson 10m M.Emonson
D.Trounson C.Stephens 11m A.McMaster P.Oman B.Oman R.Hamilton B.Banks 21m K.Jeffreys R.Jeffreys
N.Austerberry N.McNair
Dave ‘Cookie’ Trounson underlined his recent good form with a good win in the Gunbarrel Handicap on
Saturday. Known as ‘The Hill of the North’ the course comprises the surfaced part of Terricks Road, an out and
back journey of 54kms of unrelenting excitement. 20 riders lined up in 5 bunches which was soon reduced to
4 when 11m skipped across the one minute gap to form a formidable bunch with 10m. Second Scr.(5m) lost
Andrew Clapham on the outward leg and Scratch lost Francis Lias. Limit turned with just over 5 minutes to the
combined 10/11m bunch but were caught before the Locky-Torrumbarry Rd. Scratch caught 5m soon after the
turn but were already too far back to be a chance and their hopes were further diminished when Steve Robson
and Troy Griffiths lost contact. The front bunch steadily shelled out three of the outmarkers but eight riders
kept together as the road passed the breathtaking Surf Coast. The pace gradually shredded it down to Dave
Trounson and visiting rider Chris Stephens who fought out the sprint with ‘Cookie’ a bike length too good at
the line. Behind them Aaron McMaster and Burton Banks disputed the minor money with the rest spread at
intervals along Terricks Rd. Ash Hall came in alone and not so far behind the winner to claim fastest time.



Date: 12/4/2014 Lockington, Round 1 Ivan Collings Memorial Series 45k Handicap


Brendan Schultz wins first Collings Handicap at Lockington (Click for Results)
A powerful Scratch bunch caught the rest at the halfway point of the last lap of the 15km Locky Block. Brendan Schultz, Trent Stevenson, Brad Scott and Junior rider Liam Edwards went clear to dispute the finish. Liam’s Dad, Travis, led the rest home some 200m in arrears. In The Juniors Sam Eddy romped home from the back mark in the Junior One Lap Handicap, catching the rest by the first corner. Brother Pat also rode well to come home in second place. Perhaps the best Junior performance came from Shepparton J17 Liam Edwards who latched on to the backmarkers as they came through in the Senior race and held on to the line.




Date: 5/4/2014 Bamawm 50k Handicap

1st Nick McNair, 2nd Kayden Jeffreys, 3rd Helen Crilly, Fastest Time: Ash Hall 1.11.29
25mins: Marcus D’Angri, Matt Greally, Dom Orso, Troy Griffith, Travis Edwards, Ash Hall
12.5mins: Andrew Clapham, Ray Hamilton, Paul Oman, Liam Edwards, Andrew MacKenzie, Warren Duffy
Limit: Helen Crilly, Kayden Jeffreys, Nick McNair, Noel Austerberry

1st Will MacKenzie, 2nd Lachlan MacKenzie, 3rd Georgia McLean
2mins: Georgia McLean, Lachlan MacKenzie
Limit: Will MacKenzie

1st Josh McLean, 2nd Edie Haley, 3rd Bradley Skidmore, 4th Ky Hodson, Fastest Time: Josh McLean 55.24
9mins: Edie Haley
7mins: Bradley Skidmore, Ky Hodson
Limit: Josh McLean




Date: 17/2/2014 Simmie Road Time Trial 10k