Date:> 22/12/2008 Terricks Road  28k



1st, Graeme Butcher, 2nd Will Kettle, 3rd Beth Duryea, 4th Craig Riddington
Fastest Time, Tim Fitzpatrick 43.18



Limit>                     Beth Duryea, Shane Roberts, Warren Duffy, David Pearson 

2nd Limit> 5min,     Bruce Fleming, Glen Kettle, Ben Pearse, Dave Oman

2nd scratch> 8min, Graeme Butcher, Ray Hamilton, Craig Riddington, Will Kettle

Scratch> 12min,     Brett Smedley, Troy Griffiths, Tim Fitzpatrick, Clint Flanigan, Dave Fulton


A challenging breeze averaging 17km/h greeted 17 eager riders at Terricks Rd for Monday night racing, the last road race of 2008. With gusts up to 30km/h the wind was sure to test the resolve of all riders. However with the limit group boasting last week’s winner Warren Duffy, new rider and 2 time triathlon winner Shane Roberts,  form rider Beth Duryea & new addition Dave Pearson they made it a tough night for the chasing riders.

Chasing them just 5 minutes behind was the group comprising Bruce Fleming, Dave Oman, Ben Pearse & Glen Kettle. They started evenly with Fleming pushing hard into the breeze and Dave Oman driving his bunch with long consistent turns.

Not to be outdone, the 2nd scratch team containing Graeme Butcher, Craig Riddington, Ray Hamilton & Will Kettle started 8 minutes adrift and quickly cut the deficit in the early stages of the race. With Ray Hamilton putting on another consistent display and Craig Riddington keeping the tempo this group had caught the 2nd limit group well before the turnaround point and maintained the tempo out to the turnaround point.

Starting 4 minutes behind the 2nd scratch group and 12 minutes after limit were the scratch bunch of Tim Fitzpatrick, Troy Griffiths, Brett Smedley, Dave Fulton & Clint Flanigan. The conditions were not handled well by Clint Flanigan, who departed early on leaving a chasing group of 4 to reign in the rest of the field.

Further ahead on the road, strong efforts by new rider Dave Pearson & Beth Duryea had split their group and they persisted into the wind hoping to keep the rest of the field at bay.

At the turnaround point they held a healthy lead of 1 minutes over the combined 2nd limit/2nd scratch grouping. With scratch another minute behind they would have to work hard downwind to make up the deficit, however with riders of the calibre of Tim Fitzpatrick & Troy Griffiths they were in with a big chance with just 8km to go.

A powerful 3km long turn by Graeme Butcher splintered the 2nd limit/2nd scratch combination dragging along Ray Hamilton, Craig Riddington, Will Kettle and Ben Pearse as they continued the chase to the front markers.

Beth Duryea saw an opportunity with approximately 6km to the finish, attacked the remainder of her bunch and attempted to ride solo to the finish. Dave Pearson continued to press hard downwind to cut the deficit until he was caught by the 2nd scratch group with just 4km to go.

With just 1km to go you could throw a blanket over the 3 groups in contention with less than 20 seconds separating them. Beth Duryea had worked valiantly the whole race and was caught at the final turn with 500m to the finish by Graeme Butcher, Ray Hamilton, Will Kettle & Craig Riddington.

There was little time for anyone to catch their breath with the scratch group bearing down on the finish line only 15 seconds behind. However the strongest rider from the 2nd scratch bunch Graeme Butcher produced a strong finish to take his first Monday night racing win for the season. He was followed in by Will Kettle 2nd, Beth Duryea held on strongly to finish 3rd and Craig Riddington 4th. Fastest time for the night went to Tim Fitzpatrick in 43minutes 18 seconds, just 6 seconds behind the winner.


Date:> 15/12/2008 Terricks Road  28k



1st, Warren Duffy, 2nd Ken Wilson, 3rd Bob Craig, 4th Elijah Kettle
Fastest Time, Troy Griffith 40.28



Limit>                          Elijah Kettle, Ken Wilson, Warren Duffy, Robert Craig.

2nd limit> 6 min,         Greg Patterson, Paul Oman, Will Kettle, Jeff Ridge, Beth Duryea

3rd limit> 8 min,          Liam Harland, Bruce Fleming, Matt Grealy, Glen Kettle, Ben Pearse

3rd scratch> 10 min, Damien Eade, Ray Hamilton, Craig Riddington, Jamie Costello-Manning

2nd scratch> 13 min, Tim Fraser, Brett Smedley, Graeme Butcher, Clint Flangian, Bryce Lowndes

Scratch> 14 min,          Troy Griffiths, Tim Fitzpatrick, Michael Hone


26 riders were greeted by challenging conditions for racing, with winds gusting up to 22kmh and a roadblock of grasshoppers at the 7km mark.

Robert Craig made a welcome return to racing and set off on limit with Elijah Kettle, Ken Wilson & Warren Duffy. With Warren Duffy putting in some strong training over the past weeks he looked to show his strength in the early stages of the race.

Trailing 6 minutes behind were the 2nd limit team of Greg Patterson, Paul Oman, Will Kettle, Jeffrey Ridge & Beth Doryea. Despite the 6 minute deficit this group had the potential to take control of the race & with Will Kettle and Jeff Ridge looking strong they powered into the wind. Their chase was made increasingly difficult when they lost Paul Oman at the 8km mark after an altercation with a grasshopper.

All the while, the 3rd limit group gave chase just 2 minutes adrift. Past winner Ben Pearse continued his good form and the remainder of this group including Glen Kettle, Matt Grealy, Bruce Fleming & Liam Harland all worked consistently well together giving their team the best chance for a win.

The 3rd limit group consisting of Damien Eade, Ray Hamilton, Craig Riddington & Jamie Costello-Manning gave a start of 3 minutes. Jamie Costello-Manning showed some strong form following his 11th in the C grade Scott Peoples Race in Shepparton the day before. Last weeks winner Ray Hamilton was handicapped back a group this week and keen to show some of the younger cyclists how to ride on his new machine! Their work was made harder just 10km into the race when Damien Eade lost contact this bunch, a remarkable effort considering Damien started racing with the club as the start of this season.

3 minutes behind, the 2nd scratch group containing Tim Fraser, Brett Smedley, Graeme Butcher, Clint Flanigan & Bryce Lowndes started solidly into the breeze. With Brett Smedley taking long, strong turns it looked as though they would bridge the gap before the turnaround point.

The scratch group of Troy Griffiths, Tim Fitzpatrick & Michael Hone had other idea’s and had nullified the 30 second time handicap by the 8km mark. At this point the scratch & 2nd scratch group worked well together, maintaining a steady pace & reducing the time to the groups ahead.

Back at the front of the race Warren Duffy & Elijah Kettle showed their form, taking long turns into the wind and looking more confident as the race progressed.

At the turnaround point, they still maintained a healthy break on the chasing groups and they upped the speed on the downwind section to the finish.

The middle of the race was relatively even, with all riders working hard into the wind to the turnaround point and slowly reducing the time between each group.

The middle group lead by Bruce Fleming put in a strong effort before the turnaround point to position them within striking distance of the 2nd limit group.

Further behind, a strong surge by Troy Griffiths & Michael Hone split the scratch/2nd scratch combination. With Tim Fitzpatrick and Clint Flanigan scrambling onto their wheel they persisted into the wind.

Around the turnaround point, Michael Hone & Troy Griffiths continued the chase clocking up speeds in excess of 50km/h.  With the kilometers ticking over and the scratch group unable to significantly reduce the deficit, it looked as if the limit grouping of Warren Duffy, Robert Craig, Elijah Kettle & Ken Wilson would provide the winner.

With less than 1km to go, they were unlikely to be caught and Robert Craig continued his strong work downwind to position for the finish. At the final turn with 500m to go, Warren Duffy surged. He was able to open a gap of 40m to the remainder of his group and held on to win by 20m. He was followed in by Ken Wilson who finished 2nd, Robert Craig 3rd and Elijah Kettle in 4th.  This was a remarkable effort from Elijah, who has competed very strongly this season in both junior and senior racing.

Fastest time for the race went to Troy Griffiths with 40 minutes 28 seconds with Michael Hone close behind.


Date:> 7/12/2008 Terricks Road  28k



1st, Ray Hamilton, 2nd Nathan Oman, 3rd Ben Oman, 4th Troy Griffith
Fastest Time, Nathan Oman



Limit>                        W. Duffy, E. Kettle

2nd limit> 3 min,      Damien Eade, Ray Hamilton, Matt Grealy, Todd Fleming, Ben Oman, Paul Oman

Middle> 5 min,        Dave Oman, Bruce Fleming, Will Kettle, Glen Kettle, Bruce Goldburg

2nd scratch> 8 min, Clint Flanigan, Jamie Costello-Manning, Brett Smedley, Tim Fraser, Bryce Lowndes

Scratch> 10 min,         Tim Fitzpatrick, Steve Gray, Nathan Oman, Troy Griffiths, Michael Hone



22 riders were greeted with pleasant conditions for Monday night racing at Terricks Rd, with a slight Westerly breeze gusting up to 17kmh.

Warren Duffy & Elijah Kettle wasted no time and hit the road, both riders making significant improvements over the past couple of weeks and laying the challenge to the groups chasing them.

Just 3 minutes in arrears, the sizeable bunch of Damien Eade, Ray Hamilton, Matt Grealy, Todd Fleming, Ben & Paul Oman started well into the wind. Showing experience this bunch worked extremely well together and were able to close the deficit to Warren Duffy & Elijah Kettle before the turnaround point (19km).  With in-form riders Todd Fleming & Ben Oman in the bunch along with strong efforts from Ray Hamilton, this group looked the goods to hang on for the win.

Not to be outdone was the middle bunch consisting of Dave Oman, Bruce Fleming, Bruce Goldburg & the family pairing of Will and Glen Kettle.  They started 2 minutes behind the group ahead and persisted valiantly into the wind, however looked unable to bridge the gap required for victory.

Chasing behind them were the 2nd scratch bunch that included Jamie Costello-Manning, Brett Smedley, Tim Fraser, Bryce Lowndes & Clint Flanigan. This group was reduced to 4 almost immediately with Clint Flanigan suffering mechanical problems and possibly a ruptured heart muscle.

They continued strongly in an attempt to reel in the groups ahead until Jamie Costello-Manning lost contact with the bunch at the 12km mark.

Watching this all unfold were the scratch markers, who started 10 minutes behind and included Tim Fitzpatrick, Nathan Oman, Michael Hone, Troy Griffiths & Steve Gray.

They worked well as a group, averaging speeds in excess of 40km/h on the way out to the turnaround point and regularly picking up riders along the way.

They had bridged the gap to 2nd scratch by the 15km mark to form a strong group of 10 riders who maintained the momentum and quickly rounded up the middle bunch by the turnaround point.

Further ahead on the road Ray Hamilton, Damien Eade & Todd Fleming showed good form and pressed for the win.

Back in the main bunch Nathan Oman & Bryce Lowndes both produced strong surges, which split several riders from the group. With Nathan Oman left to do the work, he decided to attack the field on numerous occasions to reduce the numbers left for the final sprint.

With 2km remaining Ray Hamilton, Damien Eade & Ben Oman were the only remaining members of the 2nd limit bunch and all were looking for a path to win.

Ray Hamilton produced a strong effort to push away from the remaining riders, he looked back for a response and continued to surge towards the finish, took the checkered flag and recorded a well deserved win.

Just behind Ray Hamilton, the remainder of the field positioned themselves for a sprint for the placings, with Nathan Oman taking 2nd place and fastest time, Ben Oman 3rd and Troy Griffiths 4th.


Date:> 24/11/2008 Terricks Road  28k

1st, Ben Pearce, 2nd Dave Oman, 3rd Dale Lowndes, 4th Todd Fleming
Fastest Time, Nathan Oman


Limit>                   W. Duffy, E. Kettle

2nd limit> 1min,     B. Pearce, B. Oman, P.Oman, D. Oman

3rd limit> 3min,     D. Lowndes, G.Kettle, J.Ridge, T.Fleming,  

3rd scratch> 6min, J.Martin, W.Kettle, B.Goldburg, R.Hamilton, B.Lowndes

2nd scratch> 9min, S.Gray, T.Fraser, J.Costello-Manning, C.Flanigan
Scratch> 12min,     M.Hone, T.Griffiths, N.Oman, T.Fitzpatrick, B. Smedley

24 riders were greeted with pleasant conditions at Terricks Rd for Monday Night Racing.

W. Duffy was welcomed to his first Monday night race as he set off with E. Kettle.

1 minute behind was a family affair, the group boasting Paul, Dave & Ben Oman, with B. Pearse rounding out the bunch.

The pace was fast early, with a firm cross tailwind pushing riders out to the turnaround point.

Fresh from his win last week was Todd Fleming, joined by Jeff Ridge, Glen Kettle & Dale Lowndes starting 3 minutes behind and quickly cutting the deficit.

The middle bunch of Jeff Martin, Will Kettle, Bruce Goldburg, Ray Hamilton & Bryce Lowndes did their best to bridge the gap to the bunches ahead however felt the effects after a tough day of racing the day prior.

Martin, Lowndes & Hamilton kept up the tempo, with Hamilton showing good form into the summer series.

Following at 9 minutes was the 2nd scratch bunch consisting of S. Gray, T. Fraser, J. Costello-Manning & C. Flanigan, with Gray taking long turns pushing the bunch all the way. A remarkable effort to back up from competing in the Gatorade series in St. Kilda on Sunday.

Further back the work of Mick Hone ensured the scratch markers stayed in contact with a chance at the finish.

At the turnaround, all of the groups were within striking distance of another & the headwind looked to bring the field together.

In the finish the 2nd limit bunch of B. Pearce & D. Oman were able to work together with Pearce taking 1st from D. Oman 2nd. The 3rd limit group finished strongly with D. Lowndes taking 3rd from Todd Fleming 4th.

Nathan Oman finished with the remainder of scratch to record the fastest time, an impressive 37minutes 21 seconds.



Date:> 23/11/2008 Koyuga 52Kms Echuca/Moama V Shepparton Cycling Club

1st, Jake Cowman, 2nd Brad Thomas, 3rd D.Sealmer, 4th Shane Walker

Shepparton won the race but lost the shield in the revamped annual challenge with Echuca, held on Sunday 23rd November at Koyuga.

A field of 28 riders, evenly divided between the clubs, faced brutal conditions with a constant 55km/h wind sweeping across the exposed 12.5km Koyuga Hall circuit
With both clubs vying for the Alby Watt Shield the race was sure to be hotly contested all the way to the finish. The original shield was made by Alby who racked up nearly 20 years as either club secretary or treasurer and was held by Shepparton who won it four times from 1958 to 1961.

The limit group of P.Oman, W. Kettle, A. Dinstas, J. Quirk & W.Duffy set off into the stiff breeze hoping to stay away for the 52km journey.
Chasing them at 8 minutes was T.Donnan, C. Walker, B. Fleming, B. Goldburg, V. Bovalini, R. Hamilton & J.Martin. With Echuca riders dominating this group and C. Walker taking charge this bunch was well set to catch the limit group and surge to victory.
The 2nd scratch bunch started well however the changing tempo saw them lose Gerrish & Fulton early, which proved significant later in the race as fatigue set in.
For the time being though it was the combination of Salter, Costello-Manning and Smedley who were pushing the pace and making significant gains on the groups ahead.
Behind all of this, starting 17 minutes adrift were the scratch markers, who constantly made inroads to the groups ahead as the race went on.
Nathan Oman showed some clean cycling skills, avoiding injury despite taking a trip off the road following a strong wind gust.
By the half-way mark the scratch bunch was down to three with Mick Hill, feeling the effects of a fall in the Wagga to Albury and the Echuca trio out of the race. The limit group still led by 3.40 from the middle bunch at this stage with 2min back to 2nd scratch and a similar margin to the scratch trio.

Starting the final lap, the front two bunches had amalgamated but they were only 54sec clear of 2nd scratch, which in turn was 30sec ahead of the scratch trio.

The entire field had combined before reaching the back straight and after a short breather, the scratch bunch took control with Jake Cowman’s power pushing him clear of his rivals.

He finished strongly winning from Brad Thomas 2nd, Sealmer 3rd and Shane Walker 4th.

In the club aggregate, Echuca were able to pip Shepparton at the post winning 210 points to 180. Strong finishes from Griffith, Fleming & Martin gained Echuca vital points and they were able to take home the Alby Watt Shield for 2008.

Limit >                             W. Duffy (E), J. Quirk (S), A. Dinstas (S), W. Kettle(E), P.Oman(E)
2nd Limit> 8 minutes,       T. Donnan(E), C.Walker(E), B.Goldburg (E), B. Fleming (E), R. Hamilton (E), J. Martin (E), v. Bovalino (S)
2nd Scratch> 12 minutes,  J. Costello-Manning (E), C. Flanigan (E), D. Fulton (E), B. Smedley (E), J. Salter(S), S. WAlker(S), Newton(S), T. Gerrish(E), B. Smith (S)
Scratch> 17 minutes,         M. Hill (S), T. Griffiths (E), N. Oman(E), T. Fitzpatrick (E), J. Cowman(S), B. Thomas(S), D. Seamler(S)



Date:> 17/11/2008 Terricks Road  28k

1st, Todd Fleming, 2nd Dave Oman, 3rd Greg Patterson 4th Jeff Ridge
Fastest Time, Mick Hone

Scratch - 13 min, N Oman, B Edmunds, Mick Hone, T Fitzpatrick, T Griffiths 
2nd scratch - 10min, Butch, T Fraser, C Flanigan, B Smedley
3rd scratch - 7 min, Bryce Lowdnes, Jeff Martin, C Riddington, L Harland, R Hamilton
3rd Limit - ? min, W Kettle, Bruce Goldburg, Ben Pearce, John Doyle
2nd limit - 1 min, G Patterson, T Fleming, J Ridge,
Limit - D Oman, Ken Woods, P Oman, Elijah Kettle.

Fleming goes BACK TO BACK.
26 riders raced on Monday 17th of November. Favorable conditions, 20 degrees & 9kmh southerly breeze made for fast racing.
The limit group of D. Oman, K. Woods, P. Oman & E. Kettle set off with a 1 minute gap to last weeks winner T. Fleming, along with G. Patterson & J. Ridge. These 3 worked well together and were able to round up limit and continue to drive towards the finish.
The 3rd scratch group of B. Lowndes, J.Martin, C.Riddington, L.Harland & R.Hamilton at 7 minutes worked hard to make up the deficit, which was made even harder with J.Martin having to pull out halfway into the race.
Brett 'Turbo' Smedley was doing a bulk of the work for the 2nd scratch group, however with km's ticking by they were running out of time to catch the groups ahead.
Further behind the scratch bunch of M. Hone, B. Edmunds, T. Griffiths & N.Oman continued to drag in the remainder of the field, with T. Fitzpatrick unfortunately puncturing on the start line.
As the race progressed Patterson, Fleming & Ridge continued to swap turns, with no clear moves for victory until late in the race.
For the 2nd week in a row Fleming showed a clean pair of heels to sprint to victory, closely followed by D. Oman, G. Patterson was 3rd and J. Ridge coming in 4th.
The remaining scratch markers of M.Hone, T. Griffiths & B.Edmunds finished at a scorching pace, with M. Hone picking up the fastest time of the night with 37 minutes 58 seconds, the fastest time of the year.


Date:> 10/11/2008 Terricks Road  28k

1st, Todd Fleming, 2nd Jeff Ridge, 3rd Mick Hone
Fastest Time, Mick Hone


A warm and windy Monday night greeted twelve riders,  with many riders opting to marshal, weary after Port to Port ride on the weekend.
Michael Taylor set off into a stiff breeze with Todd Fleming and Jeff Ridge the chasing pair with a four minute handicap. 
They worked well in tandem and made the chase difficult for the middle bunch of Liam Harland, Jeff Martin and Steve Kerwin.
A cleat mishap at the starting line hampered Glenn Kettle’s chances, however his teammates Brett Smedley and Bryce Lowndes worked to reduce the deficit.  Chasing on scratch was Michael Hone, Troy Griffiths and Clint Flanigan, with Hone doing a bulk of the work in the initial stages.
Scratch picked up Smedley and Lowndes at the ten kilometre mark. By this stage, the pair of Ridge and Fleming had overtaken Taylor to assume the lead and continued to push hard with a strong tail wind. 
Hone and Griffiths rounded up the middle bunch of Harland & Martin and continued ahead towards the finish. In the end it was the pairing of Ridge and Fleming who were able to hold off the remainder of the field. Todd Fleming showed a good turn of speed to win from Ridge, with Michael Hone coming in 3rd and taking fastest time.

Date:> 27/10/2008 Terricks Road  Handicapped Team Time Trial

1st: Leigh Murphy, Jeff Martin, Dave Merrett, Graeme Butcher, 44.21, (8 min hcap)

2nd: Nathan Oman, Ben Pearce, Tim Fitzpatrick, Liam Harland, 42.44.04 (5 min hcap)

3rd: Troy Griffith, Ray Hamilton, Bruce Fleming, Brett Smedley, 42.44.50 (4 min hcap)

Fastest Time: Steve Gray, Darren Carmody, Gary Norman,  Nick Lee, 39.58

John Salter, Craig Riddington, Jamie Costello, Clint Flanagan, 42.30

Simone Costello Manning, Anne Pitcher, Marg Woolman, Melissa Carmody, 51.39

Ken Woods, Dave Oman, John Doyle, Bruce Goldburg, Mick Taylor, 48.27




Date:> 11/10/2008 Terricks Road 50Km, RAY HAMILTON 60th CELEBRATION RACE

1st: Mick Hone, 2nd John Salter, 3rd Troy Griffiths, 4th Matt Jones
Fastest Time, Mick Hone


26 riders greeted a warm & sunny Saturday afternoon for the RAY HAMILTON 60th CELEBRATION RACE, the man in mention looking extra fast in RED and sporting a nice new pair of wheels.
The day also greeted John Kane for only his 2nd race, Michael Fox & Michael Taylor who traveled all the way down from Kerang.
Limit set off with a stiff head wind to contend with, however Jacqui Woods, Gaz Needs, Robert Craig & Michael Taylor were looking to make it a tough day for the chasing bunches.
All groups were relatively even as they headed up Mt. Terricks Rd, with second scratch making contact with the bunch ahead at the 17km mark.
With the experience of Hamilton, the endurance of Griffiths and a number of willing helpers this bunch was able to round up 2nd limit and limit by the 25km mark.
Scratch were pushing hard into the wind to make time on the rest of the field, their job made more difficult by the loss of 2 riders at the start.
Griffiths, sensing this drove up the pace of the bunch, which left Costello-Manning, Salter, Flanigan, Hamilton & Martin the task of staying away from a looming scratch bunch.
With Salter looking comfortable & Hamilton spritely as a 59 year old they were confident they could stay away until they turned into Wharparilla rd & a strong headwind stunted their progress.
Scrach caught up to this group with approx 12km before the finish, which dramatically reduced the pace of the race.
For the next 5km, a number of attacks were attempted with Mick Hone making the rest of the bunch chase to ensure he stayed within reach.
At this point Steve Gray also attacked, the rest of the group to a while to respond, the sight of a man wearind pink/white speedos stunning them momentarily!
With the line looming, Hone attacked again with Costello-Manning able to bridge the gap.
With approx 1km to go, Flanigan attempted to bridge the break, which left Griffiths, Salter, Jones, Hamilton & Gray to chase for the finish.
At the finish, Hone had another burst of speed to win, from Salter, Griffiths & Matt Jones coming in 4th.
Congratulations to Michael Taylor in his first race with the club.


The winter series will incorporate the Koyuga racing into an individual point series event called the Koyuga Challenge.
Points are allocated from 5 down to 1 for the first 5 place getters and bonus 2 points for starting. There are 6 nominated races at Koyuga with individuals best 5 results to count allowing for a missed race.


Date:> 20/9/2008 Koyuga 52Kms Round 6 FINAL

Series Joint Winners: Tristan Gerrish & Wayne Saunders


1st: John Salter, 2nd David Fulton, 3rd Darren Carmody, 4th Jim Avard, 5th Nathan Oman

Fastest Time, Nathan Oman


The final race of the Koyuga Challenge Series was run over 4 laps totaling 52km. Conditions were fine and mild with very strong winds up to 40kmh.

Off 19.5 minutes, limit riders were Travis Hee, Rhys Newby and Sean Quirk. They worked hard but were caught like many others and couldn’t hang on.

2nd limit was Ben Pearse, Bruce Goldburg, Paul Oman, Tim Donnan, Fred Molluso, Ray Hamilton and Dave Oman. These rode off 7 minutes and were caught by middle bunch about halfway, only Goldburg and Molluso able to hang on.

Middle bunch was Craig Riddington, John Salter, Jim Avard, Noel Austerberry, Jeff Martin and Ben Oman. They set off from 5 minute mark and rode strongly, quickly dropping Austerberry and Oman not yet race fit.

2nd Scratch was Jamie Costello-Manning, Dave Fulton, Tristan Gerrish Darren Carmody, Will Kettle and Keirin Carney. Gerrish was dropped early and the rest worked hard to catch middle group eventually getting them with 6km to go. This split the pack and sent several out the back. Then Avard and Salter powered away down wind with only Fulton and Carmody able to go with them.

Avard did a big turn toward the end but this only let Salter power away to a comfortable win with Fulton 2nd and Carmody coming over the top of Avard on the line for 3rd, Avard 4th.

Scratch bunch was Wayne Saunders, Steve Gray, Tim Fraser, Nathan Oman and Clint Flanigan. Worked hard all race but unable to close the gap on 2nd scratch and middle bunch. They closed to within 34 seconds then fought it out for fastest time which went to the strongest rider of the day, Nathan Oman, taking 1:24:59.


Summer racing starts at Terricks Rd on October 27th with a Team Time Trial, names being taken now. Track racing starts Thursday October 6pm.






Date:> 13/09/2008 Rochester 50km

1st: Clint Flanigan, 2nd Jim Avard, 3rd Will Kettle, 4th David Fulton
Fastest Time, Wayne Saunders 1.15.10

Warm Conditions Provide Hot Rochester Racing

Saturday saw the last Rochester race for the winter season of the Echuca Moama Cycling Club. 26 riders registered to race and were split into 6 bunches.  Spring was ever present with riders competing in warm to hot conditions. The temperature was hovering at 28 degrees with a stiff northerly wind.  This all led to a very fast first leg down to Trewins Road.   Limit included 2 new riders to EMCC,  Jacqui Woods and Ann Austerberry,  they were given an 18 min. start on scratch, with 8 mins to the bunch behind them.

Limit was gobbled up fairly quickly by 2nd limit when they had just entered Trewins Rd, and from then on, it was only a matter of which of the  bunches further back got together early enough to hold the rest at bay.  The key to winning the race was to make sure that there was plenty of riders in the bunch to work into the head wind on the return to Rochester.  Unfortunately a few riders felt the unseasonal warm conditions , with Glenn Kettle, Noel Austerberry, and Jeff Martin being despatched from their respective bunches.

 As for the rest, 3rd limit picked up 2nd limit near the bottom of Trewins Hill.  The merging of those  bunches came at the right time with Jim Avard and Matt Grealy riding strongly.    Meanwhile further back in the field, 2nd scratch, led by Dave Fulton, Clint Flanagan and Nick Lee, picked up 3rd scratch  2 kms before Trewins. Those bunches held it together over Trewins Hill and once on the Heathcote Rochester rd, hit full swing with Craig Riddington and Will Kettle doing solid turns in the mixed company.  This left scratch out on their own. The 5 scratch men kept even tempo and were slowly reeling in the leaders.  As the race continued, over the last of the hills, there was plenty of riders passed, with none able to assist scratch in their chase to the leaders.

  With 8 kms to go, the 2nd and 3rd Scratch caught the leading  bunch.  On merging they combined together well with the stronger riders of the bunch coming to the fore  to hold off scratch.  Scratch tried hard to bridge the gap, but just couldn't get across.  As the leaders rounded the 2nd last corner, they had to contend with other road users that caused some disruption within their bunch.   But that was not enough to allow scratch in.  As they turned the last corner, they still had a 25 second buffer on scratch.   Flanagan was first around the last corner, and with 400 mts to go, Will Kettle lashed out off the front.  There was a bit of a scramble for wheels, to bridge over and  Flanagan managed to get there.  He then turned on the speed to win comfortably from Jim Avard 2nd, and Will Kettle 3rd.  22 seconds later Wayne Saunders crossed the line for fastest time. (1.15.10sec)

Next weeks race is the final race of the Koyuga Cup Challenge Series. Racing starts at 2pm.



Date:> 06/09/2008 Terricks Road  Inaugural Handicapped Team Time Trial

Gray, Merrett and Pearse take out the inaugural Handicapped Team Time Trial

Another beautiful day for racing saw a field of 25 in the Terricks Road TTT

Teams of 3 set off at one minute intervals looking for the fastest team time possible

Results as follows:

Steve Gray; Dave Merrett; Ben Pearse                    52:29:18

Cam Walker; John Salter; Marcus D'Angri                53:09:89

Troy Griffiths; Bruce Fleming; Ray Hamilton                53:43:78

Tim Fitzpatrick; Bruce Goldburg; Craig Riddington     53:48:52

Darren Carmody; Bryce Lowndes; Jeff Ridge            54:42:42

Jamie Costello-Manning; Dave Oman; Mat Grealy      54:55:31

Clint Flanigan; Glen Kettle; Jason Jezewski                56:05:69

Mick Hone; Jeff Martin; Tim Donnan; Rhys Newby     58:14:93


With other major events on for many members this weekend, the TTT proved quite successful and hope to include it in the race calendar again next year.

Thanks to all the helpers again this week, especially Sally and Fred.

Next week at Rochester





Mawsons Bendigo to Echuca 93Km Road Race 24/8/2008


1st Clint Flanigan, 2nd Darren Dempster, 3rd Ricky Keast, 4th Jeff Martin

Fastest time, Leigh Egan 1.56.35  Avg 47.5



A large field assembled for the Noel Smith Huntly to Echuca Cycle Race on Sunday 24th of August.  Melbourne, Shepparton, Bendigo and Echuca riders were all represented in the 68 strong field that was divided into 9 bunches, and spread over 35 minutes.  The conditions were as close to perfect as possible, with blue sunny skies and a light south westerly wind to assist riders making their way to Echuca.  The limit bunch was given a 10 minute start before the next bunch.  Apart from scratch that was chasing 7 minutes and 2nd limit chasing 10 minutes, every other bunch had a 3 minute gap to the next. 

All the bunches made steady progress to the next bunch ahead, with the major move involving the merging of 4th limit through to limit near Lockington.  With the lead  bunch now numbering  25 riders, being driven by 10 solid workers, all other bunches had their work cut out.  By the time 4th scratch caught the middle bunch, and crossed over Mitiamo Rd, they were still 3 minutes down from the leaders.  By this stage the 2nd scratch bunch had picked up 3rd scratch and was bearing down on 4th scratch, being only 30 seconds in arrears.   It was half way along the Kotta Rd that those bunches merged, but 2nd scratch was taking no prisoners.  As they turned onto Terricks Rd,  2nd scratch kept the pace line down the road, not giving any room to a majority of the bunch.  The back of the bunch was quickly discarded, to the detriment of the bunch, as many willing workers were left behind unable to contribute to the chase.  All the while the leaders where still  holding onto a handy lead. 

Meanwhile scratch was motoring along with all guns blazing.  It has been a long time since the race has seen a quality scratch bunch as they did on the day with the likes of Leigh Egan, Trent Stevenson, Brad  Edmunds, David Pell and Glen O’Shea to name a few.  Averaging over 47 kph, they too were making ground on the leaders, but in the ideal conditions they were just not quick enough.

At the front of the race the lead bunch was starting to show major signs of cracking up with too many riders willing to sit on and not work.  The drivers of the bunch Ricky Keast, Darren Dempster, Clint Flanigan, David Mannix & Noel Sens kept the bunch pushing to the line. There was a few attacks from some riders, but none stuck more than 300 mts before being reeled in .  With 80km covered, fatigue was also taking it’s toll with many riders unable to hold onto the bunch, with the constant surging as the bunch responded to riders attacking off the front of the bunch. This continued past Wharparilla rd, with Mannix involved in a number of surges to the front.

As the line loomed, their was a call to sit up and wait for the chasing bunch of 2nd scratch, but this only further spurred those with any strength left in their legs to go even harder to stay away. With 1.5 km to go Flanigan attacked , with no response from the remnants of the bunch.  He stayed on his own for 500mt, until Dempster bridged ,  followed by Jeff Martin & Ricky Keast about 100m after.

With  800mts left to race  Flanigan  was still on the front and waning, Dempster was on his wheel  and in similar position, with Martin 3rd and Keast 4th.   Jeff Martin & Dempster  then rolled over the top of Flanigan, with Keast was still behind .  All the riders were drained having punished themselves by driving the bunch  for the last 30 km. None wanted to be on the front, but all wanted the win,  all trying to save any energy they had left for the final sprint.  Martin went to the front, but was quickly rolled over by Dempster.  With the line looming Flanigan hit over Dempster, and held on to win from Daren Dempster 2nd and Ricky Keast 3rd and Jeff Martin 4th.  2nd scratch was only 30 seconds behind, but all the major places had been taken.  1 min 15 seconds later Leigh Egan crossed the line for fastest time  (1hr 56m.35s) with an average speed  over 47.5kph .


Limit>                Graeme Lockwood, Greg Mundy, Simone Costello Manning

10mins>             Dave Oman, Bruce Fleming, Jeff Ridge, Dave Merrett, Paul Oman, Noel Austerbury

13mins>             Marcus D'Angri, David Mannix, Noel Sens, Ben Pearce, Clare McKechnie, Kyle Blakley, Jason Jewezski, Fred Molluso, Jeff Martin

16mins>             Darren Dempster, John Salter, Matt Grealy, Will Kettle, Glen Kettle, Ricky Keast, Clint Flanigan, Craig Riddington, Todd Derrick

19mins>             Vin O'Brien, Justin Kennedy, Jamie Costello Manning, Steve Gray, Shane Walker, Adrian Vlok, Jai Howard, David Fulton, Brenden Sait, Rick McIntosh

22mins>             Barry Jane, Graeme Butcher, Tim Fraser, Wayne Saunders, Jordan Sozzi, Sam Browne, Terry Schintler, David Maltby

25mins>             Simon Bennett, Tim Fitzpatrick, Cameron Cecil, Michael Hill, Todd Schintler, Wes Steel, Josh Tepper, Nathan Oman

28mins>             Damien Semmler, Jo Stoltz, Todd Huggard, Brad Thomas, Joel Fahy, Luke Knox, Tim Decker

Scratch> 35mins Leigh Egan, Brad Edmunds, David Pell, Daniel Braunstein, Trent Stevenson, Mark O'Brien, Glen O'Shea, Adrian Hanson



Name No Finish Position Bunch H'cap Time
Clint Flanigan 34 1 4th Limit 16 2.29.26
Darren Dempster 19 2 4th Limit 16  
Ricky Keast 9 3 4th Limit 16  
Jeff Martin 21 4 3rd Limit 13  
Todd Derrick 30 5 4th Limit 16  
David Mannix 59 6 3rd Limit 13  
Jason Jezewski 49 7 3rd Limit 13  
Noel Sens 58 8 3rd Limit 13  
Clare McKechnie 56 9 3rd Limit 13  
Bruce Fleming 46 10 2nd Limit 10  
Fred Molluso 55 11 3rd Limit 13  
Brad Thomas 45 12 2nd Scratch 28  
Simon Bennett 42 13 3rd Scratch 25  
David Maltby 63 14 4th Scratch 22  
Cameron Cecil 65 15 3rd Scratch 25  
Joel Fahy 38 16 2nd Scratch 28  
Luke Knox 13 17 2nd Scratch 28  
Wes Steel 53 18 3rd Scratch 25  
Jo Stoltz 64 19 2nd Scratch 28  
Tim Decker 52 20 2nd Scratch 28  
Todd Huggard 47 21 2nd Scratch 28  
Michael Hill 7 22 3rd Scratch 25  
Craig Riddington 35 23 4th Limit 16  
Nathan Oman 16 24 3rd Scratch 25  
Marcus D'Angri 6 25 3rd Limit 13  
Paul Oman 17 26 2nd Limit 10  
Greg Mundy 57 27 Limit 0  
Leigh Egan 1 28 Scratch 35 1.56.35
Glen O'Shea 41 29 Scratch 35  
Brad Edmunds 50 30 Scratch 35  
David Braunstein 11 31 Scratch 35  
Mark O'Brien 51 32 Scratch 35  
Josh Tepper 18 33 3rd Scratch 25  
Wayne Saunders 37 34 4th Scratch 22  
David Pell 2 35 Scratch 35  
Rick McIntosh 54 36 Middle Bunch 19  
Shane Walker 12 37 Middle Bunch 19  
Graeme Butcher 25 38 4th Scratch 22  
Damien Semmler 61 39 2nd Scratch 28  
Jordan Sozzi 43 40 4th Scratch 22  
Trent Stevenson 44 41 Scratch 35  
John Salter 28 42 4th Limit 16  
Sam Browne 40 43 4th Scratch 22  
Tim Fraser 27 44 4th Scratch 22  
Jamie Costello-Manning 5 45 Middle Bunch 19  
Vin O'Brien 68 46 Middle Bunch 19  
Terry Schintler 66 47 4th Scratch 22  
David Merrett 20 48 2nd Limit 10  
Steve Gray 3 49 Middle Bunch 19  
Justin Kennedy 22 50 Middle Bunch 19  
Adrian Hanson 48 51 Scratch 35  
Barry Jane 39 52 4th Scratch 22  
Brendan Sait 62 53 Middle Bunch 19  
Adrian Vlok 14 54 Middle Bunch 19  
Ben Pearse 33 55 3rd Limit 13  
David Fulton 26 56 Middle Bunch 19  
Will Kettle 23 57 4th Limit 16  
Kyle Blackley 60 58 3rd Limit 13  
Jai Howard 29 59 Middle Bunch 19  
Dave Oman 10 60 2nd Limit 10  
Jeff Ridge 31 61 2nd Limit 10  
Graeme Lockwood 8 62 Limit 0  
Simone Costello-Manning 4 63 Limit 0  
Tim Fitzpatrick 15 DNF 3rd Scratch 25  
Glenn Kettle 24 DNF 4th Limit 16  
Matt Grealy 32 DNF 4th Limit 16  
Noel Austerbury 36 DNF 2nd Limit 10  
Todd Schintler 67 DNF 3rd Scratch 25  



2008 Club Championships 17/8/2008

Road Race: Rochester 50 Kms

Open:>          1st Nathan Oman, 2nd Tim Fitzpatrick, 3rd Mick Hone

Vets:>           1st Tim Fraser, 2nd David Fulton, 3rd Jeff Martin

Super vets:> 1st Paul Oman, 2nd Jeff Ridge, 3rd Ray Hamilton


Time trial: Terricks Road 13 Kms

Open:> 1st Nathan Oman, 2nd Steve Gray, 3rd Tim Fitzpatrick

Echuca Moama Cycling Club held it’s club championships over the weekend with a time trial held on Saturday, followed by 50km road race held on Sunday. Saturdays 13km time trial was won by Nathan Oman (19.47s), followed by Steve Gray (19.49s), and Tim Fitzpatrick. (20.15s),  Sunday took the riders to Rochester to complete the 50 km circuit over Trewins Hill clockwise.  This is the harder direction as it includes a solid 1.5km that always breaks up the field.


Open:> Juniors shine

12 riders faced the starter in Sundays Open section of the Club Road Championships over a 55km course starting and finishing at Rochester via Trewins hill. Will Kettle ensured the pace wasn’t going to be a leisurely one by attacking from the start and riding solo for the first 10 km. The peleton never let him out of their sights though and brought him back as the first hills were encountered. A number of small attacks then began with riders trying to get to Trewins hill before the strong climbers. None were successful however and the decisive climb began with the majority of the peleton together.

Wayne Saunders set a solid tempo on the front in the early part of the climb but it wasn’t quick enough for two of the juniors in the field and Nathan Oman & Tim Fitzpatrick attacked on the steep part of the climb. They pulled out a gap of around 50 metres by the top from a bunch of 5 led over by Saunders, which included Mick Hone, Tristan Gerrish, Jamie Costello-Manning and Jai Howard. The race was effectively over at this point for the rest of the riders as they struggled up the climb.

Once over the top of the hill Fitzpatrick and Oman really got to work and the gap to the chase group quickly blew out to around 500 metres. Initially not concerned about the gap, with 30km from the hill to the finish, the chase group worked steadily until Gerrish suffered a mechanical problem which forced him to withdraw with 15km to go. By this point the 2 leaders had turned for home with the wind at their backs and were holding a steady pace at near 50 kph and the danger signs were there for the chase group. They cranked up the chase and the pace proved too quick for Howard and then Costello-Manning in turn and with 10km to go it had turned into a 2 man team pursuit.

Though Hone & Saunders reached speeds in excess of 55kph in the chase, the 2 leaders were never really troubled on the run home and at the finish still held a gap of around 300 metres. It was a fantastic effort from 2 of the clubs best young riders and in the end Oman proved a little too quick for Fitzpatrick, taking the sprint comfortably and the club championship in the process. Hone and Saunders crossed the line 3rd & 4th respectively having had their colours lowered by the young blokes. The rest of the field limped home in dribs and drabs over the next 10 minutes, attesting to the strength of the performance by the winners and in an ominous sign for the future.


The Veterans class (over 35) was the most popular on the day with 9 riders competing to be the Club Veteran Champion.   The field headed off 2 minutes behind the Elite riders and had in tow the Super Vets (over 50yo).  As the bunch headed towards Trewins hill they were riding a steady tempo into a moderate southerly head wind.  As the road started to rise, the pace quickened and the super vets drifted back to race their own race.  After crossing Midland Hwy, the bunch was still mostly together.  As they turned into Trewins Rd to climb the hill the pressure was applied.  Tim Fraser started on the front , before yielding to Dave Fulton and Steve Gray  to lead the pack up the climb.  There was a tight bunch of riders near the front and it was only in the last 300 metres that the gaps started to open up. First to crest the hill was Fraser followed by Gray and Fulton.  Those riders quickly got together along with Jeff Martin to push on and extend their lead.  There was some strong turns taken and by the time the lead bunch of four reached Midland Hwy, they had a decisive lead on the rest of the field that was scattered behind. With the three strongest riders in the field in the lead bunch, it was always going to be a big ask for any of the dropped riders to claw them back.  

Once a safe lead was established, race tactics came to the fore.   As the leaders reached the Old Elmore Field Day site Gray put an attack up the road.  He stayed out on his own for a few minutes, before Fraser burst out from the bunch behind to bridge over to him.  Not long after Dave Fulton also joined them, leaving Jeff Martin to chase all three riders down.    In a complete surprise the pace went off the front, and  Gray drifted back to help Martin join the pack.  With 7 kms to race the lead four were back together, and from then on it was always going to come down to a sprint.  It was in the last 2km that the pace picked up,  with riders constantly marking any attempted breakaway.   At 600mts to go Gray started his wind up, with Fraser boxed in on his inside,  whilst Fulton then Martin were to his right.  As Gray reached maximum speed with 300 mts to go, Fulton launched on his outside closely followed by Martin.  Fraser had the door open on the inside of Gray and surged past to get level with Fulton’s rear wheel, before kicking it up a gear to clear away and win easily.  In a tight scrap for second Fulton managed to hold off Martin by a tyre width, with Gray settling for forth.


The Super Vets (over 50) category, the four riders stayed together until the hill, when Ray Hamilton and Bruce Fleming managed to clear the hill first.  They held the lead for 5 kms until the other two riders, Paul Oman and Jeff Ridge managed to regain contact.  With the race back together and a firm tail wind home, it was always going to be hard to any one rider to get away.  In the end the race came down to a sprint, with Paul Oman securing back to back wins from Jeff Ridge second and Ray Hamilton third.





Date:> 9/8/2008 Koyuga 50Kms Round 5

1st: Todd Fleming, 2nd Simone Costello Manning, 3rd Warren Duffy



Limit>                        Travis Hee, Simone Costello Manning, Warren Duffy, Matt Pettifer, Todd Fleming

2nd Limit 13mins>     Ben Pearce, Graeme Lockwood, Greg Patterson, Jeff Ridge, Leigh Murphy, Neil Ennis

3rd Limit 16ins>        Ray Hamilton, Bruce Goldburg, Dave Oman, Fred Molluso, Dale Lowndes, Jason Jezewski

3rd Scratch 18mins> Cam Walker,  Marcus D'Angri, Tim Donnan, Jeff Martin, Bruce Fleming

2nd Scratch 21mins> Nick Lee, Craig Riddington, Tristan Gerrish, John Salter, Shane Walker, Jai Howard

Scratch 24mins>        Tim Fraser, Jamie Costello Manning, Wayne Saunders, David Fulton, Clint Flanigan, Troy Griffith


Date:> 2/8/2008 Rochester 50Kms Scratch Race

A Grade:  1st: Wayne Saunders, 2nd Mick Hone, 3rd Jamie Costello Manning, 4th Nathan Oman
B Grade:  1st: Matt Grealy, 2nd Tim Donnan, 3rd, Fred Molluso, 4th Marcus D'Angri

Time: A Grade 1.18, B Grade 1.23


A field of 30 riders this week was split into two groups. The large number in B grade a testament to the equality of the field.

A grade starting group consisted of:

Troy Griffith, Craig Riddington, Nathan Oman, Wayne Saunders, Mick Hone, Tristan Gerrish, Tim Fraser, Kieran Carney, Steve Grey, Jamie Costello Manning.

Saturdays A grade scratch race was an entertaining affair to say the least. With 10 riders heading out the hard way over Trewins Hill, no one was willing to expend too much energy before the climb.   The pace was kept honest by Steve Gray, Wayne Saunders and Tim Fraser before the action started at the base of Trewins.  As the bunch turned to climb Trewins, Steve Gray set the pace for the first 800 mts.  Not content with the tempo of the bunch, Nathan Oman kicked it up a couple of notches which splintered the field half way up the climb.  Oman was First to crest the hill, with only Troy Griffith able to hold his wheel.   50 mts further back was Jamie Costello Manning and Wayne Saunders, who were 75 mts in front of Mick Hone and Tim Fraser.    The rest of the field was scattered over 200 mts and had a job in front of them. 

The front four riders all joined and stayed away for 6kms, until caught by Hone, Fraser and Steve Gray.  This bunch of 7 looked as if they would control the race from here on in.  But owing to the  constant attacks, which reduced the speed of the bunch, which in turn allowed most of the tailed off riders to rejoin the lead pack  with 10km to go.   From there on in, there were numerous attacks that never managed to hold the pursuing pack at bay.

As the finish line approached, Steve Gray led the bunch out with Oman on his wheel.  But it was the experienced Hone who was sitting on Oman that surged to the front, with Saunders in tow.   Hone unfortunately went too early, which allowed Saunders to easily pass him to win.  Hone managed to hold on to 2nd, ahead of a fast finishing Costello Manning.  


The starting group in B grade was:

Ben Pearse, Glen Kettle, Marcus D'Angri, Ray Hamilton, Jason Jezewski, Fred Molluso, Graeme Lockwood, Matt Grealy, Dwayne Hogan, Bruce Fleming, Todd Fleming, Tim Donnan, Bruce Goldburg, Paul Oman, Liam Harland, Dave Merrett, Jeff Martin, Dave Oman, Greg Patterson, Dale Lowndes

The B grade scratch group consisted of 20 riders ready to tackle the Rochester course, over Trewins Hill and back to Rochester, a total of 50 kms.

The pace started fairly slowly but with tricky winds, a few early hills and some surging by a few of the riders it seemed to unsettle the peleton.

At about 11km into the race there was almost a nasty fall as riders tried to shelter from the wind and jockey for a good position. Bruce Goldberg, Marcus D'Angri, Greg Patterson and Graham Lockwood almost came to grief but their years of experience kept bikes and bodies from the unforgiving bitumen road.

Because of this, Paterson and new rider Todd Fleming lost valuable time and could not bridge the gap back up to the main group.

At the front of the group Glen Kettle was doing most of the work trying to stretch the riders out with small attacks along the undulating course to the base of the dreaded Trewins Hill. Glen had ridden a huge 147km race the week before and this was starting to show. 

Almost all of the riders in the peleton started the climb together but by half way the young riders were opening up a gap which meant everyone else had to find something extra to avoid being dropped out the back.

Liam Harland, Dale Lowndes, Tim Donnan, Tim Pearson, Matt Grealy and Jeff (Cadel) Martin were first group over the climb followed shortly by Bruce Fleming, Marcus D'Angri, Ray Hamilton and the bushranger Fred Molluso (who has not escaped the handicappers eyes). Next group back was Paul and Dave Oman and Dwayne Hogan and behind them Jeff Ridge, Bruce Goldberg, Jason Jezewski (a new rider) Dave Merrett, and Glen Kettle.

Once over the hill the pressure  was on for all groups to merge back together, Fleming, Hamilton, D'Angri and Molluso chased hard for 2 kms to catch the front riders and looked at this stage to be the main group to stay away, however with some 50kmh plus turns by the chasing Oman brothers they also joined the leaders.

The leading pack now consisted of 13 riders and with most of the hard work done it was going to be a hard task to shell anyone else out of this group.

Dale Lowndes (another rider not to escape the handicappers eye) in his first race back for the year was pouring on the pace  as was Liam Harland, Jeff (Cadel) Martin and Marcus D'Angri also doing share of strong turns.

Dave Oman tried a break away only to be chased down by little brother Paul, this move proved too much for Dwayne Hogan as he dropped to the back waving goodbye to the group 8 kms from home. The pace slowed down over the last 4kms as everyone was trying to conserve energy and jockey for the best position and best wheel for the sprint in. Dave Oman was shedding excess weight off his bike for the sprint in but realised discarding the seat was not a good idea.

Jeff Martin was the unfortunate domestique left to do the work at the front as the nervous riders jumped about 700 meters from the finish line spreading out all over the road trying to pick up the perfect wheel to get over the line. Matt Grealy was superb with a super strong and tactical sprint to take honours followed closely by Tim Donnan, Fred Molluso and Marcus D'Angri




Date:> 26/7/2008 Terricks Road 50Kms

1st: John Salter, 2nd Marcus D'Angri, 3rd Bruce Fleming, 4th Graeme Lockwood
Fastest Time, Wayne Saunders


Salter Solos to Victory

A cool wind and scattered showers was the order of the day for the 23 riders that competed at Terricks Rd on Saturday.  Split into 5 bunches, with new rider Jacqui Wood heading off with Travis Hee and Fred Molluso on limit.  They had a healthy 6 minute start to 2nd limit and made good progress at they travelled out on Terricks Rd.

All other bunches of the day had 5 riders to tackle the 50 km course.  It was obvious that the Tour de France was making an impression, as it does each year. Jeff Martin and Jamie Costello-Manning both were sporting the Silence Lotto jerseys.  There was some suggestion that they were expecting their respective bunches to protect them during the race, but that was not going to happen.

It was again the middle bunch that was the movers and shakers of the race.  They were being driven  by John Salter, who has slowly been picking up some form over the past 2 months. They kept the tempo high and caught 2nd limit after 20 kms.  The combined bunch continued on their merry way getting to limit by the Kotta turn.  Apart from Fred Molluso, limit was outclassed and drifted behind the juggernaut that the middle and 2nd limit bunch had become.  

2nd scratch were chasing 3 mins to the middle bunch.  On paper the bunch looked fragile due to it’s unevenness.   Matt Grealy and Dave Oman had both stepped up to the challenge and contributed well, but that was not enough.  After all the bunches in front of them had merged, 2nd scratch really had no chance, and scratch was too far behind to be of any assistance.  At the 30 km mark the leaders were 2min 15 secs up on 2nd scratch and scratch was the same time gap further back.  As the bunches rounded the last corner back onto Terricks Rd, scratch was still 4 minutes down on the leaders, with 2nd scratch right in the middle. 

This race was only going to be won  by someone from the lead bunch.   With 5 km to go Ken Woods  dropped off, leaving  10 riders to fight it out. A km later, in show of strength, John Slater launched off the front.  This was an audacious move, so far from the finish. With a bunch of 9 riders to chase him down, it was doubtful that he could hold onto to the lead by himself.   Marcus D'Angri and Bruce Fleming both managed to bridge over to him.   They chipped in with a turn each , but the combination of  the  energy expended and the build up of lactic acid was too much, and then they  both  drifted back to the pursuing pack to recover. 

Meanwhile the silence lotto domestiques were struggling in their respective bunches.  In the final 10 kms, Jamie Costello Manning was finding the going tough, and was eventually dropped in the final 5 kms.  Some suggested the weight of the jersey was too much for him to  live up to.

 Salter continued to hold his own on the front, always keeping a watchful eye on the bunch behind.  The kilometres were counting down and still the bunch was not closing the gap.  It is seldom that a middle marker can hold a bunch of 9 at bay for too long, and yet this is what was happening.  Salter  held onto his  lead  to the line for an empathic victory.  5 seconds later, the minor placing were decided in the bunch sprint.   Marcus D'Angri proved too strong for the rest to take 2nd, just in front of Bruce Fleming 3rd and Graeme Lockwood 4th.  Fastest time was Wayne Saunders in a time of 1.11.58sec.      

Next weeks racing is graded scratch races at Rochester, 2pm.



Date:> 19/7/2008 Koyuga 50Kms Round 4

1st: Ben Oman, 2nd Marcus D'Angri, 3rd Ben Pearce, 4th Paul Oman, 5th Jeff Ridge
Fastest Time, Nathan Oman 1.18.05


Tough Conditions at Koyuga

Echuca Moama Cycling Club held the forth race in the Koyuga Cup Race series on Saturday.  Each race is 4 laps of a 13km circuit. In very cold and overcast conditions, with the odd spot of rain thrown in to test anyone’s’ resolve, 33 riders faced the starter.  Broken into 7 bunches, the four Limit riders were given a 21 minute start to scratch as they headed off.  10 minutes later the 2nd limit bunch also was sent away which included new rider Todd Fleming on his 1st race with the club.  Joining Todd was Fred Molluso, who was returning to race after an absence.  It became apparent early that that front 2 bunches had issues with evenness and as a result both bunches lost riders in the first lap.  Stand out performance on debut was Vanessa Bleakley who rode very strongly off limit for 2 laps.  All other bunches started well, and by the end of first lap 3rd limit had made their move picking up 2nd limit. 

 As the bunches complete their 2nd lap, 3rd limit was only 15 seconds behind the leading riders.   All other bunches had made significant inroads to the bunches in front of them, and on paper looked as if it could come down to a massive bunch sprint.  Scratch being driven hard by Nathan Oman, had made up 2 minutes to 2nd scratch, and were only 1 minute down.  If  those two bunches got together early enough, they could potentially rip through the field as they have over the past few months.

It was at the completion of lap 3, with 1 lap to go, that the tables started to turn.  The 3rd limit bunch was now leading the race with a minute advantage to the next bunch. Of all the riders they had caught, Ben Pearce was the only one to join them to the end.  All other limit riders had been cast aside.

Breathing down the leaders neck, was the combined middle and 3rd scratch bunch.  These bunches came together at the 35 km mark and though their numbers had swelled, weariness was also creeping in. It was also expected that by the 40km mark 2nd scratch and scratch would be together, as scratch had been making up a minute per lap.  But scratch had slowed and it was still a 30 seconds in arrears to 2nd scratch and two and a half minutes to the leaders.    If scratch was to have any chance of winning they need to get 2nd scratch quickly. This occurred in the back straight with 6km to go. But the question was, did they have enough time to catch the leaders?  They all joined in and worked well, and as they turned the last corner with 3 kms to race, they were only 45 seconds down.   As scratch got up to speeds over 50kph in the down wind run home, several riders succumbed to the under pressure, and were despatched out the back.

At this stage all scratch could see ahead was the combined middle and 3rd scratch bunch.  They were blocking the view of the leaders who were 100metres ahead of them. The tail wind finish meant it was going to help 3rd limit hold onto their advantage.  Knowing that they had no time to waste, they kept the speed up and pushed on to the line.  With 300mts to go, the next bunch back was only 20 metres away.  It was then that Marcus D’angri launched into his sprint.  D’angri was holding his own, but in the last 100 metres was passed by the fast finishing Ben Oman who took the win.  D'angri held on for 2nd, with Ben Pearce 3rd, Paul Oman 4th and Jeff Ridge 5th.  10 seconds after the winner, an unchallenged Nathan Oman crossed for fastest time.


Date:> 12/7/2008 Lockington 48Kms

1st: Dave Oman, 2nd Neil Ennis, 3rd Jeff Ridge, 4th Graeme Butcher
Fastest Time, Brad Edmunds 1.09.13


Limit> 0mins>            Bob Craig, Ken Wilson                                                                                           

2nd Limit 0mins>       Neil Ennis, Dave Oman, Jeff Ridge

Middle 6mins>          Bruce Flemming, Ray Hamilton, Jeff Martin, Matt Grealy, Liam Harland

2nd Scratch 11mins>Graeme Butcher, Steve Gray, Clint Flanigan, Troy Griffith, David Fulton

Scratch 16mins>       Wayne Saunders, Tim Fraser, Matt Jones, Tim Fitzpatrick, Brad Edmunds.


A tough day in chilly conditions. 20 riders, 4 bunches. Limit was bolstered with the inclusion of Dave Oman, which proved the deciding factor as to which bunch would get up. Scratch was hampered with the loss of Tim Fraser after 9 kms. Apart from 2 limit riders, all the other bunches hung together. Even after losing the 2 riders limit had the mettle to continue on, and held off 2nd scratch and 2nd limit that had come together in the final lap. In the dash for the line, Dave Oman surged ahead of Neil Ennis. Ennis came back hard to almost bridge to Oman, but Oman dug deep and held Ennis at bay to take the win, with Ennis 2nd and Ridge 3rd. 40 sec's later 2nd scratch and 2nd limit charged to the line with Graeme Butcher picking up 4th, with Brad Edmunds taking fastest time 2 min later.

Date:> 5/7/2008 Rochester 50Kms

1st: Nathan Oman, 2nd Tim Fitzpatrick, 3rd Matt Jones
Fastest Time, Nathan Oman


Limit> 19mins>       Elijah Kettle, Travis Hee

2nd Limit 9mins>     Paul Oman, Greg Patterson, Ben Oman, Dave Oman, Ben Pearse, Graeme Lockwood

Middle 7 min>      Bruce Goldburg, Bruce Fleming, John Salter, Glen Kettle, Will Kettle

2nd Scratch 4mins> Craig Riddington, Tristan Gerrish, Dave Fulton, Jamie Costello-Manning

Scratch >                Mick Hone, Nathan Oman, Tim Fitzpatrick, Matt Jones     


On a clear winter’s day, racing from Rochester over a 50km course began with 21 riders.

In limit off 19 minutes were Elijah Kettle and Travis Hee. Two young men trying to make the jump from juniors to seniors, held their lead for about 17km before being caught by 2nd limit (off 9 minutes) made up of Paul Oman, Greg Patterson, Ben Oman, Graeme Lockwood, Ben Pearse and Ben Oman.

Middle group (off 7.5 minutes) consisted of Bruce Goldburg, John Salter, Bruce Fleming, Glen Kettle and Will Kettle. The group rode well, gradually closing the gap to the front groups to 25 seconds. As they battled to climb Trewin’s Hill the Kettle boys broke clear and rode across to the group in front leaving their group in tatters. This was the end of their competitive edge and saw them slip back through the field.

2nd scratch of Dave Fulton, Jamie Costello-Manning, Tristan Gerrish and Craig Riddington riding off 4 minutes started well but Riddington punctured after 7km and left the group short and unable to keep scratch away being caught after the descent from Trewins Hill. Next casualty was last week’s winner in Gerrish struggling on the climb then losing touch on the descent.

The scratch markers were Matt Jones, Tim Fitzpatrick, Mick Hone and Nathan Oman. Having caught Fulton and Costello-Manning just over the hill and now working in with them, they quickly wound in the riders ahead which were now scattered over the course. Now all riding together the Kettle boys were not going to be intimidated by the scratch riders and attacked again, holding a solid lead for several kilometres at 40kmh into the head wind before succumbing to the pace of the peleton.

With several attacks now coming from Nathan Oman and Matt Jones the lead group was soon back to just the scratch riders. They pushed hard and the sprint finish saw Nathan Oman home first from Fitzpatrick 2nd, Jones 3rd and Hone 4th. Time was 1 hour 15 minutes 44 seconds.

Next week’s race is the Lockington Handicap Trophy Race.


Date:> 28/6/2008 Koyuga 50Kms Round 3

1st: Tristan Gerrish, 2nd Tim Donnan, 3rd Bruce Goldburg, 4th Jim Avard, 5th Ray Hamilton
Fastest Time, Wayne Saunders



Limit>                        Elijah Kettle, Travis Hee, Simone Costello Manning, Kevin Jenner, Ken Wilson

2nd Limit 7mins>       Ben Pearce, Paul Oman, Dave Oman, Graeme Lockwood, Graham Sylvester, Ken Woods, Greg Patterson, Margi Woolman

3rd Limit 10ins>        John Salter, Matt Grealy, Ray Hamilton, Bruce Fleming, Bruce Goldburg, Ben Oman, Tim Donnan

3rd Scratch 13mins> Glenn Kettle, Tristan Gerrish, Cam Walker, Jim Avard, Marcus D'Angri

2nd Scratch 16mins> Clint Flanigan, David Fulton, Nick Lee, Troy Griffith, Craig Riddington

Scratch 18mins>       Tim Fitzpatrick, Nathan Oman, Tim Fraser, Jamie Costello Manning, Wayne Saunders

A well handicapped race with bunches coming together nicely as the race progressed. Limit was given a healthy start and motored along keeping it together. 7 mins later, 2nd limit started their chase and had a talented bunch that was always going to be hard to catch. With Graeme Lockwood, Greg Patterson and Ben Pearce keeping the pace up, they were soon averaging 37 km/h. A further 3 mins adrift was 3rd limit. This bunch was very even, but not making enough ground quick enough to the bunch in front. Just as 3rd limit reach the 38km mark, the mover and shakers of the race, 3rd scratch joined. Being powered by the likes of Cam Walker, Glenn Kettle and Jim Avard, the 2 bunches merged and kept their momentum to reel in the leaders. It was at this moment that the wheels started to fall of limit and 2nd limit was now at the front of the race. 2nd scratch was chasing 3 mins to the next bunch and could see them for most the race, but their chances of getting to them faded quickly after 3rd scratch caught 3rd limit. But 2nd scratch was still managing to hold scratch. It was in the final 6km that 3rd scratch caught the front, and from then on they had the race by a strangle hold. As they rounded the last corner, they still had 1 min to Scratch and 2nd scratch which was ample time to hold their lead. In the sprint, Avard lead out strongly, but was passed by Gerrish who won, from Donnan 2nd and Goldburg 3rd. 30 secs later Wayne Saunders took fastest time.


Date:> 21/6/2008 Terricks Road/ Lockington 65Kms

1st: Tim Fraser, 2nd Brad Edmunds, 3rd Nathan Oman, 4th Matt Jones

Fastest Time, Tim Fraser


26 riders battled the windy cold weather conditions this week. The course was 65km race via Lockington.
With 15.5 minutes start the limit group of Neil Ennis, Paul Oman, Gary Needs and Jeff Ridge started out into the  wind.
3.5 minutes later 2nd limit; Greg Patterson , Bruce Fleming, Bruce Goldburg, Cam Walker and Graeme Lockwood were out to chase them down and caught them just 18km in. With Cam doing long fast turns Ridge and Needs were dropped leaving a long ride in.
Off 7 minutes the middle group of Glen Kettle, Will Kettle, Ray Hamilton, Matt Grealy & Dave Oman were chasing hard but a mechanical fault ended Hamilton's race and the groups chance of staying away from the chasing bunches.
2nd scratch started off 10.5 minutes with Steve Gray, David Fulton, Craig Riddington,  Tristan Gerrish, Jeff Martin and Nathan Oman (returning from injury). Fulton was driving hard and Martin couldn't hold on, followed by Gerrish then Oman all out the back. They caught middle bunch after 25km and worked well but were swamped by Scratch about halfway.
15.5 minutes behind limit, scratch looked strong with Tim Fraser, Wayne Saunders, Mick Hone, Matt Jones, Tim Fitzpatrick and Brad Edmunds. The conditions suited the better riders and this showed. Having caught the 2 groups in front by halfway and dispensing with Riddington, Oman and Grealy they chased down the front 2 groups riding as one and caught them on Bamawm Rd nearing Mitiamo Road. Quickly losing Lockwood then Walker then as a group went Ennis, Oman, Fleming, Goldburg, Patterson.
Riding as a large group now the road was shut down and saw the gradual reduction of the group then Jones made a breakaway lasting 6km before being caught. Saunders then made the final attack with Fraser following and in the sprint to the line Fraser held on while Saunders was overtaken by the group.


Limit>                          Neil Ennis, Paul Oman, Gary Needs, Jeff Ridge

2nd Limit 3 min>       Greg Patterson , Bruce Flemming, Bruce Goldburg, Cam Walker, Graeme Lockwood

Middle 7 min>             Glen Kettle, Will Kettle, Ray Hamilton, Matt Grealy, Dave Oman

2nd Scratch 10 min> Steve Gray, David Fulton, Craig Riddington, Nathan Oman, Tristan Gerrish, Jeff Martin

Scratch 15 min>        Tim Fraser, Wayne Saunders, Mick Hone, Matt Jones, Tim Fitzpatrick, Brad Edmunds


Date:> 14/15 June 2008 Rochester 50 Kms (bill flower series) Click for full Results


Date:> Bendigo 3 Day Tour  7-9th June 2008

Great participation from Echuca with 16 riders entering
9 entries in C grade
1 entry in B grade
2 entries in A grade
4 entries in the 2 day Junior event

Echuca were out on day/stage one with all guns blazing.

Brad Edmunds opened with a solo break away win.

Glen and Will Kettle set the early pace in C grade with strong breakaways.
Jamie Costello Manning won the stage from Tristan Gerrish 2nd
Bruce Fleming had a minor altercation with another bike, stayed upright but had to stop for repairs and rode home with new friends behind the main group.

Stage 2 finished atop Mt Terrangower and saw a major deterioration from the flat land dwellers from Echuca.

Brad had a fall on the climb, lost a couple of minutes some skin and some pride.
Matt Jones completed his training weekend here and vowed to ride more back home.
In C grade Jamie cramped 150 metres from the summit and had to stop.
Tristan paid for his sprints the previous day and struggled with the steep finish.
Craig managed to pass a few on the climb & moved to 9th place overall.
Dave Fulton rode strongly with many breakaways and lead outs but couldn't handle the slopes.

Stage 3 saw Fitzy dropped about 12km mark but reformed with some others and caught the main bunch about 27km only to be unable to sustain the pace and dropped again at 29km. High quality bunch with good experience gained.

Stage 4 was the time trial, race of truth they say and it showed.

Times were: Brad 17:19, Tim Fitz 19:49, Tristan Gerrish 20:10, Dave Fulton 20:26, John Salter 20:30, Jamie 20:43, Clint 20:51, Glen 21:20, Craig 21:33, Will 22:07, Bruce 24:04
Only one puncture for the tour. John Salter half way through the Time Trial. He restarted and recorded a great time but chose not to ride the 5th stage (too wet).
The TT put Clint in 9th place which he held on the final day.
Brad finished 8th overall.
Great weekend and recommend it to anyone thinking of riding next year.
Results are at
Thanks to all helpers and those who came to watch.


Bendigo Junior two day tour

June 7th & 8th

Four boys from the Echuca Moama cycling club competed in the Bendigo junior tour this year with great results.

Liam Harland under 17 a grade, Tim Donnan Under 17 B grade, Jack Harland and Elijah Kettle Under 17 C grade. The first race saw the boys take off over a loop course from Emu creek around the hills and back. Cold conditions, but fortunately no wind saw the racing hard Liam finished just behind the a grade bunch with a strong finish. Tim blitzed B grade with a win and in C grade it was an Echuca double with Jack 2nd and Elijah 3rd.

For the second stage it was over the hills to Harcourt and near snow conditions. Liam and Tim lined up for three laps of and 8km course and then up Mt Alexander whilst Elijah and Jack had to face only 2 laps of the hilly circuit. With 1 lap down Jack was hurting but dug deep and finished the race with a gutsy 5th position. Elijah pushed hard as the temperatures plummeted and pulled out 4th. Liam and Tim both had to work hard given the lack of mountain training we get here in Echuca. Tim came up the hill strong finishing 2nd. The cold conditions got to Liam and cramps set in, but with a pure determination made it up the hill to finish.

Sunday saw the weather better the first stage of the morning being a 10km time trial. The overall placing prior to this stage saw Tim in first and Elijah sitting in 3rd position. C grade started with each rider taking off 1 minute behind the other. Elijah took off as he finished head down and pushing. He was determined to better his position which is exactly what he did getting the second fastest time. Jack with cricket commitments was a non-starter. Tim in B grade was next of our riders and sped off into the distance once again coming first. Liam needing a good time trial being one of his best events was set to blister out of the blocks, however a mechanical problem and subsequent injury hampered his attempt. Thanks to a friendly gesture by the Ararat boys Liam was lent another bike and managed to complete the time trial.

The last stage was a 28km circuit around Newbridge, involving more hills and a strong head wind.  A grade went first but after 2km Liam had to pull out his knee just too sore to continue. Tim and B grade went next then C grade. With a sprint to the finish Tim grabbed first and won the overall tour. C grade split apart early on the first hill leaving three in the sprint to the finish. Elijah never gave up and managed third. He also gained third place overall. Liam in A grade came eleventh overall. 


Date:> 7/6/2008 Koyuga 40Kms

1st: Tim Farley, 2nd Wayne Saunders, 3rd Tim Fraser
Fastest Time, Wayne Saunders


Farley holds on

16 riders ventured out to Koyuga to compete in a 40km handicap race.   The course was  3 laps of the Koyuga circuit, in some testing conditions.  The Limit bunch  started  with 7 riders and a 5 minute start on scratch.  They lost Bob Craig before the 1st corner but with six riders that included Dave Oman and Graeme Butcher to drive the bunch they made good progress.   The movers and shakers of the race were  the middle bunch.   Chasing 2 minutes, the middle bunch included the power houses of Steve Gray and Nick Lee as well as  Mark Wight and visitor Tim Farley.  They were driven all day by Nick Lee and Steve Gray and after one lap had limit.   But this had come at a cost, with Mark Wight, who was sorely under done retiring along with Jeff Ridge not much later.   Scratch was always going to have a tough day, which was made all the harder after losing Graeme Butcher after 1/2 a lap.  After 2 laps the leaders had settled into a good rhythm, and looked to have the race won.  Scratch had not given up, and were constantly given hope in seeing the leading packs’ numbers diminish.   For most of the last lap scratch  could clearly see the leaders, but it was touch and go if they could get to them.  With 6kms to go,  it was on the down wind  2nd last leg, that scratch gave their all.  With massive turns from Mick Hone and Wayne Saunders that almost blew the bunch apart, they got themselves within striking distance on the leaders by the final turn.  Scratch continued to work hard, and got onto the back of the leaders with 1.5 km to go. It was now that scratch was hoping for some time to recover, but it was not to be. Tim Farley unleashed his carefully timed attack.   Scratch  were forced to chase. After an initial effort  by Steve Gray,  it was Hone, Fraser and Saunders who all put in, to pull Farley back.   With the line looming, it was touch and go as to who would prevail, but a fading Farley managed to hold off Saunders by 2 bike lengths with Fraser 3rd and Hone 4th. 

Next weeks race is at Rochester for the Bill Flower series



Date:> 31/5/2008 Terricks Road 50Kms

1st: Mick Hone, 2nd Clint Flanigan, 3rd Jamie Costello Manning
Fastest Time, Mick Hone


Beautiful weather saw Limit away with an Eleven minute handicap and riding strong, not to be seen again until a few km from the finish. Bob Craig, Jeff Ridge, Gary Needs and Greg Patterson all riding well.

2nd limit off Six minutes with Matt Grealy, Bruce Fleming, Neil Ennis, Graeme Lockwood and Bruce Goldburg keeping good tempo until being caught at the half way mark by 2nd scratch off Three minutes made up of  Dave Oman, Jeff Martin, Marcus D’Angri, Ray Hamilton and Craig Riddington. The two groups worked well together but couldn’t hold off scratch and were caught with 12km to go. Scratch riders Mick Hone, Troy Griffiths, Graeme Butcher, Jamie Costello-Manning and Clint Flanigan all working strongly.

Dave Oman and Bob Craig were two of the few unable to keep with the pace of the race. Once limit were caught with only 2km left the group slowed and few wanted to work saving themselves for the final sprint. Clint and Jamie tried several breaks without success. This left a fresh Mick Hone to easily take the sprint ahead Clint, Jamie, Jeff Martin and a powerful display by Marcus.

Notable strong riders in their groups were Jeff Ridge, Bruce Fleming, Jeff Martin and Troy Griffiths.


Date:> 24/5/2008 Koyuga 50Kms Round 2

1st: Leigh Egan, 2nd Brad Edmunds, 3rd Trent Stevens, 4th Nathan Oman, 5th Chris Allemand
Fastest Time, Leigh Egan 1.24

Scratch 13 mins>  Leigh Egan, Todd Huggard, Chris Allemand, Brad Edmunds, Trent Stevenson, Brad Thomas

2nd Scratch 9mins> Nathan Oman, Mick Hone, Tim Fitzpatrick, Rohan Birch, Wayne Saunders

3rd Scratch 7 mins>Tim Fraser, Dave Fulton, Jai Howard, Jordan Sozzi, Clint Flanigan,

3nd Limit 5 mins>   Trudi Stevenson, Glenn Kettle, Craig Riddington, Will Kettle, Jeff Martin, Ray Hamilton

2nd Limit 3mins> Ben Pearce, Neil Ennis, Dave Oman, Marcus D'Angri, Jim Avard, Liam Harland, Matt Grealy

 Limit>                    Bruce Flemming, Bruce Goldburg, Tim Donnan, Gary Needs, Bob Craig, Graeme Lowe, Paul Oman



1st: Rosemary Britton, 2nd Wendy Stokes, 3rd Jenny Keenan, 4th Gail Miller, 5th Meridith Howard, 6th Heather Wilson, 7th Shel Owen, 8th Sally Fitzpatrick


1st Travis Hee, 2nd Ash Carmody, 3rd Joel Saunders, 4th Kade Saunders, 5th Ruby Fleming



Date:> 17/5/2008 Rochester Handicap 42Kms

1st: Wayne Saunders, 2nd Tim Fraser
Fastest Time, Wayne Saunders 70mins

Limit>                 Ben Pearse, Ray Hamilton, Tim Donnan, Bruce Fleming, Glen Kettle, Paul Oman

Scratch 5min>    Wayne Saunders, Matt Jones, David Fulton, Tim Fraser, Clint Flanigan

It was a wet and windy day for racing at Rochester with more spectators than participants.

With 11 riders broken into 2 groups limit set off with  5 minutes start on scratch and set off at high speed, too high for Bruce Fleming who departed early, followed soon after by club legend Paul Oman.
Scratch was too fast for the prophetic Clint Flanigan and then Dave "Tractor" Fulton also fell by the wayside
After climbing Trewin's Hill and beginning the return trip to Rochester, scratch caught limit and the group started to splinter with Glen Kettle not boiling and Ray the champ Hamilton waving goodbye to the back of the main group.
Ben Pearse and Tim Donnan hung in with scratch until about 7 km to go when they and Matt Jones were dropped leaving Tim Fraser and Wayne Saunders to fight it out.
Almost impossible to beat in a sprint Saunders powered home to win by a wheel over Fraser.
First junior home was Ben Pearse with many disqualifications caused by traffic and weather.


Date:> 10/5/2008 Gunbarrel Handicap 55Kms

1st: Ray Hamilton, 2nd Neil Ennis, 3rd John Salter
Fastest Time, Leigh Egan


Swelled by six visiting riders from Shepparton, a field of thirty two riders turned out for one of the clubs trophy races, the 55km Gunbarrel handicap, at Terricks Road on Saturday. The handicapper sent them out in five bunches with 15 minutes separating scratch and limit.

A mixture of youth and experience in the six man limit bunch ensured that a good tempo was set from the beginning and maintained throughout the day providing the rest of the field with a difficult chase. Some strong work from John Salter and Ben Pearce saw limit still enjoying a three minute lead at he half way mark though the pace took it’s toll as well with Bob Craig and then Bruce Fleming finding the going too tough to hang on.

At the other end of the race Leigh Egan and Tim Fitzpatrick were driving he scratch bunch and by half way they had the next two bunches in their sights, though a puncture to Troy Griffiths didn’t help their cause. The race was evenly poised with 20km to go. The now three remaining limit riders, Salter, Ray Hamilton and Neil Ennis enjoyed a 2 minute gap back to the six second limit riders who in turn held a 4 minute break on the now 15 strong chasing bunch.

Up front the experience of Hamilton and Ennis came through as they maintained a solid tempo in the drive to the finish ensuring that it would be limit bunches day. Hamilton got the better of Ennis in the end, unleashing a powerful sprint the like of which he hadn’t produced for some time. Salter crossed the line 3rd shortly before the big scratch bunch arrived. Egan showed his class in taking out the sprint for fastest time ensuring that he Shepparton boys didn’t walk away empty handed. Egan praised Tim Fitzpatrick’s efforts in accepting fastest time which is a real feather in the cap for this up and coming youngster.


Scratch>                   Leigh Egan, Mick Hone, Tim Fitzpatrick, Troy Griffith, Steve Gray

2nd Scratch 2mins>  Tim Fraser, Graeme Butcher, Jamie Costello, Shane Walker, Ricky Keast, Clint Flanagan, Brad Thomas

Middle 5 mins>      Dave Fulton, Cam Walker, Vic Robalino, Jai Howard, Jeff Martin, Jordan Sozzi

2nd Limit 10 mins>Glenn Kettle, Liam Harland, Dave Oman, Matt Grealy, Marcus D’Angri, Andrew Clapham

Limit15 mins>           John Salter, Ben Pearce, Ray Hamilton, Neil Ennis, Bruce Fleming, Bob Craig

 Juniors>                   Travis Hee, Jack Harland 


Date:> 3/5/2008 Terricks Road 50Kms


1st: Marcus D'Angri, 2nd Matt Grealy, 3rd Andrew Clapman
Fastest Time, Graeme Butcher

Limit>                    Neil Ennis, Tim Donnan, Bruce Goldberg, Bob Craig

2nd Limit 3min>     Ray Hamilton, Marcus D`Angri, John Salter, Mat Grealy, Jason J (Melbourne rider)

Middle 6 min>    Tristan Gerrish, Nick Lee, Jeff Martin, Craig Riddington

2nd Scratch 9min> Jamie Costello-Manning, Graeme Butcher, Steve Gray, Clint Flanigan, Tim Fraser

Scratch 10min>     Wayne Saunders, Troy Griffith, Matt Jones.


Nice sunny Saturday after noon there were 22 riders sent away  in five groups with 10minutes between front to back, with one of the front markers suggesting that they stood no chance of winning and offered to bet $5 but  had no offers. With 5 strong riders starting in 2nd scratch it was going to be hard for scratch with only 3 riders to catch them . So with Matt Jones in hyper drive it only took 2kms  for them to loose Wayne Saunders and by first corner at 18km mark Troy Griffith and Matt Jones had lost 30seconds to 2nd  scratch who had also lost a rider after 12kms with Jamie Costello-Manning having a flat tyre. By the Kotto corner about 25kms the limit markers of Neil Innis, Tim Donnan, Bruce Goldberg & Bob Craig had only 36 second lead on 2nd  limit of Ray Hamilton, Jason J ?, Marus D`Angri, John Salter& Matt Grealy and 2.10 on middle group of Tristan Gerrish, Nick Lee, Jeff Martin & Craig Riddington and 2.50minutes to2nd scratch of Graeme Butcher, Steve Gray, Tim Fraser & Clint Flanigan and 5minutes to scratch of Matt Jones & Troy Griffith. By 30kms the front two groups were together who were peddling hard to stay away. In the process they lost Jason(rider from Melbourne). By the last corner back on to Terricks road the lead group held a slender lead of 45 seconds over the 3nd and 4th  groups who merged not far down road after getting around corner and loosing Craig Riddington on the  way home. But the front group stayed away with Marcus D`Angri winning the sprint for first from Matt Grealy second and Andew Chapham claiming 3rd  after leading out the sprint a bit early (being a new rider) will have learnt a lot. With Graeme Butcher getting fastest time being the first home from the combine 3 & 4 groups who were only 20seconds behind the winners and Troy Griffith, Matt Jones & Jason J a further 3minutes back having a hard day at office chasing with no joy.



Date:> 26/4/2008 Rochester 50Kms

1st: Brad Edmunds, 2nd Nathan Oman, 3rd Mick Hone, 4th Tim Fitzpatrick, 5th Jamie Costello Manning
Fastest Time, Brad Edmunds 1.16


Limit>                     Bob Craig, Paul Oman, Geoff Ridge, Matt  Grealy

2nd Limit 3mins>     Greg Patterson, Graeme Lockwood, Andrew Clapham, Marcus D'Angri, Neil Ennis, Will Kettle

3rd Limit 5mins>     John Salter, Glen Kettle, Dave Merritt, Dave Oman, Ray Hamilton,

Middle 7mins>        Jeff Martin, Liam Harland, Nick Lee, Craig Riddington, Tristan Gerrish

3rd Scratch 8mins> Clint Flanigan, Jamie Costello Manning, Steve Gray, Tim Fraser,

2nd Scratch 9mins> Mick Hone, Tim Fitzpatrick, Nathan Oman

Scratch> 10mins>   Brad Edmunds

A tough day was install for one and all. The middle and front bunches had the numbers and with a strong tail wind to take them to the top of Trewins hill, they might have been able to stay away if they managed to stick together. But the combination of wind and hills was enough to test one and all, with plenty of casualties early on. 3rd limit had caught the middle bunch as they approached the Midland hwy heading out, and once on Trewins Road started working well. Weight of numbers might of seen them stay away from Edmunds and 2nd scratch, but with uneven pace they soon started to drop some riders, and the number of workers reduced considerably. They then caught the middle bunch and as they turned the corner to climb up Trewins Edmunds and 2nd scratch was there. On the climb up the hill, plenty of riders were dropped and by the time they had turned onto the Rochester Rd, the cream of the crop, Edmunds, Nathan Oman and Mick Hone had slipped off the front. By the time they hit Midland Hwy they had caught the leaders and kept on their merry way. These 3 riders kept the tempo up and with about 4 kms to go, Edmunds attacked and soloed to victory well ahead of Oman 2nd and Hone 3rd.


Date:> 19/4/2008 Koyuga 50Kms Round 1

The winter series will incorporate the Koyuga racing into an individual point series event called the Koyuga Challenge.
Points are allocated from 5 down to 1 for the first 5 place getters and bonus 2 points for starting. There are 6 nominated races at Koyuga with individuals best 5 results to count allowing for a missed race.


1st: Wayne Saunders, 2nd Jeff Martin, 3rd Craig Riddington, 4th Liam Harland, 5th Tim Fraser
Fastest Time, Nathan Oman 1.30.55



Limit>                        Bob Craig, Gary Needs, Jack Harland, Ken Wilson

2nd Limit 2mins>        Paul Oman, Bruce Fleming, Jeff Ridge, Bruce Goldburg

3rd Limit 4mins>        Greg Patterson, Graeme Lockwood, Andrew Clapham, Marcus D'Angri

Middle 6mins>           Neil Ennis, Jeff Martin, Liam Harland, Dave Merritt, Dave Oman

3rd Scratch 8mins>    Ray Hamilton, Jai Howard, Craig Riddington, Ken Woods, Tristan Gerrish

2nd Scratch 10mins> Clint Flanigan, David Fulton, Jamie Costello Manning, Wayne Saunders, Tim Fraser,

Scratch 12mins>        Mick Hone, Troy Griffith, Tim Fitzpatrick, Nathan Oman

The 1st winter race drew large numbers and good racing. Many riders were tested by the longer distance, whilst those who worked hard over summer shone through and came home strongly. Limit and 2nd limit were together in the 1st lap and worked well to set the early tempo. 3rd limit struggled after losing Andrew Clapham early, and was treading water waiting for the middle bunch to catch up. Meanwhile 2nd scratch was stamping it's authority on the race early. They had caught 3rd scratch after 1 1/2 laps and quickly had their enlarged group rolling through to reel in the leaders. Scratch had also started well, but always knew they had alot of work in front of them if they were to win. With a lap and a half to go, 2nd scratch had reeled in the middle group, but the number of riders willing to work had dropped considerably. There were strong words spoken to encourage the large number of riders sitting on to join in and work. This was effective and the group then picked up 3rd limit with 15 kms to go, and then the limit bunches at the 10 kms to go mark. It was on the back straight that the wheels fell, with many riders content to sit on and wait for the sprint. By this stage scratch was too far back, after losing Troy Griffith after 3 laps. There was a few attacks in the closing km's , but no break managed to stay away, which set it up for a bunch sprint. With 2 kms to go it was lit up by Tristan Gerrish, then Clint Flanigan which shelled many riders. In the final push to the line it was Wayne Saunders easily winning from Jeff Martin 2nd, Craig Riddington 3rd and Liam Harland 4th. Fastest time Nathan Oman




Date:> 17/3/2008 Terricks Road 28Km

1st: Clint Flanigan, 2nd Troy Griffiths, 3rd Glenn Kettle
Fastest Time, Clint Flanigan


Limit > Ray Hamilton, Glenn Kettle, Jeff Martin, Ben Pearse
Scratch 4 mins > Troy Griffiths, Tim Fitzpatrick, Brett 'TURBO' Smedley, Clint Flanigan.


In better conditions that last week, a limited field of 9 riders started at Terricks Rd Monday night.
With limited numbers there were only 2 groups, who set off with a 4 minute difference.
In favourable conditions the limit group set off, working well together to the turn, rolling through the turns with consistency.
The chasing group was also rolling along, however lost Tim Fitzpatrick near Wharparilla rd after a long weekend at the Otways.
Brett and Troy took up the slack taking some longer turns in an attempt to bridge the gap before the turn-around.
At the turn, the groups were in sight of each other and it looked as if a big group would bring it back down Terricks rd.
However the limit group remained strong after the turn and it wasn't until the channel that the groups came together.
With a group finish looming, Troy Griffiths upped the ante, leading out from the front to the final turn. Turbo then took up the pace, leading the pack through the final turn and into the finish.
Glen Kettle then surged strongly with Troy and Clint able to jump onto his wheel with enough left for a final dash to the line. With Clint picking up first, just ahead of Troy with Glen Kettle holding on for a strong finish.
Overall both groups stayed together well and finished strongly, with Troy 'the train' Griffiths driving the scratch bunch long and Ray 'luck of the irish' Hamilton, Ben, Jeff & Glen, ensuring the limit bunch pushed to the line.

Date:> 10/3/2008 Terricks Road 28Kms

17  riders lined up for the Terricks Road 30km handicap dash, held in hot conditions 37 Degree C, 5 groups, with limit off 11.30 mins to the scratch group made up for a interesting race, Elijah Kettle and Jack Harland, the two youngest riders made up limit group, 5 mins behind Will Kettle, Bruce Fleming and Bob Craig, the oldest riders in club, took up the chase , with another 3 mins Geoff Martin, Craig Riddington, Dave ( Iron man ) Oman, and Liam Harland working turns to reel in the group, on paper this group would produce the winner, another 1.30 mins behind in second scratch, we had David Boak, Stephen Kerwin, Ray Hamilton and Glen Kettle, this group worked long turns, and had group up front in sight, when caught just past the turn around by Tim Fitzpatrick, Troy Griffiths, Clint Flannington, with Jamie Costella Manning having dropped off the group around the 10km mark, by Dargans bridge, the back 2 groups were upping the ante, with Troy Griffith winding out the Speedo to 50km per hour, shelling out David Boak, Ray Hamilton, and further down the road Clint and Glen Kettle, by the turn to the finish, all front groups had been caught and the sprint was on, Troy surged to the front, but blew in the closing meters to be passed by Tim Fitzpatrick, Steve Kerwin and Craig Riddington, with fastest time going to young Tim.



Date:> 3/3/2008 Terricks Road 28Kms

1st: Bryce Lowndes, 2nd Turbo, 3rd Clint Flanigan, 4th Tim Fraser.
Fastest Time, Nathan Oman


Limit:> Elijah Kettle,?
2nd Limit:> Paul Oman, Jeff Ridge, ?, ?
Middle:> Ken Woods, Glen Kettle, Liam Harland
2nd Scratch:> Tim Fraser, Bryce Lowndes, Turbo, Clint Flanigan
Scratch:> Troy Griffiths, Nathan Oman, Grant Webster


Very pleasant conditions on Monday night, approx 30 degree's with only a very slight wind making for enjoyable and even racing for all groups.
2nd scratch started smoothly and all 4 riders rolled through the turns evenly with Turbo and Tim dragging the group along.
Although the group ahead was in sight for most of the trip out to the turn, it took until just after the turn to catch the middle group.
This group of 7-8 then worked well together to catch limit under the advice from Tim to "keep it smooth".
It looked to be a bunch finish until about 400m from final turn when Turbo (equipped with new shoes) jetted away from the bunch with Bryce, Tim & Clint in tow. Rounding the final turn it was Turbo and Bryce left to fight it out for the 1st & 2nd placings with Tim and Clint following behind to record 3rd and 4th. In the bunch behind Kenny woods finished strongly to record fifth.
Fastest time went to Nathan Oman, who went close to a Monday night record, only 3 seconds off the time set by Brad Edmunds earlier this year.

Date:> 18/2/2008 Terricks Road 28Kms



Date:> 11/2/2008 Terricks Road 28Kms

1st Piranha, 2nd Ben Oman, 3rd Tim Fitzpatrick

Fastest Time, Piranha  

Limit> Matt Grealy, Greg Patterson, Ken Woods, Bruce Goldburg

2nd Limit 2 mins> Jeff Martin, Liam Harland, David Boak, David Oman
Middle 3 mins> Glenn Kettle, Steve Kirwan, Ray Hamilton, Craig Riddington
2nd Scratch 4.5 mins> Brett (Turbo) Smedley, Ben Oman, Jamie Costell-Manning, Tim Fraser
Scratch 6 mins> Piranha, Troy Griffiths, Tim Fitzpatrick, Nathan Oman

Limit got away well with Matt Greally and Kenny Woods strong to the finish, Liam was an early casualty from 2nd limit after this group powered through the first half of the race, Dave Oman showing no signs of his half ironman in Geelong on the weekend.

Middle group was caught early by 2nd scratch being driven by Turbo. Working together they managed to hold off Scratch (struggling without Nathan who was dropped early) until nearing the final turn up Wharparilla Road. Troy had brought Piranha and Fitzy to the lead and ready for the final sprint amongst a huge finishing group (beautifully handicapped).
Honours went to Piranha 1st, Ben Oman 2nd, Fitzy 3rd and David Boak 4th. Fastest time Piranha.
Piranha turns 30 Saturday so drinks at the Star from 1pm, all welcome.

Date:> 4/2/2008 Terricks Road 28Kms



Date:> 21/1/2008 Terricks Road 28Kms

1st Nathan Oman, 2nd Tim Fitzpatrick, 3rd Ben Oman

Fastest Time, Nathan Oman 38.32s Avg 42.7kph



Limit > Paul Oman, Ben Pearce

2nd Limit 2mins > Greg Patterson, Bruce Goldburg, David Boak, Craig Riddington

Middle 3mins > Tristan Gerrish, Glen Kettle, Geoff Martin

2nd Scratch 5.5mins > Tim Fitzpatrick, Graeme Butcher, Ben Oman, Clint Flanigan

Scratch 7mins> Brett Smedley, Troy Griffith, Pier Hahn (Piranha), Nathan Oman,

Date:> 14/1/2008 Terricks Road 28Kms

1st David Boak, 2nd Will Kettle, 3rd Paul Oman, 4th Ben Oman

Fastest Time, Pier Hahn 40.06



Limit > Will Kettle, Paul Oman, David Boak

2nd Limit 2.5mins > Ken Woods, Ray Hamilton, Matt Grealy

Middle 4mins > Ben Oman, Glen Kettle, Geoff Martin

2nd Scratch 6mins > Tim Fitzpatrick, David Fulton, Bryce Lowndes, Graeme Butcher

Scratch 7.5mins> Brett Smedley, Troy Griffith, Jamie Costello Manning, Pier Hahn (Piranha)


Limit markers were not seen again until the finish. The scratch group broke up after 5km's with Troy & Pier riding away from Turbo & Jamie. The 2nd scratch bunch had 4 workers and stayed  away from the scratch bunch which caught the middle group at the 15km mark with Ben Oman & Glen Kettlle lending a hand. Geoff Martin found the pace a bit hot & Bryce Lowndes retired as well. After the turn around 2nd limit were caught as well, but limit were not to be seen and left to fight for the placings. With the main group wittled down to 5 it was between  Tim Fitzpatrick and Pier for fastest time with Pier crossing the line in front.

Date:> 7/1/2008 Terricks Road 28Kms

Kettle Boils Hot

14  riders faced a hot tough night of racing.  Limit was given 4 minutes and headed off into a strong cross wind.   A slick 2nd limit were chasing 4mins to limit and should have  been able to get to the leaders but due to the big strong turns of Dave Fulton they quickly lost Will Kettle on the way out, reducing their numbers to 3.  When 2nd scratch who were chasing 1 1/2 minutes  to 2nd limit , got to them at the 16km mark, Ben Oman and Dave Fulton pitched in to help.  Even with a core of 5 riders working well, it was always going to be tight to  see if the expanded 2nd scratch bunch could reel in limit.   Meanwhile scratch was suffering after losing Grant Webster after 5 kms and had to battle on with only 2 riders.   From that point on, scratches' night was over and would be lucky to get the time, let alone catch anyone to help with their cause. At the U turn in was obvious that limit was away and not going to be caught.   In the sprint Liam Harland ran out of gears and had to settle for 2nd,  behind a strong Glen Kettle 1st,  with Paul Oman 3rd. 2nd Scratch lost Fulton and Ben Oman in consecutive turns 3kms from home after they contributed well.  About 1 1/2 minutes after the winners crossed the line, Wayne Saunders sprinted home to take the fastest time in 40.56s  with the scratch riders a further 2mins 22 seconds behind.


Date:> 10/12/2007 Terricks Road 28Kms

1st David Boak, 2nd Paul Oman, 3rd Gary Needs

Fastest Time, Troy Griffith 41.38



Limit > Paul Oman, David Boak, Gary Needs

2nd Limit 2.5mins > Liam Harland, Bruce Goldburg, Greg Patterson

Middle 5.5mins > Ray Hamilton, Tristan Gerrish, Ben Oman, Dave Oman

2nd Scratch 7mins > Clint Flanigan, Tim Fitzpatrick, Jamie Costello Manning

Scratch 8.5mins> Brett Smedley, Troy Griffith, Tim Fraser


It was on of those nights where if a bunch gets away well they could potentially stay away. Smaller bunches encourage riders to stick together and work together. Limit worked well and had good tempo on the way out. With the experienced Goldburg & Patterson and young Liam Harland they should have been able to bridget he gap to limit, but it wasn't to be. 2nd scratch caught middle bunch at Dargans bridge, making life extremely hard for the chasing scratch bunch. With 2nd scratch and the middle bunch together, it might of been their night of glory. As the bunches rounded the first turn it was obvious that limit still looked as if they would steal the win. At that point 2nd limit was split open when young Harland tried to bridge on his own to limit but he ended up in no mans land. The rest of his bunch was swallowed by 2nd and middle bunch. As the riders headed back down Terricks Rd it was hard to determine if the rest of the field was trying to stay away from scratch or catch the leaders. Driving scratch with a withering turn of speed was Troy Griffith who was keen to catch the major bunch ahead. But as the final corner approached limit had managed to stay away with David Boak winning from Paul Oman & Gary Needs. Scratch had almost caught the tail end of the rest of the field as they turned the final corner. Smedley & Fraser were spent, but Griffith launched off the front to almost catch the bunch ahead and secured the fastest time.

Date:> 3/12/2007 Terricks Road 28Kms

1st Brad Edmunds, 2nd Tim Fitzpatrick, 3rd Tim Fraser

Fastest Time, Brad Edmunds



Limit > Paul Oman, David Boak

2nd Limit 3.5mins > Liam Harland, Ray Hamilton, Matt Grealy, Glen Kettle

2nd Scratch 5.5mins > Tom Athorn, Tim Fitzpatrick, Grant Webster, Jamie Costello Manning

Scratch 7.5mins> Brett Smedley, Troy Griffith, Tim Fraser, Brad Edmunds


A tough for scratch with a strong westerly wind blowing straight down Terricks road for the first 19km. Limit was given a start of 7 mins on scratch, with Paul Oman & David Boak stricking the first blow on limit. 2nd limit was chasing 3.5 mins to limit and should have caught them before the turn but the uneveness of the bunch soon showed as Liam Harland was dropped early on to make their chase even harder. It was scratch that started with the fire in their belly and they had 2nd scratch by the 12km mark and 2nd limit not long after. At the turn there was less than a km between limit and the rest of the field and limit was quickly gobbled up as the field started to put the pace on with the wind at their backs. There was some strong quick turns that put the pressure on some of the limit riders but most of the field stayed together to the final turn. After turning into the final straight Brett Smedley started the lead out for some of the scratch riders with Brad Edmunds taking the win in a time of 41.44. Tim Fitzptrick who is riding well managed to stay ahead of Tim Fraser to take 2nd with Tim 3rd

Date:> 24/11/2007 Central Vets 64Kms (On Your Bike Sponsored Race)

The Echuca boys made another successful raid on the Central Vets on Saturday.  Ken Woods had his first ride with the club and rode off in the 20 minute bunch along with Graeme Lockwood, while Wayne Saunders, David Fulton and Tim Fraser got second scratch mark of 3.30 minutes for the 64km 'On Your Bike' sponsored handicap.  In hot and trying conditions Ken & Locky's bunch got up, with Ken claiming the win and to top off the day 2nd scratch got the time and also finished in the minor placings, ensuring that a good portion of the prize money headed back to Echuca.

Date:> 26/11/2007 Terricks Road 28Kms

1st Liam Harland, 2nd David Boak, 3rd Paul Oman, 4th Ken Woods

Fastest Time, Brett Smedley 40.23sec.



Limit > Ben Pearce, Liam Harland, Paul Oman, David Boak

2nd Limit 3mins > Ken Woods, Greg Patterson, Jefff Martin, Bruce Goldburg

Middle 4mins > Glen Kettle, Dave Oman, Bryce Lowndes

2nd Scratch 7mins > Tim Fitzpatrick, Jamie Costello Manning, Nathan Oman, Ben Oman, Clint Flanigan

Scratch 8.5mins> Tim Fraser, Troy Griffith, Brett Smedley, Grant Webster

Originally there was 21 riders wishing to race, that were split into 5 bunches. Again limit was given a healthy start of 8 1/2 mins with new rider David Boak from Kyabram joining the fray. With a bunch of 4 they headed out with a cross tail wind and put a good effort in to still have the lead at the turn. 2nd limit was chasing 3 mins to limit and should have made up the distance. As they got to the turn, they had the leaders in sight and thought that they could catch them. All the other bunches had problems. The uneveness of the middle bunch saw Glenn Kettle exit their number early. 2nd scratch was being carved up Jamie C-M and after 8 kms Ben Oman departed followed by Clint Flanigan leaving only 3 in the bunch. Scratch which was going to start with 5, lost Mark Wight with a puncture prior to starting. As the race progressed Grant Webster struggled and stopped coming through, leaving only 3 working in that bunch as well.

As scratch worked their way to the turn they could see the riders that were being left behind, giving them more and more hope of getting to the front of the race, knowing that some of the bunches in front would be weakened by the loss of numbers. As Scratch turned, and started back into the cross head wind, they knew their chase was in vain. By the time they got to 2nd scratch the leaders were well in fornt and the only question was 2nd limit going to catch limit. In the end limit rode strongly to hold off 2nd limit and apart from losing Ben Pearce they cleaned up the major placings with Liam Harland winnning easily in the sprint from David Boak and Paul Oman 3rd. Fastest time went to Brett Smedley who has been riding strongly over the past 4 weeks and managed to hold off Troy Griffiths for the time of 40.23sec.


Date:> 19/11/2007 Terricks Road 28Kms

1st Troy Griffith, 2nd Grant Webster, 3rd Tim Fitzpatrick, 4th Graeme Butcher

Fastest Time, Troy Griffith 39.46s



Limit > Paul Oman

2nd Limit 5mins > Glen Kettle, Ray Hamilton, Liam Harland, Bryce Lowndes

2nd Scratch 7mins > Tim Fitzpatrick, Jamie Costello Manning, Graeme Butcher

Scratch 8.5mins > Tim Fraser, Troy Griffith, Brett Smedley, Grant Webster


12 brave riders faced a hot night of racing. Paul Oman kicked off by himself, and was given a 5 min head start. 2nd limit was a mixed bunch, and lost Liam Harland on the way out. When 2nd scratch who were chasing 2 minutes to 2nd limit , got to them there was not much help to hold off a fast approaching scratch. With 4 kms to go scratch caught the front and settled for a moderate pace to catch their breath. With 2 kms to go, it started to get interesting with a couple of atttacks and then counter attacks. As the leaders rounded the last corner, Troy Griffith and Grant Webster picked up 30 metres on the rest of the bunch and put to holding the others off. In a do or die battle, both Griffith and Webster managed to hold off a fast finishing Tim Fitzpatrick and Graeme Butcher, with Troy Griffiths taking first and fastest.

Date:> 12/11/2007 Terricks Road 28Kms

1st Tim Fitzpatrick , 2nd Tim Fraser, 3rd Jamie Costello-Manning

Fastest Time, Troy Griffith

Only 14 riders turned out after many regulars had done the Port to Port on the weekend. They were split into four bunches with a 7min 30sec gap from front to back. The handicapper went easy on those who had done the Port to Port, including himself and this proved to be a telling point. The second scratch bunch consisting of  Tim Fraser, Tim Fitzpatrick and Jamie Costello-Manning dominated the race. They made up the 1 minute gap to the next bunch inside the first 10km and the race was as good as theirs from that point. The four man scratch bunch rode strongly but the 2min 30sec gap to the next group proved too big once the bunches in front came together and worked well. Some big turns from Fraser reduced the numbers to fight out the finish and in the end it was Tim Fitzpatrick who slipped away in the sprint to take the race from Fraser and Costello-Manning. Troy Griffith continued his excellent form to take fastest time in a real go for the line which saw the four scratchmen separated by less than a bike length at the finish.

Date:> 5/11/2007 Terricks Road 28Kms

1st Bruce Goldburg, 2nd Ken Woods, 3rd Paul Oman, 4th Gary Needs

Fastest Time, Wayne Saunders 38.58


Goldburg Shows Style 

Bruce Goldburg started his summer season with a nicely timed sprint to pick up the win in the 2nd summer race of the new season.    In near perfect conditions with a cross tail wind for the first 18 kilometres the pace was on from the start. Limit was always going to be difficult to catch, but coupled with the fact that they were all experienced  riders that knew how to keep a bunch together, it made the task near impossible. Of the 21 riders that came to race, they were split into 5 bunches. Scratch was chasing 8. mins and had a solid group of workers that kept the pace up and their rhythm smooth.  But a minute was a long chase to 2nd scratch as Graeme Butcher drove his bunch of 5 to stay away. After the U turn a few bunches started to fall apart with 2 riders succumbing to punctures and a few others slipping from their respective bunches.  It was at Dargan's bridge that most of the bunches merged in their quest to catch limit,  but it was all too little too late, as limit had scampered away. In the sprint for the line it was Bruce Goldburg (44.40)that slipped past Ken Woods to take the win, with Paul Oman in 3rd and Gary Needs in 4th. As the remnants of the field rounded the last corner over 2 minutes later, there was a few willing to test their legs in the sprint, but the only prize was that of fastest time that went to Wayne Saunders in a time of 38.58 with an average speed of  42.5 kph for the race.



Date:> 29/10/2007 Terricks Road 28Kms

1st Bob Craig, 2nd Matt Edmunds, 3rd Tristan Gerrish, 4th Gary Needs

Fastest Time, Troy Griffith 42.25


Bob Craig run’s away with opening cycle race for Summer Series. 

Eighteen riders, fronted up for the opening race, of the summer series, of the Echuca Moama cycling club, at Terrick Road Raceway.

Off limit, with 10 minute to scratch bunch, we had Gary Needs, Matt Edmunds, Tristan Gerrish and Bob the (Principal) Craig.

Following 6 minutes, in second limit we had Bruce Goldburg, Glen Kettle, Liam Harland, Nathan Oman and Dave Oman, on paper this looked like producing the winner, but 7km out the road Liam had a puncture, (Again) relegating group to 4 riders.

Next bunch away in second scratch off 8 minutes, was Paul Oman, Will Kettle, Craig Riddington, Matt Greeley and Ray Hamilton, this bunch rode strong together until around the 15km mark when they were caught by scratch of Troy Griffith, Jamie Costello Manning, Clint Flannington, and Brett (TURBO) Smedley, only Will Kettle and Ray Hamilton were able to get on board with this fast pelecon, further up the road Troy hit up hard from behind and broke the bunch, with Ray and Jamie getting caught out, and spat out the back, young Will hung in and completed race with scratch bunch.

The winner and place getters came from Limit, with Bob Craig out sprinting Matt Edmunds for first place, with Tristan third and Garry 4th place, and fastest time to Troy Griffith in 42min and 25sec.



Date:> 22/9/2007 Bendigo to Echuca 97Kms


1st Trent Stevenson, 2nd Terry Schintler, 3rd Mark Flood, 4th Tim Fitzpatrick, 5th Clint Flanigan, 6th Todd Schintler, 7th Tim Fraser

Fastest time, Trent Stevens 2.27


Limit (The 4 Fat Amigos) > Dave Oman, Bruce Goldburg, Greg Patterson, Bob Craig

2nd Limit 6mins > Jeff Martin, Glen Kettle, Trudy Stevenson, Graeme Lockwood

Middle 12mins > Will Kettle, Ray Hamilton, Tim Fitzpatrick, Todd Schintler

2nd Scratch 18mins > Matt Grealy, Jamie Costello Manning, Clint Flanigan, Terry Schintler

Scratch 24mins> Tim Fraser, Trent Stevenson, Mark Flood, David Fulton


Date:> 15/9/2007 Koyuga 50Kms


1st Wayne Saunders, 2nd Matt Jones, 3rd Clint Flanigan, 4th Mark Wight

Fastest time, Wayne Saunders 1.18


Limit > Simone Costello Manning, Sam McCallum, Elijah Kettle, Ken Wilson

2nd Limit 7.5mins > Paul Oman, Marg Woolman, Ben Pearce, Glen Kettle, Dave Oman,

Middle 8.5mins > Will Kettle, Graeme Lockwood, Ray Hamilton, Tim Fitzpatrick

2nd Scratch 13mins > Jai Howard, Matt Grealy, David Fulton, Jamie Costello Manning, Clint Flanigan,

Scratch 15mins> Ben Oman, Matt Jones, Mark Wight, Wayne Saunders, Tim Fraser

Date:> 8/9/2007 Terricks Road 50Kms


1st Brad Edmunds, 2nd Graeme Lockwood, 3rd David Fulton, 4th Tim Fitzpatrick

Fastest time, Brad Edmunds 1hr.24 min. 34 sec.


Limit > Bob Craig, Gary Needs

2nd Limit 5mins > Geoff Martin, Graeme Lockwood, Paul Oman

3rd Limit 7.5mins > Bruce Goldburg, Liam Harland, Greg Patterson, Neil Ennis, Dave Oman

3rd Scratch 10.5mins > Tim Fitzpatrick, Jai Howard, Matt Grealy, Will Kettle, Ray Hamilton

2nd Scratch 11.5mins> David Fulton, Clint Flanigan

Scratch 12.5mins > Brad Edmunds


In glorious Spring sunshine, 18 riders greeted the handicapper for the Terricks Road 50km handicap, 6 bunches made up of limit Gary Needs making a welcome return to racing, and Bob Craig headed off , followed 5 minutes later by Paul Oman, Jeff Martin and Graeme Lockwood, on paper if these two groups came together, the winner could eventuate from this group, a further 2.5 minutes back Dave Iron man Oman, Liam Harland, Greg Patterson, Neal Ennis and Bruce Goldburg, took off at a fast pace in pursuit of the bunches in front, a further 3 minutes behind in third scratch we had Tim Fitzpatrick, Will Kettle, Matt Grealy, Jai Howard, the young guns in with grand father Ray Hamilton to keep them honest.

Second scratch made up of Dave Fulton and Clint Flanigan, had Brad Edmunds of scratch 1minute behind, Brad fresh from the Tour of the Murray, in which he finished in 13th place soon had second scratch and 3rd scratch, by 15km into race.

Limit bunch of Bob and Gary, had been caught by Paul, Graeme and Jeff by Kotta, and were smoking along at a great turn of speed. The three scratch bunches were by this time making big inroads to bunch in front, with Brad taking long turns at 45km, and by Bamawn Extension had come together, the trip along Wharparrilla Road was at a fast pace, with again Brad, Dave, and scratch group dictating the pace, as chasing bunches turned into Terrick Road for the 8km run home, it was on for all with Brad jumping away from rest of riders. leaving Dave, Clint Ray and Jai, Tim and Matt to chase.

Up front the pressure was telling with Jeff, Bob, Gary and eventually Paul dropping off leaving Locky and Brad to finish, Brad first with Locky 2nd, and tractor Dave 3rd.

Fastest time went to Brad in a time of 1hr.24 min. 34 sec.



Date:> 1/9/2007 Terricks Road 50Kms


1st Liam Harland, 2nd Geoff Martin, 3rd Graeme Lockwood, 4th Paul Oman

Fastest time, Tim Fraser 1hr.11min


Limit > Geoff Martin, Bob Graig, Gary Needs, Ken Woods

2nd Limit 2mins > Liam Harland, Graeme Lockwood, Paul Oman

Middle 4.5mins > Graeme Lockwood, Bruce Golburg, Glen Kettle, Dave Oman

2nd Scratch 7.5mins > Tim Fitzpatrick, Jai Howard, Jamie Costello Manning, Matt Grealy

Scratch 10mins>  David Fulton, Matt Jones, Tim Fraser, Wayne Saunders

Harland Holds them Off

Good weather brought out 19 starters to Saturdays 50 km Road Race at Terricks Rd.  In what was near perfect conditions the limit bunch of Bob Craig, Gary Needs, Ken Woods and Geoff Martin headed off, with only 2 minutes head start.   

Next bunch sent away by the starter  contained Graeme Lockwood, Paul Oman and Liam Harland who made good headway to catch the front bunch early.  A further 2   mins back was the middle bunch and they too were quickly caught by the young guns of the club in the 2nd scratch bunch, that included Jai Howard, Jamie Costello Manning, Tim Fitzpatrick and Matt Grealy.  There had ridden down the middle bunch half way down Kotta Rd, and continued to motor along

Scratch who were chasing a total of 10 mins to limit bunch was making good inroads and it looked as if it would be their day.  Apart from some unevenness in their pace, scratch closed upon the middle and 2nd scratch bunch along Mitiamo Rd.  It was as scratch was 75 mts from the next 2 bunches that Matt Jones surged and in doing so dropped Dave Fulton from the scratch bunch.  Jones then rode off the front of the caught bunch and was left out there for 200 mts. 

It took a little organization to get the bunch working, but just when they got organised, Matt Jones would attack again.  Riders were chasing wheels left right and centre trying to hang on.  Again the bunch would settle down and riders would start rotating.  This would last for about 2 or 3 kms before Jones would attack. All this did was slow the chase down to the leaders.  Had a steady tempo been maintained the leaders would have been reeled in, but the speed of the chasing back varied widely due to Jones constant attacks.  At one point down Wharparilla Rd, Jones again attacked but had no support and was easily reeled in after a 2 km stretch on his own.

As the race turned in Terricks Road the  limit bunches still had a handy lead.  If the chasing pack could organise themselves they should of managed to catch the leaders, but again the Jones attacks started.  This allowed the leaders to stay away, even though they had lost Gary Needs and Ken Woods.  In the sprint for the line that was led out by Bob Craig,   Liam Harland won, from, Geoff Martin 2nd and Graeme Lockwood 3rd.   As for fastest time, Matt Jones again attacked hoping to hold off any other scratch riders, but Wayne Saunders was right on his wheel to easily take the sprint, but in controversial circumstances both riders were disqualified for crossing the centre line in the sprint and the fastest time went to Tim Fraser in a time of 1hr.11min.33s- Average speed 41.8 kph), 46 seconds behind the winners.




2007 Club Championships 25/8/2007


Road Race: Rochester 50 Kms

Open:>          1st Brad Edmunds, 2nd Jamie Costello Manning, 3rd Clint Flanigan

Vets:>           1st Mark Wight, 2nd David Fulton, 3rd Craig Riddington

Super vets:> 1st Paul Oman, 2nd Greg Patterson, 3rd Ray Hamilton

Under 19:>   1st Ben Oman, 2nd Colby Madill, 3rd Will Kettle

Under 17:>   1st Tim Fitzpatrick, 2nd Jai Howard, 3rd Ben Pearce


Time trial: Terricks Road 13 Kms

Open:> Matt Jones, Vets:> Ray Hamilton, Under 17:> Tim Fitzpatrick




Date:> 18/8/2007 Koyuga 50 Kms

1st Mick Hone, 2nd Matt Grealy, 3rd Bruce Goldburg, 4th David Fulton

Fastest time, Mick Hone


Limit > Ben Pearce, Graeme Lockwood, Bruce Goldburg, Paul Oman, Geoff Martin

2nd Limit 3mins > Glen Kettle, Craig Riddington, Matt Grealy, Ray Hamilton

2nd Scratch 6mins > Tim Fitzpatrick, Jai Howard, Jamie Costello Manning, Tim Fraser

Scratch 9mins > Mick Hone, Clint Flanigan, David Fulton, Matt Jones


Date:> 11/8/2007 Terricks Road 50Kms

1st Jai Howard, 2nd Graham Butcher, 3rd David Fulton, 4th Mark Wight

Fastest time, Graham Butcher



Limit > Dave Oman, Bruce Flemming, Jai Howard, Tod Webster, Geoff Martin

Scratch 7mins > Graeme Butcher, Mark Wight, Clint Flanigan, David Fulton, Tim Fraser, Wayne Saunders, Grant Webster



Date:> 4/8/2007 Koyuga 65 Kms (5 laps)

1st Matt Grealy, 2nd Ray Hamilton, 3rd Craig Riddington, 4th Neil Ennis

Fastest time, Mick Hone 2.02



Limit > Marg Woolman, Simone Costello Manning

2nd Limit 9mins > Dave Oman, Craig Riddington, Matt Grealy, Bruce Flemming, Neil Ennis

2nd Scratch 15mins > Gary Norman, Jim Avard, Dermot Finnegan, Mark Wight, Ray Hamilton,

Scratch 19mins > Mick Hone, Clint Flanigan, David Fulton, Jamie Costello Manning, Darren Carmody

Date:> 28/7/2007 Rochester 50 Kms

1st Ben Oman, 2nd Darren Carmody, 3rd Clint Flanagan, 4th Ray Hamilton

Fastest time, Mick Hone



Limit > Ben Pearse, Marg Woolman, Elijah Kettle, Liam Harland

2nd Limit 2mins > Paul Oman, Graham Lockwood, Fred Molluso, Matt Grealy

Middle 5mins > Ray Hamilton, Tim Fitzpatrick, Will Kettle, Craig Riddington

2nd Scratch 8mins > Darren Carmody, Clint Flanigan, Jamie Costello Manning, Ben Oman

Scratch 10mins > Mick Hone, Tim Fraser, Colby Madill, Wayne Saunders, Matt Jones


Date:> 21/7/2007 Terricks Road 50 Kms

1st Ben Oman, 2nd Colby Madill, 3rd Troy Griffith, 4th Jai Howard

Fastest time, Colby Madill



Limit > Sam Mcallan, Liam Harland, Paul Oman

2nd Limit 3mins > Matt Grealy, Bruce Goldburg, Ben Pearce, Jai Howard

2nd Scratch 7mins > Tim Fitzpatrick, Neil Ennis, Ray Hamilton, Lee Murphy, Ben Oman

Scratch 10mins > Mick Hone, Troy Griffith, Colby Madill, Clint Flanigan

Date:> 14/7/2007 Lockington 48 Kms, Trophy race (3 laps)

1st Matt Grealy 1.20, 2nd Ben Pearce, 3rd Ben Oman, 4th Colby Madill

Fastest time, Darren Carmody, 1.24



Limit> Ben Pearse, Matt Grealy, Paul Oman

2nd Limit 1min > Craig Riddington, Bruce Flemming, Neil Ennis, Bruce Goldburg

Middle 4.5mins > Dave Oman, Jamie Costello Manning, Colby Madill, Ben Oman

2nd Scratch 8mins > Darren Carmody, Wayne Saunders, Tim Fraser, David Fulton

Scratch 11.5mins > Mick Hone, Nathan Oman


Date:> 7/7/2007 Koyuga 40 Kms (3 laps)

1st Mick Hone, 2nd Tim Farley, 3rd Darren Carmody, 4th David Fulton

Fastest time, Mick Hone


Limit > Bruce Flemming,  Craig Riddington, Neil Ennis, Sam McAllan, Tim Farley

Scratch 5mins > Mick Hone, Darren Carmody, David Fulton, Ray Hamilton, Jamie Costello Manning

The limit bunch was towed all day by visiting rider Tim Farley, and in less than appealing conditions the race looked as if would go to the wire.  Apart from losing Jamie Costello Manning after a 1 1/2 laps scratch didn’t panic, the tempo was kept even and as they turned the 2nd last corner had limit in their grasp.  When the bunches did merge the pace was picked up and a few of the limit riders slipped off the back.  It was into the final 3 kms, Tim Farley who was having a good day, put a burst in and shook up those who where left. With Mick Hone on his wheel he wound it up for a sprint, but could not hold of  Hone's fast finish .  Farley took 2nd with Carmody 3rd and Fulton 4th.


Date:> 30/6/2007 Terricks Road 50 Kms

1st Mick Hone, 2nd Clint Flanigan, 3rd Darren Carmody

Fastest time, Mick Hone, 1.15


Only thirteen riders turned out for Saturday’s 50km handicap at Terricks Road under a dark sky and in very windy conditions. Again, the majority of the clubs junior riders were away representing the club at open events. 

The handicapper elected to split the field into just two bunches to combat conditions which meant a few riders had their mettle tested in stronger bunches than they would normally start in. The first to fail the test was Bob Craig who along with newcomer Les Sands lost contact with the limit bunch after around 20km, leaving 5 riders out in front working to hold off the six man scratch bunch.  

Being driven by the usual suspects, Mick Hone, Tim Fraser and Darren Carmody, scratch had already made up 4 of the 8 minute gap between the bunches at the 20km mark. Clint Flanigan was proving to be the surprise packet and looked very comfortable amongst the scratchmen as they flew down Mitiamo Road with the wind at their back at around 50kmh.  

The tough conditions were bringing out the best in some of the clubs more seasoned riders and with names like Hamilton, Goldburg, Oman & Needs in the front bunch, scratch was always going to have to work hard to get up. 

And work hard they did, finally getting to the limit riders with around 5km to go. In a strung out finish Mick Hone took out first and fastest in a time of 1 hour & 15 minutes. He was followed over the line by Clint Flanigan, who can expect another outing with the scratch bunch next week, and the consistent Darren Carmody placing 3rd.  Matt Grealy hung on well to finish in the mix with the rest of the scratch bunch shortly after.

Saturday 7th July sees racing return to the Koyuga circuit and riders are requested to bring a plate of afternoon tea. 


Date:> 23/6/2007 Rochester 60 Kms

1st Liam Harland 1.39.56, 2nd Sam Mcallan, 3rd Les Sands, 4th Ken Wilson

Fastest time, Brad Edmunds 1.42.55



Limit > Liam Harland, Les Sands, Bob Craig, Sam Mcallan, Ken Wilson

2nd Limit 4mins > Paul Oman, Bruce Fleming, Matt Grealy, Ben Pearce

3rd Limit 8mins > Greg Patterson, Glen Kettle, Graham Lockwood, Neil Ennis, Jai Howard

3rd Scratch 10.5mins >  Ray Hamilton, Will Kettle, Dave Oman, Tim Fitzpatrick

2nd Scratch 14.5mins > Dave Fulton, Jamie Costello Manning, Steve Gray, Tim Fraser, Nick Lee

Scratch 18.5mins > Mick Hone, Brad Edmunds, Mark Wight, Nathan Oman

Date:> 16/6/2007 Success for Tractor

There where 43 riders for the start of New Bridge 62 Km race with the front markers on 30 minutes head start. Ro Britton & Ken Wilson were off 17 minutes and l was back on 2 minutes in front of scratch who only had 4 riders. We started with 5 riders but lost one early after fifteen kms. We went through Tarnagulla and over Mt Moliagul at a cracking pace. l was feeling good & the hills didn`t seem that hard today (maybe it was thanks Ken & Matt Grealy's hill training at Euroa last weekend). By 30kms we had caught the 4 minute bunch and a couple of strong riders joined us and worked in well. But by then the 6 minute bunch had caught most of the other bunches in front and had a large bunch driving hard to the finish dropping riders as it went. But we still had a dozen or more riders at the finish. We saw the bunch way out front and chased hard passing 2nd limit on the way in. When the sign to New Bridge poped up in front saying 3kms to go the large bunch were  still out of reach. But l drove it hard down the last hill and remembering the lecture last week at Captain Ezio's dinner table (DON`t DO ALL THE WORK TRACTOR)  l rolled over with less then a km to go and waited  for some one to make a move and when they did l chased and caught them, then passed them with 30 metres to go ( l thought there would be some one that would catch me) but no one did & I finished with the fastest time of the day & won the sprint to the finish with a lot of help from my group who really worked hard together.


Date:> 16/6/2007 Koyuga 52 Kms (bill flower series) Click for full Results

1st Nathan Oman, 2nd Wayne Saunders, 3rd Mark Wight, 4th Darren Carmody

Fastest time, Nathan Oman



Limit > Liam Harland, Bob Craig, Ben Pearce, Elijah Kettle, Ash Carmody

2nd Limit 4mins > Paul Oman, Ken Woods, Matt Grealy, Dave Merritt

3rd Limit 6.5mins > Greg Patterson, Neil Ennis, Bruce Flemming, Bruce Goldburg

3rd Scratch 9mins >  Graham Lockwood, Craig Riddington, Dave Oman, Will Kettle, Glen Kettle

2nd Scratch 11mins > Clint Flanigan, Leigh Murphy, Ray Hamilton, Tim Fitzpatrick, Jamie Costello Manning

Scratch 14mins > Mick Hone, Tim Fraser, Mark Wight, Nathan Oman, Wayne Saunders, Darren Carmody

Date:> 9/6/2007 Koyuga 40 Kms (3 laps)

1st Colby Madill, 2nd Jamie Costello-Manning, 3rd Clint Flanagan, 4th Dominic Molluso

Fastest time, Tim Fraser


Date:> 2/6/2007 Terricks Road 50 Kms

1st Brad Edmunds, 2nd Matt Jones, 3rd Wayne Saunders, 4th Mick Hone

Fastest time, Brad Edmunds


Date:> 26/5/2007 Koyuga 52 Kms

1st Glen Kettle, 2nd Tim Fitzpatrick, 3rd Ray Hamilton, 4th Nick Lee

Fastest time, Darren Carmody & Nathan Oman


Date:> 19/5/2007 Koyuga 52 Kms

There were 28 riders making 5 bunches with limit bunch off 12 mins. With 7 riders they looked like they would be hard to catch. 2nd limit off 6 1/2 mins had only 5 riders and  2 1/2 mins on the middle group of 6 riders with 2nd scratch further 2 mins behind with 5 riders and scratch another 2 mins back with 5 riders. 2nd scratch started well but Lee Murphy was dropped early in the first Km and called it day not feeling well. Cam Walker drove the rest of pack hard consisting of Nick Lees, Jamie Costello-Manning and David Fulton and by the end of first lap could see the middle bunch and by the 2nd corner had caught them. Ray Hamilton and Jai Howard  joined in but the rest of the group found it hard to hang on when they turned into the wind and by the start of the third lap they could see second limit and by the 2nd corner they had gobbled them up too. The young riders of  Tim Fitzpatrick and Will Kettle hopped on and did some  strong turns with the wind, but when they turned into the wind dropped off and it was left up to Tractor (Dave Fulton ) and Cam Walker to do most of the work. It was not until after the 2nd corner of the last lap that limit was sited who were back to 3 riders with Jeff Ridge leading the way. By the third corner limit were caught and as they headed into the wind. Cam Walker attacked and then Tractor counter-attack which shook off Jai Howard, Will Kettle and Jamie Costello, and by the last corner it was down to 4 riders Cam Walker, Tractor, Tim Fitzpatrick and Nick Lees who dropped off when Cam attacked again. Tractor counter attacked & Tim Fitz started to lose ground. With 300 mtrs to go it was Cam and Tractor who led out. Cam attacked with 50 metres to go and won by 5 or 6 bike lengths to Tractor with Tim Fitzpatrick coming in third and Nick Lees in fourth. Mick Hone took out the fastest time who had the winning bunch in view for the last 2 1/2 laps but with Troy Griffiths and Mark White retiring early  it was a hard  task trying to catch up with windy conditions and under manned.



Limit> Ben Pearse, Liam Harland, Melissa Carmody, Ash Carmody, Geoff Ridge, Elijah Kettle, Andrew Chapman

2nd Limit> Graham Lockwood, Matt Grealy, Will Kettle, Glen Kettle, Tim Fitzpatrick

Middle> Dave Oman, Paul Oman, Neil Innis, Jai Howard, Ray Hamilton, Greg Patterson

2nd Scratch> Cam Walker, Dave Fulton, Jamie Costello Manning, Nick Lee, Lee Murphy

Scratch> Mick Hone, Mark Wight, Darren Carmody, Troy Griffith, Matt Jones


Date:> 12/5/2007 Terricks Road 50 Kms

With 30 riders it was a day for the front markers with the 3rd limit bunch picking up 2nd limit by the 1st turn and the limit bunch by Kotta.  This left the rest of the field to get together and hunt the leaders down.  2nd Scratch worked well and just after Kotta had picked up 3rd Scratch.  With the boosted numbers and a bit of organising, they were soon doing rolling turns and were making ground on the middle bunch that were going nowhere fast.  Meanwhile scratch had made up 45secs by the 1st turn, but there after didnt really continue their good work to get to the next bunch in front.  At the last corner, the limit leaders had a handy 3 min break and were not going to get caught. As they got within a km of the finish Graeme Lockwood got on the front and drove the bunch to within 500mts of the line.  In the sprint to the finish, Jai Howard (12mins) won out from Bruce Goldburg 2nd (10mins), Sam Mcallan 3rd (14mins) and Ray Hamilton 4th (10mins) with Mick Hone taking fastest time.



Limit> Liam Harland, Andrew Chapman, Gary Needs, Sam Mcallan

2nd Limit> Graham Lockwood, Peter Warden, Glen Kettle, Jai Howard

3rd Limit> Bruce Goldburg, Geoff Martin, Cam Smith, Ray Hamilton

Middle> Dave Oman, Greg Patterson, Clint Flanigan, Neil Ennis, Craig Riddington

3rd Scratch> Steve Kerwin, Jamie Costello Manning, Nick Lee, Dominic Molluso

2nd Scratch> Tim Fraser, Gary Norman, Lee Murphy, Steve Gray, Wayne Saunders

Scratch> Mick Hone, Graeme Butcher, Darren Carmody, Troy Griffith

Date:> 5/5/2007 Koyuga 40 Kms (3 laps)

Late start due to women's race early.  Race distance shortened to 3 laps. (40km) with 28 riders.  The limit riders set out with new rider Les Sands, Damian Eade and Andrew Chapman. They were caught after a 1 1/2 laps by the  middle bunch and 2nd limit who  working well together.  There was a sharp movement in the leading bunch as they were finishing the 2nd lap and riders fell with Ray James breaking his a collar bone.  This upset the rhythm of the bunch but they continued on and were picked up by 2nd scratch and scratch in the last 4 kms.  Not long after the race coming together there was attacks and counter attacks, but in the end the stronger riders came to the front and strung the lesser lights out,  with visiting rider Travis Edwards winning from Mick Hone 2nd and Leigh Murphy 3rd and Graeme Butcher 4th.



Limit> Andrew Chapman, Les Sands, Sam Mcallan, Damian Eade, Ray James

2nd Limit> Bruce Goldburg, Graeme Lockwood, Ken Woods, Matt Grealy, Bruce Fleming

Middle> Greg Patterson, Clint Flanigan, Neil Ennis, Craig Riddington

2nd Scratch> Dave Fulton, Lee Murphy, Steve Gray, Wayne Saunders, Steve Kerwin, Jamie Costello Manning, Grant Webster

Scratch> Brad Edmunds, Mick Hone, Troy Griffith, Tim Fraser, Travis Edwards, Darren Carmody, Graeme Butcher

Date:> 28/4/2007  Rochester 50 Kms

28 riders were put in 5 bunches and set off with 13 1/2 minutes between front to back.  Limit made the most of their 5 min. start on second limit and headed off at a cracking pace with new rider Ray James in tow.  2nd limit and the middle bunch came together before Trewins Hill and  worked well .   2nd scratch  was going nowhere fast and they were picked up by the 6 scratch riders before Trewins Hill.  Those that could hung on and pitched in to help as scratch started to reel in the rest of the field.   Brad Edmunds put a surge in on the last big hill up the Heathcote Rochester Rd taking all the scratch riders with him leaving the  2nd scratch behind.  With 5 kms to go scratch rounded up the middle and 2nd limit bunch, but still had a couple of limit riders to catch.  All of scratch was burying themselves to catch the leaders, and by the final turn with 800mts to go, it was touch and go who would win.  It was in the last 20 mts that Brad Edmunds and Nathan Oman passed Tim Fitzpatrick and Jai Howard, to take 1st and 2nd respectively, with Tim Fitzpatrick 3rd and Jai Howard 4th.


Date:> 21/4/2007 Gunbarrell handicap Terricks road 54 Kms

1st Bruce Fleming, 2nd Gary Needs, 3rd Tim Fitzpatrick, 4th Peter Warden, 5th Liam Harland

Fastest time, Tim Fraser


Date:> 14/4/2007  Koyuga 52 Kms

The 1st road race for the season.  A lot of riders not used to the longer race distance and there was plenty of DNF's. Limit was only given 3 laps to get those riders use to the racing, with Tim Fitz. coming back from injury.  The 3rd limit bunch which was the biggest of the day caught all in front and managed to stay away to clean up, with Clint Flanagan winning easily from Greg Patterson and Paul Oman.  The next bunch back had 4 riders DNF out of  5, which didn't assist the bunches further back looking to use the bunches in front as stepping stones to the race leaders.   As for scratch, there was plenty of under done riders, with only Brad Edmunds and Tim Fraser able to hang together to the end.  It was a similar story on 2nd scratch with only Nathan Oman and Graeme Butcher at the end as well.



Limit> Liam Harland, Tim Fitzpatrick, Sam Mcallan

2nd Limit> Graham Lockwood, Bruce Fleming, Matt Grealy, Jai Howard

3rd Limit> Paul Oman, Mick Banfield, Peter Warden, Greg Patterson, Clint Flanigan, Will Kettle

Middle> Ben Oman, Ray Hamilton, Neil Ennis, Glenn Kettle, Ken Woods

3rd Scratch> Dave Fulton, Colby Madill, Steve Kerwin, Dermot Finnegan, Dave Oman

2nd Scratch> Jamie Costello Manning, Graeme Butcher, Steve Gray, Wayne Saunders, Nathan Oman

Scratch> Tim Fraser, Mick Hone, Brad Edmunds, Troy Griffith, Mark Wight



Date 5th March 07                                        Date 19th Feb 07                                                

1st Fred Molluso                                           1st Graham Butcher

2nd Will Kettle                                              2nd Tim Fraser

3rd David Fulton                                           3rd Troy Griffith

Fastest Time: Mark Wight                          Fastest Time: Mick Teggelove 


 Date 22nd Jan 07                                          Date 15th Jan 07                               Date 12th Feb 07

1st Steve Kerwin                                           1st Will Kettle                                    !st Jai Howard


2nd Jamie Costello Manning                       2nd Bruce Fleming                            2nd Matt Grealy

3rd Ray Hamilton                                         3rd Matt Grealy                                3rd Paul Oman   

Fastest Time: Matt Jones                           Fastest Time: Brett Smedley            Fastest Time: Mark Wight    



Oman in Overdrive 08/01/2007 

Monday nights’ summer road race was well attended with 24 riders being split into 7 bunches.   New rider, Stephen Kerwin from Kyabram was thrown into the cut and thrust of racing, and was sent off with the limit bunch.  2 minutes later 2nd limit was sent off , and was quickly reeling in the front markers.  From then on, every bunch sent off was chasing  90 seconds to the next.   Most of  the remaining bunch  contained 4 riders apart from the elite scratch bunch of Mick Teggelove and Belgian rider Tgys.


The starting of bunches was going well until 2nd scratch was about to be sent off, when 2 riders went missing.  Unaware that the other half of their bunch was about to take off, Mark Wight and Cam Foster were busy warming up well away from the start line.  The other half of their bunch started slowly rolling down the road waiting from them to catch up, which took 5 valuable minutes that ultimately put their bunch out of contention.  


Meanwhile the race ahead was unfolding quickly, with riders having to cope with a strong southerly side wind. The 3rd Limit  bunch had caught the next group by the 12km mark.  Not long after Glen Kettle lost touch, leaving 6 riders to hunt down limit.   The others that were making up ground were the classy bunch of 3rd scratch, containing Graeme Butcher, Nathan Oman, Brett Smedley and Wayne Saunders.  They had their tails up and were scooting along.  But it was the powerful turns of Graeme Butcher that put Wayne Saunders under pressure.  Butcher was cranking it up every time he got to the front, which eventually saw Saunders exit from the rear. The extra hard efforts must of weakened Butcher, for he too was dropped as they turned at the 18km mark.  With only Oman and Smedley remaining, 3rd scratch continued to push on.  2km later they swept up the middle bunch and soon had Dave Fulton helping out with the task at hand. 


By this stage all the limit bunches had come together, expanding the leading bunch to 9 riders.  Often a larger bunch can be of assistance when racing but due to the strong cross wind and lack of road space, there was not enough room to get cover and recover from turns and some riders were spilt from the pack.  


At the back of the field, 2nd scratch picked up Wayne Saunders who worked in well, and not long after, the elite scratch men arrived.   At the turn the Teggelove and Tgys started to work in with the rest of the bunch, and for the second time of the night Saunders exited from the rear of a bunch.  But the race of the scratchies was over, with the race leaders well ahead.


With about 2 kms to go Oman and Smedley and co. had reached the race leaders and had a short time to recover. But with only a short distance to the finish, they wanted to make sure the win was theirs, and with about 500 mts to the final corner they burst up the inside and powered to the corner.  Only 2 other riders managed to stay with them, being Dave Fulton and Steve Kerwin.  After rounding the corner, Kerwin was out of his seat with his eyes on the flag.  Oman managed to grab his wheel, and quickly swept past him to take the win in a time of 40.05sec, with Kerwin second, closely followed by Smedley 3rd and Fulton 4th.  Mick Teggelove picked up fastest time 39.50sec, but only by 15 seconds from Nathan Oman.


Lowndes triumphs in a thriller 18/12/2006

The temperature was 35 degrees at the start of Monday nights 28 km road race at Terricks Road.  16 riders where divided into 4 bunches of 4 riders with 5 minutes time gap from front to back.  The  classy limit bunch which included inform riders Greg Patterson and Ken Woods started well and looked like they were cruising as they headed out.  It was a tough 1st leg with a westerly wind blowing, and  this was where the race could be won or lost. 2nd limit was only 2 minutes behind limit, and knew if they caught the limit markers early they may be a chance to stay away from the rest, but with only a minute and a half gap behind to 2nd scratch they had to work hard early.  


2nd scratch had other ideas about how the race should unfold.  Their bunch was being driven by Graeme Butcher and Bryce Lowndes and the pace soon took its toll when Cam Smith departed from that bunch after 4 kms.  They managed to keep the pace up and soon had 2nd limit in their reach.  Scratch had with only 1 & 1/2  mins to chase to 2nd scratch and seeing Cam Smith depart thought they might of been a chance of being the first bunch to catch another bunch, but 2nd scratch caught 2nd limit at the 10km mark and then went on to catch  limit near the turn.  All the while scratch was breathing down their necks, keeping good tempo and ever so slowly getting closer to the leaders.   With the leading three bunches coming together, and then turning with a tail wind home,  the pace increased and riders were soon jettisoned out the rear. Unfortunately for scratch none of those jettisoned riders offered any assistance to  chase down the race leaders.


The four riders on scratch kept on working and were gaining on the leaders.  It looked as if scratch would catch the leaders but Graeme Butcher was taking long strong turns on the front to keep them at bay.  Ultimately scratch paid the price of not gaining any extra workers and lost Brett Smedley and Nathan Oman with about 4 kilometres to go.  This left Troy Griffith and Tim Fraser the task of getting to remaining front riders.   By this stage their was still 5 riders in the front pack, but as they  closed on the final corner the leading bunch lost Dave Fulton and Ben Oman. 


With still 100 metre gap to the Griffith and Fraser, it was touch and go as to if they would be caught. In a final bid to bridge the gap Troy Griffith buried himself to get Tim Fraser across the gap, but both riders were spent. The three remaining riders easily took off after turning the final corner with  Bryce Lowndes winning easily from  Graeme Butcher 2nd, and Craig Riddington 3rd.  20 seconds later and in 4th place and  fastest time was Tim Fraser (41.25sec).


The next club race is a Sunday Criterium on 31st December, 2006 at the Echuca Industrial Area.  8.00 am start.

20/11/2006. It was a hot 35 degrees at the start of the race, with 9 1/2 minutes between front to back. The 7 minute bunch looked good on paper, and they managed to keep most of the bunch together until they were caught.  But the real story of the night was how 2nd scratch blew apart.  Graeme Butcher was smashing through and causing alot of greif to his bunch.  The 1st to go was Grant Webster who was recovering from gastro.  At the 12 km mark the bunch was caught by scratch who were setting good tempo.  At the front of the race, the 2 limit bunches come together , before visiting rider Don Worger rode off the front by himself.  With 2 kms to the turn around,scratch had picked up the middle bunch and kept the pace high. New rider Brett Smedley showed his strength and work in well with scratch.  The remnants of limit where swept up early on the return trip, but Worger was only caught in the final 4 kms.  By this stage alot had dropped off, due to the heat and pace.  In the final 2 kms, Mark Wight and Troy Griffith rode away from the pack with Griffiths taking the win and fastest time, Wight 2nd,  Mick Hone was 3rd and Tim Fraser 4th.

2006 Club Road Championships