Otway and Great Ocean Road Ride (race) ; March 3rd 2007


Great turn up for a magnificent ride. 16 Echuca and Kyabram riders with a further 6 friends from elsewhere. Many taking family to Geelong for a true getaway.

The ride was due to start when we thought the starters gun went off, but it was just Bruce trying to keep rolling resistance low with maximum tyre pressure resulting in a blowout.

Quick repairs and he was ready for the start.

Less than 5 km into the ride Patto needed some running repairs on a tube poking out from its tyre, resulting in a sprint to catch up to mate Neil.

Bruce’s brother Phil showed how long he’d been off the bike and turned for home after about 30km. Cam was riding well with Woodsy, Saundo, Craig, Ray and Robin. Wayne managing to drag the Peleton stretched out about 400 metres behind him, sharing the load with about 5 others for a long time before the hills.

Once the hills arrived the huge Peleton was no more, fragmenting into tiny groups/individual riders.

Way ahead of the rest were Tim and Troy, waiting in Lorne with cappuccino and muffins for the stragglers, who were flying down the huge descent from Deans Marsh to the coast. Patto’s tyre went again and needed the race mechanic who got him going before any downhill horror stories.

Bruce decided not to stop in Lorne and continued on for home, the rest knew the benefits of a rest stop in the beautiful Lorne

Once back on the road again, we regrouped and enjoyed the ride along the Great Ocean Road. A few were beginning to struggle with the distance, hills and head wind but were determined to go all the way.

Saundo paid the price for pulling the Peleton through the Otways, sprinting up the hills and a week of influenza, he began to cramp. He was collided with from behind causing him to fall and seize up. Through tears and calling for Maree he was enticed back on to the bike, only to cramp in his quads and hamstrings again closer to home, necessitating a lift off his favourite wife back to the spa.

A great day had by all and a fun weekend. Craig


These are the riders names 

Echuca:> Bruce G,  Patto, Ken W ,  Craig,  Wayne, Neil,  Cam, Tim, Troy, Ray, Robin,            

              + 2 friends Tony and Phil 

Ky:> Dave, Ken, Ro Brit, Sab, Dazz, Ed & Jen Kennon


Dave & I & Heather stayed at my Sisters place in Geelong, the other's in our team stayed at the Big4 caravan park on the river at Belmont

We had a good ride, fairly hard but enjoyable, we all (7) left together about 7.35 am, very slow getting out of Geelong, lights, bike congestion etc, we stuck together pretty much sitting on about 30 -35 Kph with other groups all the way to Deans Marsh and stopped there for a 30 min break. We all left together heading up the hills with Tractor & Dazz leading the way, after about half a K we all went our merry way with me tagging along behind, the others had all done the Alpine classic and where hill fresh, after  few K I caught up with most of them except for Tractor & Dazz. We were about half way down the hill and low & behold we came across Tractor going like a bat out of hell back UP the hill. We re-grouped at the bottom and waited for tractor. ( he went half way back up the hill to repair another riders 2 flat tyres) A few minutes later he arrived, we then  decided not to go into Lorne as we thought it might be too busy so we  continued to Anglesea, which was a bit tougher stretch than we expected. We stopped at Anglesea for about 30 mins and got going again. Tractor spotted miss Ottway classic so we took off after her ( trouble was she was doing 40 Kph). 10 Km out of Anglesea one of the the Bendigo girls had a blowout  thankfully, this gave us a break from the Miss Ottway chase. After fitting a new tyre & tube Tractor decided to try and chase down Miss Ottway, only another 5 km up the road one of us cramped, so we stopped again for a few minutes. Continuing on the cramping was kept at bay by one pedal riding, spinning faster etc. We reached Torquay just as the storm started and the wind changed around to the south. The lightning was a bit hairy and the rain drenched us but stopped after 10 min or so and we enjoyed a big tail wind back to Geelong with Ro Britt leading the charge. Tractor & Dazz finished pretty fresh while the rest of us where pretty much knackered. (no one admitted it though) I think our ride time was about 5 hrs, not sure about the speed as no ones computers were working correctly, but we think the average was around 29Kph. Award for the best calf muscles went to Dazz although he conceded later that they were stick on ones. We didn't sight any of  the Echuca riders anywhere so we got cleaned up and had tea at the Irish pub "The Bended Elbow". Dave & I & Heather left Geelong about 10pm and headed home as Dave had to work the next day. Been sleeping ever since.


Tractor & Miss Otway?????