Girls Day Out May 2014

Roberta & Ray’s Postcard from Europe July 2013
Arrived nearly a week ago, in Bormio, beautiful spot, nestled in the Mountains, some major climbs like Stelvio 2758metres, Gavia 2652m , Mortirolo1851m with 20% rises
I have ridden most of them so far, and quite big days as you are climbing at 7 to 8 km per hour, great scenery.
Roberta has had two goes on a electric bike first major climb and the battery went dead, second go she fell off and has broken her wrist, so not best experience so far, she has a full plaster on for 5 weeks.
The weather is around 25 degrees during day and low of 10 overnight, although when you climb nearly 3000 metres is quite cold with lots snow still on top.
Hope all is well, back home.
Photo of broken wrist at happy hour, and Ray top of major climb Passo Dello Stelvio, this is where Giro was cancelled as snowed in as you can see.


MTB Cyclocross at 5 mile reserve July 2013

3 Peaks Challenge 2013

It is 5.30am. On the top of the Victorian Alpine Region at Falls Creek Resort there is a feeling of tension settling over the village. It is a quiet, the calm before the storm. Then begins the familiar sound of tyres getting pumped up, the whirring sound of bicycles coasting past down the hill, and nervous chatter of riders as they lean over a bowl full of carbohydrates and try and keep it down. This is the SCODY Three Peaks Challenge-considered the toughest endurance ride in Australia, and as the organiser Bicycle Network Victoria describes it, simply ‘an epic day of guts and glory’. Approximately 1500 riders from all over Australia have made the pilgrimage to Falls Creek to ride 230km, and climb three peaks, including Tawonga Gap, Mount Hotham and Falls Creek. For 2013 though, fires in the Alpine region have forced a change of course-still a brutal 230km route of Tawonga Gap, Mount Buffalo and Falls Creek.Close to a dozen riders represented Echuca Moama on the ride, including Ash Hall, Dom Orso, Tim Fraser, Francis Lias, John Brady, Minda Murray, Craig Riddington, Marcus D’Angri, Leigh Murphy, Ray Hamilton and Jason Ingram. Ash Hall put in an amazing effort, finishing 8th overall in a time of 7hrs 47mins, only 23 minutes behind the fastest rider. Dom Orso, Tim Fraser, Francis Lias, John Brady, Minda Murray, Craig Riddington and Marcus D’Angri all earned their <10hrs jersey. Some of the most impressive rides of the day were achieved by Leigh Murphy, Jason Ingram and Ray Hamilton, who all came home strong and well before the 13hr cut off where the Lanterne Rouge was ever looming behind. It was a long hot day, with temperatures on the Garmins claiming 41 degrees on the climb up Falls Creek. No water was provided after Mount Beauty, which was the hottest part of the day. The Echuca Moama riders showed immense mental toughness and discipline in the heat, and all finished strong. A special thankyou is extended on behalf of the riders to Heather Little, who provided support and much needed water throughout the day to the Echuca Moama riders, and who even after a hot day in the sun, rode Falls Creek herself for good measure.

3 Peaks social ride

Last Sunday saw local riders set out for a social ride around Castlemaine which included three mountain tops and some very undulating country. The ride was around 135km in good conditions and we were joined by some riders from Castlemaine. The highlights: King of the mountain went to Matt Jones (closely followed by Ash Hall), Ray Hamilton got lost (but found the coffee shop), Dom Orso did a fantastic mono over the summit of Tarrengower (and a very ordinary one on the road back to Castlemaine) and Ray got lost… did I already say that?

Port to Port 2011


Brad Robbins Training Weekend Moama Velodrome & Local Roads 8th-9th Oct 2011

Scotty Peoples Memorial Race Race 2011

Ray Hamilton with Cadel Evans? at Scotty's Race


Girls Day Out 1/5/2011


Coach Ewan Williams dropped in to the Moama Velodrome at the week-end to give some tips on madison riding to Echuca-Moama riders Feb 2010


Port to Port 2010 Review:

FRIDAY: Bus trip; Few beers, sarcasm, review previous years and no singing. IQ’s tested with quiz’s “we’re no dummies”. Less toilet stops than when Woodsy onboard. Gateway Hotel for tea, few reds, gentle night in preparation for big day!
SATURDAY: Early rise 5:30am, McBrekky then down to the start line. As usual we’re near the back of the field but still managed to be first for salad rolls at Wemen. Left Mildura at 7:35am.
Weather: Temp warm, wind moderate mainly cross, all up pretty good. Max temp 33 around Boundary Bend.
Group managed to ride together to Hattah before the lead car offered a draft to the stronger riders. The remaining riders stayed together into Wemen. Headwinds all the way across this section. Different people had rests from Wemen to Torrumbarry but all did a minimum 300km for the weekend.
We arrived in Swan Hill about 5:30pm to the cheers of the crowd, smell of the BBQ and a cold beer. On to the Pioneer Settlement where we stayed, roast beef and vegies, sweets and more beer. Roberta organised the fireplace and we reviewed the days ride over a few more drinks.
SUNDAY: 5:30am rise again, brekky, pack up and on the road again by 7:15. Again the team generally rode well together to Kerang for a toilet stop, then Cohuna for lunch, Torrumbarry to bring the ride back together before the final leg. Finally the Echuca team were given top billing for the ride into their home town and punched along nicely keenly waiting for the final sprint to the “South Oval”. Red light at High St then those who were still clipped in got the jump and everyone else chased in genuine sprint to finish off a 405km ride.
The word massage was mentioned and bikes were dropped to be first on the tables. Others just chose to sit on the grass and have a cleansing ale.
Mission accomplished.

Individual Performances:
Marcus D’Angri: Quiz Master; thinks there’s a Pope called Obama somewhere. He did make up for IQ fadeout with some powerful riding, maybe the strongest rider for the weekend. Are you listening Griffo and Silverfox?
Margi Woolman: Thinks she’s Olympic champion, just drifts off in her own world, feels a bit bored then digs her high heels in and takes the group from a comfortable 35kh to 45kh. Anyone wonder the Merkx is getting tired.
Jim Avard: Spent most of the weekend in the wind creating a draft for those struggling in the cross winds. It was better when he was on his own though as the melodious creaking noise coming from the pedal/crank was driving everyone mad.
Ray Hamilton: This man is the “Port to Port”. He organises, he rides, he plans for next year. He rode well again this year, helping out the new riders, belting the stalwarts and smoothing waters with the Ride Officials. Thanks for everything Ray.
Annie Pitcher: Well it’s all about Annie! Somehow forgot the massage oils for the team, offers were made to get some but turned down. She rode very strongly all weekend but nobody cared anymoreJ
Janelle Butler: Debut rider, managed 310km for the weekend, a fantastic effort. Worked hard and learned heaps.
Fred Molluso: Has regained lost form and rode well. He did manage to lose the group from Cohuna with a “Nature Break” as the group left after 80 minute break. The crapper waits for no man and neither did the group. Sorry about that Freddy.
Tim Fraser: Struggled with his health all weekend but still rode strongly and contributed most of the way, especially on the hard legs into Boundary Bend and Torrumbarry. May have even got up in the sprint to the South Oval.
Kat Keer-Keer: Debut rider in P2P but no stranger to tough challenges. Chose the P2P over Sweat v Steam where she was the reigning elite winner form 2009. Kat rode all the way, suffered occasionally but stayed positive.
Jamie Wilson: Debut rider; strong early but suffered midway with back tightness before coming good. He rode all the way planning his new bike and ditching the old dunger which will be soon for sale. He did win the sprint to the massage tent, still in his cleats.
Paul Oman: Ever reliable Paul, always there with ride advice for those who need it, understands how things work and what happened in years gone by. Was fooled by potential pit stop at Hattah but he was the only one in the end and had to catch up (thx Laurie). With this in mind he sprinted ahead to Kerang for another pit stop but the group didn’t know where. Group stopped elsewhere and Paul sprinted past trying to catch up but ice creams and chatter by the group left Paul unnoticed and he rode solo to Cohuna. If it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger Paul.
Joanne Kerr: Debut rider managing 331km in a determined effort. Even found us a bus driver at very short notice. Enjoyed herself and plans to finish all 405km next year.
Phil Goldburg: Enjoyed the camaraderie of the ride especially with Team 20 and Ride Officials. He’s considering reporting the commissaires for not appreciating his tips. Rode very strongly and won the sprint into Torrumbarry easily.
Craig Riddington: Quiz bitch on bus, finished ride without cramps for first time.
Tony Branchflower: The most recognisable voice in the peleton. He’s always upbeat and a quality rider.
Phil Herd: Debut rider; showed he’s got what it takes to ride all the way in 2011. An emerging rider who takes turns when he can and helps out where he can.
Neil Thomson: Happiest bloke on the trip. Every time you ride with him he’s got a big grin on his face and something good to say about someone. Strong rider all weekend but has come into disrepute trimming his ride number.
Ashley Bennallack: Debut rider from Bendigo who’s ridden many km and other big rides. The experience will stand him in good stead for future events
Bruce Goldburg: Fresh from his “Tour of Duty” at the races with bodyguard duties and still feeling a bit feisty took little guidance from the ride director (or Team 20) but every draft opportunity on offer. Bruce has clearly been working on the Ninja Star toss with precision placement of toast in Ray’s steady hands from 15 metres away.
Robin Lewis: DNS Designated bus driver. Took a last minute sickie stating he couldn’t listen to non-stop Irish banter trapped in a bus for 5 hours. Still seems offended about the Ray and Lance photo with someone else’s shoulder just in the edge of the picture. Being the great bloke that he is Rob did come to the finish line with many others to see us in. Thx Rob
Shane Edge: Bus driver Shane has previous experience with the Murray to Moyne. A great bloke who gave up his cricket to help us all out. Another friend of Rays who fitted in straight away and couldn’t do enough to help. He even got up early to help cook brekky on Sunday morning. Book him in for 2011 Rayzor.
Laurie Spelling: Bus driver Joanne’s dad who managed to get to the hospital in 40 minutes from the appeal going out to him when Robin threw a sickie re Lance photo (see above). Gave up his weekend to drive for us and do all the other things that go toward making a fun and successful weekend. Things like first aid (former Ambulance Guru), photography, cooking and keeping us going along the road and at stops. Keep 2011 P2P in the diary Laurie. Laurie’s ridden the P2P before and was getting a bit twitchy in the bus.
Roberta Hamilton: Quizariffic! Had an answer for every question and did she let us know she got “Rho fn desia” right. Roberta helped out with brekky, drove the Goldburg vehicle back and enjoyed the weekend. Even did some sensual photography work in her PJs.
All in all a successful and fun weekend with lots of hard work. I would like to thank Shane, Laurie, Roberta, Sally Draper and Ray (and almost Robin, let it go Rob) for all their help, nothing was too much trouble and we appreciate it greatly.


Girls Day Out 11/4/2010

Girls Ride Out"   WOW   Great work Roberta, Annie, Simone, Jacqui, Helen and everyone else who helped out.
Over 250 entries raising about $7000.00. These are much needed funds for breast cancer research and our local oncology dept to be split 60/40. Special thanks to Moama Bowling Club for their sponsorship.  How big is next year gonna be!!!




3 Peaks review: 7/3/2010

The Degani 3 Peaks Challenge lived up to its billing as the ultimate One day riding challenge. Wet and cold conditions combined with the 230km course for a brutal test of grit and determination.

1,250 riders started the ride circumnavigating the Alps from Falls Ck to Mt beauty over the Tawonga Gap to Harrietville, up Mt Hotham to Dinner Plain then down to Omeo, Anglers Rest then back up Falls Ck. Only 718 completed the course taking between 8 hours 45 minutes for first home to 15 hours.

11 locals tackled the day which was dry for the first 2 hours making the initial descent safer. Conditions deteriorated after that with everyone arriving at Dinner Plain in varying stages of hypothermia. Once the rain started it persisted all day only varying in intensity.

The fastest of the locals were Dermot Finnegan and Matt Jones taking about 10.5 hours. Congratulations to these guys who could be in for a great Winter Season with EMCC

Next in were Paul Jarman and Shane Roberts, again both riding well with Jarmo putting in the miles beforehand and reaping the rewards. Both punctured in the second half but Robbo had just given away a tube to some  bloke before realising he too had a puncture and had to ride in with no spares. Jarmo may have beaten Robbo to the finish line but he was seen walking 3 times on the steep bits at the back of Falls Creek and looked ashamed when harassed by those still pedaling. His penance was to go searching for the remaining riders with Robbo after they’d had a spa, beer and steak.

Geraldine Jarman was the team saviour taking a change of clothes for most to Dinner Plain and bringing back the wet gear and a few strays she found along the way.

Jeff Martin managed to talk for the entire trip, he was so enthusiastic he was seen to be out of bed doing pilates in his underwear on the balcony at 2:30am believing it was time to get up and get going. Shame it wasn’t Dale’s alarm clock just a message thru the night. When he finished singing TNT and stretching he went back to bed for a while to work up some more gaseous propulsion for the ride.

Dean Oberin was leading the charge Friday night (and Saturday night) with his hydration program, coupla big nights for such an athletic venture, yep he’s ready for the Port to Port Patto. He was another to suffer multiple punctures on the final leg up to Falls Creek.

Craig Riddington managed the longest lunch award spending 2 hours getting warm and eating at Dinner Plain. Had the full body shakes and was most appreciative of Geraldine bringing spare clothes. His big input for the weekend was the use of disposable shower caps over the helmets to keep the rain out, brilliant

Dale Lowndes had puncture trouble going up Falls Creek to the finish, 3 to test his spirit and induce hypothermia. Best of all tho was getting Marto out of bed at 2:30 for his Pilates session.

Ray “Irish” Hamilton remembered his change of clothes but carried them in his back pocket. Couldn’t believe it when took them out and they were as wet as him. “Fookin hell, shoulda putem in a plastic bag” he was heard to say. Unable to get warm again surrendered (for the first time in his life) at Dinner Plain and accepted a lift back to Falls.

Robin Lewis was riding well but found the conditions a little harsh, believing he didn’t have to put up with it showed he was the only sensible rider from our club and joined Ray for a lift back.

Domenic Orso, well what can be said (except the following):

Dom was orsm on the Saturday night prior to the big day doing monos up the hill in Falls Creek Village. The kids were impressed until he flipped over backwards, minor injuries sustained to back and shoulder. Bicycle Victoria loved him too, putting his picture on the main page of the gallery website. Replacing Bruce Godburg as our elite display athlete from the Otway ride ads. You can see the Orsm Dominator at  Having a flair for modeling he was also seen descending a Tawonga Gap switchback at speed pumping the air to their cameras with one arm as he cornered beautifully with the other. But his luck wouldn’t hold out much longer with an awful noise coming from the rear hub when free-wheeling. It sounded like a steam train with Clint Eastwood at the helm. He had this oiled in Omeo and feeling confident he was heard to utter “nothing’s gonna stop me finishing now” and sure enough within about 200 metres his chain jumped off the largest cog and jammed between the cog and the frame causing him to walk back to the mechanic for repairs. But repair it they did and on he ploughed with plenty of food, drink and spare tubes, or so he thought. Punctures were to plague the majority of riders from fresh roadworks up the back of falls and of course Orsm was no exception. No longer fearing the ascents because he forgot his compact cranks he has at home in the shed instead mastering his 27 cog he went on to have 3 punctures. Feeling dejected, cold, wet and tired he crossed the line for the all important “Finishers Jersey”. Yes it was all worth it!

One other local who thought he’d join in for the ride up Hotham was Sam Kennedy. Had a couple of mechanical problems initially then powered up the hills but wasn’t so confident on the descents. Managed to get very cold and wet and was chauffeured back to his Bright Villa by Georgie. Has a saddle for sale which is causing him some difficulties.



Ray & Rob at the Tour Down Under with their new training partner

Cycle Skills Course Sunday the 16th of November.

The EMCC held a Cycle Skills Course on Sunday the 16th of November. We had 15 club members participate. The course was run by a Melbourne coach Brad Robbins. Brad has been a coach for many years and was the biggest influence in my young riding career. The course started at 9am and went through many sections:

Intro,  Role of a Coach, Planning and Reviewing a Session, Group Management, The Coach in Action, Health and Safety,  Bicycle Road Worthiness and Safety,  Optimising Bicycle and Helmet Fit, Basic Cycle Skills.

The course was very positive and will in turn give us 15 club coaches to work with in the future. I would like to congratulate and thank the younger members in our club for participating; I know they weren't big fans of getting out of bed early and spending a whole day going through the course. I hope they will have a new understanding of riding skills and hope this will help them in the future.

A big thank you to Ezio D'Alberto for the use of his building and kitchen. It was a great venue which worked very well for the course.

Brad Robbins ran the course very well. He has coached many competitive riders from Richard England, Leigh Howard to our clubs own Nathan Oman. If there is anyone who would like some advice or a specific Training program please contact Brad on the below detail:, Mbl: 0419 558 642


Port to Port November 8/9th 2008

1st:> Bruce Goldburg, 2nd Team Jayco

Start List:> Jim Avard, Phillip Goldburg, Jamie Costello-Manning, Troy Griffith, Bob Craig, Ray Hamilton, Marcus D'Angri, Jason Jezewski, Tim Davey, Marg Lloyd, John Doyle, Paul Oman, Clint Flanigan, Greg Patterson, Bruce Fleming, Craig Riddington, David Fulton, Jeff Ridge, Tristan Gerrish, John Salter, Annie Pitcher, Tracy Masseuse, Geoff Westwood, Barb Westwood, Barry Cox, Kerry Cox, Tim Fraser, Bruce Goldburg

With forecast low temperatures for the weekend and rain clearing we headed off down Ogilvie Avenue for a serious cycling weekend. This lasted until we reached McKenzie St near the Campaspe River when Salts passed out the first round of beers and we settled into a steady rhythm of grinding poor TG into the newly formed mud from the spectacular rain we were receiving along with “Woodsy would have loved this”.

Ray was obviously having a few on the big bus cause just after we made it out to Gateway Tavern for tea he started to panic about the “stolen bus” making calls and considering Police. Of course the bus was fine and where it should be.

We were lucky enough this year to have Two great masseurs in Annie and Tracy (or was it “Stacy”). They worked tirelessly all weekend and made a huge difference to the fatigued muscles and spirit of the team. They even drove the small bus and trailer back to Echuca.

Again Barry and Kerry Cox were in charge of the main bus and offered us the ultimate in on road support, years of practice show through with anticipated problem areas and knowing where to be and when.

Thanks to Geoff Westwood for helping organise the weekend (along with Jane and Ray) and wife Barb the photographer providing many lasting memories, mainly of our rear ends although it’s hard to tell with Costa. Oh and thanks Costa for making the team numbers with names printed on them. Rich River Signs for any sign writing you might need.

Well we left Mildura as a team and were holding it together for more than 10km before we lost poor Bobby Craig who’d slipped out the back without being noticed and ended up riding to Wemen alone. After this we worked hard at “just tapping it out” and stayed together to Hattah. Some stopped here and others pushed on with the huge tail wind and high speed rolling turns into Wemen.

Good food and a rub down by the girls and on to Boundary Bend for more food and drinks and wrestle Bruce Goldburg for a massage. Other than the massaging the next most popular thing was the draft off the lead car, now impossible to get Bruce and his younger brother Phil out of there.

Everyone made it safely to Swan Hill, most riding the whole way. Bad luck Bruce Fleming with 3 punctures. Goodonya Ridgey staying back to help him. Costa told me “You can never go back” Then it was on to the Pioneer Settlement for a beer and stand in the queue behind Bruce for a massage, then a long shower and a great roast.

Tristan had a huge bonfire going and we settled in for a few beers, red wine, and life lessons. Bruce Goldburg sat me down and eyed off my red wine and offered me some advice.

He said he’d made his life out of reading peoples faces, knowing who to throw away, knowing who to keep.

Then you guessed it, came “The Ace that I could keep”.

To be a member of the group you gotta be able to ride with the group;

“When you can no longer keep up with the group you are no longer a member of the group”.

Having shared his wealth of wisdom, he and Patto staggered off for some sleep while the rest kicked on. Griffo found the frozen muffins, pastries, microwave and wham food to go with more beer.

Obviously Bruce’s words of wisdom were going over and over in Patto’s head cause he rolled over in the top bunk and fell out on to the floor, but didn’t injure himself with his flaccid landing. Marg thought she heard Jim say did the earth just move for you too!

Well the “Echuca Team” headed out at 8am to contest the lead car draft and quickly split into draft survivors and riders. Then on to Cohuna for a massage and refuel. We thought we all left together but no, Bobby had been “dumped”. He had great delight catching us and telling us why he had been at the “rear end”.

Margy was giving as good as she got and called Ridgey a soft something or other, then wished she hadn’t when he powered up and had her in trouble.

Congratulations to P2P debutantes, all of whom rode the full 405km

Tim Davey “Captain”, Jason Jezewski “Jezza”, Marcus D’Angri Serious beer drinker – “5 pots at once I’ve seen pictured”, John Salter “Salts”

Clearly this was the best team effort for some years and to test our maturing club 3 riders passed us coming into Cohuna and we “Team EMCC” let them go. Wighty would be disgusted and ashamed. Feeling a bit disappointed in himself for letting riders go past and miffed at being told not to pass the Jayco riders coming into Echuca, Big Bad Bruce G sprinted passed their team in Crofton St almost knocking off the 10 year old kids leading their pack into town.

A great weekend had by all!



Around the Bay 2008 riders hydrating the night before


Kyabram /Whroo November 2008

Several Echuca riders journeyed  to Kyabram to join the local riders in their regular Sunday ride to Rushworth/Whroo. The bunch headed off at 7am doing long rollover turns with an easterly wind. Upon reaching Rushworth and starting the 7km sprint section of the ride several breakaways occurred with sprint specialist John Salter leading out Jai Howard with Jai  winning the sprint up the hill with Steve Kirwin & Craig Riddington close behind. After a hearty breakfast  in Rushworth riders went for a quick sprint up to the lookout tower & then headed off  with an increasing head wind to Kyabram. Back in Kyabram riders enjoyed a Corporate luncheon at Wyuna courtesy of John & Georgina Salter & Ky Cycles


EMCC Suntour: Mansfield to Mt Buller: October 2008

During the Suntour stage from Alexandra to Mt Buller a few locals took up the challenge to ride from Mansfield to Mt Buller. This was a 47km ride with a gradual up focus for the first 31 km then a steep climb for the next 14 km and very steep climb for the last 2 km.

We all set off with the large group of riders led out by Simon Gerrans with Ray Hamilton in his ear about he's not sure what. Simon then drifted back talking to all the riders before returning to the start to ride out with the next group.
Echuca's "King of the Mountain" award went to Troy Griffiths, hotly followed by the in-form Stevie G. John Salter showed he was still in form next followed by Jim Avard, Craig Riddington, Ray Hamilton and Damon Anderson
A great ride though very demanding on the flat landers, the only relief coming from the quick downhill that followed after the big guns had come through in the sun tour.
Thanks to Tristan Gerrish for team support (not too soft to ride)


Around the Bay Training Ride: 21/10/2007


Strathbogie Ranges Training Ride: 17th March (St Pats day)

The Merton Gap was a tough ride as was challenging enough for everyone involved. It is a very difficult mountain range with steep 2 climbs, the Kelvin View climb before Strathbogie followed by a very steep desent from Polly McQuins and then back up the  Merton Gap. About 70 Km total. A longer ride would be to go to Merton for the coffee and then back up the gap to Euroa.

King of the Mountain> Steve Gray        NACA Award> Brent Ferguson


Mt Alexander Training Ride: 17/02/2007

Another great turn up for the 2nd social ride to Mt Alexander, 22 riders in all. Same route as last time with sprint points up for grabs.

Ray moved first racing to the lead on an early hill, only to be told the main event was the final climb to the top.
King of the mountain went to Tgys (Tess from Belgium) outsprinting Brad Edmunds and Mick Teggelove over the top. Winning a long neck crownie for his trouble (wouldn't skull it though).
The NACA (not a climbers arsehole) award went to Glen Kettle by default (Bobby and Brent didn't climb) being presented with a tassle for his bike which we expect to him to attach for future rides. To top off his day Glen punctured on the return trip.
Next ride will most likely be over East, probably around Euroa area in about a month, details soon.
Keep up the good work Bob and go easy on the carbs unless you're actually training.

King of the Mountain, Tgys                        NACA award to Glen Kettle


Hi riders.   10/02/2007

I am organising another social ride???? (race) for Saturday 17th February, back in time for the Jazz food and wine weekend.
Same ride as 2 weeks previous.
Driving to Lake Eppalock kiosk.
Riding from Lake Eppalock to top of Mt Alexander then return to Lake Eppalock, then drive back home.
This a relatively steep ride (compared to Echuca) and is about 85km return.
Should be another fun morning and a bit of fun.
I have drawn a rough map for those unfamiliar with the ride (esp Bruce Fleming and a few others). Available in bike shop or on the day.

Sounds good Riddo but can we have Steve Gray stay home this time so the bunch stays together? Also Mark Wight snores on the way home so he'll need a ride with someone else. I also think that the strong riders should be expected to carry 2 extra water bottles to share on the mountain. Riders ranked by ability and the number of water bottles they must carry are:
Troy Griffiths (6)
Scott Foreman (6)
Darren Carmody (6) These 3 are so good they could still ride with 2 up their @#!$#@'s.
Steve Gray (5 as he is not that good up the hills)
Mark Wight (5 and one in his mouth at all times)
Ray Hamilton (0 as who wants to share a bottle with Ray?)
Jeff Martin(1  - he'd be too dangerous with more drink)
Leigh Murphy (Support vehicle - in that truck of his we'd put a barrel for top of the mountain)
Margeeeee(4 - one for her, one for her, one for her and one for her - women never share)
Bruce Goldburg (3 but 2 must be smooth reds)
Patto (1 and it should only be half full)
Jim Avard(1 and it needs to be drug tested before the ride)
Neil Ennis (A slab as Neil needs to travel by car with me)
Fred Molluso (2 and a pair of runners for when he walks up the hill with Bruce Fleming)
Dave Oman (0 as he comes in top of scales already)
Craig Riddington (23 plus one for himself - as the only rider who cares enough to come back for Foxy he is nominated as the nicest rider in the peleton and would carry more than needed)
Bruce Fleming (1 - he only needs one as he doesn't know the way to the top anyway)
Jim Cosgriff (2 as he'd charge way too much for the service!)
Foxy (0 as I reckon he had enough to drink at the Echuca 2 nights back)
Tim Fraser (0 as he wouldn't come along anyway)

Hope this helps everyone to decide on the next ride.

Bob Craig


Mt Alexander Training Ride: 03/02/2007

Great turn up for our inaugural hill training ride/excursion. 23 riders participated in a great ride from Lake Eppalock to the lofty heights of Mt Alexander and return. A nett climb of around 550m and distance of toward 90 kilometres unless you missed the turn as some did which added a few Ks for the cerebrally depleted.

Otway and Great Ocean Road Ride (race) ; March 3rd 2007

Great turn up for a magnificent ride. 16 Echuca and Kyabram riders with a further 6 friends from elsewhere. Many taking family to Geelong for a true getaway.
The ride was due to start when we thought the starters gun went off, but it was just Bruce trying to keep rolling resistance low with maximum tyre pressure resulting in a blowout.
Quick repairs and he was ready for the start.
Less than 5 km into the ride Patto needed some running repairs on a tube poking out from its tyre, resulting in a sprint to catch up to mate Neil.
Bruce’s brother Phil showed how long he’d been off the bike and turned for home after about 30km. Cam was riding well with Woodsy, Saundo, Craig, Ray and Robin. Wayne managing to drag the Peleton stretched out about 400 metres behind him, sharing the load with about 5 others for a long time before the hills.
Once the hills arrived the huge Peleton was no more, fragmenting into tiny groups/individual riders.
Way ahead of the rest were Tim and Troy, waiting in Lorne with cappuccino and muffins for the stragglers, who were flying down the huge descent from Deans Marsh to the coast. Patto’s tyre went again and needed the race mechanic who got him going before any downhill horror stories.
Bruce decided not to stop in Lorne and continued on for home, the rest knew the benefits of a rest stop in the beautiful Lorne
Once back on the road again, we regrouped and enjoyed the ride along the Great Ocean Road. A few were beginning to struggle with the distance, hills and head wind but were determined to go all the way.
Saundo paid the price for pulling the Peleton through the Otways, sprinting up the hills and a week of influenza, he began to cramp. He was collided with from behind causing him to fall and seize up. Through tears and calling for Maree he was enticed back on to the bike, only to cramp in his quads and hamstrings again closer to home, necessitating a lift off his favourite wife back to the spa.
A great day had by all and a fun weekend. Craig

These are the riders names
Echuca:> Bruce G, Patto, Ken W , Craig, Wayne, Neil, Cam, Tim, Troy, Ray, Robin, + 2 friends Tony and Phil
Ky:> Dave, Ken, Ro Brit, Sab, Dazz, Ed & Jen Kennon

Dave & I & Heather stayed at my Sisters place in Geelong, the other's in our team stayed at the Big4 caravan park on the river at Belmont
We had a good ride, fairly hard but enjoyable, we all (7) left together about 7.35 am, very slow getting out of Geelong, lights, bike congestion etc, we stuck together pretty much sitting on about 30 -35 Kph with other groups all the way to Deans Marsh and stopped there for a 30 min break. We all left together heading up the hills with Tractor & Dazz leading the way, after about half a K we all went our merry way with me tagging along behind, the others had all done the Alpine classic and where hill fresh, after few K I caught up with most of them except for Tractor & Dazz. We were about half way down the hill and low & behold we came across Tractor going like a bat out of hell back UP the hill. We re-grouped at the bottom and waited for tractor. ( he went half way back up the hill to repair another riders 2 flat tyres) A few minutes later he arrived, we then decided not to go into Lorne as we thought it might be too busy so we continued to Anglesea, which was a bit tougher stretch than we expected. We stopped at Anglesea for about 30 mins and got going again. Tractor spotted miss Ottway classic so we took off after her ( trouble was she was doing 40 Kph). 10 Km out of Anglesea one of the Bendigo girls had a blowout thankfully, this gave us a break from the Miss Ottway chase. After fitting a new tyre & tube Tractor decided to try and chase down Miss Ottway, only another 5 km up the road one of us cramped, so we stopped again for a few minutes. Continuing on the cramping was kept at bay by one pedal riding, spinning faster etc. We reached Torquay just as the storm started and the wind changed around to the south. The lightning was a bit hairy and the rain drenched us but stopped after 10 min or so and we enjoyed a big tail wind back to Geelong with Ro Britt leading the charge. Tractor & Dazz finished pretty fresh while the rest of us where pretty much knackered. (no one admitted it though) I think our ride time was about 5 hrs, not sure about the speed as no ones computers were working correctly, but we think the average was around 29Kph. Award for the best calf muscles went to Dazz although he conceded later that they were stick on ones. We didn't sight any of the Echuca riders anywhere so we got cleaned up and had tea at the Irish pub "The Bended Elbow". Dave & I & Heather left Geelong about 10pm and headed home as Dave had to work the next day.

Tractor & Miss Otway?????