Date:> 18/7/2007


1st Melissa Carmody, 2nd Simone Costello Manning, 3rd Delwyn Thompson, 4th Heather Wilson

Fastest time, Melissa Carmody



Date:> 9/6/2007


1st Marg Woolman, 2nd Sab Smyth, 3rd Jo Wight

Fastest time, Marg Woolman


Scratch:>   Marg Woolman, Sab Smyth

2.5 Mins:> Bec Gray, Tracey Molluso, Heather Wilson, Jo Wight, Simone Costello-Manning, Yasmin Boswood





1st Sharon Shanahan, 2nd Jo Wight, 3rd Yasmin Kendall, 4th Di Rooney

Fastest time, Sheridan Hall

Scratch Bunch Roundup

A scratch bunch was mustered from the small bunch of women who had previous racing experience, but they were always going to be up against it today with the next bunch of 7 riders 3 minutes ahead of them. Sheridan Hall used her racing experience to help organize the bunch and encourage the group to work as a team to catch the bunches in front.  The 3 riders from Echuca and 2 from Bendigo worked well together from the get-go, with each rider swapping smooth turns for the first few kilometers.  As they turned into the head wind, it became clear that they had to change to track turns if they were going to have a chance of getting up.  All 5 riders adjusted well, as if they had been doing this for years – who would have thought that the some had only raced once before. But try as they may, they lost 1 and then a 2nd rider and were down to just 3 with nearly 10km to go.  Spirits were raised as they started passing other riders who had dropped off their own bunches.  But alas, it was not meant to be for the scratch bunch today.  They managed to pick up 7 minutes on the winner off limit, but were unable to reel in the last 3 minutes.  Cheryl Barker, Sheridan and Marg Woolman finished strongly, with Sheridan taking the sprint finish to claim the fastest time in 45 minutes. So, although it was unanimous that everyone had thoroughly enjoyed the ride and learned a great deal, the scratch bunch would have to wait for another day to claim victory.  Maybe next time…

Third bunch off limit 3 mins (second scratch?)

This bunch was a group of seven Bendigo girls who’ve ridden together socially. They had company from a member of the club for the first lap and then were on their own. The second bunch was 4 minutes in front and they hadn’t seen them anywhere during the first lap. So the pace went on for the second lap and they started losing riders. By the time they turned into the headwind there were four and the bunch ahead was visible. At the last turn it was down to two chasing, but they never caught them.  

Two-by-two discipline and rolling turns are ingrained in Bendigo riders, but track turns might need a bit of practice for the next race. One member of the bunch had a tough handicap but everyone rode very strongly and enjoyed the day.

Limit bunch 10 mins

Bunch consisted of:  The winner, Sharon Shanahan , Maree Saunders,  Jo White, Tracey Molluso, Roxanne Kavanagh, one other???. Started slowly but gradually got the hang of working turns and all shared the workload until Sharon increased the tempo and road off the front of the bunch towards the end of the first lap, which also put the 'one other' out the back. (only on the bike for 6 months but Sharons years of competitive rowing obviously held her in good stead). Rest of girls continued to work together until caught by second bunch with about 8km to go.
All managed to hang in and when finishing surge went on in the final straight Jo was strong enough to go with and beat the bunch. The rest all finished within a couple of hundred metres and Maree's computer read an average of about 28.5kph which was not a bad effort for novices. All enjoyed the day and will be better off for the experience. Looking forward to the next one.