Deniliquin Criterium: March 2014

A GRADE: 45 mins + 3 laps
1st Darren Lapthorne, 2nd Trent Stevenson, 3rd Liam Harland, 4th Ash Hall, 5th Brad Scott, 6th Travis Linde, 7th Tim Fitzpatrick, 8th Jason Leo, 9th Edward Dalle Nogare, 10th Neville Laffy, David Mann,
Raymond Jarratt, Mitchell Zito, Dean Robinson, Andrew Hudson, Brendan Schultz, Troy Griffith, Francis Lias, Intermediate Sprint: Ash Hall
B GRADE: 10 mins + 3 laps
1st David O’Brien, 2nd Francis Lias, 3rd Kevin Laffy, 4th Sydney Anstee, 5th Mark Dunlop, 6th Matt Grealy, 7th Taylor Anstee, 8th Ashley O’Farrell, 9th Peter Sens, 10th Tony Ryan, Neil Thomson, Luke
Moore, Andrew Clapham, Intermediate Sprint: Taylor Anstee
C GRADE: 25 mins + 3 laps
1st Tom Druitt, 2nd Brian Crockart, 3rd Matt Peterson, 4th Steve Robson, 5th Luke Docherty, 6th Graeme Butcher, 7th Daniel Free, 8th Jim Small, 9th Charlie White, 10th Paul Oman, Marquessa Jelbart,
David Paton, Chris Shaw, Lachlan Hunter, Burton Banks, Roger Ruscoe, Sam Foura, Intermediate Sprint: Brian Crockart
D GRADE: 25 mins + 3 laps
1st Sam Young, 2nd Jeremy Murray, 3rd Geoff McCallum, 4th Don Tripney, 5th Rick Webster, 6th Wade Foster, 7th Jagan Woods, 8th Charlotte Thompson, 9th Connor Sens, 10th Trevor Butcher, Anthony
Clarke, Garrie Carman, Kayden Jeffrey, Heather Little, Intermediate Sprint: Charlotte Thompson
WOMENS: 15 mins + 3 laps
1st Trudy Stevenston, 2nd Marquessa Jelbart, 3rd Charlotte Thompson, 4th Aime Prenter, 5th Heather Little, 6th Edie Haley, 7th Jessie Thomson, Intermediate Sprint: Charlotte Thompson
NOVICE – U9: 10 mins + 3 laps
1st Luke Bailey, 2nd Gabrielle Drage
NOVICE – U11/13/15: 10 mins + 3 laps
1st Cameron Crockart, 2nd Will Shaw, 3rd Belinda Bailey, 4th Rachal Crockart, 5th Hannah Thompson, 6th Ethan McLeod, 7th Georgia Allitt
JUNIOR A: 20 mins + 3 laps
1st Jagan Woods, 2nd Samual Eddy, 3rd Aaron Laffy, 4th Mitchell Thompson, 5th Jiah Polidano, 6th Josh Thomson, 7th Michael Collier Clarke, 8th Edie Haley, 9th Patrick Eddy, 10th Tom Allitt
JUNIOR B: 20 mins + 3 laps
1st Stuart Bailey, 2nd Bradley Skidmore, 3rd Aalia Polidano, 4th Oliva Sens, 5th Felicity Prenter, 6th Belinda Bailey, 7th Laura Collier Clarke





Byfords: March 2014

Seniors: 30mins plus 1 lap, Matt, Tim & Steve

Juniors: 10mins plus 3 laps, Charlotte, Sam & Mitch




Byfords: February 2014

Seniors: 30mins plus 1 lap
1st Dom Orso 32.29, 2nd Danielle Garden, 3rd Neil Thomson, 4th Paul Oman, 5th Dave Trounson, 6th Chris Eddy, 7th Cameron Bain, 8th Andrew Clapham
Juniors: 10mins plus 3 laps
1st Samual Eddy 20.04, 2nd Zac Fleming, 3rd Edie Haley, 4th Josh McLean, 5th Josh Thomson, 6th Patrick Eddy, 7th Jessie Thomson, 8th Brad Skidmore


Shepparton lake Crits: Feb 2014

Pat Eddy won the U13, Sam Eddy won the U15, Hannah Thompson 2nd in the U11, Mitch Thompson 3rd in the U15, Charlotte Thompson came 2nd in D Grade

Shepparton lake Crits: Nov 2013

Dom gets his 3rd prize. Cookie podiuming as winner of the 50+ Division-also winner of 2 intermediate sprints



Byfords: October 2013




Shepparton lake Crits: October 2013




April/2013 Castlemaine-State Junior & Masters Criterium Championships

Gold - Chase Costello-Manning M13, Charlotte Thompson W15 and Danielle Garden MW1
Silver - Ash Hall MM1, Kevin Hone MM7




Shepparton lake Crits: April 2013
The club was represented at the Shepparton lake crits on Sunday. Edie Haley contested the J-15 Junior event which was ran as a Time Trial. Edie placed 2nd from a field of 7 riders with a time of 21 minutes 15 seconds, over 12km’s, just 10 seconds off the winning time.
Paul Oman placed 8th in a fast paced C grade bunch finish and Matt Sharp competed in a class B Grade field, forming part of a breakaway group in the second lap of the 45 minute event, finishing just out of the top 10. Great efforts guys.

24/3/2013 Deniliquin Criterium

1ST Belinda Bailey, 2nd Mitchell Nield

1st Sam Young, 2nd Jack Conallin

1ST Stuart Bailey, 2nd Bradley Skidmore, 3rd Reilly Rennick, 4th Belinda Bailey, 5th Olivia Sens, 6th Harrison Nield

1ST Charlotte Thompson, 2nd Chase Costello Manning, 3rd Josh Thomson, 4th Mitchell Thompson, 5th Jessie Thomson, 6th Connor Sens, 7th Edie Haley, 8th Brady
Johnson, 9th Demi McDonald

1ST Indiana Michel, 2nd Wayde Foster, 3rd Rick Webster, 4th Burton Banks, 5th Malcolm Nield, 6th Cheryle Barker, 7th Michaela Tranby, 8th Nigel Bye, Sprint:
Indiana Michel

1st Mark Ryan, 2nd Neil Blakeley, 3rd Brad Steigenberger, 4th Brian Crockart, 5th Paul Oman, 6th Kevin Hone, 7th Minda Murray, 8th Graeme Butcher, 9th Dean
Scott, 10th Nicole McNamara, 11th Jim Small, Sprint: Mark Ryan

1ST David Mohi, 2nd Edward Dalle Nogare, 3rd Paul Maltby, 4th David Mann, 5th Kate Finegan, 6th Andrew Clapham, 7th Peter Sens, 8th Tony Michel, 9th Neil
Thomson, 10th Anthony Jamieson, Sprint: David Mohi, Gilford Crosthwaithe, Ashley O’Farrell, Luke Moore, Craig Riddington dnf, Warren Pickering, Vince

1ST Kate Finegan 2nd Trudy Stevenson, 3rd Minda Murray, 4th Kelly Jamieson, 5th Nicole McNamara, 6th Cheryle Barker, 7th Michaela Tranby, 8th Charlotte
Thompson, 9th Kay Huggins, 10th Jessie Thomson, Sprint: Kate Finegan

1st Trent Stevenson, 2nd Brendan Schultz, 3rd Leigh Egan, 4th Ash Hall, 5th Tim Fitzpatrick, 6th Brenton Slotegraaf, 7th Nathan Glynn, 8th Steve Fairless
9th Travis Lindhe, 10th Rhys Lewis, Sprint: Trent Stevenson, Raymond Jarratt, Paul Clancy, Jamie Costello Manning dnf, Brad Edmonds, Brad Scott, Christian
MacDonald, Dom Orso dnf




2/12/2012 Matong Road

A-GRADE 30mins + 3 laps
1st Matt Grealy, 2nd Terry Sideras, 3rd Dermot Finnigan, Steve Robson, Mal Nield


1st, Edi Haley, 2nd Harrison Nield, 3rd William McKenzie, 4th Lachlan McKenzie, 5th Mitchell Nield




2/9/2012 Matong Road (from the Bill Flower series)



22/4/2012 Matong Road

Handicapped Scratch Race
Overall: 1st Andrew McKenzie, 2nd Elijah Kettle, 3rd Malcolm Nield
A Grade: 1st Jamie Costello-Manning, 2nd Matt Grealy, 3rd Neil Thomson
                Ray Hamilton, Graham Sylvester, Steve Robson, Matt Grealy Neil Thomson, Jamie Costello-Manning

B Grade: 1st Andrew McKenzie, 2nd Elijah Kettle, 3rd Malcolm Nield
                Annie Pitcher, Phil Herd, Elijah Kettle, Glen Kettle, Will Kettle, Malcolm Nield, Bruce Fleming

Jnr: 1st Charlotte Thompson, 2nd Josh Thomson, 3rd Campbell Gray
            Mitch Thompson, Charlotte Thompson, Ky Hodson, Eddie Haley, Cam Gray, Jess Thomson, Josh Thomson

Novice: 1st Will McKenzie, 2nd Lachy McKenzie, 3rd Harrison Nield
            Will McKenzie, Lachlan McKenzie, Harrison Nield, Mitchell Nield

With the Scotty Peoples 100km handicap run in Shepparton on Saturday, Echuca Moama Cycling Club held its club criterium on Sunday. The tricky wet conditions meant that the course would reward a rider with very good bike handling skills and a little bit of bravery. The senior race was run as a handicapped graded criterium with A grade starting one lap down on B grade. This meant that A grade riders had to take a lap in order to be at the front of the race.
Matt Grealy, who became South Pacific Veteran Criterium Champion over Easter, was the first A grade rider to attempt the massive task of grabbing the handicapped lap back. With his extraordinary ability to corner on the wet surface Grealy was soon over half a lap in front of the rest of the chasing A grade and within sight of the rest of the field.
Sensing the danger of the Grealy attack the front runners worked hard to maintain their advantage with Bruce Fleming and Andrew MacKenzie finding surprising support from A grade rider and expert tactician Ray Hamilton. The main group entered a battle with the furious Grealy that would last for over 20 minutes before Grealy found himself back in the fold with the rest of the chasing A grade.
At the front of the race the Kettle trio of William, Elijah and Glen were trying their luck off the front but were unable to get a clear run under the watchful eye of veterans Hamilton and Fleming. Andrew MacKenzie was also putting in a solid ride trying to keep the momentum of the lead group up to discourage any further attacks from the front of the field.
At the 25 minute mark Grealy tried his luck again and tried to bridge the half lap gap between A grade and the leaders. This time he was joined by Thomson and Costello-Manning and the three worked hard together. Thomson, racing back to back races, found the 100km Scotty Peoples ride had taken its toll and he fell off the other two riders with only a few laps to go. At the front of the field MacKenzie entered the home straight and powered out of the corner with Elijah Kettle, Nield and Fleming in chase. MacKenzie took out both the B grade and the overall race with an impressive sprint over Kettle and Nield who managed second and third respectively. Just behind this group Grealy and Costello-Manning fought it out for A grade honours with Costello-Manning winning the sprint over Grealy in second and Thompson in third.
The junior racing saw a strong field in both the under 15 age group and the under 10 age group. Local riders Charlotte Thompson and Campbell Gray looked like the riders to beat as both had proven themselves formidable criterium riders in the last few months. The riders set a solid pace over the first half of the race with all riders keeping a close watch on each other. The slippery conditions helped the riders with better bike handling skills and around the half way mark the race started to break up.
On the last lap Charlotte Thompson put the pressure on at the front of the race and she was able to break away on the home straight to take the win. Josh Thomson and Campbell Gray fought out a sprint finish for second place with Thomson able to attack on the ever watchful Gray’s blind side to take the sprint and second place. Will MacKenzie road hard to win the under 10 race over Lachlan MacKenzie for second and Harrison Nield in third.
Racing next week is the legendary “Gunbarrel” handicap on Terricks Road. The race has a long standing history with the Echuca Moama Cycling Club and there will be some excellent racing on offer.



25/3/2012 Castlemaine-State Junior & Masters Criterium Championships


Great results from Kevin Hone -State Champ!!, Josh Thomson-Silver! & Neil Thomson-Silver!. Well done to all EMCC riders who raced.
MMas8: 1st: Kevin Hone
MMas4: 2nd Neil Thomson
Boys U13: 2nd Josh Thomson



18/3/2012 Deniliquin Criterium


The Deniliquin Crit was run in excellent conditions on Sunday. The course, that wraps around Waring Gardens in the town centre, was a fast 800m block that offered spectators a great view of the race in an idyllic atmosphere. Seventy Five riders competed across four senior grades and two junior grades for the $3,500 worth of prize money on offer from local Deni businesses.
The J11 race brought a field of 9 riders to battle it out with EMCC rider Cam Gray showing an impressive display of stamina to hold off the rest of the field for over half of the race. Local riders featured heavily in the other placings with EMCC’s Josh Thomson and Mitchell Thompson also in the top four places. 1st Campbell Gray, 2nd Josh Thomson, 3rd Anna Druitt, 4th Mitchell Thompson, 5th Chase Costello Manning, 6th Oscar Jones, 7th Karla Everitt, 8th Will MacKenzie, 9th Tom Allitt. While the J13 race had Charlotte Thompson take out first with a decisive last lap and sprint. The final results for the J13 were: 1ST Charlotte Thompson, 2nd Liam Edwards, 3rd Jack Conallin, 4th Portia Costello Manning, 5th Jessie Thomson
In D grade we had ten riders with Shepparton father and son team Ryan and Dale Kilpatrick just holding off EMCC rider Andrew McKenzie who came third. McKenzie, in his first race, looked very comfortable during the race and will only improve as he gains experience in this style of racing. D grades results: 1ST Ryan Kilpatrick, 2nd Dale Kilpatrick, 3rd Andrew MacKenzie, 4th Bruce Fleming, 5th Julia Druitt, 6th Nigel Bye, 7th Aaron Egan, 8th Glen Kettle, 9th Phil Herd, 10th Warren Duffy Intermediate Sprint – Ryan Kilpatrick.
C grades field was eleven riders strong with local riders Elijah Kettle and Simone Costello-Manning in amongst the moves in the first half of the race. Kevin Hone continued his impressive run of races with a solid third just behind Brad Steigenberger in first and Ian Davidson in second place. The results for C grade: 1st Brad Steigenberger, 2nd Iain Davidson, 3rd Kevin Hone, 4th Simone Costello Manning, 5th Nicole McNamara, 6th Mick Doyle, 7th Annie Pitcher, 8th Michaela Tranby, 9th Elijah Kettle, 10th Brandon Burn, dnf Kay Huggins Intermediate Sprint – Brad Steigenberger
The penultimate race on the program was the B grade race over 30 minute plus three laps. This race had a flurry of attacks from the five minute mark onwards with EMCC riders Ben Oman and Fred Molluso in the mix with every surge. Fred Molluso, backing up 225km mountain ride the week before and his impressive results in the Club Championships held on Friday, was able to secure third place just behind the aggressive EMCC rider Ben Oman and the winner Andrew Kowal. The B grade results: 1st Adrian Kowal, 2nd Ben Oman, 3rd Fred Molluso, 4th Jarrod Mackin, 5th Luke Moore, 6th Andy Doyle, 7th Tahn Dempster, 8th Andrew Clapham, 9th David Mohi 10th Vic Bovalino Intermediate Sprint – Adrian Kowal
The action packed A grade race was a viewer’s delight with aggressive riding and continual attacks through the first half of the forty minute race. The field of twenty riders was eventualy split with a group of four riders able to create a reasonable gap just before the twenty minute intermediate sprint. This group worked well as a team to keep the gap growing, not even letting their rotation be disturbed for the intermediate sprint. With the group of four continually gaining time on the rest of the race EMCC rider Ash Hall made a huge effort to bridge the gap and was left hanging in no man’s land until he found his way back to the second group. With the group of four not relenting and the disorganisation of the main group the front runners were able to gain a lap on the field as they came into the last three laps. The final results for A grade were: 1ST Brent Slotegraff, 2nd Steve Fairless, 3rd Trent Stevenson, 4th Neville Laffy, 5th Brad Scott, 6th Travis Linde, 7th Nathan Oman, 8th Tim Fitzpatrick,9th Ash Hall, 10th Leigh Egan Intermediate Sprint – Steve Fairless

1ST Brent Slotegraff, 2nd Steve Fairless, 3rd Trent Stevenson, 4th Neville Laffy, 5th Brad Scott, 6th Travis Linde, 7th Nathan Oman, 8th Tim Fitzpatrick
9th Ash Hall, 10th Leigh Egan
Intermediate Sprint – Steve Fairless
1st Adrian Kowal, 2nd Ben Oman, 3rd Fred Molluso, 4th Jarrod Mackin, 5th Luke Moore, 6th Andy Doyle, 7th Tahn Dempster, 8th Andrew Clapham, 9th David Mohi 10th Vic Bovalino
Intermediate Sprint – Adrian Kowal
1st Brad Steigenberger, 2nd Iain Davidson, 3rd Kevin Hone, 4th Simone Costello Manning, 5th Nicole McNamara, 6th Mick Doyle, 7th Annie Pitcher, 8th Michaela Tranby, 9th Elijah Kettle, 10th Brandon Burn, dnf Kay Huggins
Intermediate Sprint – Brad Steigenberger
1ST Ryan Kilpatrick, 2nd Dale Kilpatrick, 3rd Andrew MacKenzie, 4th Bruce Fleming, 5th Julia Druitt, 6th Nigel Bye, 7th Aaron Egan, 8th Glen Kettle, 9th Phil Herd, 10th Warren Duffy
Intermediate Sprint – Ryan Kilpatrick
1ST Charlotte Thompson, 2nd Liam Edwards, 3rd Jack Conallin, 4th Portia Costello Manning, 5th Jessie Thomson
1st Campbell Gray, 2nd Josh Thomson, 3rd Anna Druitt, 4th Mitchell Thompson, 5th Chase Costello Manning, 6th Oscar Jones, 7th Karla Everitt, 8th Will MacKenzie
9th Tom Allitt





A-GRADE 30mins + 3 laps
1st Nathan Oman, 2nd Ash Hall, 3rd Tim Fitzpatrick

B-GRADE 30mins + 3 laps
1st Stuart Ball, 2nd Elijah Kettle, 3rd Annie Piitcher


1st, Charlotte Thompson, 2nd Campbell Gray, 3rd Mitchell Thompson, 4th William McKenzie, 5th Tom Allitt, 6th Eddie Haley, 7th Lachlan McKenzie




JUNIORS 10 mins
1st Campbell Gray, 2nd Oscar Jones

B-GRADE 30mins + 3 laps
1st Andrew Clapham, 2nd Graham Sylvester, 3rd Peter Mazzarella
Steve Gray, Phil Herd, Stuart Ball, Paul Oman, Bruce Fleming, Kevin Hone, Elijah Kettle

A-GRADE 40 mins + 3 laps
1st Tim Fitzpatrick, 2nd Caleb Sinclair, 3rd Ash Hall
Nathan Oman, Dom Orso, Jai Howard, Shane Roberts, Mick Hone




A Grade: 30mins + 3 laps

1st Mick Hone, 2nd Ash Hall, 3rd Tim Fitzpatrick
Jamie Costello Manning, Jamie Wilson, Dom Orso, Brad Edmonds, Troy Griffiths, Bryce Lowndes

B Grade: 25mins + 3 laps

1st Francis Lias, 2nd Paul Kenny-2nd(visiting from Footscray), 3rd Dermot Finnigan
Malcolm Nield, Bruce Fleming, Kevin Hone, Andrew Clapham

C Grade: 20mins + 2 laps

1st Kath Keer Keer, 2nd Annie Pitchee, 3rd Brett Ayres
Jacob Ayres-great ride Jacob, Warren Duffy, Ezio D’Alberto



JUNIORS: 10 mins + 3 laps> 1st Jakob Ayres, 2nd Chase Costello Manning, 3rd Oscar Jones, 4th Mitchell Thompson, 5th Portia Costello Manning
C-GRADE: 20 mins + 3 laps> 1st Danielle Garden, 2nd Malcolm Nield, 3rd Brett Ayres, 4th Charlotte Thompson, 5th Warren Duffy
B-GRADE: 30 mins + 3 laps> 1st Paul Oman, 2nd Annie Pitcher, 3rd Craig Riddington, 4th Bruce Fleming, 5th Elijah Kettle, 6th Jeff Martin, 7th Glenn Kettle
A-GRADE: 40 mins + 3 laps> 1st Tim Fitzpatrick, 2nd Nathan Oman, 3rd Mick Hone, 4th Ash Hall, 5th Liam Harland, 6th Shane Roberts, 7th Steve Robson, Clint Flanigan, Dom Orso, Jai Howard, Andrew Clapham

DENI CRIT 10/4/2011

Cobram-Barooga cyclists dominated the Deniliquin Criteriums on Sunday, winning three of the four events, and taking all the placings in one of those races.
With excellent prize money on offer for each grade, good fields raced around a 750 metre circuit in Deniliquin, with Echuca-Moama riders making up the majority of the contestants.
The second day of the Deniliquin multisport festival was treated to five criterium races run around the picturesque Waring Gardens. The rainy conditions that had prevailed most of Saturday night abated to give the riders a fairly dry, if not cold and windy, day’s racing. With a prize purse of over $2000 on offer it was obvious that the racing was going to be hot.
The first criterium was for junior competitors, with Echuca Moama Cycling Club being very well represented. All riders kept a close eye on each other until Ky Hodson and Campbell Gray were able to break away in the middle part of the race and opened up a large gap on the rest of the field. As the race went on Campbell Gray was able to stamp his dominance on the Deniliquin circuit, leaving all other competitors behind, to win the race comfortably from Ky Hodson with Mitchell Thompson in third and Jessie Thompson taking out forth place.
The senior “D” grade event found EMCC junior riders Charlotte Thompson and Ellen Guiney taking on senior riders in their first criterium. Both riders were able to hold on until the closing laps where they both worked well to finish just behind their more senior competitors. Ezio D’Alberto was the best placed Echuca Moama rider holding on to take fourth place. The first three places were taken by Tahn Dempster first, Christian Holmes second and Kay Huggins third.
The C grade criterium saw four Echuca Moama riders, warren Duffy, Jeff Ridge, Phil Herd and Erin O’Conner, working hard to keep within the leading group as the pace accelerated at the 10 minute mark of the race. With three riders breaking away in the last few minutes of the race it was left to EMCC riders to ride it out for fourth and fifth place. Andrew Doyle launched a ferocious sprint to win the race over Chris Shaw second and David O’Brien third with Herd and O’Conner taking out fourth and fifth respectively.
Graham Sylvester looked the man to beat in the B grade race with EMCC’s best hope laying with veteran rider Paul Oman or up and coming Caleb Sinclair. The race was run at a blistering pace from the outset with Oman covering any moves and the father and son combination of Glen and Will Kettle from EMCC putting the pressure on early. As the race came into the final lap it was anyone’s race with the sprint finding Sylvester in first place, Brian Crockett just taking second over a fast finishing Sinclair with Oman and Will Kettle taking out fourth and Fifth respectively.
The A grade criterium was dominated by Echuca Moama Cyclists. It was obvious from the start that the pressure was going to be intense as attack after attack was launched of the front of the field with Travis Lindhe, Raymond Jarratt and EMCC riders Dom Orso and Steve Gray bringing every break back. EMCC rider Tristan Gerrish was the first rider able to gain a significant lead on the rest of the field at the 30 minute mark of the race. Gerrish continued to keep a handy 14 second buffer over the chasing group until Tim Fitzpatrick and Brett Sands started to pull the field back, catching Gerrish just before the 45 minute mark.
With Gerrish back in the fold EMCC summer road champion Fitzpatrick launched another attack and was able to gain a significant break over the rest of the field. EMCC rider Ash Hall, racing in his first race for over a decade, worked hard to bridge the gap to Fitzpatrick, but with the finish line looming and the pace of the race taking its toll on the field, no one was able or willing to sacrifice themselves. This left Fitzpatrick with a comfortable win while the rest of the field jockeyed for position to contest the sprint for the minor placings.
The final sprint was a frenetic lunge for the line with the camera needed to separate the riders with four riders hitting the line together. Sands won the sprint to the line for second place separated by less than a foot from Hall third, Lindhe fourth and Nathan Oman fifth.

1st Campbell Gray, 2nd Ky Hodson, 3rd Mitchell Thompson, 4th Jessie Thomson

1st Tahn Dempster, 2nd Christian Holmes, 3rd Kay Huggins, 4th Ezio D’Alberto, 5th Ian Pollard, 6th Charlotte Thompson, 7th Ellen Guiney
Ezio D’Alberto, Ian Pollard, Kay Huggins, Christian Holmes, Tahn Dempster, Charlotte Thompson, Ellen Guiney

1st Andrew Doyle, 2nd Chris Shaw, 3rd David O’Brien, 4th Phil Herd, 5th Erin O’Connor
Warren Duffy, Phil Herd, Erin O’Connor, Jeff Ridge, Trevor Butcher, Andrew Doyle, Chris Shaw, David O’Brien

1st Graham Sylvester, 2nd Brian Crockart, 3rd Caleb Sinclair, 4th Paul Oman, 5th Will Kettle
Graeme Butcher, Brian Crockart, Kathryn Keer Keer, Caleb Sinclair, Jim Small, Graham Sylvester, Paul Oman, Will Kettle, Glenn Kettle

1st Tim Fitzpatrick2nd Brett Sands3rd Ash Hall4th Travis Lindhe5th Nathan Oman
Andrew Clapham, Tristian Gerrish, Steve Gray, Jai Howard, Dom Orso, Neil Thomson, Jamie Wilson, Travis Lindhe, Raymond Jarratt, Ash Hall, Brett Sands, Bryce Lowndes, Sam Kennedy, Nathan Oman, Tim Fitzpatrick




1st Paul Oman, 2nd Simone Costello Manning, 3rd Skip McGillivray, 4th John Doyle
Simone Costello Manning, Paul Oman, John Doyle, Jeff Ridge, Kathryn Keer-Keer, Elijah Kettle, Glenn Kettle, Malcolm Nield, Erin O’Connor, Aegar Kingma, Skip McGillivray

1st Tim Fitzpatrick, 2nd Nathan Oman, 3rd Liam Harland, 4th Aaron Mulkearns
Andrew Clapham, Jamie Wilson, Jay Court, Tim Fitzpatrick, Clint Flanigan, Steve Gray, Matt Grealy, Liam Harland, Sam Kennedy, Will Kettle, Bryce Lowndes, Nathan Oman, Jeff Martin, Aaron Mulkearns, Brett Sands, Neil Thomson, Jamie Costello Manning, Mick Hone


The Moama criterium brought a close to the 2010-2011 Summer Series. Split into 2 grades riders looked keen to hit the road and pick up one last victory.

The B grade event kick started proceedings running for 25 mins and 3 laps. Difficult to pick on paper however Paul Oman went in raging favorite with his vast experience and strong recent form.

In the early stages Elijah Kettle took the initiative and burst from the field, opening a small break on his rivals.

With Skip McGillivray, Jeff Ridge, Glen Kettle & John Doyle watching and waiting in the main field they joined well to reel in the break at the 10min mark and continued to keep the pace.

In the middle of the race the trio of Kathryn Keer-Keer, Erin O’connor and Simone Costello-Manning came to the fore, putting pressure on their fellow competitors.

With the minutes whittling away and riders unable to find that cruicial break it looked to head to a sprint finish.

Into the final 3 laps Mal Neild looked well settled and positioned well with Paul Oman, Costello-Manning and Doyle.

As the final lap loomed the field spread as the pace quickened, riders hit the final corner and Oman kicked clear to victory, Costello-Manning 2nd and McGillivray 3rd.


A grade had quite a mix of young and old, new and experienced, which resulted in a relatively event start to the event. The field was content to let Steven Gray set the pace in the first 10 minutes with Will Kettle and Jeffrey Martin looking comfortable.

Into the middle of the race multiple attacks were trialed without luck with Matt Grealy, Sam Kennedy, Bryce Lowndes and Brett Sands all in the mix.

As the race wore on the power and speed of the stronger riders started to show with Tim Fitzpatrick, Liam Harland, Nathan Oman, Aaron Mulkearns and Michael Hone all moving to the front of the field.

With 3 laps to go Jamie Wilson still looked comfortable in the middle of the field with Andrew Clapham and Jay Court also well positioned. Jamie Costello-Manning also worked his way up through the inside of the field in an attempt to find a spot in the finish.

Not waiting for the rest of the field, Nathan Oman broke the field up with a strong surge, which was countered by Harland, Fitzpatrick and Hone. With the remainder of the field scattered behind the leaders rounded the final corner with Fitzpatrick flying to the lead to victory, Oman holding on strongly for 2nd with Harland 3rd.





The first criterium race for the summer was an action packed affair with high speeds, big groups and aggressive riding.
With the large field split into 2 groups B grade boasted a range of youth and experience lead by Victorian Track Champion Annie Pitcher and young gun Caleb Sinclair. Also expected in the mix were the experienced heads of Paul Oman, Dave Fulton and Glen Kettle whilst Greg Patterson made a welcome return to local racing.
The club also welcomed the criterium debut of Peter McGillivray, Malcolm Neild and Aeger Kingma as they worked into the pace of the event in the early stages.
During the middle of the race Pitcher proved a handful, with John Doyle and Paul Oman well positioned and Caleb Sinclair always in the mix.
Heading to the 20 minute mark the field remained tightly bunched with rider’s content to hold on for the sprint finish. As the bell rang loudly for the final lap Paul Oman to control of the group leading them around the back straight. As he hit the final corner he was followed closely by the remainder of the field with Greg Patterson kicking clear on the outside, sailing to a strong win with John Doyle 2nd and Annie Pitcher holding on for 3rd.
A wide and varied field on paper for the A grade event with Fitzpatrick going into the event as favorite in the absence of Liam Harland. Jamie Costello-Manning, Jeffrey Martin and Aaron Mulkearns were also expected to figure prominently with Samuel Kennedy elevated to A grade this week and strong outside chance.
Jamie Costello-Manning took the initiative from the start opening a small lead with Clint Flanigan in tow. They were able to open approximately a half lap lead with Domenic Orso, Jamie Wilson and Jai Howard controlling the pace in the peloton.
With Jay Court, Brett Smedley, Neil Thompson and Matt Grealy all positioned well in the main field Costello-Manning continued to hold them at bay as the race entered the 2nd half.
Not content with the pace, Nathan Oman and Tim Fitzpatrick burst from the main field and bridged the gap to the breakaway group, continuing to power ahead in tandem.
As the minutes wound down Orso, Steven Gray, Kennedy & Smedley continued their strong work within the field as they jostled for position.
Into the final lap Oman and Fitzpatrick had enough space to fight for victory with Oman prevailing. Fitzpatrick close in 2nd and Mulkearns breaking clear from the peloton to claim 3rd.

1st Greg Patterson, 2nd John Doyle, 3rd Annie Pitcher

1st Nathan Oman, 2nd Tim Fitzpatrick, 3rd Aaron Mulkearns



21 riders contested criterium racing this week, with the long Byfords course made even harder with a 30kmh headwind along the back straight.

B grade started proceedings with Bruce Fleming, Dom Orso, Paul Oman, Bruce Goldburg, Will Kettle, Glen Kettle, Elijah Kettle, Sam Kennedy, John Doyle and John Nutter rounding out the field.

The pace was high from the start with Orso, Kennedy and Thompson pushing the group along, with Nutter showing cracking form in the early stages.

Will Kettle was running hot early in the race and made a strong solo breakaway in the first 10 minutes. This effort kept the chasing peloton at bay until the middle stages when Orso, Thompson and Kennedy bridged the gap and the field regained its composure.

The prognosis looked good for Kennedy as he powered through the middle of the race, taking full advantage of the longer straight sections of the course.

As the race wound into its latter stages, the experience of Goldburg & Oman put them in a strong position and they were well poised coming into the final sprint.

Despite a strong race, Orso had plenty left and wound up the pace well before the final turn in an attempt to remove any other challenges.

This was quickly countered by Thompson, Goldburg and Oman, who fought for position close to his wheel. As they rounded the final turn, Oman fired to the lead and held on strongly to take 1st, Goldburg, 2nd and Thompson 3rd.

A grade looked to be a relatively close affair with Jamie Costello-Manning, Dermott Finnegan, Clint Flanigan, Tim Fitzpatrick, Andrew Clapham, Jeffrey Martin, Troy Griffiths, Tristan Gerrish, and Liam Harland.

The early stages were a relatively quiet affair, with rider’s content to form a large pack to counter the strong headwind.

Following his devastating Monday Night racing form, Martin looked comfortable in the early stages and looked sure to figure later in the race.

Costello-Manning meanwhile was keen to assert some early dominance and using the wind to his advantage broke away from the main field.  He was joined by Flanigan and they maintained a small break until the middle stage of the race when Finnegan bridged the gap and the whole field was brought back together.

As the race progressed numerous little breaks were attempted from Finnegan, Costello-Manning and Fitzpatrick, however as the race came into the final stages the group had re-assembled for what was going to come down to a sprint finish.

As the pace slowed in the back straight Martin fired the first shot, followed by Fitzpatrick, Gerrish & Finnegan. As they rounded the final corner Fitzpatrick fired in a final flurry to win from Griffiths and Finnegan.



Criterium racing resumed for February at Byford’s estate with 24 riders contesting 2 grades under sweltering conditions.

Proudly supported by The Star Wine Bar & Café, the A grade field consisted of Graeme Butcher, Liam Harland, Clint Flanigan, Brett Smedley, Ben Oman, Nathan Oman, Jamie Costello-Manning, Troy Griffiths, Tristan Gerrish & Tim Fitzpatrick.

The initial stages saw little in the way of attack’s or surges with rider’s content to wait for the intermediate sprint at the 15 minute mark. Costello-Manning seized his opportunity a long way out and opened a 200m gap to the rest of the field. With 1 lap remaining to the sprint the remainder of the field looked content with the result, however it was Nathan Oman who pulled the field back to Costello-Manning and he was able to take the intermediate points.

The race settled down into the 20 minute mark, with Smedley & Fitzpatrick the only riders to test the field, whilst the Oman brothers, Harland & Costello-Manning rode strongly in the main group.

As the race neared the final 3 laps Smedley drove to the front of the field and opened a small lead. With no response from the bunch, this lead opened up quickly and with 2 laps to go Smedley held a 150m advantage. Into the final lap Fitzpatrick and Nathan Oman fired in an attempt to close the gap, as the final turn loomed it seemed as Smedley’s superhuman effort would pay dividends, however it was Oman who fired from the corner to take 1st, Fitzpatrick 2nd and Smedley 3rd.

A quality field assembled for the B grade race with 14 starters including Andrew Clapham, Ray Hamilton, Dom Orso, , Will Kettle, Glen Kettle, Paul Oman, Jeff Martin, Karl Christian, Matt Grealy & Sam Kennedy,

During the initial stages the pace was raised with Orso, Martin & Kennedy, keen to assert dominance in the early stages.

Christian looked comfortable in his debut race and applied pressure to the rest of the field as the intermediate sprint loomed. As they rounded the final turn Grealy and  Christian were left to fight for the sprint points with Christian powering to the line and taking the intermediate honours.

Not to be deterred Martin, Oman, Kettle & Clapham applied the pressure in the late stages, in particular Martin was keen to ensure an A grade start next race.

As the whistle rang to signal 3 laps to the finish the field was bunched and a sprint finish ensured. Bursting from the final corner and sprinting decisively was Martin who won, from debutant Christian 2nd & Orso 3rd.

The Riverine Therapeutic Massage Voucher was won by Liam Harland, with Ray Hamilton receiving the Star Wine Bar & Café voucher.



Criterium racing returned for 2010 at the Byfords Estate on Monday 4th January under scorching conditions.

The B grade race looked a relatively even affair with Dom Orso, Peter Mazzarella, Bruce Goldburg, Ray Hamilton, Jeffrey Martin, Glen Kettle and Craig Riddington making up the field.

Orso looked comfortable early and took control of the race with Hamilton in tow and Martin content to settle into the back of the pack.

Visiting rider Mazzarella started the new year well and looked strong in the middle stages as the heat began to take its toll. With 10 minutes remaining Riddington successfully attacked the field and opened a 50m lead. With the remainder of the field content to let Riddington work alone he steadily increased his lead over the next 3 laps to gain a 200m advantage.

As the race edged into the final stages Riddington continued his strong surge, whilst the remainder of the field was shocked into action and the chase began.

With the final lap looming Riddington’s lead had been cut to 100m with Mazzarella and Orso leading the chasing bunch. Into the final turn Mazzarella fired along with Goldburg to chase down Riddington. Mazzarella finished strongly to take first, Goldburg 2nd and Orso 3rd.

The A grade field consisted of Neil Thompson, David Henrekker, Jamie Costello-Manning, Paul Jarman, Clint Flanigan, Brett Smedley, Troy Griffiths, Jason Jezewski & Dermot Finnegan.

With Costello-Manning and Finnegan finding form over the Christmas break they took control of the race in the early stages. Jarman looked to benefit from his intense training regime and settled into the middle of the field with Griffiths closing down any attacks in the first 10 minutes.

As the 15 minute mark loomed, Griffiths positioned himself well and surged strongly to take the intermediate sprint from Flanigan.

Finnegan & Costello-Manning attacked aggressively following this sprint and broke from the field with Henrekker close behind. This move split the field with Griffiths working hard to bridge the gap to the leading trio.

Into the final stages the pace altered with this quartet keen to set themselves for the sprint. Costello-Manning burst from the final turn with Griffiths and Finnegan on his wheel. With the line ahead he held on strongly to win with Griffiths 2nd and Finnegan 3rd

Thompson rode strongly all night and received the Star Hotel encouragement award.




The 2nd Criterium at Byfords’ Estate started under glorious conditions on Monday 7th December. Sponsored by the STAR Wine Bar & Café it started with one of the biggest fields for some time.

The B grade field consisted of 16 riders including Glen & Will Kettle, Paul & Ben Oman, Ben Pearse, Jeff Martin, Matt Grealy, Ray Hamilton, Bruce Fleming, Paul Jarman, Bruce Goldburg, Greg Patterson, Dave Oman, Warren Duffy & new rider Brett Sands.

Dave Oman couldn’t wait to get into the action and drove the field from lap 1 until Fleming, Glen Kettle and Hamilton warmed their legs and were able to control the pace. Free from family rivalries this week, Hamilton looked comfortable in the early stages and was able to keep the field under his control.

Into the middle stages several attacks were launched from Jarman, Paul Oman, Martin and Grealy in an attempt to remove those in for a free ride.

Goldburg and Patterson used their experience and maintained a constant position close to the front end of the field as it hit the 20 minute mark.

Jarman decided it was time to test the field and produced a strong effort to string the remaining riders across the course.

Coming into the final 3 laps, Oman and Jarman were well poised with Brett Sands looking very comfortable and handling his debut criterium like a veteran.

As the final lap loomed 7 riders fired up the back straight and into the final sprint. Jarman surged through the corner with Goldburg, Oman and Sands in tow.

The shifting Sands surged to the lead as the lined loomed, however it was Jarman who found a final kick to take 1st. Sands completed an outstanding debut race for 2nd, Paul Oman 3rd and Goldburg 4th.

The A grade field was going to be a close affair on paper with Jamie Costello-Manning, Tim Fitzpatrick, Brett Smedley, Dermott Finnegan, Nathan Oman, Clint Flanigan, Bryce Lowndes, Liam Harland & Troy Griffiths rounding out the field.

Taking a leaf out of Oman’s book from the B grade race, Smedley upped the ante from the outset instantly opening a 100m lead on the field.

Costello-Manning moved quickly and bridged this gap without reaction from the remainder of the field and formed a 2 man breakaway in the early stages.

Content to control the pace from the main group Griffiths, Fitzpatrick and Harland maintained the tempo and ensured the 2 lead riders were within striking distance.

Into the middle stages these 2 riders maintained their lead with Smedley riding himself into the ground in an attempt to stay away.

At the 20 minute mark, the breakaway was reeled in following some strong work from Finnegan and Lowndes and the whole field regathered for a quick rest.

In the following laps multiple attacks were attempted with Costello-Manning, Fitzpatrick, Harland and Finnegan the aggressors.

Not content with one surge Costello-Manning was like a jack in the box in his unrepenting challenges of the field.

As the final lap loomed the field slowed with most riders content to wait for another to make the first move.  Griffiths was decisive in the back straight, splitting the field and opening a slight lead. As the remainder of the field scrambled into his wheel he rounded the final turn with Fitzpatrick, Lowndes and Harland well positioned.

Sensing their sprint, Griffiths fired again and held the chasing riders at bay to take 1st, Lowndes 2nd, Fitzpatrick 3rd and Harland 4th.



A Grade:> Clint Flanigan, Jamie Costello-Manning, Nathan Oman, Tim Fitzpatrick, Liam Harland, Brett Smedley, Neil Thompson

B Grade:> Matt Grealy, Ray Hamilton, Warren Duffy, Andrew Clapham, Jeffrey Martin, Domenic Orso, Paul Oman, Glen Kettle, Will Kettle, Elijah Kettle


Despite the blistering start to November, 17 riders contested the first criterium for the summer series.

Dom Orso started well and was joined by Matt Grealy, Ray Hamilton, Warren Duffy, Andrew Clapham, Jeffrey Martin, Paul Oman, Glen Kettle, Will Kettle and Elijah Kettle to make up the B grade field.

The 25 minute duration was always going to test the endurance and Oman & Clapham kept the pressure on in the early stages.

The first major split of the race occurred at the halfway mark with Orso the instigator. He pulled away taking Grealy, Clapham, Martin and Oman with him.

Hamilton was unlucky to miss this break but persisted and kept the main field within reach.

Coming into the final 3 laps Martin controlled the front with Oman & Orso well positioned. With no rider keen to make a move it was Orso who upped the tempo into the final lap. Rounding the final corner Orso, Oman, Clapham & Grealy all lined up for the final sprint with Clapham firing at the line to win from Orso with Oman 3rd.

As the night began to cool A grade started their 30 minute trip with Nathan Oman, Tim Fitzpatrick, Liam Harland, Brett Smedley, Neil Thompson, Jamie Costello-Manning and Clint Flanigan making up the field.

The early stages were a relatively even affair with Costello-Manning the only rider keen to test the mettle of his competitors.

Smedley hit a turbo boost to break at the 10 minute mark with the rest of the field content to sit and wait for the time being.

Costello-Manning countered with Harland in tow, whilst Oman and Fitzpatrick were left to bridge the gap and the race entered the middle stages.

As the rain started to fall the field bunched and continued to power to the finish with Fitzpatrick winning by half a wheel from Harland & Oman. Due to the conditions the unofficial sprint to Byfords was taken by Oman with Fitzpatrick and Harland close behind.



1st – Tim Fitzpatrick, 2nd – Clint Flanigan, 3rd – Brett Smedley

A Grade> Troy Grifiiths, Brett Smedley, Tim Fitzpatrick, Craig Riddington, Clint Flanigan, Liam Harland.


1st – Bruce Goldburg, 2nd – Ben Pearse, 3rd – Jeff Martin.

 B Grade> Matt Grealy, Damien Eade, Jeff Ridge, Greg Patterson, Bruce Goldburg, Bruce Fleming, Todd Fleming, Jeff Martin, Warren Duffy, Glen Kettle, Ben Pearse, Will Kettle.


A mass start kicked off the 2nd criterium race for 2009 on Monday 2/3/09. With both A and B grade rolling out together the pace was steady in the initial stages.

A grade looked to be an even event with pre-race favorites Troy Griffiths, Brett Smedley and Craig Riddington fresh from their training camp in Lorne.

Making up the remainder of A grade were Tim Fitzpatrick, Clint Flangian and recent winner Liam Harland, all of who settled into the middle of the bunch in the early stages.

B grade however looked to be an up and down affair with Glen Kettle, Jeff Martin and Warren Duffy expected to test the main group early on in the race.

With Duffy nestled comfortably to the back of the main bunch in the early stages, it was up to Glen Kettle to up the tempo in the B grade race. He produced a strong turn into the wind at the 6-minute mark and opened up a 100m gap on the field.

Initially the main bunch reacted strongly to bridge the gap, however this effort was short lived and they seemed content to slowly reel Kettle in over the next 3 laps.

As the legs warmed up, the race seemed to open up with Will Kettle & Ben Pearce spending time at the front looking for a chance to break away.

15 minutes into the 30-minute A grade race, Tim Fitzpatrick decided it was time to turn up the heat. He attacked into the headwind leg and quickly opened up a 100m gap to the remaining field. Fellow A grade riders’ Troy Griffiths, Brett Smedley, Clint Flanigan & Liam Harland joined together with strong B grade riders Bruce Goldburg and Ben Pearse to give chase.

This combination were able to reduce the gap to 50m and were content to leave Fitzpatrick out in the lead, however within striking distance.

At this point the 25 minute B grade race had been split into 2 groups, with Bruce Goldburg and Ben Pearse able to latch onto the A grade group with the remainder of the field chasing behind.

Jeff Ridge, Todd Fleming & Matt Grealy were never out of the picture, who along with Damien Eade kept the tempo in the B grade race as it reached the final stages.

With 2 laps remaining Goldburg and Pearse were still a lap ahead of the rest of the field and would have to fight it out for the win.

Following weeks of strong training, Goldburg produced a strong sprint from the final turn to take 1st, with Pearse coming a close 2nd.

The fight for 3rd was fierce, with Bruce Fleming launching an attack with 2 laps to go, holding a break of 100m into the final lap. He was unlucky not to hold off the field and was reeled in near the finish by Jeff Martin who took 3rd, closely followed by Paterson, Todd Fleming and Grealy.

Meanwhile, as the A grade race reached 20 minute mark, Fitzpatrick filtered back to the rest of the chasing group and the speed settled considerably with the exception of Brett Smedley who produced strong efforts to maintain the pace.

With 3 laps remaining Griffiths, Fitzpatrick, Harland, Smedley and Flanigan were all in the lead bunch, all with a chance.

No one was keen to make a move until the last lap of the race. Griffiths took the initiative and burst to the front with Fitzpatrick in tow, he upped the speed to more than 50 km/h, whilst Smedley and Flanigan scrambled to latch onto this effort.

He pulled away leaving Fitzpatrick to take up the lead with less than 500m to the finish.

Heading to the final corner Fitzpatrick lead Flanigan, closely followed by Smedley and Griffiths.

Around the final turn, Fitzpatrick found another burst of speed and held on strongly to win from Flanigan 2nd, Smedley 3rd and Griffiths 4th, with Harland unlucky to succumb to a mechanical problem.



A Grade 35 Laps + 3> 1st Troy Griffith, 2nd Bryce Lowndes, 3rd Brett Smedley

Starting List: Troy Griffiths, Brett Smedley, Graeme Butcher, Jamie Costello-Manning, Clint Flanigan, Ray Hamilton, Bryce Lowndes, Jeff Martin, Matt Grealy, Bruce Goldburg, Bruce Fleming, Jeff Ridge, Glen Kettle


With last week’s race postponed due to the extreme weather, a fresh group of 14 riders contested the 2nd criterium for the 2009 around Byfords estate.

Brett Smedley and Troy Griffiths went in pre-race favorites, with the remainder of the field relatively even.

Glen Kettle’s attire ensured he wouldn’t be missed and he started the race strongly along with Jamie Costello-Manning who set the pace in the opening laps.

The early stages were a cautious affair with riders rotating around regularly at a relatively steady pace.

At the 10 minute mark Jamie Costello-Manning decided to test the legs of the field and surged out of the opening corner to up the ante. He was joined by Clint Flanigan and they opened up a small lead on the rest of the field, however were reeled in within 2 laps.  As Jamie Costello-Manning and Clint Flanigan filtered back to the main bunch Bryce Lowndes and Graeme Butcher took their opportunity along the back straight with the remainder of the field scrambling to tag along.

By the 15 minute mark the pace had settled once again and the field had regrouped.

With the wind in their faces and the remainder of the field trying to find some cover, Brett Smedley and Troy Griffiths launched a decisive attack up the back straight. They immediately opened up a 50m gap on the chasing group, which consisted of Bryce Lowndes, Ray Hamilton, Clint Flanigan, Jamie Costello-Manning and Bruce Goldburg. Clint Flanigan attempted to bridge the gap to the leading duo, however a strong turn from Brett Smedley ensured they kept their distance. With Clint Flanigan starting to wane, Bryce Lowndes used a strong burst of speed to cover the distance to Brett Smedley & Troy Griffiths leaving the remainder of the field in tatters and hoping to regroup.

With the leading bunch now a trio, they continued to pull away from the chasing group, who had now regained most of the original starters.

Jamie Costello-Manning attemped to reduce the deficitl, which had crept out to 150m. He spend 4 laps on the front of his bunch, driving up the pace and cutting the distance to the leaders and allowing a break for Clint Flanigan, Jeff Martin, Bruce Fleming, Ray Hamiton, Graeme Butcher and Bruce Goldburg.

With a couple of laps remaining the leaders were well ahead and unlikely to be caught. Troy Griffiths continued his strong race to further extend the lead.

With 1 lap remaining the leading trio of Troy Griffiths, Brett Smedley and Bryce Lowndes looked relatively even and shaped up for a bunch sprint to decide the winner.

Rounding the final bend Troy Griffiths produced a strong surge to jump away from his co-riders and scored a well earned victory from Bryce Lowndes and Brett Smedley coming in 3rd. The chasing group were still fighting for the minor placings with Bruce Goldburg and Jeff Martin positioning strongly in the back straight hoping for a clear run to the finish. They bunch emerged from the final corner with Clint Flanigan scraping in for 4th from Jamie Costello-Manning 5th and Jeff Martin 6th.



A Grade 35 Laps + 3> 1st Troy Griffith, 2nd Shane Walker, 3rd Brett Smedley, 4th David Fulton

B Grade 30 Laps + 3> 1st Peter Mazzarella, 2nd Will Kettle, 3rd Steve Kerwin



A Grade 35 Laps + 3> 1st N. Oman, 2nd B. Edmunds, 3rd M. Hone,4th.T. Griffith

B Grade 30 Laps + 3> 1st W. Kettle, 2nd B.Pearse, 3rd B. Oman, 4th D. Merritt


A Grade> B. Smedley, T. Griffith, M. Hone, T. Fitz, N. Oman, S. Gray, J. Costello-Manning, C.Flanigan, B. Edmunds, B. Lowndes
B Grade> R. Hamilton, J. Ridge, D. Merritt, D. Eade, J. Martin, T. Fleming, B. Fleming, B.Pearse, B. Oman, P. Oman, D. Oman, B. Goldburg, W. Kettle, G. Kettle, B. Craig, B. Doryea

A grade
10 riders started in A grade, with 2 distinct groups emerging from the first turn.
M. Hone wasted no time, testing the legs of the rest of the field, by taking the lead on the first lap.
At the 4 minute mark,  a strong move from Nathan Oman split the bunch in 2 with Edmunds, Fitzpatrick, Hone, Griffiths & Costello-Manning along for the ride.
The remainder of the field including Gray, Lowndes, Smedley & Flanigan gave chase, however the main group continued to pull away.
By the 12 minute mark, the lead group had lapped the remaining riders and continued to the finish.
Nathan Oman made another strong attack at the 18 minute mark, however he was unable to make it last. Hone counter attacked this move on the next lap & pushed the remainder of the field into the latter part of the race.
With less than 10 minutes to go, Edmunds tested the rest of the field, however this moved was swiftly covered by the rest of the bunch.
With only 3 minutes to go, Oman moved to the lead and put the pressure on the remaining riders, with Fitzpatrick departing with only a handful of laps to the finish.
With 2 laps to go, the pace slowed briefly and it was a game of cat & mouse. It was Hone who pounced first and opened up a 50m gap with 1 lap to go. With the strong head wind on the back straight Oman & Edmunds were able to reel Hone in and push towards the final corner.
The last 200m produced a powerful display of sprinting from both Oman & Edmunds, with Nathan Oman winning by half a wheel from Brad Edmunds.
Michael Hone finished a strong race for 3rd and he was closely followed by Troy Griffiths who finished 4th.

B Grade:
A large field assembled for the B grade race, with a varied mix of experience & energy it made for entertaining racing.
The field remained together for the first 5 laps with all riders ‘testing the water’ and awaiting any early moves.
The first came from D. Merrett who moved to the front with Hamilton & Ridge in tow.
Ben Oman seized an early opportunity and sped to the front at the 4 minute mark, however the strong winds on the back straight allowed the bunch to reel this attack in.
10 minutes into the race, the pace was being controlled by the experience of Hamilton, Goldburg & Fleming, with several small attacks attempted without success.
The 15 minute mark brought the strongest move of the race to date, with Pearse, W. Kettle & B. Fleming surging to the lead. This move upped the pace of the field and inspired G. Kettle to move up a gear and counter attack.
To this stage, P. Oman had been patiently waiting in the bunch for the time to pounce. He launched up the road against the strong winds on the back straight. He was quickly joined by Hamilton who continude to surge this break away from the field.
With 5 minutes to go, new rider D. Eade made a decisive move along the home straight with a solo breakaway, which took a group effort from Martin, Kettle, B. Oman to drag in.
With 3 laps to go Hamilton looked in control & took the lead from Fleming, Goldburg & Martin. Well positioned was W. Kettle who attacked the bunch with 1 km to go. He quickly opened up a 60m break, which he maintained well into the last lap of the race.
A strong chase from Pearse ensured there would be a sprint finish. He challenged Kettle around the final turn, however W. Kettle had enough left to hold on for the win. He was closely followed by Pearse 2nd, B. Oman 3rd & D. Merrett 4th.



"A" Grade 35 Laps + 3> 1st Nathan Oman, 2nd Troy Griffiths

"B" Grade 30 Laps + 3> 1st Liam Harland, 2nd Brent O'Shanessey

22 riders welcomed a mild, sunny & very windy Byfords Criterium Course for the first race this summer series.
A Grade started at a relatively sedate pace for the first couple of laps before the combination of Nathan Oman & Tim Fitzpatrick began to test the mettle of the other riders.
The bunch stayed within striking distance of Tim and Nathan during the initial laps, until Clint Flanigan launched an energetic, although largely unsuccessful break for a couple of laps in the middle of the race.
When the bunch came together it was Tim and Nathan who made the move. They were swiftly followed by  Troy Griffiths & Jamie Costello-Manning, which proved to be a successful move in the outcome of the race.
Jamie and Tim filtered back to the rest of the chasing bunch, who persisted in the trying conditions, however the gap between the breakaway leaders Nathan & Troy increased as the race went on.
This break continued for the remainder of the race with Nathan Oman winning from Troy Griffiths, with Tim Fitzpatrick out sprinting the remainder of the field to take 3rd place.

B grade was a closely fought race, the initial stages gave riders a chance to see who was willing to make a move. With strong spinters in the field such as Oman, Martin & Goldburg the bunch was keen to keep the pace up with Hamilton, Merrett & Harland pushing the bunch along.
Newer riders Todd Fleming & Brent O'Shannessy provided an unknown and this race was close into the middle stages.
A strong attack from Liam Harland, fresh from training in the UK, split the main bunch. He was quickly joined by Brent O'Shannessy and they worked well together to put a significant amount of time between themselves and the remaining bunch.
They stayed away for the remainder of the race, with the last laps becoming a game of cat & mouse for the winning positions. In the end it took a camera finish to decide the winner, with Liam taking the win closely followed by Brent. Not to be outdone the remaining bunch surged strongly towards the finish with Jeff Martin finishing 3rd from Paul Oman 4th.

A Grade: Nathan Oman, Jamie Costello-Manning, Brett 'Turbo' Smedley, Tim Fitzpatrick, Clint Flanigan, Tim Fraser, Graeme Butcher, Bryce Lowndes, Steven Gray, Troy Griffiths

B Grade: Paul Oman, Greg Patterson, Liam Harland, Glen Kettle, Will Kettle, Bruce Goldburg, Dave Merritt, Dave Oman, Raymond Hamilton, Brent O'shanessey, Todd Fleming, Jeff Martin




"A" Grade 35 Laps + 3 > 1st Brad Edmunds, 2nd Nathan Oman, 3rd Troy Griffiths

"B" Grade 30 Laps + 3> 1st Cliint Flanigan, 2nd Bryce Lowndes, 3rd David Boak

Pace was hot from the start in A grade with 7 riders, Turbo was unlucky to get a flat early and retire after first couple of laps.
Grant and Tim set the pace early however the strong head winds on the back straight had them in trouble in the early laps.
Into the first 10 mins Brad, Nathan, Troy and Tim Fitrz were left to fight it out, brad broke at approx the 15 min mark and continually put time into the rest of the bunch to win by approx 1/2 lap.
Nathan, Troy and Tim Fitz chased hard, Tim dropping with about 5-10mins to go and Nathan and Troy left to fight out  2nd/3rd.

Big field with 14 riders for the 3rd B grade crit of the summer season, a big crowd turning out (3 in total) to watch the big names in BOB 'Gloria Jeans' CRAIG, Ray 'the flash' Hamilton & the return of Jeff Ridge. Bobby Craig shot to the lead after 1 turn, pushing up the pace and breaking away for 1 lap however caffeine withdrawal hit and bobby was forced to pull out!
Glen Kettle set the pace for the first half of the race, with Ray, Jeff ridge, Bryce, Dave Boak, Clint, Paul Oman all around the front.
Approx 20 min mark, Clint and Bryce were lucky enough to break away and with Bryce putting in some strong turns into the wind on the back straight were able to hang onto the end...


"A" Grade 35 Laps + 3 > 1st Brad Edmunds, 2nd Nathan Oman, 3rd David Fulton, 4th Brett Smedley

"B" Grade 30 Laps + 3> 1st Paul Oman, David Boak, 3rd Will Kettle, 4th Liam Harland

A Grade, Brad Edmunds, Nathan Oman, David Fulton, Brett Smedley, Graeme Butcher, Tim Fitzpatrick, Tristan Gerrish, Jamie Costello Manning, Ben Oman

B Grade, Bruce Goldburg, Liam Harland, David Boak, Paul Oman, Craig Riddingtron, Bob Craig, Will Kettle, Glen Kettle, Ben Pearce, Dave Oman, Geoff Martin


"A" Grade> 1st Wayne Saunders, 2nd Grant Webster, 3rd Brad Edmunds, 4th Nathan Oman

"B" Grade> 1st Clint Flanigan, 2nd Bryce Lowndes, 3rd Tristan Gerrish, 4th Liam Harland

Nineteen  riders turned out for the last Monday night race for the season which was a criterium at the previously untried Byfords circuit at Moama. The field was split into two grades with eleven riders in A grade contesting a race of 35 minutes plus three laps and eight riders in B grade over 30 minutes plus three laps.


With Brad Edmunds in the field the A grade event was always going to be quick and he wasted no time in going on the attack. Tim Fraser and Troy Griffith rode strongly on the front of the bunch to ensure Edmunds was brought back, only to see him attack again. The strong pace saw the field whittled down to eight riders which included juniors Nathan Oman and Tim Fitzpatrick as the race drew closer to its end. Brad Edmunds managed to stay away from the field for 5 laps only for the race to come together with 3 laps to go looking like it would be settled in a sprint finish. Heading into the last lap tactics came into play with the stronger riders jockeying for position however it was Wayne Saunders who provided the surprise by attacking into turn two with a kilometre to go. He quickly opened a gap of 70 metres as the others looked at each other to make the chase and still had a gap of 40 metres turning into the home straight. Fortunately for Saunders the finish line arrived before the pursuing bunch which was lead by Grant Webster, with Brad Edmunds close behind in third place.


B grade was also run at a solid pace, driven along by some aggressive riding from Dave Oman and Liam Harland, who both made attempts to steal a break. But after 30 minutes all eight riders were still together and a keenly contested sprint was assured. Tristan Gerrish was on the front at the bell and stayed there until the dying metres when overtaken by Clint Flanagan who won narrowly from a fast finishing Bryce Lowndes with Gerrish holding on for third.



"A" Grade> 1st Brett Stevens, 2nd Leigh Egan

"B" Grade> 1st Jamie Costello Manning, 2nd Fred Molluso, 3rd Steve Kerwin


Sweeney leads the way, Lowndes wins the Day 28/01/2007

Echuca riders were light in numbers so six Kyabram riders who rode across to spectate for the day offered to race and make up a total of 13 riders in all.

The opening sizzling laps were set by Mike Sweeney and Geoff Norster with the rest of the Kyabram contingent close behind. After 15 minutes the Echuca riders led by Bryce Lowndes, Dave Fulton, Craig Riddington, Will & Glen Kettle & Bruce Fleming lifted the pace and shifted to the front of the pack leaving the Kyabram riders following closely behind.

By the 30 minute mark with 3 laps to go, the lead changed several times but no breakaway group formed so a home straight sprint was going to decide the race winner. With all riders rounding the last corner closely bunched and facing a strong head wind Bryce Lowndes showed wily tactics to pip Tractor by half a wheel with Will Kettle riding well to come in third followed by the remaining Echuca & Kyabram riders.

Thanks to the Kyabram crew of Mike Sweeney, Geoff Norster, Peter Doyle, Stewart Lowe, John Coney & Ezio Dalberto, for filling in for the day and to Tim Fraser for marshalling & lap keeping


Oman and Teggelove win final race for 2006

The last Criterium road race for 2006 was held on Sunday morning, New Years Eve. The event was well attended with 15 riders being split into two grades.   A grade  had 5 riders which included Brad Edmunds and Mick Teggelove, whilst the bulk of the riders were in B grade.  Both grades started together and A grade was happy to sit back and watch the B Grade race unfold.


In B Grade, Ben Oman was in brilliant form and it didn’t take long before he was attacking off the front and putting the pressure on the rest of the B Grade field.  There were not many willing to chase him down, preferring to let him wear himself out and come back to the field. Those willing to chase included Dave Fulton Craig Riddington and Ken Woods.  At one stage Fulton bridged across to Oman and it looked like they might team up to stay away, but this was not to be, and they were both were brought back to the field.


From there the race stayed together for the next 10 minutes until Ben Oman had  recovered enough to attack again.  He was again reeled in, but the renewed pressure took it’s toll on others in the bunch with a few retiring from the race after being dropped.


The last move of the B Grade race saw Ken Woods off the front and looked the goods to hold the rest off in the final laps, but he to was reeled in.  In the sprint for the line, Ben Oman again showed that he has stepped up a notch and easily won the sprint from Tim Fitzpatrick in 2nd and Ken Woods 3rd.


It was after B grade had finished that A grade came into their own.  The pace was increased and it soon took its toll on some.  With two laps to go Brad Edmunds launched off the front and looked like he had a winning lead.   Mick Teggelove responded well and brought Edmunds back to the remnants of the A Grade field which set it up for a bunch sprint, with Mick Teggelove winning from Brad Edmunds.


The next race is at Terricks Road on Monday 8th January, 6pm.


Local Mick Teggelove beat an international                     Ben Omen out sprinted the field to win B grade

Contingent to win A grade.

                                                                                          Spectators came from near & far (Kyabram)