Bonjour à tous... 22/09/2007
  Well the tour is run and won now and the last three days were the hardest
to say the least.. Thursday was a tough day with a cat. 1 climb at the 57 km
mark.. Chris was in 5th place and he was feeling not to bad.. we were to try
and get as many of us over the climb to swap off on the front as we had 50
km to descend.. i popped with a km to go and climbed the best i have ever
and got back on in the descent... Rob lyte and i sat on the front keeping
the pace high so that no one would attack and chris could get a easy ride..
luke critter got third on the stage after breaking away early.. a good day..
Friday was to be a repeat of last year as the stage finished in the same
town that i won in last year.. i was on a mission to get away and it was not
until the exact same spot i attacked last year i did so.. i took 4 guys with
me and we chopped off at 50kph to stay away.. with 500mts to go i launched
and tried solo but was caught and past by the bunch.. never mind.. in the
arvo a 8km dirt road time trail was on the cards and it was the hardest tt i
have ever done..  no traction.. big bolders.. off the bike and running
sections and 35° C heat.. hard day with me only averaging 12kph and stopping
half wat for a pepsi out of the van that could not make it any furthere..
Chris rode well for 10th and Tony was 7th.. bring on saturday... THE DERNIER
JOUR 78km stage in the morning with three CAT 3 climbs, and three CAT 4
climbs.. Chris was having a  shocker and myself Luke and Greg had to stay
with him all stage to get him to the line..  He cracked bad and lost a place
or two and was to start the last stage in 7th spot.. Tony was in the break
and Ran 2nd.. a good result.. LE DERNIER ETAPE.. the last stage just had two
Cat 3 climbs in it and once over them 5 laps of a 6km circut to finish a
long ten days off.. Chris was feeling better so the plan was to get some one
up the road so i took it upon myself to do so.. i attacked 10 km into the
stage and 4 guys came across.. we got over the climbs easily and came out
onto the circut.. I was feeling good so with 30km to go i just went.. solo
and smacked it.. the bunch came on the circut but i had 1min 40 sec.. lap
after lap they slowly ate into my lead and when i had 1 lap (6km) left it
was still 35secs i drilled it into the head wind at 41kph digging deep into
reserves i didnt know i had.. around the top into the tail to the finish i
dropped it onto the 12 cog and drove it as friggen hard as i could possibly
do so.. it was the drag race of the century and as tony told me after the
race.. 4 french teams were on the front driving it for the local man Jaromé
Bonnacé.. 1km to go no sign of them.. then as it can happen in cycling i was
caught with 60mts.. A bloody stone throw from the line and watched the
victory go in front of me and i made myself watch it so next time it aint
going to happen.. Jaromé won the race and i was happy it finished.. tour 07
completed and a good tour to say the least... anyways i have to run and pack
my bike and home time tomorrow.. cant waith.. until next time (TASSIE TOUR)
à plut tard and bon journeé...


Bonjour à tous...19/09/2007
Well it has been a busy week of racing with some good results and some hard
days.. The 2nd day consisted of high speeds and lots of attacks. a typical
race for the french and a shock to the system early in the season.. the day
went ok and a small break went away and we all come in safe.. 3rd day was
real hard and lots of attacks and many hills. at one stage i was off the
back so when it came together i kept going and got a group of 10 away with
me with 70km to go.. i got over the major climbs and after some attacks
there was 5 left to fight it out.. the old saying.. he who hesitates looses
the race.. i did and ran third.. happy with the result but if i had of won i
would have got the yellow on time bonuses.. nver mind c.est la vie.. the
next day we raced to a dirt road 6km hores catagory climb.. we managed to
get Chris fry in the break and he ran third up the climb and third overall..
jack and i swapped off for tony for 80km riding tempo.. not much fun hey..
that night i got a good case of the runs and it was not much fun the next
day on the bike(sunday).. i had the shits and spent the day trying not to
destroy my knicks and stay on the bike.. monday i woke up with no pains in
the stomach and no more runs.. only had a massive cat 1 climb to get over
which i did (by myself) and recoverd some strenght.. Tuesday was formality
just lots of attacks and a bunch sprint.. recovery day.. today tony was on a
mission as he was out to punish the Panaché 1 team as he come to blows with
two of them after yesterdays stage.. long story and after some fines it was
all sorted.. today he smashed it and stamped his athority on the Panaché
boys and won the stage in a 5 up break away wit 2 guys from Panaché 1.. a
strong day and another recovery day for the rest of us.. anyways i must go..
we have lots of hills coming up including a 8km up time trial up another
dirt road mine.. till then.. à pluta and bon journeé....

Bonjour à tous, 13/09/2007
well well. i arrived in caledonia on tuesday which seemed to take for ever
and as expected it was hot and sticky.. Wednesday we built our bikes and
headed for the team time trial corse to check out whatwe had in store for
us.. The team consists of 4 riders and i have the defending tony mann on my
team and team mate Chris fry.. FRF sent 4 riders to to help with our
mission.. anyways straight to the point.. today was the T.T.T. and we were
pumped.. it was decided i was to cross the line first to take the yellow
jersey if we won to take the pressure off tony.. the hype was awsome and
every one was checking out everyone to see who was fit or fat... we took off
flat out and stayed above 50 kph to the line... so many times i wanted to
stop but when you have a guy like tony yelling F en go you step up real
quick.. as it turned out we finished 2nd to a french outfit who are no
shitters by anymeans..  a great star.. then the RR. with ME tony and chris
and Robert Lyte from FRF we dominated and rob ran second on the stage.. Oh
yeah.. we had to climb a 5 km berg 3 times but i managed to grovell over
each time.. i punctured 21 kms into the stage and managed to get back on so
the form is there.. i think i am still top ten overall but there is alot of
climbing to go.. anyways we head north for 6 days so no comunication but
check out for some results.. its in french so
BON CHANCE.. any ways i have to go and speak next week..