Hallo, Hoe gaits het ermee?


Well I am still alive and it has been a while since I last wrote but as you know I ate the bitchy in Tassie and was off for a while and pretty much worked all summer so I could finally come to Belgium and race.. I only did a handful of races over the summer so there was definitely not much to write about.. I set out from Melb airport on he 23rd of April and had my stop in Abu Dhabi after a 14hr only to be stuck there an extra 5 hrs because of bad weather.. Not fun.


            After a cruisy 7hr flight I finally arrived into Brussels and catch a train to Zottegem to meet Mick Teffelove and end the 30hr travelling epic. It was a beautiful spring day but like in true Belgium style it quickly changed and my first days on the bike were cold ones. Welcome to Belgium is all Mick said.. So I spent the weekend catching up with Mick and his partner Eline and w headed to Gent for a meal and to pick up my key to the place I will be staying for the first month. It’s a terrace style, 3 story, 5 bedroom place and with 5 people in it I cant believe how much room we still have..


            The guys I live with are uni students and not one of them has a car as Gent is the city of Bikes. Really, they ride sun, hail or shine, boys and girls. Cars have to give way and if you are on a “townie” you can ride up one way streets both ways and the cars move for you… Nuts when you see it and worse when you do it yourself. The guys I live with are cool, they speak good English and always ask questions. They let me take there townies to ride around which I do most nights scoping the beautiful city of Gent out..


            Training is great, I have been training mostly by myself but there is a bunch that meets on one of the many canals on the outskirts of Gent and it is a ripper… I went last Wednesday and it was nuts.. Quickest 84kms ever. Throw in some Quickstep pro’s especially Wouter Waelant (11th Paris-Roubaix), Skill shimano and I could not believe but Frank VDB popped his head up in the sprint. I was happy to finish 5th  and stay up right. I have no racing for the next couple of week but the racing season kicks into full swing by june and I will be fit and ready to go. (and have more to write about) till he next time.. safe riding and Salute…






Sun Tour Preparation

Bonjour a tous, At the time of writing this blog I am sitting on a plane heading home back to Echuca via Sydney and Melbs from my favourite race for the year, Le Tour de Nouvelle Caledonie. 6 weeks ago I started the second half of the season with the Tour of Gippsland, and on with the famous Rod Vernon Memorial in Bendigo and the big wk nd in Ballarat with the Aust Grand Prix. For these three races it was a great way to find some racing legs after a 6 wk training block and get back into helping my team win some races.

I was happy with my form at the AGP with a 14th in the time trial and 4th in the Victorian Champs.


            After AGP my program consisted of the Tour of Murray and the Tour of New Caledonia which would only leave me with two days recovery between tours and still no news on my position on getting a start in the Sun Tour. The week before Murray I was checking my emails and noticed one from Steve my manager and Pat Jonker, my helping hand with my training and was over the moon to read I was not allowed to ride my favourite race.. Tour of Murray. Why, because I had to concentrate on Caledonia and the Tour of Tassie a wk later. These two tours I am told are critical preparation for my form to be 100% in my first start in THE SUN TOUR……..


            As you could imagine I was like a little kid a Christmas and was so over the moon. The email said that my services as a worker have been recognised through out the year and will be required in the tour this year. I have been so close in past years and have only waited 8 years for this opportunity, so as you could imagine I am bloody happy (and shitting at the same time). So with the worry of selection out of my mind I am now able to concentrate on Caledonia and Tassie.


            Caledonia started with a bit of a unknown on my form and a 4.4km prologue. I was right on the money and finished 4th. Bring it on. I was teaming up with 4 other riders who included my usual team mate and good friend from S&L, Will Dickenson and three Drapac-Porshe riders in, Dan Braunsteins, Pip Grinter and Mark O Brian. Dan was second and won the White Jersey (under 23), and never lost it till he won it ten days later. My job was to look after him at all cost including giving him a wheel 4kms into a 110km stage and riding the rest of the way solo and having many locals throwing stuff at me. On a day we had the yellow jersey, our team was on the front riding tempo for 80kms and we were sitting to the right as the wind was coming from that direction. The whole bunch covered the road. I had just finished my turn when a silver BMW flew around the corner and for some sick reason I did not take my eyes of it as it ploughed through the bunch. The driver did not even hit the brakes and how he did not hit anyone in the convoy was a miracle. No one was killed but a few were hurt badly. Dan fell and the stage was neutralised to the finish.


            I was the strongest in the second time trial finishing 4th again and missing the podium by 6 secs. We went on to keep Dan in 3rd place overall and in the white jersey. This is the forth time I have ridden this tour and it was great to be team captain and help the young team through this race as it is very unique in its own right. I am 26 now and been riding for 14 years and have found a new love and passion for a sport that has given me many rewards. Helping younger riders is something I get pleasure out of and hope to be able to continue doing so. So anyways I must go and eat my most enjoyable aeroplane food and look forward for a recovery wk to hit Tassie with everything and prepare myself for my dream race… Le Sun Tour



Different Angle- July

Bonjour A tous, I’m sure all of you were glued to the screen for the most of July to cheer on our own Cadel Evans, and as we saw he put up a fight but in my eyes was not a champion. I felt he did not take the race bye the Knackers on and off the bike and dominate in a way a tour champion should. I felt he was not aggressive enough and needed to attack as Sastre did, and he won the tour. I think Cadel spent more time attacking the media, especially with his head butt to the camera man and the threat to chop off somebody’s head if he stood on his dog. I still would love to see an Australian win the tour and he is our best chance to do so ever but hopefully a new and improved Cadel puts on his war paint and fights a better battle that he only just lost this time round.


            With the tour run and won my own team in Savings & Loans were racing there own tour in Asia and finished up 8th overall with the strong man Pelly. The team put up a great showing and didn’t let themselves down at all. For myself, I was to have 6 weeks off racing and train, day in day out, solo, or with the boys, I was on the road backing up 600 to 800 kms a week. The Victorian Teams Champs with Mick, Matt, Steve and Gaz was the highlight of my season so far. Off the bike it was great to hang out talk some crap with the boys and sink the odd froffie.  Race day came and in true Ballarat style it was 8 degrees and rained only when we started and stopped when we finished. The boys put up there best efforts and we finished 4th which I am proud of as a first up running for the team. Next year it would be great to see a vet’s team and some juniors take part and experience a team race as we did.


            This year is my first full year I have been able to concentrate on my cycling 100% and not have to work and chase a dollar here or there. As any athlete, my demands on my home life are immense and as any wife, girlfriend or partner would tell you it’s not an easy job. Missing out on Jo blows party because of an early start the next day or a family BBQ because you are on the other side of the country. Birthdays and special occasions and nights of loneliness are a common practice of a partner of an athlete and it takes a super person to be second all the time to sport and an even super person to stick around and support their partner in their quest to find what they are looking for in their chosen sport. I have made a big sacrifice and hope I do not live to regret it but in my selfishness as I push to see how far I can take my sport I hope one day I can sit back and say I gave it 100% and it was all worth it. I won’t have the comfort anymore of having someone share the highs and the many lows that come with my sport in which I love and for a while it will take some getting used to and in the long run it will be better for both.. As I say this a massive door has open for me as this one closed and over the next month you will all be informed as I learn more and get that LUCKY PEN ready to write my name.. Anyways till then I have lots if racing and can’t wait to tell you all about it… Bon Rue and safe riding.. Brad





May and June have been jam packed with local and away racing and as I write this blog the S&L boys are a day 1 into the 14 day long Tour of Asia. 6 of the boys were selected to go and as it is a tour with many mountains my services were not required, so I have got two weeks of R. and R. May started off with the 100mile h’cap in Mt Gambier and a Crit in the tourist part of the volcano that towers over the town. We had our whole team turn up and dominated the two events. Timmy Roe broke away to claim the fastest time and Chris Luxton took out the crit the next day as I drove home the 5 hrs solo thinking about how well I have settled into the team and the great mateship we have formed. My job as usual was to work and look after the boys, carry spare food and fill the gaps to keep the train driving. My next race I couldn’t wait to ride, I was in a mixed team with my mates from Melbourne and the race was around the circuit at Phillip Island. Anthony Smith, Damon, Troy Clarke, Andrew Stalder and I were really geed to have a good race and that we did. Our plan was to get Stalder into the break as he has good form and as I was heavily marked, wait till the break went and try to get away while Troy Clarke could win the bunch sprint. We wrote the script and it went all to plan. I managed to get away with a Drapac rider and Andrew ran second but won the sprint king and Troy won the kick allowing us to win the teams overall. Not bad for a bunch of hacks beating a team with a $2 000 000 budget, they were devastated to say the least. Bring on the Country Champs.


            The Country Champs and the Preston Mountain Champs were the last two wk ends of May racing and with May training averaging 800kms wk I was ready to have a recovery wk in June. The two races I was on domestic duties running 5th at the countries and helping Pelly and working all day for Will and Craig at Preston.  Our club race out at Koyuga for May was a great turn out. Our club is really running well with nearly 40 riders showing up and a few visitors from Shepp. It was going to be a tough day for me off scratch with 5 other Shepp riders but I was keen to smash them. I got 2nd to Egan but felt I did the best race possible with no.’s on there side. Echuca/Moama cycling club should hold there heads high. Our no.’s week in, week out are great and I love training with the boys on a Sunday. When you look at the sheep boys coming over to our races because they don’t even have racing you know that we as a club are doing well. When I am away the boys from Bendigo that won’t train or race with certain people and have only10 people turn up or in Melbs where it is dog eat dog for a $20 clubbie I have great pride in saying that our club is strong and look forward to coming home and race and solve the worlds problems over a coffee with mates at Gloria’s. That’s why it was great to share the highs and lows of the boys who raced at Bendigo 3 day tour. Every one that started finished and never gave up. They even managed a few on the podium. I managed to win the first stage in A grade which I have been waiting for a while and took the jersey only to drop myself really hard at the bottom of the climb for the tour. It was a great tour for S&L as we won 4/5 stages and Chris won overall.


            June Racing only really consisted of some club racing and the 130km h’cap in Creswick which I lasted a whole 4kms after a puncture and the 65km trip on the new Eastlink in Melbourne which was quite an experience. 25 000 bike riders on the out and back circuit was an accident waiting to happen and true to that I reckon there was a fall on the other side of the ride every couple of kms, so to say I was just happy to come in 12th.sprinting with B, C and D grade riders and not end up on my butt twice in as many wks made me happy and ready for my two wks easy. I got a late min call up for the REVOLUTION series at Vodafone on the track and was a bit nervous as I had not ridden the track since Bendigo Madison. My team mate Brett Aitkin was showing good form winning 2 out of the 3 endurance races and the Sprinters put on a great show for a massive crowd. I was happy to be competitive in my races and am looking forward to my next challenge. Matt Jones, Steve Gray, Mick Hone and I are gearing up for the Victorian Club Teams Time Trial Champs in Ballarat on the 20th of July, it is our first real chance to show Victoria how strong our club is and am really Geed for a good result. So the next time I write I hope to tell you all about being vic champs with my fellow Echuarians, till then safe riding..





















April was always going to be a big month for me and my S&L team. We had some big races including the Tour de Perth, Tour of Mersey Valley in Tassie, Baw Baw Classic and Grand Prix of cycling at Albert Park which had the Victorian Teams Time Trial Champs (ttt) and a Kermesse to finish off with.  I was to race in all these tours with one week of training in my legs and try to keep the km’s up between racing so it was going to be a solid 4 weeks and I managed to get through it and come out with some good form.


                As my form would not be up to winning standard, that automatically made me a worker in which I would spend plenty of time on the front and working for our in form riders Tim Roe (Timmy) and Dave Pell (Pelly). Our first challenge was the Tour de Perth which was over two days and consisted of Road Race (RR), Time Trial (TT), RR and a Crit. Praties cycling team of Tassie took the early lead and dominated from the start. They won every stage and over all with Ritchie Porte and we had Timmy and Pelly up there in 4th and 5th overall. The tour was spent chasing Praties as they had the upper hand in getting yellow early and defending it.. I battled every stage and in the final crit I was able to help Timmy and he snuck off the front and collected enough time bonuses to move from 6th to 4th overall. Next stop Tassie..


                Before heading to Tassie I stopped over in Echuca for a night to get my TT bike as we had a 23km TT as the first stage. Matty drove me home and then drove the TT bike back to Melbs and on the Wednesday I Rode. Took me 7 hrs and I just cruised down. Thursday I flew out and Friday Raced. Russ Van Hout Won the TT and it was our turn in yellow. On the Saturday we had 120km stage and we sent Timmy and Will up the road in the break and they got to sit on all day as we had yellow. Timmy hit the break up the last climb and won by a min. He took yellow and Will come in Second. A great Day. Sunday was to be the toughest with a 4km steep climb 50kms into the 130km stage. My job was to let a little group go with Luxton in it and cover anything that jumped of the front and I did to perfection. Luxton got over the climb and was able to help Timmy and he held on to the leader’s jersey and won by 40 secs over a Praties rider. Our first national round win and an awesome feeling to be a part of it.. 


That week there was no rest as Will, Timmy, Joe Lewis (FRF Couriers), Grunt Webster and my self headed to Mount Beauty for 4 days of climbing to prepare the legs for Baw Baw. It was a great wk with many kms covered and the all important crap talking and laughs along the way.. Baw Baw went well for the four S&L riders who started on the day. We were able to get Pelly away in a break in which he finished 2nd and Timmy (4th), Will (8th) and myself (12th) were 3 of ten who made it to the bottom of the climb in the main bunch. It is only 97kms but you are climbing all day and by the time you hit Baw Baw you are shot to pieces and still have to get to the top.. A great day for all.


The next day the four of us were joined by Russel Gill for the TTT in which we flew around the Albert Park Corse, beating VIS and Praties which was a great feeling because we won as the strongest team and did it together.. The kermesse we finished 3rd and 4th which finished off a huge and successful 4 wks and a Recovery week was on the cards. I returned back home to Echuca a broken man and spent the week recovering and catching up. I raced at Rochy on the Saturday and got a good indication of how my form was.  Our next Race is in Mount Gambier for a 160km swap off fest and with the whole team tarting off scratch. We are keen to win.. Till the happy and safe riding and catch you soon.. Brad




March 1st, Vodafone Arena Melbourne, 17 teams of two and one nervous rider in myself for two reasons. Reason 1  being I had no idea where my form was and reason 2- Pelly was flying. Luckily for me I had two races before the Madison to gauge my form and as I won the Elimination I quickly got on with it and knew I was up for a good one. I said to Pelly before the start to have fun and stay safe which we would laugh about after the race. As we started it was clear it was going to be fast and fast it was. It did not ease up for the entire 50kms and when we crossed the line 56mins later in 5th place and one lap down from the three teams; Pelly and I were absolutely pumped for Bendigo.


It was organised chaos on the track with riders every where and the judges not having a clue where anyone finished. It’s a good thing the riders know who and where every rider finished and what laps we finished. It was a week till Bendigo so it was the most important week to get right; I had to recover from the Aussie Champs and not do to much but at the same time do enough so the legs did not become dead. I decided to head to Ararat with my best mate Nic Sanderson for some fishing, riding and a lot of crap talking. Talking crap for a week was the best way to take the mind off the job and have a few laughs along the way.


Friday night was the Criterium and with some of our S.A. team mates over for the race and Brett Aitkin was keen for a result. We did a perfect job of controlling the race and Brett came home at Mitch Docker and nearly got him. Brett was 2nd and very happy with his result. Saturday night was pretty much formality at the track with some scratch races and H’caps and still one night’s sleep till the big one. We were ready…..


Well, we woke up went for a ride and went through the motions.. Nerves, what ifs, bike check no. 10 and of corse many trips to the toilet consumed most of our day so to break it up I went to get a hair cut and hang out with my brothers for some important crap talking. The time come to go to the track and as soon as I walked in the gates for the first time that day I was calm. We got change did our last min toilet runs and the national anthem, we were off and racing. Our  plan was to be up there and ride good position and run 3rd-4th in each sprint as every one would be fresh and wasting a lot of energy early on. The plan was going good and we were always up around 3rd and 4th on points. 200 laps is along way around the Bendigo track and 80kms for a track race requires a lot of endurance.


With 50 laps to go every one was getting tired and it was Pelly’s and my plan  to start winning some sprints especially the last 6 or 7 laps with a sprint every 5 laps. So when Pelly came flying around to throw me in for the 30 laps to go sprint with a 50mt gap, he threw me in so hard that his front wheel turned and at 60kph it skipped and BANG. I won the sprint rolling Glen O’Shea and was the first to do so all night. We were pumped and ready to race everyone for points. That win put us third and when I threw Pelly in the next change my emotions went from a high to a low. He yelled he had to stop for some reason and the next change saw him stop in the in field and require a bike change. 15 laps and 3 sprints I was out there by myself and it was the hardest I have ever ridden. I had to slowly watch the race ride away from me and my hopes of a podium were smashed. Dave broke his frame and came back in on a borrowed bike. We dropped to 6th or 7th and as always were still happy to finish the race..


It was not to be but we still have next year. I had a week off and now are preparing for the road season which starts with the Tour of Perth and that starts a very busy April. Dave and I have decided and jumped at the opportunity to ride the Sydney World Cup in November which we can start. Racing teams from all over the world it will be a great experience and the star to out Bendigo Madison assault for 09..


On a sadder note, My best friend and team mate Joel Pearson was involved in a car accident in France on Easter Saturday and is still in a serious condition. He came out of his coma on the Monday and has no brain damage. He has many months of recovery and my aim is to win a race for him. My motivation is really high and it has made me realise how lucky we are to be alive and living our dreams. Anyways I will see you out the raod no doubt and as it is raining and cold I may not see to many riders for a while.ha  till then safe riding…




Fit February 

Hello to all, the last I wrote 5 of my Savings & Loans team mates were in New Zealand for the Tour of Wellington. A 5 day event consisting of many hard days in the saddle and for the domestiques a lot of hard work on the front. Dave Pell had a great tour finishing 3rd overall as well as the King of The Mountain Jersey and a stage win and podiums. Chris “the brickie” Luxton ran 7th as well with Savings & Loans 2nd on team G.C. A Great first race for the year and with Dave Pelly in such good form I had a very busy 4 weeks of solid training to prepare for the first big track Race- The Australian Madison Champs at Vodafone Arena.


          The 4 weeks were nearly exactly the same every day for 28 days. I was on the road bike every day. Track training Tuesday and Sunday in the afternoons and racing in Bendigo every Thursday night. As well as gym mon, wed, fri, and 20 laps swimming every day, Tuesdays consisted of Pilates with Jacinta and a Massage with Cam at Echuca Sports medicine followed by a swim and I recovery ride. I kept this up for the four weeks and did not miss a beat. Pelly was in good form and I was not going to let him down.


          So as you can see I trained most of February all for the main goal of Bendigo Madison. On the long weekend of march it is my dream to one day win the race as Bendigo is my adopted track  and Pelly is from there. It has been great to be able to train full time and have no stresses to affect my riding and not feel guilty for having a nana nap after I watch Dr Phil and Opera of corse. I still am loving the bike and motivated to do well and find it is the extra time to recover from training that makes it easier to keep up such a big work load. Well that will do me this month and I will let you know if I have hit the bulls eye with my fitness and give you my results from Bendigo (hopefully no less than the podium) Till then keep riding….



Hello to all in the new year and as it is already February no need to say happy new year. I am writing to you as I have finished my first 4 weeks with my new “Savings & Loans” team and to say the least it has been up and down with a few problems in between. I started the new year in bed and headed for Werribee Mansion on new years day to meet my new team and finally get some racing in after a big December training. The Bay crits was our first race and with 5 boys in A grade and Myself, Joel Pearson and Will Dicko in B-troopers, the pressure was on us in B grade to win something and from day one we took the race lead, (Joel) went on to win comfortable overall as he won the first 2 crits. The third day was in Geelong and it was my turn to go on the attack and I did, taking 3 riders with me and managing to drop myself on the way to winning stage 3. A great way to start the year and the boys in A grade were just as impressive. We had meetings every day getting to know every one and our ambitions for the year.


            Our next race for January was the Australian Champs in Ballarat, where I was to ride the time trial and Road race. To put it straight up I rode a shocking time trial and had no idea why. By the Saturday I knew exactly why. I came down with a nasty chest infection and my glands were up fighting the battle wounds from my crash a week earlier. Sundays Road Race was one to forget for me but the team rode well.. Craig was in the break and Dave Pell (Pelly) was in all the moves to the end.. Chris Luxton, the 32 year old brickie rode awesome to finish 20th  and put an end to a busy couple of  days.


            I pretty much had the rest of the week off, and on Friday the 18th of Jan the whole team gathered in Adelaide for our team presentation  in Glenelg. We stay at the Stamford, right on the beach so a lot of coffee and perving- I mean sight seeing was done by the boys. We had “Ride with the Pros’ day and “Meet the sponsors day” as well as a massive launch with all the stars. People like Phil Liggett, Scott McGory, Pat Jonker showing up and making the night a huge success. Outside our door was where the first stage of the Tour Down Under was being held and with 75 000 people around the 2 km course it was hard to see anything. We joked that it was silly that we were watching the big screen while the race was zipping under it, but it was the only way we could see the race.


            While Adelaide was great and we had an awesome time I had a decision to make about weather or not I would have the fitness to race the Tour of Wellington. After discussing the situation with my team manager Steve Cunningham, we decided I would give up my spot for Chris Luxton  who was flying to say the least and recover up and re-focus on the Bendigo Madison. I get to ride with a good friend in Pelly. Dave and I have known and trained together for years so I am super geared for it and cannot wait. The Madison is on Sunday March 9th . I hope every one can get down to watch the race as it is always a great night. Anyways I will cut it there and I promise it won't be a novel next time but I have had so much to say.. keep safe and see you on the road.


Cheers Brad


Echuca-Moama Cycling Club's Brad Edmunds signed his first professional cycling contract with Savings and Loan cycling team. December 28 2007

The 25-year-old is now on a 12-month contract with the Continental Pro Division Three Team, a signing which opens up a world of opportunity for the cyclist.

"It means I actually get paid a wage and get bikes supplied and a lot of bonuses for winning," he said.

"(The division three) gives us access to starts in bigger races. For instance we are doing a lot of racing in Asia and America and we get starts in the Sun tour and big New Zealand races.

"I am stoked. It's just starting to sink in. I got all my clothes. And I get three bikes. It's like Christmas."

Edmunds was contacted by the team recently after a previous application with a team did not work out.

"I've been trying for a pro team in America and I got the news that it fell through on Thursday that week.

"And that weekend I was just thinking what am I going to do.

"The following Tuesday I got a phone call from the manager of the Savings and Loans team and he said we have been following your results and we want you on board if you are keen.

"They emailed me the contract and I signed it that night and sent it off."

Not only is the professional team a big step for Edmunds, but it boasts Olympic gold medallist Brett Aitken.

"We have got Brett Aitken. I will learn a lot from him. It's a serious professional team which is really good for me.

"My job is the opportunist, to have a go, go for the win or breakaway and to help our main sprinter which is Brett Aitken."

The opportunities and skills Edmunds will pick up with his new team will prove invaluable and could lead to bigger things, he said.

"It will make a huge difference. I can concentrate on riding, and it has given me another step of motivation.

"So many more opportunities can come out of it.

"I get up in the morning and just want to train, it doesn't matter if it's wet or shining.

"The most important thing about the team is it is a stepping stone.

"Last year I rode with Ballarat and this year I am with a pro team and we will travel internationally.

"The next step is to sign with the big time pro divisions two and one teams."

Edmunds, while not winning a race this year, did have a consistent year which was something he was striving for.

"My biggest goal this year was to be consistent and I made the breakaway (lead group) in my first race and my last race this year and all of them in between.

"I am a very aggressive type of rider. I think my aggression is what got me here I don't think they want to change that.

"The manager said there's no reason why I can't keep being aggressive."

Edmunds' calendar for next year filled up fast once he put pen to paper on the contract.

"My first race will be the Bay crits (criteriums) starting in Williamstown and finishing in Geelong. There is a crit everyday from January 2 to 7.

"Then it is the Australian Road Trials in Ballarat from the 10th to 13th.

"Then we do a tour of Wellington at the end of the month on January 30.

"After that I will concentrate on training for the Bendigo madison."

Edmunds, who had spent the past 14 years paving his own way financially in the sport, thanked the various people for his success, including his family and district cycling club.




Echuca-Moama’s Brad Edmunds finished a close 6th in Saturday’s Melbourne-Warrnambool 2007 Classic, the world’s longest bike race at 299 kms. Bendigo’s Tim Dekker took out the classic at his 14th attempt, from Ben King and Mark Hooper.  

Edmunds, who also finished 6th in last year’s race was part of a select nine rider group who fought out the uphill finish in Warrnambool’s Raglan Parade but just ran out of legs in the final two hundred metres. The nine leaders had emerged from a total of 157 who had started the event at 7.30 am at Sanctury Lakes Golf Resort and the sprint was the climax of a seven hour fifteen minute stint in the saddle.


Brads tour of New Caledonia   22/09/07

Bendigo International Madison 2007

A strong Echuca/Moama/Kyabram crowd attended the Bendigo International Madison 2007 to witness Brad Edmunds and Hamish Taylor pair up to take on the world in the extreme sport of Madison racing.

Brad and Hamish looked strong early staying with the main bunch as several attacks were made to try and lap the field before being brought back in.
Most importantly they managed to avoid a serious incident resulting in 2 riders falling at high pace almost sending one of the bikes into the bulk of Brad's Echuca/Moama/Kyabram fans. Amazingly their bikes were fixed and they were sent back into the fray and managed to finish strongly.
Brad and Hamish were not to be outdone and surged well ahead, picking up points and dollars for their efforts. Unfortunately they paid the price for the sprint and tired toward the end.
They still managed a fantastic 6th place and proved to their huge fan club how strong in particular Brad is and what a great year he has in store for 2007.
Congratulations Brad and thanks for the great entertainment.
1 Miles Olman/Nic Sanderson           86 pts
2 Mitchell Docker/Travis Meyer        67
3 Lars Teutenberg/Christian Bach    43
4 Tim Decker/Jack Bobridge             33
5 Leigh Howard/Richard England      32
6 Hamish Taylor/Brad Edmunds        26

Brad Edmunds throws Hamish Taylor - Madison 2007