SUMMER 2012 ROAD RACE RESULTS: (2011 results)


Date: 17/12/2012 Bamawm 26k Handicap

1st Elijah Kettle, 2nd David Trouson, 3rd Ray Hamilton
Fastest time: Tim Fitzpatrick 36.30

11mins: Tim Fitzpatrick, Matt Grealy, Dom Orso
8.5mins: Dermot Finnegan, Andrew Clapham, John Doyle
6.5mins: Paul Oman, Dave Trounson, Ray Hamilton, Brett Smedley
3mins: Steve Loader: Elijah Kettle, Glenn Kettle
Limit: Squizzy





Date: 10/12/2012 Bamawm 26k Handicap

1st David Trounsen, 2nd Ray Hamilton, 3rd Dermot Finnigan, 4th Tim Fitzpatrick
Fastest time: Tim Fitzpatrick




Date: 26/11/2012 Bamawm 26k Handicap

1st Tim Fitzpatrick, 2nd Dom Orso, 3rd Matt Grealy
Fastest time: Tim Fitzpatrick 35.30

20mins: Matt Grealy, Dom Orso, Shane Roberts, Jai Howard, Tim Fitzpatrick
17mins: Dermot Finnegan, Andrew Clapham, David Trounson
15mins: Paul Oman, Brett Smedley, Todd Fleming, Ray Hamilton
12mins: Glen Kettle, Elijah Kettle,
10mins: Squizzy
limit: Ben


Date: 19/11/2012 Bamawm 26k Handicap

1st Bob Craig, 2nd Gary Needs, 3rd Ray Hamilton
Fastest time: Jai Howard 37.57



Date: 12/11/2012 Bamawm 26k Handicap

1st Elijah Kettle, 2nd Will Kettle, 3rd Glen Kettle
Fastest time: Tim Fitzpatrick  36.57

11mins: Matt Grealy, Tim Fitzpatrick, Shane Roberts, Jai Howard
6mins: Kevin Hone, Paul Oman, Dermot Finegan
limit: Glen Kettle, Will Kettle, Elijah Kettle




2012 Club Championships 15/9/2012


Road Race: Rochester 50 Kms

Elite:> 1st Tim Fitzpatrick, 2nd Nathan Oman, 3rd Ash Hall

Jai Howard, Nathan Oman, Elijah Kettle, Tim Fitspatrick, Ash Hall, Mick Hone, Jamie Costello Manning, Jamie Wilson, Francis Lias

Masters:> 1st Andy Clapham, 2nd Dom Orso, 3rd Steve Gray

Warren Duffy, Glen Kettle, Dave Oman, Graham Sylvester, Michael Taylor, Graham Butcher, Andrew Clapham, Terry Sideras, Steve Gray, Neil Thomson, Malcolm Nield, Steve Robson, Andrew MacKenzie, Dom Orso, Dave Trounson, Bill Cathcart
Super vets:> 1st Paul Oman, 2nd Ray Hamilton, 3rd Bruce Fleming

Women:> 1st Simone Costello Manning, 2nd Minda Murray, 3rd Kathryn Keer Keer, 4th Heather Little


Time Trial: Koyuga Rochester 13 Kms

Elite:> 1ST Jai Howard 19.43.71, 2nd Jamie Costello Manning 19.48.47, 3rd Andrew MacKenzie 20.07.29
Masters:> 1ST Steve Gray 19.34.53,
2nd Warren Duffy 20.13.59, 3rd Neil Thomson 20.44.43, 4th Graeme Butcher 21.35.51, 5th Steve Robson 22.27.22, 6th David Trounson 22.27.38, 7th David Oman 22.39.46, 8th Bill Cathcart 22.40.03, 9th Michael Taylor (squizzy) 22.45.40, 10th Todd Fleming 22.47.87, 11th Malcolm Nield 23.25.38
Super vets:> 1ST Paul Oman 21.15.23, 2nd Ray Hamilton 21.41.70, 3rd Bruce Fleming 23.11.70
Woman:> 1ST Simone Costello Manning 21.46.52,
2nd Minda Murray 22.08.63



Road Race: J-9 BOYS: 1ST Lachlan MacKenzie, 2nd Mitchell Nield
J-11 BOYS: 1ST William MacKenzie, 2nd Harrison Nield, 3rd Corey Robson
J-13 BOYS: 1ST Chase Costello Manning, 2nd Campbell Gray, 3rd Josh Thomson, 4th Mitchell Thompson
J-13 GIRLS: 1ST Edie Haley
J-15 GIRLS: 1ST Jessie Thomson

Time Trial:

J-9 BOYS: 1ST Lachlan MacKenzie 6.35.26, 2nd Mitchell Nield 8.38.84
J-11 GIRLS: 1ST Tilley Gray 7.22
J-11 BOYS: 1st William MacKenzie 6.16.70, 2nd Corey Robson 7.37.43, 3rd Harrison Nield 7.56.58
J-13 GIRLS: 1st Edie Haley 13.12.03
J-13 BOYS: 1st Chase Costello Manning 12.07.75, 2nd Campbell Gray 12.07.88, 3rd Josh Thomson 12.45.61, 4th Mitchell Thompson 12.47.89
J-15 GIRLS: 1st Charlotte Thompson 12.14.88, 2nd Jessie Thomson13.08.10


Date: 8/9/2012 North Central Cycling Series - Race 5 CCC (Harcourt)

Placegetters: Andrew Clapham, Heather Little and Neil Thomson
1st U15/17's  Jessie Thomson




Date: 1/9/2012 Nanneella 50k Scratch race

A grade: 1st Nathan Oman, 2nd Clint Flanigan, 3rd Jai Howard

B grade: 1st Ben Oman, 2nd Steve Robson, 3rd Paul Oman

C grade: 1st Dave Oman, 2nd Bruce Fleming, 3rd Heather Little



Date: 25/8/2012 Lockingtin 48k

1st Simone Costello Manning 1.19.27, 2nd Kathryn Keer Keer, 3rd Brad Gotch, 4th Bruce Fleming, 5th Dave Oman
FT Troy Griffith 1.10.33

Scr: Troy Griffith, Jamie Costello Manning, Dom Orso

3mins: Clint Flanigan, Andy Clapham, Jamie Wilson

6mins: Tim Davey, Warren Duffy, Graeme Butcher

8mins: Ray Hamilton, Elijah Kettle, Neil Thompson, David Trouson

13mins: Brad Gotch, Dave Oman, Simone Costello Manning

15mins: Bruce Fleming, Kathryn Keer Keer, Glen Kettle, Minda Murray

21mins: Michael Taylor


The Ladies show the way.
Running 21 consecutive years, the Lockington Handicap is one of the longest running races held by the Echuca Moama Cycling Club. Over that time the race has been run and won by 20 different riders from all marks. The ‘Locky’ trophy reads like a who’s who of cycling in the district, with winners like Richard Bailey, Ray Hamilton, Michael Hone all the way up to last year’s winner Ash Hall. But up until last Saturday a female rider had never won the prestigious race, an oversight that the in form Simone Costello-Manning had her sights on changing.
The weather conditions stayed true to recent years with rain falling as the riders were marshalled to the line. The limit group containing Michael Taylor headed of into the rain with a six minute lead to the second limit group of Bruce Fleming, Kath Keer Keer, Minda Murray and Glen Kettle.
The rain started to ease off as the third limit group of Brad Gotch, David Oman and Simone Costello-Manning left the start line. Taking advantage of the break in the weather the group made its way into the blustery headwind that was blowing down Pannoo Road and with strong turns from Oman and Gotch were able to make an immediate impact on the gap that the front groups had on them.
The middle group of Ray Hamilton, Elijah Kettle, Neil Thomson and David Trouson looked like the group to beat as they made their way into the first corner. Thomson and Trouson put in strong turns into the wind and the group was able to set up a good rhythm early on.
The third scratch group of Tim Davey, Graeme Butcher and Warren Duffy were sent of 15 minutes after limit and three minutes behind the Hamilton bunch. Their plight was made harder when, less than 400 metres into the race, Davey suffered a puncher. As Davey hurriedly replaced his tube and tried to get back in the race before the next group started, Butcher and Duffy put in huge turns to close the gap to the middle group.
The second scratch group of Clint Flanigan, Andrew Clapham and Jamie Wilson worked left three minutes after the Butcher group and passed Davey as he was about to remount his bike. This group was followed by the Scratch group of Troy Griffiths, Jamie Costello-Manning and the strong Dom Orso.
By the end of the first lap the first three groups had come together and were making good time. The third scratch duo of Butcher and Duffy, after a huge first lap, was less than fifty metres behind the middle group and Scratch was closing in on the second scratch group quickly. This effectively left three groups out on the course with around 25km to go.
As the race entered the last lap the three groups were just holding each other at bay as the gaps continued to shrink. Huge efforts from Oman, Fleming, Gotch and Costello-Manning kept the lead group in front as it approached the line. With 100 metres to go Costello-Manning launched an attack for the line and was able to hold of Keer Keer for a ladies first and second with Gotch taking out third. The winner of fastest time was Troy Griffiths who edged out Dom Orso in the sprint for the line.



Date: 18/8/2012 North Central Cycling Series - Race 4 EMCC Noel Smith Memorial (Koyuga) 52k

1st Andy Clapham 1.22.47, 2nd Jeff Hibberd, 3rd Hamish Haymes, 4th Syd Anstee, 5th Andy Ryan, 6th Emma Jackson 1.39.45
FT Leigh Egan 1.14.15

Scr: Leigh Egan, Rhys Lewis, Luke Moore, Ash Hall, Shayne Kirby, Sam Furhmeister, Jai Howard 
3min: Francis Lias, Troy Griffith, David Mann, Brent Evans, Matt Grealy, Jamie Costello Manning, Edward Dalle Nogare,  
6min: Geoff Cobbledick, Stuart Ball, Sam Kennedy, Steve Gray, Tony Michel, Tony Ryan, Clint Flanigan   
10min: Warick McGhee, Ash O'Farrell, Andy Clapham, Syd Anstee, Paul Oman, Tahn Dempster, Teri Sideras, Stuart McManus, Christy Rilen 
14.5min: Ray Hamilton, Leigh Murphy, Simone CM, David Trounson, Jeff Hibberd, Chris Eddy, Elijah Kettle 
18.5min: Dave Oman, Daniel Jackson, Hamish Haynes, Glen Kettle, Neil Thompson, Andy Ryan 
21.5min: Heather Little, Bruce Fleming, Dave Collier, Greg Keily, Jennifer Collier, Gary Needs, Emma Jackson

25mins: Bruce Goldburg, Ken Waldron, Ken Wilson, Leigh Tonkin, Anthony Clark, Jade Madden, Derek DeVrieze, Eloise Vaughn

1st Corey Nichol, 2nd Will McKenzie, 3rd & fastest Cam Gray




Date: 11/8/2012  Rochester Scratch Race
A-GRADE: 1st, Ash Hall, 2nd Jai Howard, 3rd Troy Griffith
Ash Hall, Jai Howard, Troy Griffiths, Jamie Costello Manning, Steve Gray, Matt Grealy, Andrew McKenzie
B-GRADE: 1st John Salter, 2nd Jamie Wilson, 3rd Steve Robson

Steve Robson, Paul Oman, Ben Oman, Brett Smedley, Caleb Sinclair, Kathryn Keer Keer, Dave Oman, Jamie Wilson, Mark Sampson, John Salter, David Trouson, Teri Sideras



Koyuga 52Kms Race 5 - Ivan Collings Memorial Series 4/8/2012

Overall Series Winner: Mark Sampson

1st David Trouson, 2nd Leigh Murphy, 3rd Brad Gotch

Fastest Time: Trent Stevenson,  Girl Star Cycling Award: Heather Little

25mins: Heather Little, Gary Needs, Phil Herd

17mins: Warren Duffy, Brad Gotch, Chris Eddy, Mark Sampson, Leigh Murphy, David Trouson

12mins: Paul Oman, Malcome Nield, Steve Robson, Ray Hamilton

8mins: Tony Ryan, Sam Kennedy, Andrew McKenzie, Brett Smedley, Mark Pickles, Al Contador, Teri Sideras

3mins: Jai Howard, Jamie Costello Manning, Troy Griffith, Francis Lias

Scr: Trent Stevenson, Reece Lewis, Luke Moore, Travis Edwards


Juniors: 1st Edie Haley, 2nd Josh Thompson, 3rd Liam Edwards (fastest time)




Date: 28/7/2012 Bamawm 68k Handicap

1st Luke Moore, 2nd Ashley, 3rd Matt Grealy, 4th Troy Griffith, 5th Jai Howard
Fastest: Luke Moore  1.38.48mins

32mins: Michael Taylor

22mins: Mark Sampson, Heather Little, Kathryn Keer Keer, Bruce Fleming, Dave Oman

14mins: Cam Walker, Leigh Murphy, Ray Hamilton, Malcome Nield

7mins: Graeme Sylvestor, Jeff Martin, Graeme Butcher, Jamie Wilson, Teri Sideras

1min: Ash Hall, Shane Roberts, Troy Griffith, Matt Grealy, Dom Orso, Jai Howard, Luke Moore

Scr: Trent Stevenson


Echuca Moama Cycling Club wins State Timetrial Championships July 2012


Echuca Moama Cycling Club was represented in force at the recent State Club Team Timetrial Championships in Buninyong. The club was able to field six teams in four of the divisions and ended the weekend with 3 of these teams gaining a walk on the converted dais. The club also took out the club premiership – an aggregate based on riders’ results against the size of the club. With an aggregate of 35 EMCC were well ahead of their nearest rivals Carnegie Caulfield Cycling Club on 24.

The youngest of the teams entered from Echuca were the under 11 team of Cory Robson and brothers Lockie and Will McKenzie. These young boys, all relatively new to the art of timetrialing put in a gutsy effort in the hilly terrain with the three youngsters gaining a forth in their first race.

In the under 13 boys category Echuca Moama was represented by two teams of riders. The Echuca Moama Cycling Club showed its dominance in this division taking out both first and third place. The team of Josh Thompson, Tom Allitt and the younger Oscar Jones rode extremely well to take out third, missing out on second by only 40 seconds. The new state champions, Chase Costello-Manning, Mitchell Thompson and Cam Gray were able to complete the tough 6km course in an impressive 11:46:00 taking out the championship by around half a minute over Carnegie Caulfield.

The Under 15 girls’ team had to overcome a late change in its line-up when Jess Thomson had a bad fall in training just days before the race. She was replaced by Portia Costello-Manning, making the team Portia, Charlotte Thompson and the younger Edie Haley. The girls were able to take out a bronze state medal completing the 20km course in just over 44 minutes. The eventual winners of the J15 Girls division were Brunswick Cycling Club with Carnegie Caulfield picking up another medal in second.

Echuca Moama also was able to field two teams in the masters division. The best placed of these teams, Ash Hall, Michael Hone, Matt Jones and Francis Lias were able to complete the 50km distance in an impressive 1h15:16:70 to gain 6th place. While the second masters team of Jamie Costello-Manning, Steve Gray, Andrew McKenzie and Steve Robson suffered an early setback when Costello-Manning had a flat less than ten minutes into the race. The rest of the men were able to work together to finish just outside the top ten in 11th place.

The head of junior development for the club, Jamie Costello-Manning, was very impressed with the effort and commitment shown by the younger riders in the club. ‘It’s very pleasing to see the kids getting the rewards for their hard work. It also shows the depth of riders we are starting to produce in the region.’ He said.

Club president Warren Duffy was extremely happy with the results. ‘We are a large club when you look at the population that we pull our members from, but when we come to an event like this we are up against Melbourne clubs that are four or five times as big as us. It’s great to see that on a per capita basis we fight well above our weight.’




Koyuga 52Kms Race 4 - Ivan Collings Memorial Series 14/7/2012

1st Trent Stevenson, 2nd Leigh Egan, 3rd Ash Hall

Fastest Time: Trent Stevenson,  Girl Star Cycling Award: Kerrie Oman 

23mins: Michael Taylor

14mins: Heather Little, Gary Needs, Minda Murray, Bob Craig, Glen Kettle, Dave Oman

10mins: Warren Duffy, Elijah Kettle, Ray Hamilton, Steve Robson, Graeme Sylvestor, Leigh Murphy

6mins: Stuart Ball, Andrew McKenzie, Sam Kennedy, Paul Oman, Ashley O'Farrell, Tony Ryan, Teri Sideras

3mins: Matt Grealy, Matt Jones, Luke Moore, Mark Pickles, Dom Orso, D Mann

Scr: Leigh Egan, Trent Stevenson, Ash hall, Brad Edmunds, Troy Griffith, Jai Howard, Francis Lias


Juniors: 1st Chase, 2nd Jesse, 3rd Josh, 4th Oscar, 5th Eadie, 6th Tom, 7th Corey. 


Ashley O'Farrell, former President of Albury-Wodonga, giving back the best club award from the Echuca Track Twilights of the '80s. Albury-Wodonga won it on the Shepparton track. Shepparton let Echuca use their track after Victoria Park was abandoned.




Date: 7/7/2012 North Central Cycling Series - Race 3 SCC (Rushworth) 63k

1st Leigh Egan, 2nd Trent Stevenson, 3rd Reece Lewis, 4th Shane Barr, 5th Jai Howard, 6th Shaun McCarthy, 7th Nathan Glynn, 8th Francis Lias, 9th Neville Laffy, 10th Jeff Hibberd
FT Leigh Egan 1.25.23

Scr: Leigh Egan, Rhys Lewis, Trent Stevenson, Nathan Glynn, Neville Laffy, Shayne Kirby, Shaun McCarthy, Sam Furhmeister 
4min: Jai Howard, Luke Moore, Francis Lias, Shane Barr, Matt Grealy, Warren Pickering, Edward Dalle Nogare,  
8min: Jamie Wilson, Andew Clapham, Steve Gray, Dom Orso, Tony Michel, Andrew McKenzie, Jason Shirlock, Christian DeVrieze   
12min: Paul Oman, Paul Maltby, Darryl O'keefe, Caine Mason, Warren Osborne, Rob Prendergast, Jeff Martin
14min: Ray Hamilton, Warren Duffy, Dave Oman, Syd Anstee, Adrian Kowal, Ian Revell, Travis Crawley, Leigh Murphy, David Trounson
18min: Kathryn Keer Keer, Hamish Haynes, Ethen McMemmemin, Daniel Jackson, Chris Cameron, Jeff Hibberd, Tim Tingiri
20min: Heather Little, Gary Saunders, Bruce Fleming, Erin McHugh, Elizabeth, Furhmeister, Madelyn Cardillo, Emma Jackson
30min: Mick Taylor 

Griffin Day, Edie Haley, Cam Gray, Charlotte Thompson, Mitchell Thompson, William McKenzie, Calun Revell, Lackie McKenzie, Toby Furhmeister


Date: 30/6/2012 Bill Flower Series

Time Trial Winner: Francis Lias

Road Race Handicap Winner: Paul Oman

Junior Handicap Winner: Cam Gray




Date: 23/6/2012 North Central Cycling Series - Race 2 SBCC (Seymour)

1st Matt Grealy, 2nd Elijah Kettle




Date: 16/6/2012 Terricks Road 52k Handicap

1st Reece Lewis, 2nd Jai Howard, 3rd Francis Lias, 4th Mick Hone, 5th Nathan Oman
Fastest Time: Reece Lewis 1.06.56

Scratch: Mick Hone, Reece Lewis, Ash Hall, Troy Griffith, Tim Fitzpatrick, Brad Edmonds, Jai Howard
3mins: Nathan Oman, Matt Grealy, Luke Moore, Dom Orso, Francis Lias, Graeme Butcher
7mins: Andrew MacKenzie, Brett Smedley, Todd Fleming, Andrew Clapham, Jamie Wilson
10mins: Malcolm Nield, Paul Oman, Leigh Murphy, Ray Hamilton, Warren Duffy, Simone Costello Manning
12mins: Bruce Fleming, Kathryn KeerKeer, Phil Herd, Bill Cathcart, Heather Little
19mins: Gary Needs, Minda Murray
21mins: Michael Taylor


Lewis in Terricks Triumph
Racing this weekend returned to local cycling’s traditional home on Terricks Road. The 50km circuit around Kotta and back along Wharparilla Road will only be run once this winter season and riders came out in force to be the one who would win the classic race. With the overcast conditions of the morning a distant memory the riders lined up under a beautiful blue sky ready for combat against the swirling winds and each other.
National Handcycling Champion Michael ’Squizzy’ Taylor lead out the race immediately setting a cracking pace as he headed out towards the Kotta turn. He was quickly followed by second limit, the duo of the experience Garry Needs and the exciting Minda Murray in only her second race, who set into a comfortable rhythm early on.
Nine minutes after Taylor had set off third limit was let go and started to immediately close the gap on the front of the race. This larger group lead by the experienced and wily Bruce ‘Silver Fox’ Fleming and with the female team of Kath Keer Keer and Heather Little looked like the group to watch as Echuca rider Phil Herd and Bill Cathcart lead them out onto Terricks Road. The notorious Terricks Road winds changed as third limit hit the five kilometre mark and the crosswind had an immediate affect—slowing the front runners down.
The 11 minute group were hampered at the starting line with perennial placegetter Paul Oman’s tyre puncturing 30 seconds before the group was to roll out. This left club stalwart Ray Hamilton and Leigh Murphy to pick up the slack and both teamed up well with the strong Simone Costello-Manning and Malcolm Nield and they quickly made ground on the front runners.
The 14 minute group with riders like Andrew MacKenzie and Brett Smedley doing long turns kept the group away from the rampant second scratch who were working well into the crosswind. Second scratch’s Luke Moore and Graham Butcher worked hard with Dom Orso and Francis Lias to try and bridge the gap.
Scratch headed off with Shepparton rider Reece Lewis setting a blistering pace helped out by local riders Mic Hone and Try Griffiths. A touch of wheels, and the fall of Luke Moore, in the second scratch group let the two scratch groups get together. With the added firepower the two groups started to cut the deficit with greater speed and were soon looking at the backs of the third scratch bunch.
Meanwhile at the front of the race Taylor was still setting a strong tempo and was holding off Murray in second place just over a kilometre behind. The third and fourth limit groups had combined along Kotta Road, but with powerful surges from Hamilton and Murphy this group was cut back to five riders.
As the race turned onto Terricks Road for home there were three groups—Taylor on his own, the forth Limit group less then 400 metres behind and the remainder of the race another 200 metres behind them. At this point Lewis attacked and not only bridges the gap to the next group, but rode past them and Taylor to start an eight kilometre solo effort for victory. The main group started to organise a chase but Lewis was able to hold them off to take a comfortable win. Second place went to Jai Howard in a sprint finish with Lias third and Hone in forth.



Koyuga 52Kms Race 3 - Ivan Collings Memorial Series 2/6/2012

1st Liam Harland, 2nd Jamie Costello manning, 3rd Marcus Cook, 4th Jai Howard, 5th Mitchell Zito, 6th Matt Jones

Fastest Time:  Liam Harland,  Girl Star Cycling Award:  Minda Murray


21mins: Wendy Tranby, Michael Tranby

17mins: Phil Herd, Heather Little, Gary Needs, Minda Murray, Mark Emerson

12mins: Mark Sampson, Andrew Crowe, Bruce Fleming, David Park, Todd Fleming, Michaela Tranby, Bruce Goldburg, Chris Cameron

8mins: Ray Hamilton, Malcome Nields, Brad Gotch, Simone Costello Manning, Turbo Smedley, Cam Walker, Kevin Hone

5mins: Stuart Ball, Neil Thompson, Tony Ryan, Ben Oman, Andrew Clapham, Jeff Martin, Tony Abobogni, Mark Pickles,

2mins: Sam Kennedy, John Salter, Francis Lias, Clint Flanigan, Mitchell Zito, Jamie Wilson, Zac Anderson

Scr: Liam Harland, Jamie Costello Manning, Nathan Oman, Jai Howard, Troy Griffith, Matt Jones, Marcus Cook




Country Championships at Castlemaine May 2012
 Thirteen Echuca Moama Cycling Club riders took part in the Victorian Country Championships in Castlemaine this weekend. The EMCC field included seven junior riders and six senior riders. Riders from the club included:
 Jnr riders: Oscar JONES JB11, Charlotte THOMPSON JW15, Jessie THOMSON JW15, Mitchell THOMPSON JB13, Ky HODSON JB13, Josh THOMSON JB13 and Edie HALEY JG13
 Snr riders: Matthew JONES ELITEM, Michael HONE MMAS2, Caleb SINCLAIR JM19, Michaela TRANBY JW19, Neil THOMSON MMAS4 and Kevin HONE MMAS8
 Congratulations to our podium placing riders, Charlotte Thompson (country champ), Oscar Jones (3rd), Edie Haley (2nd), Mic Hone (2nd) and Michaela Tranby (3rd)

 J11 Boys: 3rd Oscar JONES (Echuca/Moama CC)
 J15 Girls: 1st Charlotte THOMPSON (Echuca/Moama CC) 4th Jessie THOMSON (Echuca/Moama CC)
 J15 Boys: 4th Josh THOMSON (Echuca/Moama CC), 5t Mitchell THOMPSON (Echuca/Moama CC) 12th Ky HODSON (Echuca/Moama CC)
 J13 Girls: 2nd Edie HALEY (Echuca/Moama CC)
 Masters Men 2: 2nd Michael HONE (Echuca/Moama CC) 7th Matth JONES (Echuca/Moama CC)
 Masters Men 4: 4th Neil THOMSON (Echuca/Moama CC)
 Masters Men 6+:6th Kevin HONE (Echuca/Moama CC)
 Jnr 19 Women: 3rd Michaela TRANBY


Date: 26/5/2012 Rushworth Handicap 64k

1st Jai Howard, 2nd Edward Dalle Nogare, 3rd Troy Griffith, 4th Geoff Cobbledick, 5th Jeff Martin


Howard Wins Rushworth Bakery Handicap

Kyabram rider, Jai Howard, persevered to take out the 2012 Rushworth Bakery Handicap. Jai, a member of the Echuca Moama Cycling Club, had to overcome a breakaway from Echuca riders Dom Orso and a late surge from Shepparton rider Edward Dalle Nogare to cement his win.

The weather conditions on Saturday had produced strong stiff winds and dark skies for the riders to contend with leaving only the hardest of cyclists committing to the 64km race through the rolling hills around Rushworth. The threatening rain did not really take hold of the day and there were only a few brief showers throughout the 95 minute race.

The first group to take off included to Echuca veterans Bob Craig and Garry Needs who worked well into the first few hills. They were followed seven minutes later by a very strong second limit with Brett Smedley, Leigh Murphy and the father and son team of Todd and Bruce Fleming working hard to bridge the gap. The middle group also had a lot of experience to call on as it set off a further five minutes later with Echuca riders Oman and Hamilton and Albury Wodonga rider O’Farrell knowing exactly what was required to be there at the end.

Shepparton Cycling Club president, Edward Dalle Norge, headed the second scratch bunch that where sent off at the sixteen minute mark. With riders like Orso, Kennedy, Slater and Cobbledick this group was looking the favourites if they could keep a rampant scratch bunch away. The scratch bunch had an eighteen minute deficit to overcome to the front of the race and made short work of it. Mann, Griffiths, Cook, Howard and Grealy worked well together and were able to put the Dalle Nogare group under pressure fairly quickly.

At the front of the race the limit group had succumbed to the hilly conditions leaving only Duffy holding off the next two groups that had combined. With Scratch reeling in second Scratch there were effectively three groups on the road.

As the race entered its last 22km lap Duffy was still holding a lead of two minutes over the middle group. Scratch was quickly gaining on the middle group and captured them just outside of Rushworth. This left Duffy with just over a minute on the field.

When Duffy was caught on Zegglin Rd the whole race was together and the sprinters started looking at each other to see who would make the first move. Orso was first out of the corner and immediately put the group under pressure helped by Martin. As the last climb loomed Griffiths and Dalle Nogare made their move which was quickly countered by Howard who went on to take out the win and fastest time with Dalle Nogare in second and Griffiths in third.




Date: 19/5/2012 North Central Cycling Series - Race 1 BCC (Harcourt) 52k

1st Justin Leske1:30:??, 2nd Sam O’Dea, 3rd Luke Daly, 4th Sheridan Hall, 5th Barry Jane, 6th Darryl O’Keefe, 7th Syd Anstee, 8th Adam Lennon, 9th Dion Jelbart, 10th Andrew Creek
FT Jarrod Moroni 1:32:36

Scr: Steve Fairless, Sean Finning, Rhys Lewis, Tony Fitzpatrick , Jarrod Moroni, Sam Crome, Leon Griffin, Brenton Slotegraaf, Justin Mollison
3min: Travis Edwards, Luke Moore, Matt Jones, Tony Jones, Aiden Bowe, Jarrod Hartley
5min: Stuart McManus, Nathan Oman, Christian De Vrieze, Peter Angove, Jay Wilson, Cait Fraser
7min: Owen Deacon, Andrew MacKenzie, Chris Hamilton, Andrew Clapham, Fred Molluso, Neil Thompson, Steve Rooney
10min: Paul Oman, Darryl O’Keefe, Justin Leske, Syd Anstee, Jim Angove, Caleb Sinclair, Andrew Creek, Barry Jane, Ben Oman, Toni Abbisogni
12 min: Caine Mason, Adam Lennon, Dion Jelbart, Luke Daly, Ray Hamilton, Sheridan Hall, Sam O’Dea, Christy Rilen
14 min: Warren Osborne, Kevin Simmons, Imogen Jelbart, Kevin Hone, Mark Sampson
16 min: Warren Duffy, Mark Madden, Greg Keily, Janet Keily, Bruce Tonkin, Jeff Hibberd, Derek De Vrieze, Heather Little, Tom Cobden
21 min Shirley Amy, Mick Floyd, Travis Crawley, Chris Wilkins

EMCC riders turned up in numbers to race the first race of the North Central Club Series. The senior race had Echuca riders in most of the groups, but unfortunately many found the hilly conditions and pace difficult. A serious crash on the first lap left two cyclists needing assistance and the two limit groups out of contention. The middle groups were able to stay ahead and take the race with Caleb Sinclair one of the best placed EMCC riders just out of the top 10.
The Junior riders had a lot better time at Emu Creek with many riders making the podium. With Edie Haley and Oscar Jones winning their respective races and Charlotte Thompson gaining fastest time in her event to name a few. Well done all riders.

The race appeared to favour the visiting riders, but local knowledge must be worth a lot. Perfect conditions saw all away fast. The 12s & 14s joined up at the climb to the Gooseneck, making a gun bunch. Just after the Axe Ck turn, a fall occurred which stopped the16s. Those not on the deck stopped to assist, finishing their race. The 10s caught the12/14s , & this bunch proved unstoppable, with Justin just beating Sam in a finish where the 1st 6 could have been covered by a blanket.
Jarrod Moroni showed his return to form still on the up for fastest time in a big sprint.




Date: 12/5/2012  Rochester Scratch Race

1st, Ash Hall, 2nd Mick Hone, 3rd Matt Jone
Nathan Oman ,John Salter, Brett Sands, Mick Hone, Jai Howard, Troy Griffiths, Francis Lias, Ash Hall, Clint Flanigan, Jamie Wilson, Todd Schintler, Matt Jones
1st Sid Anstee, 2nd Fred Molluso, 3rd Neil Thomson

Neil Thomson, Steve Robson, Jeff Martin, Paul Oman, Ben Oman, Sam Kennedy, Brett Smedley, Caleb Sinclair, Sid Anstee, Terry Schintler, Fred Molluso, Elijah Kettle, Leigh Murphy, Justin Hatfield
1st Malcolm Nield 2nd David Park 3rd Noel Knight

David Park, Gary Needs, Heather Little, Kathryn Keer Keer, Chris Cameron, Michaela Tranby, Malcolm Nield, Glenn Kettle, Will Kettle, Noel Knight, Steven Loader, Wendy Tranby, Michael Tranby


Hall triumphs
Echuca Moama rider Ash Hall was able to exploit recent good form to win the A grade scratch race ran at Rochester this weekend. Hall’s win capped off one of three graded races run over the
50km course around Elmore, Rochester and Corop finishing on Howards Road. Hall was one of a select group of A grade riders that were able to stick together over the climb of Mt
Burrumboot. The group that included strong local riders Hone, Howard, Oman and Jones and they worked well through the rolling hills until continual attacks saw the loss of Howard. As the
group made the turn onto Howards Road Jones made his move which was quickly covered by Hall and Hone. The final sprint saw Hall take the win over Michael Hone in second and Matt
Jones in third.
The B and C grade races saw similar field splits over Mt Burrumboot. In B grade the climb of the mount and the rolling hills that followed left a solid group of riders with Echuca rider Neil
Thomson looking dangerous. Bendigo rider Sid Anstee was also looking comfortable as B grade turned onto the Howards Road section of the race. Anstee was able to hold off a strong finishing
Fred Molluso who took second with Thomson taking third. While the C grade race saw local Echuca rider Malcolm Nield take a convincing win over Park and Knight who gained second and
third respectively.


Koyuga 52Kms Race 2 - Ivan Collings Memorial Series 5/5/2012 - Sponsored by  

1st Tony Ryan, 2nd Zac Anderson, 3rd Mark Pickles, 4th Neil Thomson, 5th Ashley O’Farrell, 6th Paul Oman
Fastest Time: Leigh Egan 1.12.34,
Girl Star Cycling Award: Heather Little

23mins: Michael Tranby
20mins: Scott Milburn, Bob Craig, Gary Needs, Joanne Kerr, Heather Little, Max Lister
16ins: Brad Gotch, Malcolm Nield, Warren Duffy, Michaela Tranby, Bruce Goldburg, Chris Wilkins
11mins: Steve Robson, Paul Oman, Brett Smedley, Jeff Martin, Zac Anderson, Bill Cathcart, David Trounson
8mins:Neil Thomson: Andrew MacKenzie, Andrew Clapham, Sam Kennedy, Mark Pickles, Tony Ryan, Brian Crockart, Ashley O’Farrell
4mins: Steve Gray, Geoff Cobbledick, Graeme Butcher, Clint Flanigan, Tony Michel, John Salter
2mins: Matt Grealy, Jai Howard, Troy Griffith, Mitchell Zito, Brett Sands, Jarrod Mackin
Scr: Leigh Egan, Nathan Glynn, Brad Edmunds, Travis Edwards, Mick Hone, Ash Hall, Matt Jones, Jamie Costello Manning

1st Edie Haley, 2nd Jessie Thomson, 3rd Tom Allitt

Fastest Time: Liam Edwards 24.59
Scr: Charlotte Thompson, Liam Edwards
3mins: Chase Costello Manning, Josh Thomson, Mitchell Thompson
5mins: Jessie Thomson, Ky Hodson
8mins: Edie Haley, Tom Allitt
Sub Juniors:
1st William MacKenzie, 2nd Corey Robson, 3rd Tilley Gray

Scr Harrison Nield, 1mins William MacKenzie, 1.5mins Lachlan MacKenzie, 3mins Corey Robson, 3.5mins Mitchell Nield, 5.5mins Tilley Gray, 7.5mins Hannah Thompson


Round two of the Collings Series was raced on Saturday at the Koyuga circuit. A stiff head wind on the home straight and a strong Scratch bunch suggested that we would have the race coming together
before the home straight with scratch looking the favourites on paper. Shepparton’s Leigh Egan and Echuca Moama strongman Michael Hone were especially suited to the windy conditions and with Echuca
legend Brad Edmunds also in scratch the group looked set to pull in the 23 minutes that limit had on them.
Deniliquin rider Michael Tranby continued his return to racing heading off as a solo limit rider with second limit hitting the road in chase three minutes later. Last rounds winner, Joanne Kerr, and the evergreen
duo Needs and Craig started to immediately make inroads into limit.
Third limit group with local riders Goldburg and Nield started seven minutes after limit and worked hard into the wind to slowly wind back the groups in front. They were followed a further five minutes back by the fourth limit bunch which included Oman, Smedley and last weeks ‘Gunbarrel’ champion Dave ‘the cook’ Trounson.
The middle group with Kennedy, Thompson and Pickles started 15 minutes after limit and quickly found their rhythm making good time on the groups ahead. MacKenzie continued to show his rapid
improvement and worked well with Kennedy to help get the group in a great position.
The third scratch group with Salter, Gray and Cobbledick started another five minutes behind and were followed by second scratch three minutes later. Second scratch’s Grealy, Zito and Howard were early
pacemakers and looked set to join the group ahead by mid race. Scratch set out two minutes later with Edwards, Hall and Jones working hard into the wind.
At the front of the race all the groups were coming together with all groups in sight of the group ahead as the last lap started. Third limit worked hard with Wilkins, Gotch, Duffy and Nield bridging the gap to
combine with the leading group. As the leaders reached the home straight the first five groups had joined and a big bunch finished was looking likely. A touching of bars and a crash left Edwards out of the race and slowed down scratch for a while. The other scratch groups were a mere 100 metres off the front of the race as the sprint wound up with Ryan winning over Anderson in second and Pickles in third.
Fastest time was taken out by Shepparton’s Leigh Egan.
The J15/13 race saw a good field battle it out over the 14km course. Edie Haley and Tom Allitt were the first to head off and were quickly followed by the tenacious Ky Hodson and Jessie Thomson. The five minute mark saw Josh Thomson, Chase Costello-Manning and Mitchell Thompson set off and quickly work into the defect bridging much of the gap in the early stages.
The scratch bunch of Charlotte Thompson and Shepparton’s Liam Edwards were set a gap of eight minutes to the limit riders and had to work hard together to bridge the distance. Edie Haley was the winner
of the race over Jessie Thomson in second and Tom Allitt in third place. Edwards was able to hold off Charlotte Thompson to take out fastest time in an impressive 24:59.
The novice race saw Hannah Thompson in limit followed by Tilley Gray two minutes after and Mitchell Nield a further two minutes behind her. Corey Robson on 4.5 minutes was followed by brothers Lachlan and William MacKenzie on six and seven minutes respectively. Harrison Nield was the scratch rider with a 7.5 minute gap from limit. William MacKenzie was the winner of the race closely followed by Robson in second and Gray in third.




Gunbarrel Handicap 28/4/2012

1st David Trounson, 2nd Malcolm Nield, 3rd Mark Sampson, 4th Heather Little, 5th Andrew MacKenzie
Fastest Time: Ash Hall 1.18.06

21mins: Gary Needs, Phil Herd, Heather Little, David Park, Scott Milburn
18mins: David Trounson, Chris Cameron, Malcolm Nield, Mark Sampson, Glenn Kettle
15mins: Bill Cathcart, Leigh Murphy, Kevin Hone, Bruce Fleming, Bruce Goldburg
12mins: Paul Oman, Andrew MacKenzie, Brett Smedley, Haydon O’Neale, Brian Crockart
8mins: Jeff Martin, Andrew Clapham, Ray Hamilton, David O’Brien
6mins: Steve Robson, Graeme Butcher, Neil Thomson, Sam Kennedy
1.5mins: Dom Orso, Clint Flanigan, Matt Grealy, John Salter, Francis Lias
Scr: Ash Hall, Mick Hone, Matt Jones, Jai Howard

37 riders were met with a 20km westerly wind for the “infamous” EMCC Autumn classic, the 56km- Gunbarrell handicap. The day saw 4 riders debuting with the club for a winter road season.
The limit group benefitted from the experienced Gary Needs, who organised the Little, Herd, Milburn and debut rider David Park into a well organised work group.
Ahead of them David Trounson, Chris Cameron ,Malcolm Nield , Mark Sampson, and Glenn Kettle embarked on the 28km block head wind journey out Terrick’s rd.
The MacKenzie, “Turbo” Smedley, Haydon O’Neale, Paul Oman, Brian Crockart group soon fractured after high boost being applied on the road out, with Andrew Mackenzie continuing solo, with Paul Oman and Haydon O’Neale dropping back and contributing to the middle groups efforts.
The middle group of Jeff Martin, Ray Hamilton, Dave “stig” Obrien and Andrew Clapham, were joined just before the turnaround point by the chasing group of Neil Thomson, Sam Kennedy, Graeme Butcher and Steve Robson.
2nd Scratch comprising Dom Orso, Francis Lias, Matty Grealy, Clint Flanigan and John Salter had made scratch work hard to bridge at the 20km mark.
This “supergroup” continued on with Scratch riders Matt Jones, Ash Hall, Mick Hone and Jai Howard leading the charge from the turnaround with speeds reaching 56km/h in the pursuit of the merged middle markers just up the road.
This saw the formation of a 15 rider group who averaged 50km/h on the return leg.
The front markers group had a tactical selection of riders at the turnaround forming a group that continued together to the finish, working smoothly to maintain a gap that the back group were unable to bridge.
In the finale for the placing’s, David “the cook” Trounsen proved strong enough to hold off the fast finish from in-form riders Mal Nield -2nd and Mark Samson-3rd. The placing’s were rounded out by a fine 4th for Heather Little and Andrew “Macka” Mackenzie in 5th after a 30km ride across the gap alone!
Fastest time went to Ash Hall at an average speed of around 42km hour-a fine effort after the 26km lactate building leg out into the strong westerly.
A special mention and thankyou to Kerrie Oman, Kaz Butcher, Cheryl Kettle and Laurie Grealy for their race organisation efforts.

Koyuga 52Kms Race 1 - Ivan Collings Memorial Series 14/4/2012 - Sponsored by  


1st Jo Keer, 2nd Mark Samson, 3rd Andrew Crow, 4th Bill Cathcart, 5th Bob Craig, 6th Heather Little
F/T Leigh Egan 1.10.41, 
Girl Star Cycling Award: Simone Costello Manning


Juniors: 1st & fastest, Liam Edwards 24.25, 2nd Campbell Gray, 3rd Mitchell Thompson

Unders: 1st Will McKenzie, 2nd Lach McKenzie, 3rd Corey Robson

26mins: Jo Kerr, Bob Craig, Garry Needs, Roberta Hamilton, Michael Tranby, Nigel Bye
23mins: Mark Sampson, Heather Little, Andrew Crow, Chris Cameron, Phil Herd, Bill Cathcart
18mins: Todd Fleming, Bruce Goldburg, Glen Kettle, Graeme Lockwood, Bruce Fleming, Malcome Nield, Warren Duffy , Elijah Kettle
Brett Smedley, Annie Pitcher, Greg Patterson, Kevin Hone, Stuart Ball, Simone Costello Manning, Kathryn Kerr Kerr, Andrew McKenzie  
11mins: Tim Davey, Jeff Martin, Andrew Clapham, Marcus D'Angri, John Salter, Sam Kennedy, Ray Hamilton, Paul Oman, Tahn Dempster
8mins: Graeme Sylvestor, Neil Thomson, Jamie Wilson, Graeme Butcher, Steve Robson, Fred Moluso, Tony Ryan, M. Pick?

5mins: Dom Orso, Bryce Lowndes, Jai Howard, Clint Flanigan, Steve Gray, Francis Lias, Matt Grealy, Geoff Cobbledick, Tony Michel, Warren Pickering, Edward Dalle Nogare,  

2mins: Brad Edmunds, Mick Hone, Troy Griffith, Tim Fitzpatrick, Nathan Oman, Shane Roberts, Jamie Costello Manning, Sam Warde, David Mohi, Jason Sherlock, Marcus Cook, Mitchell Zito

Scr: Neville Laffy, Leigh Egan, Brad Scott, Travis Linde, Trent Stevenson, Travis Edwards, Christian McDonald



Racing for the 2012 road season got off to a great start with nearly 100 riders turning out to compete in the first round of the Collings Series of races at Koyuga. With riders racing in three categories; senior riders, under 15 riders and under 10 riders there was a lot of racing for the large number of spectators to enjoy. The Paterson Finance Company Collings Handicap was one of five such races that will run over the year with points awarded towards a series aggregate. Named after Echuca Moama Cycling Club legends Ivan and Lorraine Collings, the Collings Series races have become a favourite for riders in Echuca and surrounding districts.
The under 10 race, an out and back race of 5km, offered an opportunity for the youngest riders to develop their skills. Tilley Gray and Mitchell Nield were fast starters and both worked hard into the headwind section of the ride. On the return journey three riders went to the front; Corey Robson, William Mackenzie and Lachlan Mackenzie with William being able to slowly pull away from the other two riders to cross the line in first. Lachlan Mackenzie just beat Corey Robson to take out second place with Robson in third and Nield in fourth.
In the under 15 race the riders completed one lap of the 13.4km Koyuga circuit in a handicap style race. Harrison Nield was the first rider away and he set a healthy pace into the first turn. The second limit bunch followed three minutes after limit and with strong riders like Edie Haley, Oscar Jones and Tom Alitt in the group they looked like the group to beat. The middle group of Ky Hodson, Jacob Ayres and Jess Thomson left one minute later trying to hold off second scratch who followed a minute after them. The scratch bunch, leaving six minutes after limit, had a huge task to bring the groups back together, but with riders like Liam Edwards, Cam Gray and the inform Portia Costello-Manning the group was able to catch all the other riders by the home straight. Liam Edwards broke away in the last kilometre to take the win and fastest time closely followed by Cam Gray and Mitchell Thompson in second and third respectively.
The senior race found a series record 76 riders competing over four laps of the Koyuga circuit. The race offered one of the strongest fields seen at Koyuga with Shepparton riders Leigh Egan and Trent Stevenson proven winners on this course. Echuca riders Tim Fitzpatrick and Mick Hone had been showing good form over the summer period and looked like the best local chance if the race came together. The race also saw the return of a few local riders from extended breaks from racing. The experienced Needs and Craig were welcome returns to the early groups offering their race wisdom and guidance throughout the race. While the middle groups sported quick finishing riders like Molluso, Clapham and Paul Oman and strong gutsy riders like Davey, Kennedy and Wilson which left them looking like the ones to beat on paper.
With a gap of 26 minutes front to back the job for scratch was a herculean task, especially as the limit group with Needs, Craig and Kerr had already finished a lap as they set off. Scott, McDonald, Edwards and Linde worked hard with Egan and Stevenson to slowly bring the huge gap back and by their first lap scratch had 2nd Scratch in their sights. Meanwhile at the front of the race the joining of limit and 2nd limit added the strong legs of Crow, Sampson and Herd to the mix making this group look like the ones to beat by the end of the halfway mark.
By the end of the third lap many of the middle groups had come together and started to make a late charge for the win, but as the limit groups were working so well together it looked doubtful that any group would be able to bridge that gap. As the head of the race came into view of the finish line Jo Kerr dug deep and unexpectedly attacked. She was able to hold off second place Sampson and third place Crowe to take out her first win in cycling. Shepparton rider Leigh Egan won the sprint for fastest rider completing the 54km in 1:10:41, one of the fastest times ever seen on the course. While Echuca rider Simone Costello-Manning won the Girls Star award for most impressive female rider.




Date: 11/3/2012 Bamawm 30k Handicap

1st Paul Oman, 2nd Kevin Hone, 3rd Elijah Kettle. 4th Ray Hamilton
Fastest: Nathan Oman 43.04 mins


13mins: Michael Taylor

9mins: Warren Duffy, Glen Kettle, Rod Nilbert

6mins: Ray Hamilton, Kevin Hone, Elijah Kettle, Paul Oman, Jeff Martin

2mins: John Doyle, Graeme Sylvestor, Steve Robinson, Andrew Clapham, Peter Mazzeralla

Scr: Natham Oman, Tim Fitzpatrick, Shane Roberts



Date: 5/3/2012 Bamawm 30k Handicap

1st Chris Cameron, 2nd Francis Lias, 3rd Nathan Oman
Fastest: Nathan Oman 42.38 mins

Scr: Nathan Oman, Tim Fitzpatrick, Troy Griffith
1min: Dom Orso, Graham Sylvester, Francis Lias
3mins: Paul Oman, Johnny Doyle, Steve Robson, Andrew Clapham, Kevin Hone
12.5mins: Squizzy
15.5mins: Chris Cameron





National Handcycle Series 25-26th Feb 2012

Time Trial
Trike - Larred Langmead - 27.36.41
H1: Craig Parsons - 27.40.25, Glenn Bennett - 42.15.87, Gary Groker - 42.15.87
H2: Michael Taylor - 22.13.33, Jarrod Moncur - 22.55.92, Peter Allen - 24.35.83, Ron Gibson - 24.53.31, Alex Welsh - 25.10.27, Harley Quinlan - 26.40.09, James Ormerod - 27.16.95, Steve Richter - 27.20.65, Tiffany Perry - 31.42.33, Jon Franklin - 32.37.06, Ben Bears - 36.01.14, Louise Mofflin - 37.36.44, David McPherson - 39.40.61
H3: Nigel Barley - 20.17.76, Sue Reid - 27.11.36, Richard Williams - 28.53.01, Dilan Young - 32.40.80, Belinda Currow - 36.14.43
H4: Stuart Tripp - 21.04.38

Road Race
Trike 30km: Carol Cooke - Dead Heat , same time - 1.06.45, Jared Langmead
H1 30km: Craig Parsons - 1.06.31, Glenn Bennett - 1.42.28, Gary Groker - I didn't get a recieved time
H2 60km: Michael Taylor - 1.51.29, Jarrod Moncur - 2.03.15, Alex Welsh - 2.05.47, Ron Gibson - 2.05.53, Peter Allan - 2.05.53, Harley Quinlan - 2.13.30, Steve Richter - 2.15.46, James Ormerod - 2.19.54, Jon Franklin - I didn't get a recieved time, Tiffany Perry - 30km - 1.19.14, Louise Mofflin - 30km - 1.29.03
H3 60km: Nigel Barley - 1.44.51, Sue Reid - 2.17, Richard Williams - 2.36.16, Belinda Currow - I didn't get a recieved time
H4 60km: Stuart Tripp - 1.50.07




Date: 20/2/2012 Bamawm 30k Handicap

1st Squizzy Taylor, 2nd Ben Oman, 3rd Andrew Clapham, F/T Nathan Oman

The threatening skies that had unleased a downpour an hour before the race disappeared to reveal perfect race conditions on Monday night. Racing over the 30km Lockington loop Michael Taylor headed off along Mitiamo Road at a steady pace. The middle group started the chase with father and son team Paul and Ben Oman doing some of the early work. Meanwhile Fitzpatrick and Roberts were chasing hard in the scratch bunch slowly reigning in the forward groups as they turned into the home straight. As the groups entered the last few kilometres Taylor made a desperate effort to reach the line for a win as the groups were merging less than 100 metres behind him. Ben Oman was the first to move closely followed by Fred Molluso and Andrew Clapham with Nathan Oman in hot pursuit. Ben Oman took second followed by Clapham in 3rd and Molluso in 4th. Nathan Oman finished strongly to take fastest time.





Date: 13/2/2012 Terricks Road 10k Time Trial (leader board)




Date: 12/2/2012 Koyuga Scratch Race

C-GRADE 2-Laps
1st Bruce Fleming, 2nd Mark Sampson, 3rd Glenn Kettle
Ezio D’Alberto, Warren Duffy, Glenn Kettle, Mark Sampson, Bruce Fleming

B-GRADE 3-Laps
1st John Salter, 2nd Kevin Hone, 3rd Andrew Clapham
Paul Oman, Andrew Clapham, Kevin Hone, Ray Hamilton, Annie Pitcher, Jeff Martin, John Salter, Elijah Kettle, Simone Costello Manning

A-GRADE 4-laps
1st Duncan Smith, 2nd Troy Griffith, 3rd Jamie C/M
Clint Flanigan, Matt Griffin, Fred Molluso, Scott Charlton, Duncan Smith, Matt Grealy, Troy Griffith, Matt Jones, Jamie Costello Manning


JUNIORS: 1st Oscar Jones 2nd Chase Costello Manning 3rd Portia Costello Manning


Echuca Moama Cycling Club’s first scratch race on the Koyuga circuit for 2012 was run under perfect summer conditions this weekend. The day’s events included four races: A, B, C, and Junior grades as well as a Handcycle time trial.
EMCC handcyclist Michael Taylor was one of the handcyclist who used the day as an opportunity to test out their fitness on the course that will be used in the Victorian round of the National Handcycle Series in two weeks’ time. Series leader, Taylor, set a strong time and looks like the rider to beat in the upcoming series. Taylor is hoping that a good showing in all three races could help him gain selection for the upcoming Paralympics.
The A grade race over four laps of the circuit included riders from the St Kilda and Carnegie Caulfield cycling clubs as well as local EMCC riders. EMCC riders Clint Flanigan and Troy Griffiths were early movers in the race, setting a strong tempo into the first few kilometres. As the group entered the home straight for the first time St Kilda rider Duncan Smith opened a gap of around 100 metres on the rest of the peloton. Local rider Matt Jones sprinted across the void and worked well with Smith until a mechanical issued forced his retirement from the race. This left Smith alone with the rest of A grade looking destined to swallow him up. In one of the most impressive pieces of individual riding ever seen on the Koyuga circuit Smith held off the peloton and late surges from Griffiths and Costello-Manning for over 30 km to win with Griffiths in second and Costello- Manning in third.
The B grade race over 3 laps of the 14km circuit was looking like it would be a very closely contested race with fast finishing riders like Paul Oman, Andrew Clapham and Jeff Martin in the mix. Annie Pitcher, just returned from her impressive state title victory on the velodrome last weekend, was an early mover with fellow female rider Simone Costello-Manning also putting in some early turns. Succumbing to a mechanical problem Pitcher was unable to build on her early work and found herself off the back of the peloton. Veteran riders Kevin Hone and Ray Hamilton worked hard over the following laps but were unable to shake the rest of the field and as they entered the home straight they were all together. Costello-Manning was the first to move and she managed to build a healthy gap as the line loomed. Salter, Clapham and Hone made the gap to Costello-Manning and continued onto the finish line with Salter first, Hone second and Clapham in third place.
The C grade race, over two laps of the circuit, saw Ezio D’Alberto among the early movers putting pressure on the group as the approached the halfway mark of the first lap. Bruce Fleming and Glen Kettle worked well into the wind and were looking like likely winners as the group turned into the home straight. As the peloton approached the line Fleming launched an attack and was able to gain a few metres on Samson, Kettle and Duffy. Fleming held his advantage until the line to take the win over Samson in second and Kettle in third.
The junior race was also a closely raced affair with Oscar Jones showing his recent track form is transferable to the road. He was able to hold off a very determined Chase Costello-Manning to take the win with Portia Costello-Manning finishing in third spot.



Date: 6/2/2012 Bamawm 26k Handicap

1st Tim Fitzpatrick, 2nd Mick Hone, 3rd Matt Grealy, 4th Troy Griffiths
Fastest time: Tim Fitzpatrick 36.30
Limit: Garry
2nd Limit: Michael Taylor
3rd Limit: Elijah Kettle, Glen Kettle, Kevin Hone
Middle: Andrew Clapham, Jeff Martin, Ray Hamilton
2nd Scratch: Dom Orso, Matt Greally, Caleb Sinclair, Steve Robinson
Scratch: Troy Griffiths, Tim Fitzpatrick, Mick Hone



Date: 30/1/2012 Bamawm 26k Handicap




Date: 23/1/2012 Bamawm 26k Handicap

1st Ash Hall, 2nd Nathan Oman, 3rd Mick Hone
Fastest Time: Ash Hall 36.31

10mins> Squizzy
4mins> Paul Oman, Ray Hamilton, Ben Oman, Kevin Hone
2mins> Nathan Oman, Sam Kennedy, Andrew Clapham, Caleb Sinclair
Scr> Mick Hone, Ash Hall, Shane Roberts, Troy Griffith, Dom Orso

Mondays Road Race was held in warm conditions and light winds. From limit was Michael “Squizzy” Taylor continuing his heavy training ahead of the Echuca round of the National Hand Cycling Series next month.

A strong 2nd scratch bunch comprising Kevin Hone, Ray Hamilton and the father/son combination of Paul and Ben Oman set off in pursuit. Trying to bridge the gap from “block”, and outrun the scratch bunch were Nathan Oman, Caleb Sinclair, Sam Kennedy and Andrew Clapham.

The balanced scratch bunch set off in pursuit to bridge the 10 minute gap to limit, with Ash Hall, Mick Hone, Dom Orso, Shane Roberts and Troy Griffiths combing well and hitting speeds up to 50km/h in the favouring side wind on the journey out.

The Groups formed a “peloton” just after the turnaround point. Coming into the finish, and the domain of the sprinters, Ash Hall kicked clear to win and record fastest time at an average speed over the 26km’s of 43km/h!. In 2nd was Nathan Oman from Mick Hone in 3rd.




Date: 15/1/2012 Terricks Road 10k Time Trial (leader board)