SUMMER 2011 ROAD RACE RESULTS: (2010 results)



Date: 19/12/2011 Bamawm Xmas Handicap 26k

1st: Tim Fitzpatrick, 2nd Mick Hone, 3rd Shane Roberts
Fastest: Tim Fitzpatrick: 35.80 secs, Most Determined Rod Nilbett

Limit 0mins: Michael Taylor
3mins: Kevin Hone, Bruce Fleming, Rod Nilbett
4mins: Ray Hamilton, John Doyle,
8mins: Francis Lias, Sam Kennedy, Caleb Sinclair, Steve Robson
9mins: Dom Orso, Matt Grealy, Brett Smeadley,
10 mins: Mick Hone, Shane Roberts, Tim Fitzpatrick, Troy Griffiths
13km: Charlotte Thompson: 23.54secs-Great time in a strong side wind!



Date: 12/12/2011 Terricks Road 10k Time Trial (leader board)




Date: 5/12/2011 Bamawm 26k

1st Bryce Lowndes, 2nd Dom Orso, 3rd Caleb Sinclair
Fastest: Bryce Lowndes 36.39

Scratch 0mins: Liam Harland, Mick Hone, Troy Griffith
1min: Matt Grealy, Dom Orso, Shane Roberts, Steve Gray, Bryce Lowndes
2.5mins: Brett Smedley, Andrew Clapham, Caleb Sinclair, Fred Molluso, Steve Robson
4.5mins: Paul Oman, Annie Pitcher, Ray Hamilton, Dave Williams, Kevin Hone
11.5mins: Garrie Carman
Cam Gray 13km



Date: 27/11/2011 Koyuga, Scratch race

1st Travis Linde, 2nd Mick Hone, 3rd Troy Griffith, 4th Ash Hall
Jamie Costello Manning, Bryce Lowndes, Ash Hall, Jai Howard, Troy Griffith, Dom Orso, Nathan Oman, Tim Fitzpatrick, Stuart McMenus, Mick Hone, Travis Lindhe, Graham Sylvester


1st Paul Oman, 2nd Jeff Martin, 3rd Craig Riddington, 4th Fred Molluso
Paul Oman, Craig Riddington, Fred Molluso, Jeff Martin

1st Mannie Nesbit, 2nd Phil Herd, 3rd Joanne Kerr, 4th Heather Little
Heather Little, Joanne Kerr, Phil Herd, Mannie Nesbit, Greg Keddie

KIDS 1-LAP: 1st Chase Costello Manning, 2nd Tom Allitt




Date: 21/11/2011 Bamawm 26k

1st Glen Kettle, 2nd Kevin Hone, 3rd Michael Taylor, 4th Paul Oman

Fastest Time: Mick Hone

Scratch 0mins: Liam Harland, Jamie Costello Manning, Mick Hone, Troy Griffith
2mins: Nathan Oman, Jai Howard, Matt Grealy, Bryce Lowndes
4mins: Brett Smedley, Sam Kennedy, Andrew Clapham, John Doyle
6mins: Paul Oman, Ray Hamilton, Elijah Kettle, Dave Williams, Craig Riddington
10mins: Glen Kettle, Kevin Hone, Phil Herd, Kevin Jennar
12mins: Squizzy

22 riders lined up for the 26km out and back course at Bamawm Course in fine conditions and little of the feared strong spring winds usually experienced. All Groups combined well with all gaps reduced  significantly before the turnaround at 13km, however the scratch men and middle markers were unable to close the gaps in the run in to the finish. A return to form saw Glen Kettle take out a well fought  win , with Kevin Hone taking 2nd and Michael “Squizzy Taylor 3rd, with  Paul Oman leading his group in for 4th. The coveted fastest time went to Michael Hone from scratch in a rapid 36.05.




Date: 14/11/2011 Terricks Road 10k Time Trial (leader board)




Date:> 31/10/2011 Bamawm, 26k  Scratch Race

A Grade:
1st-Tim Fitz, 2nd-Liam Harland, 3rd-Troy Griffiths
Sam Kennedy, Steve Grey, Troy Griffiths, Dom Orso, Liam Harland, Clint Flanigan, Caleb Sinclair, Tim Fitzpatrick

B Grade:
1st-John Doyle, 2nd David Williams, 3rd Ray Hamilton
David Williams, John Doyle, Ray Hamilton, Michael Taylor, Warren Duffy,


Strong winds meet the competitors of the first road race of the 2011-12 season on Monday night. Two grades raced 26km scratch race along Bamawm extension road working into the tough headwind.
A grade riders Sam Kennedy and Dom Orso worked well with Caleb Sinclair to push the group along at a steady pace. At the 8km mark the experienced Steve Gray and Troy Griffiths up the speed trying to put some of the other riders under pressure, but this tactic failed to produce the desired effect and all A grade riders hit the 13km turn around point together. 2011 EMCC Club Champion, Liam Harland, found his way around the turn point just behind Clint Flanigan and immediately started to increase the tempo, catching the group by surprise and gaining a good gap on the field as they tried to organise a chase. Reaching speeds in excess 50kmph Harland was able to hold the chasing field off until the last 500 meters. As the group pulled in Harland Griffiths bridged the gap closely followed by Flanigan and Tim Fitzpatrick and with 200 meters to go it looked like it could be anyone’s race. Harland, showing real character, attacked again and looked like he would hold off a rampant Fitzpatrick, but fell short going down to Fitzpatrick by half a wheel. Third place went Griffiths closely followed by Gray in forth.
The B grade race was likewise a closely contested event. EMCC Veteran cyclist Ray Hamilton looked the favourite early on as he powered into the wind. First time racer David Williams was also impressive in the hard conditions and demonstrated that he will be someone to watch in the coming months. At the turn around the group had been cut to three riders with National handcyle champion “Squizzy” Taylor succumbing to the vicious cross winds. Johnny Doyle seeing his opportunity attacked with 5km to go but was unable to shake Hamilton and Williams who were determined to get a win in the first race of the series. With 70 metres to go Doyle attacked again and was able to get a race winning gap over the other two riders with Williams taking second in his first race by a slim margin over Hamilton in third and Taylor for forth.





2011 Club Championships 17/9/2011


Road Race: Rochester 50 Kms

Open:>          1st Liam Harland, 2nd Ashley Hall, 3rd Nathan Oman

Masters:>     1st Fred Moluso, 2nd Bryce Lowndes, 3rd Dom Orso

Super vets:> 1st Paul Oman, 2nd Ray Hamilton, 3rd Bruce Fleming

Women:>      1st Heather Little, 2nd Michaela Tranby, 3rd Wendy Tranby


Time Trial: Koyuga Rochester 13 Kms

Open:> 1st Liam Harland 17.59.30, 2nd Tim Fitzpatrick 19.28.34, 3rd Jamie Costello Manning 19.56.27, 4th Jai Howard 20.30.81, 5th Caleb Sinclair 21.27.61, 6th Andrew Clapham 22.48.09
1st Fred Molluso 21.44.74, 2nd Dave Oman 21.48.60, 3rd Neil Thomson 22.47.21, 4th Warren Duffy 23.30.13, 5th Michael Taylor 24.46.76
Super vets:>
1st Paul Oman 21.25.59, 2nd Ray Hamilton 22.16.65, 3rd Bruce Fleming 23.05.73, 4th Kevin Hone 23.35.63
1st Michaela Tranby 24.10.73, 2nd Wendy Tranby 24.58.89, 3rd Heather Little 26.12.16


Road Race: U13: 1st Charlotte Thompson, 2nd Campbell Gray, 3rd Jakob Ayres, 4th Portia Costello Manning, 5th Edie Haley

                       U11: 1st Josh Thomson, 2nd Chase Costello Manning, 3rd Mitchell Thompson, 4th Tom Allitt, 5th Ky Hodson
Time Trial: U9/13:
1st Chase Costello Manning, 2nd Mitch Thompson, 3rd Josh Thompson, 4th Tom Allitt, 5th Ky Hodson

                       U/15: 1st Charlotte Thompson, 2nd Cam Gray, 3rd Jacob Ayers, 4th Edie Haley




Date: 10/9/2011 Castlemaine 50k North Central Cycling Series - Race4

1st Aiden Bowe, 2nd Dave Oman, 3rd  Kevin Simmons, 4th Greig Keily, 5th Bruce Tonkin, 6th Glen Christensen

F/T Sam Fuhrmeister 1.23.25, First female Annie Pitcher


U15: 1st Ashlee Nichol 20min, 2nd Jon Shanks 7min, 3rd Toby Fuhrmeister 2min, F/T Adam Jackson SCR, 4th Culum Revell 0.30min, 5th Jack Makepeace 2min, 6th Nic Simpson 2min      
1st Corey Nichol 3min, 2nd Jiah Polidano 3min, 3rd Griffin Day 5min, 4th Jordan Jackson 5min, F/T Charlotte Thompson SCR
1st Ethan Day 4min, 2nd Ashley Jackson 3min, 3rd Kian Brownfield 5min, 4th Ky Hodson 1min, F/T Mitchell Thompson SCR

Oman shines on overcast day
Echuca Moama Cycling Club rider Dave Oman has had two big weeks in cycling. Fresh from his impressive second in the converted Noel Smith Memorial race from Bendigo to Echuca he has again placed on the podium with another impressive second. Oman was one of around 20 EMCC riders competing in the North Central Club Series at Harcourt on the weekend. The series features five races over the course of the year and is run between Echuca Moama, Seymour Broadford, Castlemaine, Shepparton and Bendigo cycling clubs with racing for both senior and junior riders. The Harcourt race, the Ken Maddern Memorial Handicap, was run by the Castlemaine Cycling Club and 2011 is the fourth year that the race has run.
EMCC riders were well represented in the junior races. J11 riders Mitchell Thompson and Ky Hudson rode extremely well in the challenging conditions with Thompson securing fastest time for his efforts and Castlemaine rider Ethan Day winning the race. In the J13 division Mitchell’s Sister Charlotte was able to also win the fastest time making it another sister brother double for the pair, with Corey Nichol from Castlemaine winning line honours.
The senior race was a very challenging course taking in the hills around Sutton Grange and Mt Alexander and was seen as a course that would favour the hill climber. The weather that greeted the riders added to the difficulty with strong wind making descents and flat sections of the course as hard to ride as the climbs. With only 30 minutes from the limit groups to the scratch riders it was predicted that scratch would take line honours as well as fastest time and Echuca riders Liam Harland and Tim Fitzpatrick and Seymour rider Sam Fuhrmeister looking like favourites to win the day.
The course starts with a 3 km climb out of Harcourt and many of the early groups found themselves disintegrating before the 5 km mark. Echuca riders Dave Oman, Annie Pitcher and Michaela Tranby were able to sustain the relentless attacks over the first quarter of the race and were looking good as the front three bunches come together before the soul destroying climb on Water Race Road. Oman was the best placed Echuca rider at the top of the climb, using the more experienced hill climbers from Seymour to pace himself up the climb. As he breeched the climb he found himself alone and started the long downhill section that descended back into Harcourt.
Meanwhile the scratch bunches had made huge inroads into the front markers and were only five minutes behind the Oman group by the start of the big climb. This meant that all the riders were on the climb together and it seemed only a matter of time before the lead group would be reeled in. The frenetic pace of the scratch bunch had meant that many riders were now ‘popping’ and there was a trail of destruction behind the main scratch bunch. Harland, Fuhrmeister and Saunders drove the scratch bunch up the climb with the three riders trying to crack each other. One of the first casualties of this ferocious attack was Echuca rider Fitzpatrick who had to settle in to a long solo ride back into Harcourt.
At the front of the race Oman had pulled away from his fellow competitors and looked set for a great victory when young Bendigo rider Aiden Bowe managed to bridge the gap just before the last climb of the day. Using his climbing advantage over Oman he was able to get a 200 meter jump on his rival. Oman chased down the young rider but was not able to bridge the gap leaving Bowe in 1st place by 7 seconds to Oman with Simmons a further 58 seconds behind Oman. The race for fastest time came down to a sprint with Harland looking the goods with 50 metres to go until a slipped gear cost him the sprint with Fuhrmeister taking fastest time. Echuca rider Annie Pitcher was awarded the first female across the line giving EMCC two riders in the awards.
Oman’s second podium finish in two weeks points to a real form improvement coming into the club championships next week. “I’ve been feeling good on the bike lately and my main goal this month is the club championship” Oman said. Oman will have plenty of competition and will need to ride his top race if he is to improve on the two second places of recent weeks. 2010 Echuca club champion Jamie Costello-Manning has also been in good form and strong riders like Mic Hone, Ash Hall, Liam Harland and 2009 winner Tim Fitzpatrick in the mix it looks like it will be one of the closest contested races in a long time. The Echuca Moama Club Championship Road Race will be held at Rochester on Saturday afternoon with the club Time Trial event at the Koyuga circuit on Sunday morning.




Star Hotel Bendigo to Echuca 93Km Road Race 3/9/2011


1st Nicole McNamara, 2nd Dave Oman, 3rd Stuart Ball, 4th Kel Chaffey Jones, 5th Trent Stephens

F/T: Kel Chaffey Jones


The 2011 ‘Star Hotel’ Noel Smith Handicap, raced over 90km from Huntly to Echuca, was greeted with blue skies and stiff headwinds. The prospect of racing 90km into a blustery wind left the strong Scratch group with Bendigo rider Kel Chaffey-Jones and Shepparton rider Reece Lewis looking like the likely winners. The wily fast fishing Andrew Clapham and the powerful Sam Kennedy were the most likely to raise the flag for the Echuca Moama Club in the tricky conditions and both worked hard through the undulating Whipstick Forest.
The limit group of Bendigo rider Nicole McNamara and Echuca riders Dave Oman, Stuart Ball and Ken Hone kept together throughout the tough hilly section of the race and were able to capitalize on their advantage, working well into the wind and still had a healthy lead by Lockington. As limit continued on towards Kotta the scratch group was slowly picking up the middle groups, with many riders feeling the heat from the continual pressure and dropping off the peloton.
As the limit group started the last 20km along Terricks Road the race consisted of the four members of that group and the chasing field. The Limit group, that had managed to stay together for over 60km started to show signs of strain and Echuca’s Dave Oman and Bendigo’s McNamara road away from the rest of the group.
With under five kilometres to go, the fight for line honours was going to be fought out between Oman and McNamara, with McNamara looking very strong as they approached the line. Oman was the first to move, but the many kilometres had taken their toll, and he was passed by McNamara, who hung on to take the win. Oman finished second with Ball managing to keep the fast finishing bunch at bay to take 3rd place. Bendigo’s Kel Chaffey-Jones took out the fastest time in a sprint win over Shepparton’s Trent Stephens.


Date: 27/8/2011 Koyuga 50k North Central Cycling Series - Race3

1st Leigh Egan, Equal 2nd Glen Christensen &  Kel Chaffey-Jones, 4th Marcus Cook, 5th Nathan Oman, 6th Liam Harland
F/T Leigh Egan 1.12.48

Limit 23mins: Kevin Jenner, Heather Little, Kate Boyde, Jade Madden, Gary Saunders, Ken Brownfield, B Parsons

17mins: Steve Nicholls, Bruce Goldburg, Mark Sampson, Phil Herd, Chris Wilkins, Bernie Grealy, Bruce Simpson

14mins: Dave Oman, Annie Pitcher, Glen Christensen, Daniel Jackson, Bruce Fleming, Emma Waldren, Troy Dwyer, Greig Keily

11mins: Ken Madden, Shirley Amy, Luke Daley, Todd Fleming, Mannie Nesbit, Rod Mann 

8mins: Phil Goldburg, Gary Jones, Peter Mazzarella, Leigh Murphy, Sam Murphy, Steve Robson, Ashley O'Farrell, Stuart McManus

6mins: Andrew Clapham, Fred Moluso, Paul Oman, Cain Mason Shane Edwards, Kevin Bartlett, D Jelbart, C Sinclair, L Jones, Ty Chaffey -Jones

4mins: Graeme Butcher , Neil Thompson, Syd Anstee, Peter Cooper, Robert Predergast, Steve Gray, Dom Orso, Edward Dalle Nogare, Dave Mannix, Andrew Kowal

2mins: Jai Howard, Clint Flanigan, Troy Griffith, Marcus Cook, Matt Grealy, Nathan Oman, Carl Harris , Ian Boyde, Paul Malby, Dion Brownfield

0mins: Leigh Egan Jamie Costello Manning, Liam Harland, Reece Lewis, Mick Saunders, Sam Fuhrmeister, Shayne Kirby, Kel Chaffey-Jones



5 mins: Chase Costello Manning, Mitchell Thompson, Josh Thomson
2 mins: Oscar Jones, Thomas Allit, Ashley Jackson
0 mins: Kian Brownfield
1st Oscar Jones, 2nd Kian Brownfield, 3rd Ashley Jackson, 4th Thomas Allit, 5th Chase CostelloM, 6th Josh Thomson, 7th Mitchell Thompson

U/13: 13km
4mins: Jiah Polidano, Campbell Gray, Jordan Jackson, Charlotte Thompson
3mins: Jakob Ayres, Griffin Day
2mins: Edie Haley, Portia Costello Manning
0mins: Jessie Thomson
1st Jessie Thomson, 2nd Charlotte Thompson, 3rd Cam Gray, 4th Jiah Polidano, 5th Jakob Ayres, 6th Edie Haley, 7th Portia Costello M, 8th Griffin Day, 9th Jordan Jackson
Fastest Time: Charlotte Thompson 25.45 sec

U/15: 26km
10mins: Adam Jackson
6mins: Joh Shanks, Nicholas Simpson
2mins: Jack Makepeace, Cameron Kiry
1min: Eloise Vaughan
1st, Eloise Vaughan, 2nd Jack Makepeace, 3rd Nicholas Simpson, 4th Adam Jackson, 5th John Shanks
Fastest Time: Adam Jackson 47.58



Date: 20/8/2011 Rochester 50k Scratch race

A-Grade: 1st Brett Sands, 2nd Jamie CM, 3rd Troy Griffith
Liam Harland, Nathan Oman, Matt Jones, Brett Sands, Tristian Gerrish, Mick Hone, Troy Griffith, Steve Gray, Matt Grealy, Jai Howard, Dom Molluso, Jamie Costello Manning
B-Grade: 1st Neil Thomson, 2nd Paul Oman, 3rd Caleb Sinclair
Neil Thomson, Paul Oman, Ray Hamilton, Kathryn Keer Keer, Caleb Sinclair, Leigh Murphy, David Spence, Brade Gotch, Elijah Kettle Margie Woolman, Dom Orso, Fred Molluso, Simone Costello Manning
C-Grade: 1st Todd Fleming, 2nd Darren Briscoe
Marcus Aw, Todd Fleming, Darren Briscoe, Phil Herd, Glenn Kettle



Koyuga 52Kms Final R5 - Ivan Collings Memorial Series 13/8/2011 - Sponsored by

Overall Series Final Results:

1st Malcolm Nield, 2nd Bernie Leahy, 3rd Kathryn KeerKeer, 4th Steve Kerwin, 5th David Oman, 6th Andrew Clapham, 7th Luke Moore, 8th Simone Costello Manning, 9th Jai Howard, 10th Paul Oman

Round 5 Results

1st Luke Moore, 2nd Kathryn Keer Keer, 3rd Bernie Leahy, 4th Dave Oman, 5th Mick Taylor, 6th Reece Lewis
F/T Reece Lewis 1.13.50

Limit 23mins: Michael Taylor

20mins: Heather Little, Bruce Goldburg, Simon Mason
15mins: Mark Sampson, Dave Oman, Luke Moore, Kathryn KK, Bernie Leahy, Phil Herd, Bruce Fleming, Michaela Tranby
10mins: Ray Hamilton, Leigh Murphy, Mannie Nesbit, Malcolm Nield, Caleb Sinclair, Ashley O'Farrell, Steve Robson, Michael Washington 
Francis Lias, David Fulton, Dom Moluso , Craig Riddington, Sam Kennedy, Steve Gray, Dermott Finigan   
2mins: Jai Howard, Matt Grealy, Clint Flanigan, Troy Griffith, Jarod Makin, Mitchell Zito, Marc Pickles, Jamie Wilson

0mins:  Reece Lewis, Mick Hone, Michael Saunders, Marcus Cook, Jamie Costello Manning,


Juniors: 1st Oscar, 2nd Edie, 3rd Ky

0mins: Jessie, Tom, 1.3mins: Ky, Edie, Tom, 3.3mins: Chase, Mitchell , Josh, 4.5mins: Cam, Charlotte




Date: 6/8/2011 Rochester 50k Scratch race

"A" Grade: 1st Jamie Wilson, 2nd Matt Grealy, 3rd Tim Fitzpatrick

"B" Grade: 1st Paul Oman. 2nd Dave Oman, 3rd Ray Hamilton

A grade: Jamie Wilson, Matt Grealy, Tim Fitzpatrick, Troy Griffith, Mick Hone, Dom Moluso, Fred Moluso, Nathan Oman, Dom Orso, Noel Sens, Anthony Favaloro

B grade: Ray Hamilton, Paul Oman, Dave Oman, Leigh Murphy, Mark Sampson, Elijah Kettle, Kathryn KK, Jeff Martin



Date: 30/7/2011 Lockington 68k "Big Loop" handicap

1st Reece Lewis, 2nd Braeden Dean, 3rd Trent Stevenson, 4th Liam Harland, 5th Clint Flanigan
F/T Reece Lewis 1.34.24, 1st Female, Heather Little

Limit 23mins: Heather Little, Michael Taylor
13mins: Mark Sampson, Kevin Hone, Elijah Kettle, Katherine Keer Keer, Stuart Ball, Dave Oman
10mins: Bernie Leahy, Paul Oman, Sam Kennedy, Leigh Murphy, Ray Hamilton
6mins: Nathan Oman, Dom Molluso, Fred Molluso, Jeff Martin, Jamie Wilson, Braeden Dean

3mins: Bryce Lowndes, Troy Griffith, Matt Grealy, Jai Howard, Clint Flanigan, Tristan Gerrish
0mins: Brett Sands, Mick Hone, Liam Harland, Trent Stevenson, Reece Lewis, Tim Fitzpatrick




Koyuga 52Kms Race 4 - Ivan Collings Memorial Series 16/7/2011 - Sponsored by  

1st Kevin Hone, 2nd Malcolm Nield, 3rd Caleb Sinclair, 4th Ray Hamilton, 5th Dave Oman, 6th Paul Oman
F/T Leigh Egan 1.15.38

Limit 25mins: Michael Taylor

22mins: Malcolm Nield, Heather Little, Kevin Hone
16mins: Mark Sampson, Warren Duffy, Stuart Ball, Christy Peters, Dave Oman, Danielle Garden
14mins: Bernie Leahy, Andrew Crowe, Leigh Murphy
12mins: Caleb Sinclair,
Emmanuel Nisbett, Paul Oman, Francis Lias, B East, Ray Hamilton  
9mins: Andrew Clapham, Mitchell Zito, Tim Davey, David Fulton, T Ryan
6mins: Dom Orso, Graeme Butcher, Neil Thompson, Karl Christian, Nathan Oman 

2mins: Jai Howard, Matt Grealy, Tristan Gerrish, Clint Flanigan, J Mackin, Troy Griffith

0mins: Leigh Egan, Liam Harland, Matt Jones, Reece Lewis, M Cook, W Pickering



2011 Bill Flower Series - 2 Day Event



NEWBRIDGE 61k North Central Cycling Series - Race2- 26/6/2011

1st Ken Maddern 2:01:20, 2nd Adele Garwood, 3rd Shirley Amy, 4th Warren Duffy, 5th Heather Little, 6th Syd Anstee, 7th Greg Mundy, 8th Toni Abbisogni, 9th Caleb Sinclair, 10th Bruce Tonkin
FT Kel Chaffey-Jones 1:26:30.

Scratch : Kel Chaffey-Jones, Peter Ladd Jr, Liam Harland, Michael Hone, Tim Fitzpatrick
3min: Jai Howard, Justin Mollison, Rhys Lewis, Bryce Lowndes, Jason Lowndes
5mins: Dermot Finnegan, Scott Brown, Charlie Fitzpatrick, Jay Wilson, Phil Sawyer
7mins: Dave Fairburn, Terry Schintler, Ned Volk, Steve Rooney
10mins: Dominic Molluso, Robbie Philips, Rod Mann, Craig Riddington, Graham Sylvester, Graeme Butcher
12mins: Noel Sens, Rob Prendergast, Greg Mundy, Syd Anstee, Jeff Martin, Paul Oman
15mins: Mark Madden, Ray Hamilton, Caleb Sinclair, Greig Kiely, Dion Jelbart
21mins: Toni Abbisogni, Bernie Leahy, Neil Ennis, Imogen Jelbart, Bruce Tonkin
27mins: Adele Garwood, Warren Duffy, Daniel Jackson, Ken Maddern, Emma Waldron
32mins: Shirley Amy, Heather Little, Troy Sait
Limit 40mins: Michael Taylor

Bendigo hosted round 2 of the North Central Club Series between Echuca Moama, Seymour Broadford, Castlemaine, Bendigo and Shepparton cycling clubs on Sunday 26th June. With many riders unfamiliar with the Newbridge course it was thought that the undulating terrain would produce some great racing. With perfect weather, Echuca Moama rider Michael “ Squizzy “ Taylor got away on the hand cycle looking the goods. Although road repairs on the flood damaged section had commenced, there was still some concerns and very rough patches of road. Squizzy rode too hard and had a mechanical while streeting the field, with most of the bunches not organising early enough. After Rheola drops started, with the Echuca Moama riders surprising all on the hills. At the end of the lap of Moliagul, hardly any bunches had come together, and the combined remainder of 2nd and 3rd limit were looking the goods. Even a head-cross wind couldn’t slow them down with Duffy (Echuca Moama) and Madden (Seymour Broadford) working hard into the wind. As the lead group approach the last climb before the finish line Duffy launched an attack but was unable to shake Maddern (Castlemaine), Garwood (Bendigo) or Amy (Castlemaine) of his wheel Garwood attacked again with Maddern winning comfortably to take the race over Garwood, Amy and Duffy in that order.
Echuca Moama rider Heather little completed a huge solo effort to come in just ahead of a rampant Syd Anstee (Bendigo) to take 5th spot 4 minutes behind the winning bunch and Echuca Moama rider Caleb Sinclair helped make it a great day for Echuca Moama coming in at 9th position given EMCC 3 riders in the top 10. Fastest time went to Kel Chaffey-Jones, who only just held off a very fast finishing Tim Fitzpatrick to complete the race’s 61km in 1:26:30.
The next NCCS race will be in Echuca at the Koyuga circuit on the 27th of August.



Date: 18/3/2011 Terricks road/ Lockington handicap 65k - Sponsored by

1st Fred Molluso, 2nd Matt Grealy, 3rd Byrce Lowndes, 4th Troy Griffith, 5th Jai Howard, 6th Dom Molluso
Fastest Time: Aaron Mulkearns 1.42.11, 1st unplaced female – Margie Woolman

Limit 29mins: Danielle Garden, Mark Corrigan
19mins: Neil Ennis, Kevin Hone, Glenn Kettle, Christy Peters, Andrew Crowe, Bruce Fleming, Emmanuel Nesbit
11mins: Brett Smedley, Ray Hamilton, Margie Woolman, Greg Patterson, Bernie Leahy, Annie Pitcher, Kathryn Keer-Keer
7mins: Neil Thomson, Dave Fulton, Andrew Clapham, Craig Riddington, Nick Lee, Jeff Martin, Fred Molluso, Paul Oman
3mins: Troy Griffith, Matt Grealy, Jamie Wilson, Tristian Gerrish, Jai Howard, Bryce Lowndes, Dom Molluso
Scratch 0mins: Liam Harland, Brett Sands, Mick Hone, Clint Flanigan, Matt Jones, Tim Fitzpatrick, Aaron Mulkearns




Koyuga 52Kms Race 3 - Ivan Collings Memorial Series 4/6/2011 - Sponsored by

1st Malcolm Nield, 2nd Rod Nilbert, 3rd Heather Little, 4th Mark Corrigan, 5th Steve Kerwin, 6th Mike Sweeney
F/T Liam Harland

Limit 29mins: Malcolm Nield, Wendy Tranby, Kathryn Tranby, Rod Nilbert, Heather Little, Mark Corrigan
19mins: Greg Keddie, Michaela Tranby, Mike Sweeney, Mark Sampson, Kevin Hone, Stuart Ball
17mins: Neil Ennis, Bernie Leahy, Warren Duffy, Steve Kerwin, Simone CM, Christy Peters, Dave Oman
14mins: Greg Patterson, Elijah Kettle, Glen Kettle, Caleb Sinclair, Luke Moore,
Emmanuel Nisbett

9mins: Ashley O'Farrell, Kathryn Keer Kerr, Matt Sharp, Ray Hamilton, Paul Oman, Margie Woolman, Francis Lias, Brett Smedley 
6mins: Andrew Clapham, Dermott Finegan, David Mohi, Neil Thompson, Jeff Martin, Jamie Wilson, Fred Moluso
3mins: Jai Howard, Troy Griffiths, Geoff Cobbledick, Graeme Butcher, Matt Grealy, Mitchell Zito

Scratch 0mins: Jamie Costello-Manning, Clint Flanigan, Mick Hone, Brad Scott, Marcus Cook, Ben Goodall, Liam Harland, Garry Leed, Mark Thompson



1st Ky Hodson, 2nd Edie Haley, 3rd Jessie Thomson

Fastest Time:  Charlotte Thompson 27.35

5mins: Jessie Thomson, Edie Haley                          

3mins: Mitchell Thompson, Ky Hodson                                   

1mins: Josh Thomson, Charlotte Thompson           

0mins: Chase Costello Manning, Jakob Ayres                



Date: 29/5/2011 Rushworth 64km

1st Mike Sweeney, 2nd Mark Sampson, 3rd Heather Little, 4th Jamie Wilson, 5th Nathan Glynn, 6th Brad Scott

Fastest Time: Nathan Glynn

Limit 28mins: Heather Little, Mark Corrigan

22mins: Greg Keddie, Mike Sweeney, Mark Corrigan, Phil Herd

16mins: Kevin Hone, Steve Kerwin, Elijah Kettle, Warren Duffey, Kathryn Keer Keer, Emmanuel Nisbett

11mins: John Doyle, Greg Kettle, Will Kettle, Bernie Leahy, Ray Hamilton , Leigh Murphy, Brett Smedley

6mins: Jamie Wilson, Fred Molluso, David Fulton, Andy Clapham, David Mohi

3mins: Troy Griffith, Jai Howard, Dom Orso, Matt Grealy, Garry  Leed, Marcus Cook

Scratch 0mins: Tim Fitzpatrick, Mick Hone, Brad Edmunds, Clint Flanigan , Brad Scott, Nathan Glynn, Tristan Gerrish




Broadford 56Kms - North Central Cycling Series - Race1- 22/5/2011

22/05/2011 saw round 1 of the North Central Cycle Series raced in Broadford.
From the 83 Entries we had 73 riders register, from this we had 11 J11 - J13, 8 J15 and 54 J17 - Master's all representing Seymour, Echuca,
Castlemaine, Shepparton and Bendigo.
Conditions were made a little more adventurous with the rain making the road greasy in points around the course and riders had to climb while
remaining seated to keep the traction but this is road racing and you have to be able to adapt to the changing conditions.
In the junior 11-13 age group on an out and back course covering 22km's First place went to Josh Thompson Echuca with Mitchell Thompson Echuca
second, Edward Revell Castlemaine third and fastest time went to Campbell Gray Echuca.
In the junior 15 age group raced around one lap of the Sugarloaf course. First place went to Jack Makepeace Bendigo with Culum Revell Castlemaine
second, Nic Simpson Castlemaine third and fastest time went to Hamish Haynes from Shepparton.
In the Senior event raced over 66km's climbing Zwars hill and then around Sugarloaf two times. In the sprint to the line it was Kel Chaffey-Jones Bendigo winning from Braeden Dean second Bendigo, Rhys Lewis Shepparton third, Sam Fuhrmeister Seymour/Broadford fourth, Liam Harland Echuca fifth, Shayne Kirby Seymour/Broadford sixth, Stacey Hocking Camperdown seventh, Kathryn Keer-Keer Echuca eighth, Janet Keily Hawthorne ninth, Ethen McMennemin tenth with Trent Stevenson Shepparton  fastest time.

Points standing after round 1 taken only from the Senior Event. Bendigo 19, Seymour/Broadford 13, Echuca 9, Castlemaine 0, Shepparton 17 and
blow ins 6. The points have been worked out as 1.10, 2.9, 3.8, 4.7, 5.6, 6 5, 7.4, 8 3, 9.2, 10.1 and fastest time 9 points.

Terricks Road 58kms 15/5/2011 Gunbarrel Handicap - Sponsored by

1st Francis Lias 1.35.26, 2nd Mark Sampson, 3rd Christy Peters, 4th Warren Duffy, 5th Tim Fitzpatrick, 6th Liam Harland, 7th Jamie CM, 8th Brad Edmunds
Fastest Time: Tim Fitzpatrick 1.17.34

Limit 25mins: Mick Taylor
23mins: Brett Wiefkers, Gary Needs, Francis Lias, Christy Peters, Warren Duffy, Mark Sampson, Heather Little
16mins: Glenn Kettle, Kevin Hone, Bruce Fleming, Kathryn Keer Keer, Steve Kerwin, Neil Ennis
11mins: Elijah Kettle, Ray Hamilton, Simone Costello Manning, Annie Pitcher, Bernie Leahy, Margie Woolman
9mins: Paul Oman, Leigh Murphy, John Salter, Phil Goldburg, Caleb Sinclair, Fred Molluso
6mins: Matt Grealy, Dermot Finnegan, Neil Thomson, Andrew Clapham, Jamie Wilson, Dave Fulton, Dom Orso
3mins: Nathan Oman, Karl Christian, Steve Gray, Bryce Lowndes, Brad Edmonds, Jeff Martin
Scratch 0mins: Ash Hall, Tristian Gerrish, Clint Flanigan, Mick Hone, Tim Fitzpatrick, Liam Harland, Jamie Costello Manning



Koyuga 52Kms Race 2 - Ivan Collings Memorial Series 7/5/2011 - Sponsored by

1st Andy Clapham, 2nd Greg Patterson, 3rd Steve Kerwin, 4th Bernie Leahy, 5th Tim Davey, 6th Dermott Finnegan
F/T Ash Hall

Limit 23mins: Ezio D’Alberto, Wendy Tranby, Kathryn Tranby, Carrie Carmen
15mins: Phil Herd, Heather Little, Rod Nilbert, Kate Boyd, Kristy Peters
11mins: Neil Ennis, Katherine Keer Keer, Bernie Leahy, Michaela Tranby, Malcome Nield, Warren Duffy, Steve Kerwin, Kevin Hone
8mins:  Paul Oman, Greg Patterson, David O'Brien, Elijah Kettle, Ray Hamilton, Luke Moore, Annie Pitcher, Lloyd.Harriot
6.5mins: Dave Fulton, Sam Kennedy, Tim Davey, Andrew Clapham, Dermott Finnegan, Nick Lee, Justin Hatfield
4mins: Reece Lewis, Neil Thompson, Jeff Martin, Graeme Sylvestor, Jason Jezewski, Karl Christian, Graham Butcher, Edward Dalle Nogare, , Jamie Wilson,
2mins: Jai Howard, Troy Griffiths, Darren Carmody, Geoff Cobbledick, Steve Griffith, Bryce Lowndes, Jason Sherlock, Braden Dean, Steve Gray
Scratch 0mins: Ash Hall, Tim Fraser, Jamie Costello-Manning, Clint Flanigan, Brett Sands, Mick Hone, Tristan Gerrish, Ian Boyd, Brad Scott, Tim Fitzpatrick

Juniors: Race 1
1st Liam Edwards, 2nd Campbell Gray, 3rd Mitchell Thompson
Fastest time Liam Edwards

4mins: Liam Edwards, Campbell Gray
3mins: Portia Costello Manning, Charlotte Thompson
2mins: Chase Costello Manning
1min: Ky Hodson, Josh Thomson
0mins: Jessie Thomson, Mitchell Thompson

Juniors: Race 2
1st Josh Thomson, 2nd Edie Haley, 3rd Mitchell Thompson
Fastest Time Campbell Gray
7mins: Campbell Gray
6mins: Chase Costello Manning, Jacob Ayres
4mins: Charlotte Thompson, Ky Hodson
2mins: Mitchell Thompson, Josh Thomson
0mins: Jessie Thomson, Edie Haley



The Precedent Panels race 2 of the Ivan Collings Series was a hit with riders, drawing over 70 riders to the Koyuga course.
In near perfect conditions for racing riders were keen to assert their claim for early points in the 5 race series.
Before the race President Warren Duffy was extremely appreciative of those who had helped in the series “To our sponsor Precedent Panels, our marshals, timekeepers and organizers thank you”.
The initial stages of the race saw riders settle well with Ezio D’Alberto in control of the limit group whilst Ray Hamilton and Paul Oman used their experience to organize the 8 minute group.
Further behind Karl Christian looked dangerous along with Jamie Wilson and Neil Thompson looked the pick of their bunch. Another group behind were reliable riders Steven Gray and Darren Carmody keeping the pace whilst the scratch group were being driven along by Brett Sands and Michael Hone.
Into the middle of the race the 6 minute bunch including Andrew Clapham, Sam Kennedy, Tim Davey and Justin Hatfield looked to control the race and had caught the group ahead into the 2nd lap, continuing to pursue those ahead.
The back groups were also merging together with scratch catching 2nd and 3rd scratch at the end of the 3rd lap, ensuring a big bunch finish.
The final lap looked like a game of cat and mouse with the large scratch/2nd/3rd groups looming on the rest of the field.
Into the final kilometers Dermott Finnegan used his power and experience to drive his bunch to the line with Clapham, Kennedy, Oman, Patterson, Davey and Leahy all poised to fire.
Clapham kicked truly to the line and recorded victory, Patterson 2nd, Kerwin 3rd, Leahy 4th. The frantic race for fastest time was won by Ash Hall, finishing only meters behind the winning group.
Clapham was excited about the remainder of the series “Just competing in the series is great, honouring Ivan Collings and also remembering his wife Lorraine who passed away over a year ago now. Both of them meant a lot to the club and the sport of cycling.”
Reigning champion Clapham was also coy about his chances of back to back series victories “There are some other riders are just coming into form so will be difficult to win series again this year. Tactically it is noticeable that many riders have benefited from a years experience”



Date: 30/4/2011 Lockington handicap 48km

1st Ash Hall, 2nd Brett Sands, 3rd Liam Harland, 4th Dom Orso, 5th Bryce Lowndes, 6th Neil Thomson

F/T Ash Hall 1.03.34

Limit 21mins: Wendy Tranby, Catherine Tranby, Ezio D’Alberto, Campbell Gray
14mins: Mark Sampson, Warren Duffy, Kristy Peters, Kevin Hone, Simon Mason, Greg Keddie, Heather Little, Brett Wiefkers
10mins: Neil Ennis, Graeme Lockwood, Erin O’Connor, Michaela Tranby, Bernie Leahy, Glen Kettle, Elijah Kettle
8mins: Caleb Sinclair, Ray Hamilton, Greg Patterson, Leigh Murphy, Paul Oman, Margie Woolman, Steve Kerwin, Annie Pitcher
5mins: Jeff Martin, Andrew Clapham, Neil Thomson, Dom Orso, Dave Fulton, Justin Hatfield, Dermot Finnegan, Nick Lee
2mins: Bryce Lowndes, Troy Griffith, Steve Gray, Matt Grealy, Jai Howard, Graeme Butcher, Shane Roberts
Scratch 0mins: Ash Hall, Brett Sands, Mick Hone, Clint Flanigan, Tristan Gerrish, Liam Harland, Jamie Costello Manning, Tim Fraser





Koyuga 52Kms Race 1 - Ivan Collings Memorial Series 16/4/2011 - Sponsored by  


1st David O’Brien 1:36:56:37, 2nd Simone Costello-Manning, 3rd Katherine Keer Keer, 4th Malcolm Neild, 5th Jai Howard, 6th Bryce Lowndes
F/T Brett Sands 1:14:58:13

Limit 26mins: Ezio D’Alberto, Greg Keddie, Kate Boyd, Brett Wiefker, Joanne Kerr, Marcus Aw, Wendy Tranby, K. Tranby.
21mins: K. Hone, Simon Mason, Phil Herd, Malcolm Nield, Jeff Ridge, Rod Nilbert
16mins: Neil Ennis, Greg Patterson, Katherine Keer Keer, Simone Costello-Manning, Bernie Leahy, Anne Pitcher, K. Peters, Michaela Tranby, D. O’Brien.
11mins: Dermie Finnegan, Justin Hatfield, Paul Oman, Marcus D’Angri, Caleb Sinclair, Ray Hamilton, Luke Moore, Steve Kerwin.
8mins: Dave Fulton, Sam Kennedy, Andrew Clapham, Jeff Martian, Bryce Lowndes, Jason Jezewski
6mins: T. Ryan, Graham Butcher, Dom Orso, Steve Gray, Jai Howard, Edward Dalle Nogare, Matt Grealy, Jamie Wilson, D. Mahr
3mins: Brett Sands, Troy Griffiths, M. Pickles, W. Pickles, M. Cook, J. Mackin, Ash Hall, Jamie Costello-Manning, Clint Flanigan, Mick Hone.
Scratch: Trent Stevens, Travis Edward, Leigh Egan, M. Hill, Ian Boyd.


1st Liam Edwards, 2nd Cam Gray, 3rd Mitch Thompson
F/T Liam Edwards

Limit: Jess Thompson, Mitch Thompson
2nd Limit: Josh Thompson, Ky Hudson
Middle: Chase Costello-Manning
2nd Scratch: Portia Costello Manning, Charlotte Thompson
Scratch: Cam Gray, Liam Edward


Date:> 21/3/2011 Bamawm Scratch Race

1st Tim Fitzpatrick 38.40, 2nd Nathan Oman, 3rd Jamie Costello Manning
Jamie Wilson, Jamie Costello Manning, Dom Orso, Tim Fitzpatrick, Matt Grealy, Andrew Clapham, Jay Court, Brett Smedley, Steve Gray, Nathan Oman,

1st Paul Oman 44.02, 2nd Skip McGillivray, 3rd Kathryn Keer-Keer
Skip McGillivray, Paul Oman, Kathryn Keer-Keer, Glenn Kettle, Phil Herd, Erin O’Connor



Date:> 14/3/2011 Bamawm, 26k  

1st Skip McGillvray, 2nd Mark Corrigan, 3rd Rod Nilbett

F/t – Tim Fitzpatrick 37.18

Limit 12mins> Skip McGillvray, Mark Corrigan, Rod Nilbett, Aegar Kingmar

6mins> Kathryn Keer Keer, Warren Duffy, Paul Oman, Steve Kerwin, Annie Pitcher, Phil Herd,

2mins> Andrew Clapham, Jay Court, Sam Kennedy, Matt Grealy

Scratch 0mins> Tim Fitzpatrick, Liam Harland, Steve Gray, Jamie Wilson




Date:> 6/3/2011 Koyuga, Scratch Race  

1st Tim Fitzpatrick, 2nd Jamie CM, 3rd Neil Thomson

SPRINT Tim Fitzpatrick
Tim Fitzpatrick, Jai Howard, Troy Griffiths, Neil Thomson, David Fulton, Sam Kennedy, Bryce Lowndes, Jamie Costello Manning

1st Paul Oman, 2nd Steve Kerwin, 3rd Ray Hamilton

SPRINT Paul Oman
Paul Oman, Glenn Kettle, Elijah Kettle, Ray Hamilton, Bruce Fleming, Steve Kerwin, Nick Lee, Warren Duffy, Simone Costello Manning

1st Michael Sweeney, 2nd Malcolm Nield, 3rd Brett Ayres

SPRINT Michael Fox
Michael Sweeney, Michael Fox, Kevin Jenner, Michael Taylor, Jeff Ridge, Brett Ayres, Malcolm Nield

1st Jakob Ayres, 2nd Tom Lee, 3rd Jessie Thomson, 4th Edie Haley, 5th Josh Thomson


National Handcycle Series 27-28th Feb 2011

Echuca Moama Cycling Club hosted the second round of the National Handcycling Series at Koyuga and Bamawm on the 26-27th of February. The series gives potential Para Olympians the rare opportunity to race against a quality field from across Australia (and occasionally) the world. With Australian Handcyclists trying to gain internationally competitive times and Australian selection for the World Titles, the weekend was sure to produce some fine racing.
The second instalment of the National Handcycling Series started with a time trial, a 13.34km loop of the Koyuga circuit, on Saturday. The perfect conditions that met the riders produced some terrific times with two Western Australian riders – Nigel Barley and Craig Parson – gaining World Championship qualifying times. Nigel Barley’s time was particularly impressive – 20:51 for the 13.4km circuit.
EMCC member Michael Taylor also managed an excellent timetrial improving his best time considerably on his way to winning his section’s timetrial. Taylor’s time of 22:45 put him in reach of a World Championship qualifying time in the near future.
Sunday Morning at Bamawm Extension brought with it drizzling rain that failed to dampen the spirit of the riders. With some riders not being able sweat properly because of the nature of their conditions, the rain was a welcome relief to the sunny day on Saturday. With athletes divided into categories, depending on the type of disability, there were four races run concurrently. H1 division raced over a 30km course, while the H2, H3 and H4 riders rode a challenging 51km loop around Lockington, Prairie Rochester Road and back onto the Bamawm Extension Road.
In the H1 scratch race W.A. rider Craig Parsons impressed with a ten minute winning margin over the rest of the H1 field. Local EMCC rider Michael ‘Squizzy’ Taylor was in stunning form winning the road race for the H2 classification by over five minutes. Stuart Tripp and Nigel Barley were able to pull off the double with wins in both H4 and H3 categories respectively.

Time trial of the Koyuga Circuit (13.34km), in order of roll out.
Craig Parsons 28:40:39, Glen Bennett 39:49:30, Mike DeSanto DNS
David McPherson 37:20:80, Ron Gibson 25:19:27, Craig Barrett 26:03:98, Steve Richter 28:41:73, James Ormerod 26:21:68, Michael Taylor 22:45:57, Jarrod Moncur 23:48:84
George Kambouris 24:03:34, Nigel Barley 20:51:54, Paul DeSanto 29:38:45
Stuart Tripp 23:08:11, Campbell Message 28:31:86

Road Race Times
Craig Parson 1:07:49:03, Mike DeSanto 1:27:29:45, Glenn Bennett 1:28:45:61
Michael Taylor 1:35:33:74, Jarrod Moncur 1:40:42:31, Ron Gibson 1:44:07:62, James Ormerod 1:46:58:88, Steve Richter 1:56:54:74
Nigel Barley 1:27:12:60, George Kambouris 1:57:37:58, Paul DeSanto 2:06:44:05,
Stuart Tripp, 1:33:53:28, Campbell Message 1:57:04:25




Date:> 21/2/2011 Bamawm, 26k  

1st Mal Nield, 2nd Kevin Jenner, 3rd Elijah Kettle, 4th Kathryn Keer Keer, 5th David Fulton

F/t – Troy Griffith 38.55

Limit 12mins> Kevin Jenner,  Malcolm Nield

11mins> Michael Taylor

8mins> Terry O'Burtill, Kathryn Keer Keer, Elijah Kettle, Warren Duffy

5mins> David Fulton, Paul Oman, Ray Hamilton

2mins> Dom Orso, Brett Smedley, Andrew Clapham, Jay Court

Scratch 0mins> Matt Grealy, Troy Griffith, Jamie Wilson


Charlotte Thompson 36.01, Ellen Guiney 36.02


Date:> 14/2/2011 Bamawm, 26k  

1st Nathan Oman, 2nd Ben Oman, 3rd Jeff Martin, 4th Jamie Wilson

F/t – Nathan Oman, 1st Unplaced lady - Heather Little

Limit 13mins> Michael Taylor, Terry O'Burtill, Garry Carmen, Ellen Guiney

10mins> Heather Little, Mark Corrigan, Glenn Kettle, Rod Nilbert, Ken Wilson

7mins> Graeme Lockwood, Katherine Keer Keer, Caleb Sinclair, Ben Oman, Phil Herd, Elijah Kettle

4mins> Craig Riddington, Andrew Clapham, Sam Kennedy, Paul Oman, Ray Hamilton

2mins> Dom Orso, Brett Smedley, Steve Gray, Nathan Oman, Jamie Wilson, Jeff Martin

Sctatch 0mins> Tim Fitzpatrick, Matt Grealy, Clint Flanigan, Troy Griffith, Liam Harland 


Date:> 6/2/2011 Koyuga, Scratch Race  

A-GRADE 4 LAPS> 1st Troy Griffith 2nd Clint Flanigan 3rd Liam Harland
    SPRINT Tim Fitzpatrick
Tim Fitzpatrick, Nathan Oman, Neil Thomson, Jamie Costello M,  Liam Harland, Jeff Martin, Clint Flanigan,  Troy Griffith,  Jai Howard, Craig Riddington,  Dom Orso,  Andrew Clapham, Steve Gray,  Graeme Butcher

B-GRADE 3 LAPS> 1st Brian Crockert,  2nd Paul Oman,  3rd Ray Hamilton
    SPRINT Brian Crockert

Paul Oman,  Caleb Sinclair,  Annie Pitcher, Graeme Lockwood,  Warren Duffy,  Mark Sampson, Ray Hamilton,  Bernie Leahy,  Nick Lee,
Brian Crockert

1st Brett Ayres 2nd Rod Nilbert 3rd Heather Little
    SPRINT Simone Costello Manning
Simone Costello Manning,  Brett Ayres,  Rod Nilbert, Heather Little,  Ezio D’Alberto,  Phil Herd

GROUP 1: 1ST Charlotte Thompson, 2nd Chase Costello Manning, 3rd Jacob Ayres, 4th Cam Gray, 5th Portia Costello Manning
GROUP 2: 1ST Jessie Thomson, 2nd Josh Thomson, 3rd Edie Haley, 4th Mitchell Thompson, 5th Ky Hodson

Despite the strong winds the A grade field was hard to pick on paper with Liam Harland & Tim Fitzpatrick the obvious favourites, with Jamie Costello-Manning riding well and returning riders Jai Howard and Graeme Butcher an outside chance.
Showing his hand, Steve Gray pushed to the lead and started his sprint with 2km from the finish. Quickly opening a lead of over 150m Gray appeared to break the back of the chasing bunch until Harland and Fitzpatrick were jolted into action. Driving the speed into the headwind Fitzpatrick narrowly took the intermediate sprint.
Taking their chances following the sprint were Troy Griffiths and Clint Flanigan, opening a small break into the side wind leg as the main field recovered.
With 20km to the finish Griffiths continued to drive the speed whilst Harland single handedly tried to bridge the gap. As the riders turned into the final lap Dom Orso, Neil Thompson & Jeffrey Martin continued to drive the main peloton whilst Nathan Oman worked his way into the race and positioned strongly.
As the race turned into the back straight on the last lap, Griffiths and Flanigan had opened up a significant lead with a chance of holding the chasing group at bay. Into the final headwind leg Griffiths put to rest any chance of a bunch sprint, increasing the gap to the peloton with Harland and Gray continuing to press.
Into the final stages Griffiths kicked again and powered to victory, Flanigan 2nd with Liam Harland winning the bunch sprint to 3rd.
B grade comprised a mix of experience, youthful exuberance and everything in between. Contesting 3 laps Paul Oman immediately set the pace into the solid side winds with President Duffy under siege. Annie Pitcher, Bernie Leady and Caleb Sinclair all positioned well whist Nick Lee completed a welcome return to racing following a long spell.
Deniliquin’s Brian Crockett showed his hand early in the game with a victory in the intermediate sprint, with experienced campaigners Ray Hamilton and Graeme Lockwood riding strongly.
Crocket’s dominance over the race continued into the final stages, positioning well for a final flurry to the line. In a fast finish he was able to hold off Paul Oman 2nd and crafty Hamilton 3rd.
6 sprightly starters in C grade contested the 2 lap event with strong improved Rod Nilbert the rider to watch. Simone Costello-Manning wasted no time; easily accounting for the intermediate sprint whist Brett Ayres looked very strong along with Heather Little and Phil Herd. Ezio D’Alberto continued his return to racing and battled valiantly into the strong winds.
Into the final straight Rod Nilbert and Brett Ayres tested the field and broke away with 400m to the finish. Costello-Manning and Little were well within reach with the latter attempting to bridge the gap, however in the finale it was Ayres who cross the line victorious from Nilbert and Little 3rd.


Date:> 23/1/2011 Koyuga, Scratch Race  

A grade 4 laps> 1st Tim Fitzpatrick, 2nd Jamie Costello Manning, 3rd Jamie Wilson

    Intermediate Sprint, Tim Fitzpatrick

B grade 3 laps> 1st Marcus D'Angri, 2nd Paul Oman, 3rd Sam Kennedy

    Intermediate Sprint, Marcus D'Angri

C grade 2 laps> 1st John Fenwick, 2nd Phil Herd, 3rd Ken Wilson

    Intermediate Sprint, 1st Phil Herd, 2nd Kevin Jenner

Kids 1 lap>, 1st Chase Costello Manning, 2nd Jakob Ayres




Date:> 17/1/2011 Bamawm, 26k Scratch Race  

A grade 1st Jay Court, 2nd Clint Flanigan, 3rd Jamie Wilson

B grade 1st Cam Gray, 2nd Ky Hodson, 3rd Ellen Guiney


Courts adjourned.
Monday night racing involved a differing format this week with an A & B grade scratch race on offer. A grade looked open from the start and consisted of Brett Smedley, Clint Flanigan, Andrew Clapham, Jamie Wilson, Jeffrey Martin, Jay Court and Tim Fitzpatrick. Despite competing in the Echuca Moama Triathlon the day prior, Smedley and Wilson showed little fatigue as they powered into the stiff breeze in the initial 5km.
Favourite for the win Fitzpatrick also settled early along with Court and Clapham as the small field headed to the halfway mark. As the group rounded the sweeping bend, Fitzpatrick's wheel exploded along with his chances, reducing the field to 6.
Smedley's work at the front continued as he drove the speed at the front of the field as the riders rounded the halfway mark and benefited from the wind at their backs for the return leg.
As Flanigan and Smedley were to find, attacks were futile in the 2nd half of the race as the small bunch headed for a sprint finish. Into the final 5km Wilson controlled the pace at the front of the field with Court well placed and Martin finding a little extra.
As the line loomed Wilson upped the ante, keeping the pressure on the rest of the field until Court fired to the line winning from Flanigan 2nd and Wilson 3rd.

B grade was a mix of youthful exuberance and experience with Ray Hamilton, Cam Gray, Ellen Guiney, Kathryn Keer-Keer, Terry O'Burtill, Elijah Kettle, Ky Hodson and Heather Little contesting the 28km course.
Gray and Guiney were in fantastic form following the D'Alberto Holden & Nissan Junior Carnival and they settled well into their debut scratch race. Hamilton moved quickly to find their draft with Keer-Keer recovering well from the Echuca-Moama Triathlon on Sunday.
Young gun Hodson continued his solid improvement and Kettle maintained his strong Summer form as the group settled into the middle of the race.
Little and O'Burtill took strong turns in the 2nd half as Gray, Guiney, Kettle and Hodson proved a handful for their more experienced counterparts. As the final stages loomed Gray leapt from the field and seized his opportunity. He quickly opened a break to the main field with victory in sight and held on strongly to win from a fast finishing Guiney and Hodson 3rd.




Date:> 10/1/2011 Bamawm, 26k  

1st Caleb Sinclair, 2nd Craig Riddington, 3rd Rod Mann, 4th, Ray Hamilton, 5th Peter Mazzarella

F/t – Tim Fitzpatrick, 1st Unplaced lady - Katherine Keer-Keer

Limit 13mins,   Michael Taylor

12mins,  Terry O’Burtill, Caleb Sinclair, Bryony Lowndes

5mins, Craig Riddington, Ray Hamilton, Katherine Keer-Keer, Rod Mann, Peter Mazzarella, Jeff Martin

2mins,    Dermott Finnigan, Dom Orso, Jay Court, Brad Gotch, Jamie Wilson

Sctatch 0mins,   Troy Griffith, Matthew Grealy, Tim Fitzpatrick, Turbo Smedley


Caleb’s winning sprint takes the first road race for 2011

Nineteen riders ventured out to takle each other and the unpleasant conditions at Bamawm Extension on Monday. With numbers down because of the weather, and the toll that running the D’Alberto Holden and D’Alberto Nissan Junior Carnival had on volunteers, the riders found themselves looking at more time tackling the strong winds that roar around Bamawm in the smaller groups.

Michael ‘Squizzy’ Taylor was the first rider to leave the start finish line holding a slim one minute lead over 2nd limit. Caleb Sinclair and Bryony Lowndes, racing their first senior road race, worked well with Terry O’Burtill pushing into the wind to slowly bridge the gap to Taylor. This resulted in 1st and 2nd limit forming a group before the 13km turn around point.

The middle group, bolstered by Seymour rider Peter Mann and Echuca Moama Veteran Ray Hamilton, were able to cut their seven and a half minute deficit on 2nd limit to less than two minutes by the turnaround and were looking like the group to beat as they headed into the tailwind aided return section of the race.

Meanwhile the hardworking 2nd Scratch group worked well into the wind keeping most of their 2 minute lead on Scratch while narrowing the gap to the other groups by the turn around. With Dom Orso, Jay Court and Dermott Finnigan keeping 2nd scratch focused on the group ahead they used the tailwind to their advantage.

The scratch group, leaving 13 minutes behind limit, had their work cut out for them but were able to pull time back on all but 2nd scratch into the wind with Brett Smedley and Matt Grealy digging deep into the headwind. At the turnaround Scratch was able to see the rest of the race and with turns of speed coming from Griffith and Fitzpatrick they were able to catch 2nd scratch with just under 5km to go.

As the race threatened to come together Martin and Riddington pushed on past the limit groups with Sinclair being the only rider able to make the jump to the middle group. As they entered the last km the riders were watching each other to see who would make the first move. Young Sinclair, not intimidated by the more experienced riders around him, launched the first attack and was able to hold off a rampant Riddington to take the race and a win in his first road race with Mann taking 3rd place. Just behind this group 1st and 2nd scratch arrived with Fitzpatrick holding the fast finishing Griffith off to take fastest time.


Caleb Sinclair sprinting for the finish being chased by a rampant Riddington.                       Bryony Lowndes, racing in her first senior road race